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I’m a Millionaire and I Need to Go to Rehab. Where Do I Go?

You’ve realized you have an issue, whether it’s a heroin or coke addiction or a sex addiction, so you need to find somewhere nice to attend rehab. Naturally, you want somewhere that’s a little more exclusive to avoid running into someone who might rob you in the night. Naturally, this will cost a little more.

Whether you are a millionaire because you’re famous for acting or singing or a millionaire because you’ve ended up in a very high-powered job, you only want the best treatment, and you can afford to pay for it. So where would you go?

The first obvious place is the Crossroads Centre. Set up by Eric Clapton in the mid-’90s on the beautiful island of Antigua, Crossroads offers exclusivity thanks to its $24,000 price tag for a twenty-nine-day treatment program. The clinic is set in verdant surroundings and offers recovery from a wide range of addictions, including nicotine.

Clients are asked to leave anything work-related at home, including reports, projects and papers. They are also forbidden from bringing musical instruments, computers, and mp3 players. This might seem a tough regimen, but the clinic is good at helping people in their recovery from addiction.

The Promises Center is actually two centers: one based in Malibu and the other, Los Angeles. Each center offers a home-like environment where people can relax. The center also notes that a large proportion of its staff members are in recovery as well, which means they’ll understand what you’re going through.

You will be allowed a lot more freedom than with other treatment centers, and the idea is that by trusting you, you’ll trust in yourself. Naturally, the centers stick to the basics of addiction recovery, detox, treatment, and therapy, but that’s what you need. Extra activities include equine therapy, yoga, and acupuncture. However, at $9,000, it is a little pricy, and some have compared it to merely being a luxury vacation.

If you’d prefer to go elsewhere for addiction treatment, you might want to head to the Cottage at Life Works, which is based in the UK. There you can experience absolute privacy, as no more than three clients are treated at the Cottage at once.

It definitely has a British flavor for its extracurricular activities, as it offers clay pigeon shooting and driving experiences around a world-class racetrack, as well as horse riding and golf experiences. A range of massage therapies is also available at this quintessentially English center. Prices are generally kept under wraps, but they start at around $1,100 per week.

Promis is another UK-based addiction center that offers luxury surroundings in gorgeous settings. Offering the best of British addiction treatment in Kent and London for everything from alcoholism to stress-based disorders, Promis has 25 years of addiction experience with a strong and positive vibe. It states it has helped over 5,500 people (over 200 a year) in its tranquil residential settings, but its prices are not easily accessible, with the organization preferring to offer prices based on the actual treatments offered.

Moving back to the US, the Betty Ford Center offers a number of programs for addicted patients, and its $32,000 cost covers therapy for the whole family as well as medically assisted detox. It is one of the strictest rehab clinics as it makes people do their own chores. This helps people to take responsibility for their own well-being, whether they are famous celebrities or high-end executives.

As with the majority of addiction recovery centers, the Betty Ford Center recognizes the value of long-term treatment, and having been around since 1982, it has a lot of experience in this field.

All in all, these places offer great treatment programs for a wide variety of people. Other places include Passages and the Mayo Clinic. All of these clinics offer fantastic executive care along with solid programs for addiction recovery. If you book a place in one of these programs, you can be confident that you’ll have the best chance of making a full recovery.

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