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Drug abuse articles can provide you with an incredible amount of valuable information. The drug abuse articles provided on this website offer you insight into drug abuse denial, warning signs of teenage drug abuse, drug abuse prevention techniques and more.

The articles listed below are additional resources to check out. To read the entire submission, simply click on the associated link.

  • “Millions of Americans in denial about drug abuse.” This article poses the question, how can we stop a drug abuse problem when millions of Americans don’t even recognize they have a problem to correct?
  • “Facts about substance abuse and risky sexual behavior”. This link debunks myths about substance abuse and the at-risk behaviors associated with it. This drug abuse article includes great eye-opening facts that teens need to know.
  • “The risks of party drugs”. Party drugs such as ecstasy are becoming extremely popular among teens and adolescents. It is imperative that parents not only help their children understand the risks associated with using these drugs, but the associated risks such as rape and assault.
  • “Early Detection of Illicit Drug Use in Teenagers”. This article equips parents with a foundation of what to look for if they suspect their teen is doing drugs. Even though the goal is to prevent drug abuse, parents will find it is much easier to confront and overcome a problem if they know the signs to look for ahead of time.
  • “What to Do If Your Teen or Young Adult Has a Problem with Drugs”. This article reiterates the importance of parental involvement and responsibility. It also highlights measures you can take to get treatment for your child if you think there’s a problem.
  • “Family Checkup: Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse”. This article on drug abuse prevention is aimed at parents and discusses positive parenting methods to create effective family communication and healthy limit setting.
  • The “Index of drugs of abuse” is a great resource and provides information on every type of drug, alcohol and substance abuse problem.

In addition, if you suspect that you already have a teen who is abusing drugs, take the “Is your teenager using drugs” quiz. If after taking the quiz and reading the other drug abuse articles on this site you feel you need intervention, contact our confidential helpline at . Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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