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If you or a loved one has alcohol abuse problems, you should locate alcohol abuse treatment immediately. As with many addictions, alcohol can easily wreck your work and home life, and your body as well. Using alcohol to excess over long periods of time can damage the liver, pancreas, and throat, lead to high blood pressure and is associated with various cancers. However, unlike many other commonly abused substances, withdrawing from alcohol can actually be dangerous if not done with proper supervision.

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Finding the right treatment center can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors to consider before booking treatment. Treatment advisors are standing by waiting to help!

Fortunately, there are many Hillsboro private alcohol abuse centers that can help even the most serious alcohol addict. If you need aid in finding the highest-quality alcohol rehab Hillsboro has to offer, you can call our number, at no cost at 1-855-506-6675. Caring advisors are on-hand to talk with you 24/7.

Local AA Meetings in Hillsboro, OR
TypeMeeting Name @ LocationAddress Day/Time
AAGrupo 25 De Diciembre @ Grupo 25 De Diciembre 372 Lincoln St, Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Friday @ 7:00 pm Format: Spanish
AADry Noon Group @ First Congregational Church 494 Main St, Hillsboro, OR, 97123 Monday @ 7:00 pm
AAMain Street Group @ First Congregational Church 494 Main St, Hillsboro, OR, 97123 Friday @ 8:00 pm Format: Speaker
AAHillsboro Friday Night @ First Congregational Church 494 Main St, Hillsboro, OR, 97123 Friday @ 2:00 pm
Thursday @ 2:00 pm
Wednesday @ 2:00 pm
Tuesday @ 2:00 pm
Monday @ 2:00 pm
AANuts @ Noon @ The Whine Cellar Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Tuesday @ 4:00 pm
Thursday @ 4:00 pm
Format: Discussion
AAInto Action @ ST MATTHEWS PARISH HOUSE Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Thursday @ 7:00 pm Format: Closed Discussion 11th St.
AAHillsboro Umc @ HILLSBORO UMC Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Monday @ 2:00 pm
Friday @ 2:00 pm
Wednesday @ 2:00 pm
Format: Babysitting
AAEno @ ST MATTHEWS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Saturday @ 8:00 pm Format: Closed Discussion
AASaturday Night "Cheers" @ Sunrise Church Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Sunday @ 5:00 pm
Saturday @ 7:00 pm
Thursday @ 7:00 pm
Tuesday @ 7:00 pm
Monday @ 7:00 pm
AAGrupo Un Dia A La Vez @ #13 1479 Maple St, Hillsboro, OR, 97123 Tuesday @ 7:30 pm Format: Spanish
AAKeep It Simple @ Business Park Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Friday @ 5:30 pm
Wednesday @ 5:30 pm
Monday @ 5:30 pm
AAHelvetia Happy Hour Group @ Helvetia Community Church 11295 Helvetia Rd, Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Monday @ 8:00 pm
Thursday @ 8:00 pm
AAEasy Does It @ Presbyterian Church 172 32nd Ave, Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Sunday @ 6:00 pm
Saturday @ 6:00 pm
Thursday @ 6:00 pm
Tuesday @ 12:00 am
AAGrupo 25 De Diciembre @ Grupo 25 De Diciembre 372 Lincoln St, Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Friday @ 7:00 pm Format: Spanish
AATGIF @ Lutheran Church 937 Jackson School Rd, Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Wednesday @ 7:00 pm
AASwat - Sober Women Are Tough @ Hillsboro United Methodist Church 168 8th Ave, Hillsboro, OR, 97124 Tuesday @ 7:00 pm Format: Womens
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Popular Resources for Hillsboro, OR Alcohol Abuse

The Alcoholic Treatment Process

Alcoholism Intervention

The expertise of a qualified interventionist is often needed to help the abuser recognize the damage their drinking is doing to themselves and those closest to them. Interventions entail having the alcoholic's loved ones gather, confronting them about their addiction, and requesting they to enter a substance abuse treatment center.

  • Molly McDavitt
    2505 11th Ave Ste 220
    Portland, OR 97202
    (503) 897-1073
  • Stephen Scherr
    Ste 7
    Portland, OR 97210
    (503) 400-7204
  • Sara Migliazzo
    4531 Belmont St # 307
    Portland, OR 97215
    (503) 468-3349
  • Kathy Zimmerman
    4110 122nd Ave Ste 102
    Portland, OR 97230
    (503) 833-2652
  • Li Lin Hally
    13831 Cornell Rd Ste 101
    Portland, OR 97229
    (503) 406-3670
  • Dino Paris
    0224 Hamilton St Ste 201
    Portland, OR 97201
    (503) 567-5876
  • Kristin Tand
    3769 Milwaukie Ave
    Portland, OR 97202
    (503) 405-8779
  • Angela Caiazza
    123 Powell Blvd Ste 303
    Gresham, OR 97030
    (503) 395-8982

Alcohol Detox Program

Detox is the process of washing the intoxicants from the body, in this case alcohol. While it sounds simple, there are a number of serious, uncomfortable withdrawal side effects that can keep people from getting the treatment they need. Many of these can be professionally cared for at most treatment clinics you'll find in Hillsboro, OR.

  • Matilda Martha Mengis M.D.
    811 NW 20th Street Suite 301
    Portland, OR 97209
    (503) 241-5131
  • Geri Rowe
    108 124th Ave Ste 28
    Vancouver, WA 98684
    (360) 389-3951
  • Walter Paul Goebel M.D.
    100 E. 33rd St. Suite 100
    Vancouver, WA 98663
    (360) 514-7550
  • Brian Liebreich M.D.
    4805 NE Glisan 3 East
    Portland, OR 97213
    (503) 216-2028
  • Debbie Bensching
    1130 Morrison St Ste 220
    Portland, OR 97205
    (503) 406-3624
  • Andrew B. Mendenhall M.D.
    Hazelden Beaverton 1500 NW Bethany Boulevard, Suite 240
    Beaverton, OR 97006
    (503) 644-7300

Residential Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Executive Hillsboro alcohol rehabs tend to have a lower rate of relpase than outpatient facilities, which is one reason why many find them preferable when attempting to get clear of alcohol. There are many luxury options available for those seeking first-class amenities during their stay. 30-day, 60-day and 90-day rehab regimens are typical for these centers.

Need to Find an Alcohol Rehab Center? Begin Here.

Addiction Therapies and Aftercare Following Inpatient Treatment

Staying free from alcohol is a constant process, but for those who feel like they need more services after rehabilitation, addiction therapy is invaluable. Through group meetings and counseling, recovering alcoholics can further grow their system of support and get the extra nudge they need to keep sober.

  • Mary Jayne Wykowski
    3000 Stucki Pl Ste 230
    Hillsboro, OR 97124
    (503) 312-5181
  • Karen Debolt
    5215 Elam Young Pkwy Ste A
    Hillsboro, OR 97124
    (503) 342-7308
  • Pam Jacobs
    246 Baseline St
    Hillsboro, OR 97123
    (971) 236-4199
  • Chuck Chapman
    1300 John Adams St # 120
    Oregon City, OR 97045
    (503) 451-6424
  • Geri Rowe
    108 124th Ave Ste 28
    Vancouver, WA 98684
    (360) 389-3951
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