My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me: How to Stop Addictive Thinking Patterns

In prison, many of the women I met struggled with substance abuse issues. Although alcohol and drugs were no longer in endless supply in there, many of them carried on with the same addictive thoughts and behaviors.

Manipulation, isolation, instant gratification, victim mentality…it was like they were still operating on the same wavelength they did on the street. In fact, being sober appeared to have made no impact on them at all.

It’s Time to Break the Pattern

When addictive thinking is present, the harmful consequences of drug or alcohol use don’t outweigh their euphoric effects and will eventually lead to relapse. So, it’s important to change those old destructive thoughts and behaviors to maintain your sobriety.

Try some of the following tips to improve your mindset:

  • Tip#1 – Play the Tape All the Way Through
    Before you make an impulsive decision, stop and consider the long-term consequences. Only through personal awareness and self-evaluation will you arrive at a place to stop your old behavior and implement change.
  • Tip #2 – Get Support
    Substance abuse and its patterns of behavior thrive in the dark, so it’s beneficial to bring your struggles to light. Find a support group, share your story with others who understand and can provide some helpful insight. Working alone is possible, but it’s so much easier to lie to yourself and return to old habits when there’s no one holding you accountable.
  • Tip #3 – Clean House
    It’s important to know your triggers and avoid anything that could possibly serve as one. Also, stay away from people, places, and things that could draw you back into self destructive behavior. This might mean making an entirely new group of friends, moving, or getting a new job.
  • Tip #4 – Take Care of Yourself
    Eat well and get enough sleep. When you’re well rested and properly nourished maintaining a positive state of mind is much easier.
  • Get Active
    If you find your mind wandering to negative places, then get moving. A regular exercise routine can provide a mental boost and build your self esteem.
  • Tip #5 – Shift the Focus
    Substance abuse is a selfish disease, one that’s entirely about you. One of the best things about 12-step programs is they provide you with an outlet to help others with similar issues. When you listen to their stories and practice kindness, you change those old self centered behaviors and commit to a new, positive mindset.

Breaking addictive patterns is not always a choice one can simply make, and it is ok to ask for help. Many people find themselves going back to old habits that stop them from living the life they deserve. If you find yourself going back to negative habits, take the chance to get back on track today. Call one of our admissions navigators today at 1-888-744-0069 so they can provide the information and support you need as to help you get back on the road to recovery.

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