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If substance addiction is destroying your way of life, Pryor, OK has a wealth of top-rated drug abuse programs to help you or someone close to you. Whether addicted to Anexsia, opioids, pain pills or alcohol, we can help you connect with rehabilitation to get the best-quality help available. You can even find exclusive or private treatment in Pryor to make rehabilitation as easy as possible.

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Finding the right treatment center can be a difficult task. There are a lot of factors to consider before booking treatment. Treatment advisors are standing by waiting to help!

Because of the damage drugs can inflict on to your body and mind, getting help as early as possible is important, even though it can be hard to make the change. Many addictions metastasize over a course of years. Still, it's never too late to get help. Don't waste another year addicted to painkillers, opioids or other drugs - call us anytime at 1-855-506-6675, no-cost. Wouldn't you be better off drug-free?

Local NA/MA Meetings in Pryor, OK
TypeMeeting Name @ LocationAddress Day/Time
NAAmerican Legion @ American Legion Salina, OK, 74365 Wednesday @ 7:30 pm
Tuesday @ 7:30 pm
Sunday @ 7:30 pm
Wednesday @ 7:30 pm
Tuesday @ 7:30 pm
Sunday @ 7:30 pm
NAThe Crib @ The Crib 100 Rowe St, Pryor, OK, 74361 Saturday @ 7:00 pm
Saturday @ 7:00 pm
Format: Step, Tradition, Discussion/Participation
NAPushmataha Counseling Services @ Pushmataha Counseling Services 205 Adair St, Pryor, OK, 74361 Wednesday @ 7:30 pm
Wednesday @ 7:30 pm
Format: Basic Text, Tradition
NAChurch @ Church 2896 510 Rd, Pryor, OK, 74361 Thursday @ 7:00 pm
Tuesday @ 7:00 pm
Format: Step, Tradition, Discussion/Participation
NAFour Corners Helping Hands Community Center @ Four Corners Helping Hands Community Center Locust Grove, OK, 74352 Sunday @ 2:00 pm
NAKenwood Fire Department @ Kenwood Fire Department Salina, OK, 74365 Thursday @ 7:00 pm
Wednesday @ 7:30 pm
Format: Discussion/Participation
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Top Sites for Substance Abuse in Pryor, OK

The Treatment Process


The individuals who need drug abuse treatment the most are often the last ones to make use of it. Alcohol and drug interventions gather family and friends to impress upon the user the necessity of change, and for rehabilitation.

  • Julie Kline
    2035 Houston St Ste A
    Broken Arrow, OK 74012
    (918) 376-3933
  • Jeri Fritz
    624 Boston Ave Ste 311
    Tulsa, OK 74119
    (918) 236-7220
  • Scott M Rainwater
    8937 Garnett Rd
    Broken Arrow, OK 74012
    (918) 721-0883

Detox Services

Prior to recovery starting, the system must be washed free of harmful chemicals. This is what is known as detoxification. Often, drugs will leave the abuser with unpleasant side effects or withdrawal symptoms once the body has become accustomed to getting the drug. Medicine-assisted detoxification can minimize the symptoms for anyone seeking to start anew.

Buprenorphine Clinics in Pryor, OK
  • Laurie A. McLemore M.D.
    Neohealth Muskogee 1328 South York Street
    Muskogee, OK 74403
    (918) 683-0470
  • Kenneth Wayne Gibson D.O.
    NEO Health 124 East Main
    Hulbert, OK 74441
    (918) 772-2879
  • Layne Evan Subera D.O.
    201 East Second
    Skiatook, OK 74070
    (918) 396-1262
  • Charles Clinton Smith D.O.
    102 South Moore
    Claremore, OK 74017
    (918) 342-6200

Residential Rehabilitation Centers

An inpatient drug abuse rehab center provides effective, supervised care in a soothing setting. When abusers opt for in-home, outpatient treatment, it's often because they think it will be easier, allowing them to get healthy without upsetting their routine. Part of what makes Pryor residential rehabs so appealing, though, is the chance it offers to break from from things that contributed to the addiction.

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Addiction Therapy after Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab

When inpatient treatment for drug abuse ends, you may still want additional counseling. It's crucial to have a solid support group if you are to achieve sobriety. A continuing course of addiction therapy allows you to go at your own pace. You'll get the benefits of counseling sessions, as well as group and individualized meetings for as long as you need to have them.

  • Dianna Jurena
    Ste 110
    Tulsa, OK 74114
    (918) 376-3928
  • Steven G Terry
    3223 31st St Ste 204
    Tulsa, OK 74105
    (918) 304-6901
  • Krista Caveny
    6846 Canton Ave Ste 501
    Tulsa, OK 74136
    (918) 948-8254
  • Jacquyn Renee Cleary
    Ste 620
    Tulsa, OK 74104
    (918) 221-0401
  • Natalie Thompson
    5550 Lewis Ave Ste 301
    Tulsa, OK 74105
    (918) 791-3928
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    What About Luxury Drug Abuse Treatment Centers?

    If you're looking for great treatment in gorgeous locations and featuring the perfect amenities, luxury Pryor drug abuse centers are what you want. With vacation resort-like amenities that boast four-star chef-prepared meals, fine bed linens, massage and acupuncture, luxury treatment can help even the most finicky celebrity and government official to get the help they need. For extra help locating the best rehabs, dial our toll-free helpline at 1-855-506-6675.

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