People often hear in the news that a particular city has become a "capital" for certain activities, and more often than not, it's something that can be viewed as a vice. To shed light on this, we analyzed 451,484 vice-related tweets that came from US cities of over 200,000 residents. We then analyzed this data to determine where the true "vice capitals" are within the United States, at least according to social media.


Full Methodology:

We looked at tweets relating to 9 different vices, in cities with populations of 200,000 or more and that had over 200 tweets. Of the 451,484 tweets that came in, 107,835 met the geographic criteria we were looking for.


  • Marijuana

  • marijuana

  • ganj

  • weed

  • reefer

  • pot

  • kush

  • Cocaine

  • nose candy

  • cocaine

  • Alcohol

  • alcohol

  • liquor

  • booze

  • beer

  • rum

  • tequila

  • whiskey

  • vodka

  • drunk

  • RX (prescription drugs)

  • xanax

  • xanny

  • xannies

  • oxycontin

  • percs

  • vicodin

  • hydros

  • oxys

  • roxies

  • MDMA

  • mdma

  • molly

  • black tar

  • Heroin

  • heroin

  • skag

  • Meth

  • meth

  • Gambling

  • gambling

  • bookie

  • poker

  • casino

  • Sex

  • sex

  • boning

  • screwing

We retrieved all geotagged tweets occurring over a 20-day period that mentioned any of the above phrases. To account for the fact that cities range greatly in their populations, we used population data to get an idea of per capita popularity of different vices on twitter.

We found an interesting comparison between tweets related to marijuana and those related to sex. Below is a map showing which of these two vices was more commonly tweeted about in each state. To break down this data even further, we looked at the 25 most populous cities in the US, and determined which were the "weed cities" and which were the "sex cities."


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