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FDA Raids Juul Headquarters as First Step in E-Cig Crackdown

Spare a thought for the forgotten world of nicotine addiction. With countless studies being released eroding the stigma of alcoholism as a failure ...

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A Response to Hooked In Wisconsin

“I don’t want to be here. I don’t want this to be my life,” Sarah Bear says from the Marathon County Jail. Currently serving two years behind bars,...

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States Move to Ban Synthetic Urine 

More and more states are moving to ban an increasingly popular mechanism used to defeat drug tests.  Synthetic urine, otherwise known as fake pee, ...

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San Francisco Mayor Proposes Drug Distribution to Homeless

For San Francisco, the statistics related to opioid abuse are staggering: The Department of Public Health estimates there are 11,000 people addicte...

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Teachers Pause Playground Games to Pick Up Needles

Most soccer games involve time outs. But, coaches usually call them to trade a player, give a pep talk, or help a player recover from a fall. At Bo...

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Buckeye State Goes After Pharmaceutical Giants

An estimated 200,000 Ohioans are addicted to opioids. State officials lay much of the blame at the feet of Big Pharma. State Attorney General Mike ...

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Is Telemedicine the Solution for Addiction in Rural America?

The closest addiction specialist is three hours away. You don’t have a reliable vehicle. If you arrange for a ride or take public transportation, e...

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New Drug Testing Technology Makes Urine Samples a Thing of the Past

Breathe on this. Spit on that. Provide a urine sample. You know the drill. The methods of drug testing are relatively common and well-known. From b...

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Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About a Resurgence of Cocaine in the U.S.?

According to the DEA’s annual Drug Threat Assessment cocaine use is on the rise. It looks as if, while in the midst of an opioid epidemic, a lethal...

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You’re Fired: Police Departments Weaning K9’s Off Marijuana

Jobs change with technology, and work tasks evolve with those advancements. New policies and developments often put people out of work. It turns ou...

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