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Legal Marijuana: Test Your Knowledge

Marijuana is quickly becoming a regulated commercial industry, with products ranging from candy bars to cannabis drinks. So, what’s legal? Will you go to jail if you are caught munching THC brownies in the wrong state?

Take the following quiz to discover what’s true, what’s rumor, and what’s just plain false.


Marijuana plants are equipped with radio chips for tracking.



If it’s legalized in my state, I can smoke marijuana in public.



Legalizing marijuana eases financial and regulatory burdens on state agencies.



Where pot is legal, the black market still thrives.



Medical marijuana is legal in all states.



It’s legal to sell candy infused with marijuana.



As long as you buy marijuana legally, you can bring it to a state with different laws and possess it without consequences.



If you smoke marijuana legally, you can still face fines and jail for getting behind the wheel when you’re high.




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