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Mirror, Mirror: Aging Early Courtesy of Alcohol

$2.1 billion. That’s how much we spent on anti-aging skin care products in 2013. And that’s just in the United States. Guess how much Americans spent on cosmetic surgery that year? $12 billion.

Clearly, we want to look young and beautiful. Who doesn’t, right? This industry continues to grow every year as we seek the best-kept secrets to staying young.

The Damage of Drinking

So, who’s the fairest of them all? According to research, it’s not those who consume a lot of alcohol. In fact, limiting our alcohol intake could be one of those secrets we’ve been searching for. How? Alcohol accelerates the aging process. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, we speed towards wrinkles. Reducing our alcohol consumption can help us avoid the following alcohol aging effects.

  • Wrinkled Skin

    Most of us know that alcohol dehydrates our body. But, did you realize this dehydration wrinkles our skin? When we’re dehydrated, our skin is dry from the inside out. This makes it wrinkle more quickly. Fine lines and wrinkles appear, which continue to grow deeper with time.

    Alcohol also depletes our body of vitamin A, which plays an important role in keeping our skin firm and youthful.
  • Aging Eyes

    Alcohol can cause premature aging to our eyes. Drinking causes irritation of the blood vessels in our eyes. This is why heavy drinking often results in bloodshot eyes. Over time, excessive drinking repeatedly robs your body of the nutrients it needs for eye health. This can impair eyesight, which leads to the need for glasses or other corrective appliances.
  • Spider Veins

    So, the stereotype of the wino with the big red nose? It actually has some basis in fact. Alcohol widens blood vessels, causing redness in the face. Usually, this redness and puffiness goes away a few hours or a day after drinking. However, consistent overconsumption of alcohol can create permanent red, spidery veins on the face. Combined with the wrinkles the alcohol is also causing, this leads to premature aging.
  • Hair Loss

    The dehydration our body undergoes from alcohol intake also affects our hair. This dryness makes the hair weak, brittle,causes split ends and gives a dull look to locks. Not only that, drinking large amounts of alcohol can deplete our body of zinc. What happens when we experience zinc deficiency? Hair loss. Too much alcohol and you may look like grandpa long before your time.

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