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Columbus Alcohol Abuse Rehab Programs and Support

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Get Help at an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center in Columbus, Mississippi or Nearby

If you or someone you care about drinks too much, you'll want to locate alcohol abuse treatment as soon as you can can. As with many addictions, alcohol can have a dramatic negative impact on your personal and professional life, and your body as well. Long-term alcohol abuse can damage the liver, pancreas, and throat, lead to high blood pressure and is associated with various cancers. Unlike many other frequently abused substances, rapid alcohol detox can actually be life-threatening if not done under supervision.

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Finding the right treatment center can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors to consider before booking treatment. Our treatment advisors are standing by waiting to help!

There are, thankfully, many Columbus exclusive alcohol abuse programs that can help even the most serious alcohol addict. If you need assistance finding excellent alcohol rehab Columbus has to offer, you can call our hotline, at no cost at 1-800-943-0566. Helpful service advisors are on-hand to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Local AA Meetings in Columbus, MS
TypeMeeting Name @ LocationAddress Day/Time
AASerenity Haven @ Serenity Haven Fayette, AL, 35555 Friday @ 7:00 pm Format: Women, Discussion, Non Smoking
AASerenity Haven @ Serenity Haven Fayette, AL, 35555 Thursday @ 7:00 pm Format: Women, Discussion, Non Smoking
AAFayette Womens @ Serenity Haven Fayette, AL, 35555 Monday @ 1:00 pm Format: Women, Discussion, Non Smoking
AASerenity Haven @ Serenity Haven Fayette, AL, 35555 Sunday @ 7:00 pm Format: Women, Discussion, Non Smoking
AAFayette Women's @ Serenity Haven Fayette, AL, 35555 Wednesday @ 1:00 pm Format: Women, Discussion, Non Smoking
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Popular Resources for Columbus, MS Alcohol Abuse

The Alcoholic Treatment Process

Alcoholism Intervention

Using a qualified interventionist is often needed to help a person come to terms with the damage their drinking is doing to their health and livelihood. The intervention process consists of having those closest to the alcoholic come together, seriously talking about their addiction, and begging them to enter a substance abuse treatment program.

Alcohol Detox Program

Detoxifying is the process of flushing the drugs from the system, in this case alcohol. While it sounds simple, there are a number of somewhat unpleasant and serious symptoms of withdrawal that can keep people from getting the treatment they need. Many of these can be administered to medically at most treatment facilities you'll find in Columbus, MS.

  • Rama D. Pidikiti M.D.
    1321 McFarland Boulevard East
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
    (205) 758-1833
  • M. Omar Mohabbat M.D.
    4804 Highway 69 North
    Northport, AL 35476
    (205) 330-7700
  • Brent Edgeworth Boyett D.O.
    2131 Military Street South PO Box 38
    Hamilton, AL 35570
    (205) 921-5556
  • Sanjay K. Singh M.D.
    661 Helen Keller Boulevard Suite A
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
    (205) 554-0866
  • Charles Nevels M.D.
    1001 Mimosa Park Road
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
    (205) 752-5857
  • Region III Chemical Dependency Servs
    920 Boone Street
    Tupelo, MS 38804

Residential Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Luxury Columbus alcohol rehabs tend to have a lower rate of relpase than outpatient centers, which is one reason why many find them better when attempting to get clear of alcohol. There are many private options available for those seeking top-tier amenities during their stay. 30, 60 and 90-day regimens of treatment are typical for these centers.

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Addiction Therapies and Aftercare Following Inpatient Treatment

Remaining alcohol-free is a long-term process, but for those who feel like they need further assistance post-rehab, addiction therapy is worth a closer look. Through group meetings and counseling, those finishing recovery can further improve their support system and get the extra nudge they need to keep alcohol-free.

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What About Luxury Alcohol Treatment Centers?

Luxury alcohol treatment centers in Columbus have a common goal: your health. If you want the top treatment in high-end accommodations, you should give serious consideration to these programs. Call our call our no-charge help line if you need help locating the best luxury alcohol facility at 1-800-943-0566.

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