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Marijuana Use and Abuse: Side Effects, Withdrawal Symptoms, and Treatment

Marijuana is a type of drug that can induce a high. One of the most commonly misused substances in the United States, sustained marijuana misuse can lead to dependence and addiction. Luckily, evidence-based addiction treatment can lead to positive health outcomes in those struggling with marijuana addiction.
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What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana refers to the leaves, flowers, and extracts of the plant Cannabis sativa and several closely related species—commonly known as hemp.

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States and is known by a large variety of names, including cannabis, pot, weed, grass, hash, and many others. It is cultivated widely across the globe and is the only major recreational drug grown within the U.S.

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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Types

Treatment for marijuana abuse and dependence has many similarities to treatments for addictions to other drugs. Although there are no medications available specifically for treating marijuana dependence, professional detoxification facilities can provide a safe, supportive place for abusers to get the drug out of their systems.

Medical staff can help to ensure that individuals do not hurt themselves, and sedative medications are available in case of severe anxiety or panic attacks.

Following detox, inpatient or residential and outpatient drug rehabilitation programs are available, depending on the specific needs of the recovering person. Both types of treatment offer counseling and education to help people with addictions adapt to drug-free lifestyles. Aftercare programs and peer recovery organizations provide support to help avoid future relapses.