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The Other Side of Suboxone

It’s become a commonly prescribed medical treatment for opioid addiction. In some cases, doctors prescribe Suboxone with the intention of stabilize...

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Has Kombucha Gotten a Bad Rap?

Often touted as a miracle elixir, Kombucha offers a plethora of health benefits. For those who don’t know, Kombucha is a fermented beverage made fr...

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Is Your Neighborhood Making You Sick?

I used to live in a neighborhood blanketed in liquor stores, dive bars, and convenience stores that sold beer until two in the morning – even on Ch...

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Heartbroken Parents Use Obituaries to Raise Addiction Awareness

When a loved one passes away, you want to remember them at their best. You want others to remember them at their best. You carefully select the wor...

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Imagining Life Without My Daughter Pushed Me to the Edge

Lisa’s mom, Jane, was at the end of her rope. For the third time in eight weeks, she had to go pick up her drunk daughter. Jane was exhausted and s...

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Waiting for Treatment in Tennessee: The Doctor Will See You Soon

It’s tragic. People are reaching out for help…and there’s no one there. As a nation, we’re experiencing a severe shortage of treatment options for ...

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Fixing the Addiction Counselor Crunch: One University’s Plan to Help

Seventy-seven percent of counties across the country are currently suffering from severe shortages of behavioral health professionals. By 2025, the...

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Inmates Receive Federal Funding to Re-enter Society Sober

After years in prison, freedom is just around the corner. Tom served his time and will rejoin society soon. But what are his options? With no job a...

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Does Drinking Every Day Make Me an Alcoholic?

Every evening when you get home from work, you drink a glass of wine. Throughout the day, you look forward to this evening ritual. Although, tonigh...

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My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me: How to Stop Addictive Thinking Patterns

In prison, many of the women I met struggled with substance abuse issues. Although alcohol and drugs were no longer in endless supply in there, man...

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