Addiction in Its Simplest Form (Short Animation)

This short animation created by Andreas Hykade breaks down what drug addiction looks like in its simplest form. It’s remarkably catching and has created a buzz around the web.

The bird-like creature is caught up and will not let go of the golden nugget. The golden nugget represents any drug of choice – alcohol, cocaine, opiates, benzos, heroin and much more. Not only does it represent drugs, but bad habits that can’t be shaken off, such as gambling addiction, porn addiction and binge eating. The bird’s sole focus is to ride the high created by the mysterious golden nugget.

Unfortunately, each fall after launching off into a whole new realm gets bumpier and more aggressive. Even the flight itself is short-lived and does not live up to its original glory. Sound familiar?

Is ignorance bliss? Had the bird not tasted the golden nugget in the first place, it would have been on a longer journey to find its satisfaction. Are we bound to find something else better than addiction? Will the walk be aimless?

These are some of the questions an addict or even a first-time substance user asks. It’s a slippery slope, but it can be avoided with the right support and professional help.

Presented in a simplest manner, this animation will give you a clear understanding of how addiction sneaks up on you with no warnings and starts discreetly consuming you.

Unfortunately, breaking the addiction cycle is not as simple as starting it, which is why people struggle to get back into their normal groove with the help of experts at treatment centers. However, neglecting to seek treatment promises a far more tragic end than the challenge of starting down the road to recovery.

Help is waiting for you when you are ready.

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