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Rehabs in New York that Accept Aetna Insurance

Aetna Health of New York provides seamless, quality services for its members.1(top) If you are someone in the New York area who needs drug or alcohol addiction treatment, your Aetna benefits may be able to help you cover some or all of the cost of rehab. With the various Aetna rehabs in New York, you can move forward with your healing journey and find a healthier future. This page will assist you in finding how to access your Aetna benefits to obtain substance abuse treatment.
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Does Aetna Cover Addiction Treatment in New York?

Aetna in New York provides services and treatment for a wide range of diseases and issues, including substance abuse.2(diseases) In addition, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurance companies to accept substance misuse claims. 3(2nd section) The ACA also can’t put lifetime limits on the amount of behavioral health care you seek. This includes substance misuse and mental health care services. 3(2nd section) However, you may need to check with your plan to determine the extent of your coverage. You may have copays or deductibles in some cases.

What Types of Drugs and Alcohol Rehab Does Aetna Cover in New York?

One of the first steps in using Aetna for rehab in New York is determining what type of treatment plan you require. Every person is unique in what they need and where they are in their recovery journey. For a better idea of what services or treatment plan would be best for your situation, you can consult with the rehab facilitator directly to schedule an evaluation. However, your Aetna coverage should include various types of treatments, like:

Does Aetna Cover Co-Occurring Disorders in New York?

The ACA mandates insurers to provide coverage for members with substance use and mental health disorders.3(2nd section) This allows members with co-occurring disorders to seek a treatment plan that addresses and targets both conditions simultaneously. Research indicates that treating both conditions together provides the best outcome.4(diagnosis)

How to Use Aetna for Rehab in New York

You can search for a New York rehab that takes Aetna by contacting your insurance agent and asking for a list. Another way is to find a rehab in New York and call them directly. An admissions navigator will verify your insurance and let you know if the facility is in-network.

In addition, you can reach out to top-quality help centers, such as American Addiction Centers (AAC). Our addiction hotline is staffed by knowledgeable admissions navigators who will assist you in finding an Aetna rehab in New York.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities that Accept Aetna


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