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  • About Ambrosia Treatment Center

    Ambrosia is a leader in the addiction treatment field, with a reputation for quality care. A team of passionate professionals surrounds each client to ensure progress is made every single day. Evidence-based therapies address the physical, mental & spiritual aspects of the disease. In the comfortable, palm-tree lined surroundings, clients are at ease and focused on their own healing. Both family & alumni remain supported with 24/7 help that never expires.

    Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal
    Feel confident knowing you chose the highest accreditation in healthcare, earned by less than 10% of addiction treatment facilities.
    Affordable, World-Class Rehab
    Address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the disease with both proven and innovative individualized treatments — often fully covered by private insurance.
    Reputation for Quality Care
    Work with the country's best therapists, physicians and recovery specialists to ensure genuine progress is being made every day.
    Free Recovery Helpline
    Get answers, support and a personalized recovery plan that fits your specific medical and insurance needs — even if it’s not with us.
    24/7 Family Support
    Receive personal feedback on how to offer support without enabling and communicate without triggering — available via phone, text, email and in-person meetings.
    Commitment to Complete Recovery
    Know that life-long help is available with no expiration.
  • Antonio R.
    The therapy at Ambrosia has changed my opinion on therapy overall. Without their help, I would've never talked about the things that I was able to start working through while I was here. It's a supportive environment with the structure needed to heal and grow as a person. This experience helped me get in touch with who I am outside of being an addict.
    Missy S.
    Ambrosia changed my sister's life. That's not an exaggeration. She had been to several other facilities, with little, short-lived success, but Ambrosia was the only one that kept her sober for over a year now. She's a whole new person!
    Jean M.
    Everyone was so supportive. I was scared when I came in, but the therapists brought a lot out of me. All the exercises and classes on how to prevent relapse have been life changing. This never would have happened if I didn't come here!
    Kali S.
    I knew I made the right decision as soon as I settled in. Moving away from my home up north was uncomfortable, but Ambrosia made me feel welcome and cared about. I've never seen a treatment center where the counselors care as much as these ones do.
    Elizabeth K.
    I constantly wonder if I'm doing enough, if I'm saying the right things. There's a weight of guilt and worry that I carry around, though I have a hard time letting go of the anger and resentment too. It's a struggle, but Ambrosia is there for me 24/7. They have been life-changing for both me and my sister’s recovery.
  • Ryan Potter MSW, MCAP, ICADC - Director of Clinical Development
    Ryan started working in the field of addiction and mental health treatment after receiving his Master's Degree from Florida State University in 2005. He's a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds the highest certification for Addiction Counseling. Ryan utilizes evidence-based practices and the latest contributions from the academic community to guide therapies and protocols for the entire company.
    “Everyone comes in overwhelmed, but looking to make big change quickly. This is where the process starts. Where they learn to harness and hold on to hope. Recovery is an ongoing process, but there is always hope. Recovery is happening here every day.”
    Brenda Ott CAC, LCADC, CCDP, ICADC, ICCDP - Primary Therapist

    Brenda has seen it all in her thirty years of experience as an alcohol, drug and mental health therapist. She maintains five industry certifications that require her to upload the highest national, international and Florida-specific standards.

    “People aren't addicted to alcohol or drugs, they're addicted to escaping reality. My job is to empathize in a way that also holds them accountable for change. The reality is that people do recover. I see it every day.”
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