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Rehabs in Florida that Accept Aetna Insurance

If you struggle with substance use you might feel hopeless and alone, but there is treatment that can help you break free. If you have Aetna health insurance, you can access addiction treatment in Florida covered by Aetna, where your insurance may cover some or all of the cost of rehab.
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Does Aetna Cover Addiction Treatment in Florida?

Aetna health plans may be able to cover some or all of the cost of addiction treatment in the state of Florida. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all long-term health insurance plans to cover 10 essential health benefits.3, bulleted list Mental health and substance use treatment are on that list.3, fifth bullet

If your doctor decides that treatment of substance use is medically necessary, your Aetna insurance plan can cover some or all of the cost of the recommended treatment plan.

What types of drug and alcohol rehab does Aetna cover in Florida?

Everyone has different needs, so it’s important to work closely with your doctor to determine the treatment plan that’s right for you. The doctor will ask about which substances you use, how often, your home environment, and more.

Some of the common treatment options include:4

  • Detox is a process of eliminating drugs or alcohol from the body. It usually involves medical supervision and may involve medication to manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Inpatient treatment involves 24/7 medical and therapeutic support in a residential treatment facility. Patients receive intensive treatment and support to create new habits and build a substance-free life.
  • Outpatient treatment involves attending treatment sessions a few hours a week, often in the evenings or on weekends so you can continue to keep your normal daily schedule.
  • Aftercare allows you to maintain your new habits after treatment by giving you access to include therapy, support groups, and medication-assisted treatment to prevent relapse and maintain recovery.

Regardless of your treatment plan, it’s important to finish it completely to maximize your chances of long-term recovery.

Does Aetna Cover Co-Occurring Disorders in Florida?

Having a co-occurring disorder means you struggle with a mental health diagnosis as well as substance use. This is more common than you might think — 50% of those who struggle with substance use have a co-occurring disorder.5, second paragraph

It’s important to treat substance use issues and mental health concerns at the same time to maximize your chance of long-term recovery.6, first paragraph

Can you use your Aetna insurance plan to help pay for treatment for co-occurring disorders? You can, as mental health treatment is also on the list of 10 essential benefits in the ACA.3, fifth bullet Each Aetna plan is different, but it should cover at least part of the cost of integrated treatment.

How to Use Aetna for Rehab in Florida

The first step for accessing Aetna rehab in Florida is to talk to your doctor about your substance use and any mental health concerns. Your doctor can help craft a treatment plan that meets your needs, which will help you find the right kind of treatment program.

Then, you’ll want to find a Florida rehab that takes Aetna. You can find these by calling the insurance company or the rehab program and asking if they accept your insurance plan. Addiction helplines, like the one offered by American Addiction Centers (AAC), can also be a great way to verify your insurance benefits and find a treatment center that meets your needs.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities that Accept Aetna

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