Drug Abuse Programs

If you need drug abuse help, you’re not alone. More than 22 million Americans are currently struggling with substance abuse – nearly 9% of the population. Even occasional use can escalate quickly into mental and physical dependency and, like any addiction, it can be hard to break free once the cycle has begun. The costs of any drug addiction go far beyond financial costs, they often spread rapidly into loss of friends, family, employment and health. This is why it’s imperative to get help as early as possible if you or a family member has become addicted to narcotics or prescription medication.

You’ll want to start by determining the right treatment solution for you. For some people, that means outpatient treatment so they can remain at home and quit “on their own terms”. For others, it means attending an inpatient facility, since they have higher success rates than outpatient services and allow for a wider range of options and specialties, such as executive or private rehab. You also need to decide whether you want to look in your immediate area or find an acclaimed center in another city, or perhaps even another state. Sometimes a change of scenery puts things into perspective when an addict is trying to “wipe the slate clean”.

The most important thing is not to get overwhelmed by the choices and let that stop you from progressing. There are many excellent toll-free helpline resources, such as the one we use at 1-888-744-0069Who Answers?. Feel free to call us anytime to speak to an advisor who can connect you with the help you and your family deserve.