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Rapper’s Shocking On-Stage Antics are Cause for Concern


A Florida rapper by the name of “Stitches” has earned a name for himself as of late, but for all the wrong reasons. The joker-like face tattoos are enough to take most people aback, but it’s the lyrics to Stitches’ music and his on-stage cocaine-fueled antics that have local parents worried.

Stitches, who claims to be a former cocaine dealer, certainly isn’t shy when it comes to professing his love for the drug, but his actions during a recent performance have finally created some serious backlash.

Taking “Shock” too Far

In the viral single that brought him noteriety, “Brick In Yo Face” is chock-full of shocking lyrics. In it, Stitches brags about his coke-dealing past and says things like “Better have my money when I come to collect” and “I love selling blow!” He also raps about selling cocaine to “pregnant b*tches” in another one of his songs.

Stitches has developed a small, but loyal fan base who are willing to pay up to $60 for meet-and-greets with him after local performances. The rapper has also become notorious for one of the most outrageous on-stage gimmics of all time: giving out free cocaine to audience members during shows.

After a performance at Propagana in Lake Worth, FL, however, it’s safe to say that Stitches won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

A Live Performance Goes Downhill

During his most recent Lake Worth performance, Stiches addressed his notorious “cocaine giveaways” by telling the crowd that “I’ve seen some people on Instagram saying this sh*t’s fake.” He then invites four young women on stage to do the drug, passing a mirror between them as they snort lines of cocaine.

At this point, Stitches’ wife, Erica Duarte, loses it. As the four girls take turns snorting drugs, Duarte can be heard declaring that she is “going to f*ck that b*tch up.”

Mere moments later, Stitches simply says “we’re done” before walking off stage.

Two concertgoers caught the whole incident on tape, which shows the rapper following his wife outside the club and urging the two men to turn their cameras off. Because he didn’t attend the meet-and-greet afterwards, Stitches now owes ticket holders more than $600 in refunds.

Shockingly, some fans were upset that the rapper went “soft” by throwing bags of what appeared to be flour into the crowd instead of actual cocaine. One attendee also claimed the show was shut down because a bouncer had a bag of white powder inadvertently dumped on his head.

An Unhealthy Atmosphere

For most parents, scenes like the one that went down at Stitches’ performance are beyond unacceptable. It’s bad enough to have performers glorifying drugs through music, but to actually provide those drugs to fans – many of which appeared to be underage – is most certainly taking things too far.

Local cops aren’t planning to press charges against Stitches or the girl on stage, as the baggies weren’t confiscated for testing. However, it’s safe to say that the rapper’s upcoming shows will generate far more attention from local law enforcement.

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