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Drug Abuse Signs

Some drug abuse signs are obvious and others are subtle. Drug abuse takes a toll on the body both physically and psychologically. Physical drug abuse signs may be exhibited in an array of physical symptoms including an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, loss of coordination, marked fatigue and headaches. The psychological drug abuse signs may be more subtle and include depression, anxiety, mood swings and even psychotic behavior. Drug abuse signs may also become apparent from a social and behavioral standpoint. Most drug abusers avoid friends and family, at least when they are obtaining, using or recovering, and that can be an almost constant cycle. They may also demonstrate extreme mood swings and are involved in more domestic disputes than any other group of people.

Drug Abuse Signs of Repeated and Excessive Use of Illegal or Prescription Drugs

  • Cannabis or marijuana and hashish are the most commonly used drugs in today’s society. While there is an air of permissiveness concerning these illegal drugs, there are definite drug abuse signs that signal a problem. Increased appetite, heightened visual and auditory abilities, memory lapses, concentration difficulties, paranoia, coordination deficiencies, bloodshot eyes, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure are some of the drug abuse signs affiliated with the repeated use of cannabis.
  • The drug abuse signs associated with the use of cocaine are agitation, insomnia, depressions, fatigue, nausea, muscle pain, anger, exaggerated cravings and increased irritability.
  • Drug abuse signs for heroin are somewhat similar but are usually accompanied by dilated pupils, watery eyes, diarrhea and panic.
  • Drug abuse signs for prescription drugs are accompanied by depression and often psychotic episodes.

If you or someone you know suffers these drug abuse signs, please do not wait to call our helpline. Family members, friends or associates showing these drug abuse signs need professional care. The Drug Abuse Helpline at stands ready to offer free advice to persons suffering the dangers of these undeniable drug abuse signs. All calls are toll-free and confidential. Please call now.

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