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Understanding Drug Recovery Programs

Drug recovery is an ongoing process of denial and acceptance. The body is denied its cravings for drugs, and the mind begins to accept the reasons why drug abuse occurred in the first place. Drug recovery programs have specific protocols designed to assist patients in rebuilding their physical, psychological and spiritual lives in a continuing effort to return to a more productive lifestyle. Comprehensive programs combine counseling, medications and a variety of therapies to overcome the initial drug dependency and reduce incidents of relapse.

The toll-free Drug Abuse Helpline at can assist you in finding a drug recovery program that meets your individual needs. Call today for a free, confidential analysis and the information you’re looking for. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you take the steps to a successful recovery.

Drug Recovery Program Options

Drug recovery is extremely difficult to achieve alone. It generally takes a group effort supported by medical and clinical personnel. Most people requiring drug recovery need a highly structured setting with accountability, and support that could include:

  • Group and individual counseling
  • Medication therapies
  • Revolutionary holistic programs
  • Drug detox

Most drug recovery programs are based upon the well tested 12 step program. The 12 step program, in combination with quality drug recovery treatment, creates a strong foundation towards long-term recovery. Combining the above therapies with effective after-care programs has had a profound effect on the rate of relapse occurrences.

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Inpatient Recovery Programs

Most inpatient short and long-term drug recovery programs are treated in therapeutic residential settings. Services provided include:

  • Professional staff of physicians, nurses, therapists and support staff
  • Detoxification services
  • Careful monitoring of the physical consequences associated with drug recovery
  • Treatment of psychological affects
  • Medical monitoring
  • Identification and treatment of dual diagnosis conditions
  • Aftercare plan

A drug recovery program’s primary goal is to help individuals attain a permanent and total abstinence from drug use. It emphasizes the fact that recovery depends upon utilization of all the skills attained to achieve a long lasting recovery. The combination of a relapse prevention plan, alumni support and aftercare provide individuals with the necessary skills to maintain their recovery.

Drug recovery is attainable. The toll-free Drug Abuse Helpline at can help you identify the drug recovery program that is right for you. Please take the first step towards drug recovery and call the helpline today for immediate help.

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