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Charleston Alcohol Abuse Rehab Programs and Support

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Get Help at an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center in Charleston, South Carolina or Nearby

If you, your spouse or your child drinks to excess, you should find alcohol abuse treatment as quickly as you're able. As with many addictions, alcohol can wreck your work and relationships, and your body as well. Using alcohol to excess can damage the liver, pancreas, and throat, lead to high blood pressure and is associated with various cancers. Unlike many other frequently abused substances, alcohol withdrawal can actually be dangerous if not done properly.

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Finding the right treatment center can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors to consider before booking treatment. Treatment advisors are standing by waiting to help!

Thankfully, there are many Charleston exclusive alcohol abuse programs that can help even the most serious alcohol addict. If you need help connecting with the perfect alcohol rehab Charleston has to offer, you can contact our help line, toll-free at 1-855-506-6675. Trained advisors are available to speak with you at any time of day.

Local AA Meetings in Charleston, SC
TypeMeeting Name @ LocationAddress Day/Time
AAHow It Works-Beginners @ Saint James' Chapel Charleston, SC, 29406 Sunday @ 6:30 pm Format: Beginners
AAGrace Group @ Trinity Methodist Church Charleston, SC, 29406 Monday @ 7:00 pm Format: Discussion
AAFreedom Rules 142 Group @ First United Methodist Church Charleston, SC, 29406 Saturday @ 1:00 pm Format: Open
AAStep Study @ Step Study Charleston, SC, 29406 Monday @ 7:00 pm Format: Big Book
AAYoung People @ St. John's Charleston, SC, 29406 Saturday @ 12:00 pm Format: Young People's Discussion
AAReflections @ St. Cat's Rec. Base. Charleston, SC, 29406 Sunday @ 10:00 am
Tuesday @ 7:00 pm
Format: Discussion
AAD.A.T. @ D.A.T. Club Charleston, SC, 29406 Wednesday @ 7:00 pm Format: Mens 12 Step
AABeginners @ D.A.T. Club Charleston, SC, 29406 Saturday @ 7:00 pm Format: Discussion
AAJust Don't Drink @ D.A.T. Club Charleston, SC, 29406 Saturday @ 1:00 pm
AATownie Teen @ D.A.T. Club Charleston, SC, 29406 Friday @ 7:00 pm Format: Discussion
AANo Name @ D.A.T. Club Charleston, SC, 29406 Thursday @ 7:30 pm
AAAnchor 1-A @ Cross Mills Library Charleston, SC, 29406 Sunday @ 10:00 am Format: Discussion
AABig Book @ Cross Mills Library Charleston, SC, 29406 Saturday @ 7:00 pm Format: Big Book
AAReally Good Meeting @ Cross Mills Library Charleston, SC, 29406 Friday @ 5:30 pm Format: Open Meeting
AACharlestown Beach (Face Water & Turn Left- Located At Rainbow Wi @ Charlestown Town Beach Charleston, SC, 29406 Monday @ 2:00 pm Format: Discussion
AASingleness Of Purpose Group @ Singleness of Purpose Group Charleston, SC, 29406 Saturday @ 10:00 am
AAWillingness @ MGH Hth. Ctr. Charleston, SC, 29406 Tuesday @ 8:30 pm Format: Womens Discussion
AALast Call @ D.A.T. Club Charleston, SC, 29406 Sunday @ 6:30 pm Format: Discussion
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Popular Resources for Charleston, SC Alcohol Abuse

The Alcoholic Treatment Process

Alcoholism Intervention

Assistance from a qualified interventionist is often needed to help an addicted person see the damage their drinking is doing to them. The intervention process involves having those closest to the alcoholic come together, seriously talking about their addiction, and pleading with them to enter a substance abuse treatment program.

  • Wesley Senn
    215 Bay St Ste 201k
    Charleston, SC 29401
    (843) 547-4859
  • Kari Warren Saul
    3030 Ashley Town Center Dr Ste 203-b
    Charleston, SC 29414
    (843) 536-0138
  • Drue Mcgarty
    860 Lowcountry Boulevard Suite B Mt
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
    (843) 765-4177
  • Nancy Winston
    130 Richardson Ave
    Summerville, SC 29483
    (843) 420-1039

Alcohol Detox Program

Detoxifying is the process of cleaning the drug from the body, in this case alcohol. While it sounds simple, there are a number of uncomfortable, sometime serious symptoms while withdrawing that can keep people from getting the treatment they need. Many of these can be cared for medicinally at most treatment centers you'll find in Charleston, SC.

  • Emily Maria Rountree M.D.
    67 President Street
    Charleston, SC 29425
    (704) 301-0998
  • Terri Lamarr Randall M .D.
    171 Ashley Avenue
    Charleston, SC 29425
    (843) 792-2123
  • Douglas Michael Burgess M.D.
    MUSC Institute of Psychiatry 29 Leinbach Drive; Building C, Unit 2&3
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 792-9888
  • Tara M. Wright M.D.
    Ralph H. Johnson VAMC, Mental Health 109 Bee Street
    Charleston, SC 29401
    (843) 789-7108
  • Tresha Taylor Ward M.D.
    Ashley River Family Physicians 2270 Ashley Crossing Drive Suite 165
    Charleston, SC 29414
    (843) 763-9472
  • Heather Rose Dawson M.D.
    6518-B Dorchester Road
    Charleston, SC 29418
    (843) 767-3323
  • Jeffrey S. Cluver M.D.
    109 Bee Street
    Charleston, SC 29401
    (843) 789-7311
  • Anoren Huchingson M.D.
    MUSC 67 President Street
    Charleston, SC 29425
    (843) 792-2123
  • Constance Alexander M.D.
    Barrier Island Psychiatry 1954 Ashley River Road, Suite H
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 556-8177
  • Eduardo Cifuentes M.D.
    1483 Tobias Gadson Boulevard
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 576-6750
  • Wende Reynolds
    825 Wappoo Rd
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 765-4689
  • Robert James Malcolm Jr., M.D.
    4-N CDAP Psychiatry, M.U.S.C. 67 President Street, Rm 459
    Charleston, SC 29425
    (843) 792-5200
  • Darlene H. Moak M.D.
    St. Andrews Psychiatric Services 669 St. Andrews Boulevard
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 367-2716
  • Sarah Weiss Book M.D.
    Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs 29 Leinbach Drive, Building C, Unit 2&3
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 792-5200
  • David R. Beckert M.D.
    67 President Street Msc 861
    Charleston, SC 29425
    (843) 792-0192

Residential Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Private Charleston alcohol rehabs are proven to be more effective than outpatient centers, which is one reason why many find them a better alternative when attempting to achieve sobriety. There are many private options available for those seeking the best amentities during their stay. thirty, sixty and ninety day rehab courses are typical for these centers.

Need to Find an Alcohol Rehab Center? Begin Here.

Addiction Therapies and Aftercare Following Inpatient Treatment

Keeping free from alcohol is a life-long pursuit, but for those who feel like they need a helpful nudge after leaving rehabilitation, addiction therapy is worth looking into. Through group meetings and counseling, recovering alcohol abusers can continue getting assistance and get the extra nudge they need to stay alcohol-free.

  • Barbara Melton
    215 Bay St Ste 201-d
    Charleston, SC 29401
    (843) 723-8002
  • Lyn Harrison
    109 Wappoo Creek Dr Bldg 4b
    Charleston, SC 29412
    (843) 491-5533
  • Julia Rodriguez
    1620 Ashley River Rd
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 556-8177
  • Diane E Arnold
    29 Gamecock Ave Ste 200
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 885-9392
  • Myra Gasser
    198 Rutledge Ave Ste 6
    Charleston, SC 29403
    (843) 765-1034
  • Lance Garland
    2366 Ashley River Rd Bldg 8
    Charleston, SC 29414
    (843) 353-2064
  • Wende Reynolds
    825 Wappoo Rd
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 765-4689
  • Natasha Kokoszka
    655 Saint Andrews Blvd
    Charleston, SC 29407
    (843) 425-0570
  • Jillian Hoover
    2045 Maybank Hwy
    Charleston, SC 29412
    (360) 234-3380
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