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Rehabs in Massachusetts That Accept Anthem Insurance

Figuring out how to pay for addiction treatment can be confusing. Fortunately, Anthem Insurance provides coverage for addiction treatment in Massachusetts.1 If you're ready to get help, different care options like medical detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient programs could all be covered to some extent under your Anthem insurance plan. If you call the American Addiction Centers helpline at , our admissions navigators can help you verify your insurance and understand the process of using Anthem insurance for rehab.
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Does Anthem Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Massachusetts?

Anthem typically covers drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts, but certain factors can affect how much coverage you receive. Addiction and mental health treatment are essential health benefits.2 Therefore, all insurance companies must cover them to some extent.2 However, your treatment must be deemed medically necessary, and coverage levels can vary depending on the service.

How to Use Anthem for Rehab in Massachusetts

It’s best to reach out to your primary care provider or an addiction specialist before using Anthem for rehab in Massachusetts. They can help you understand the level of care and specific treatments that are best suited to your unique situation.

Once you know more about potential care options, you should verify your insurance to find an Anthem rehab in Massachusetts. You can call the number on the back of your insurance card or contact our addictions helpline. Our admissions navigators provide free, no-obligation assistance and verify your insurance right while you’re on the phone.

What Types of Addiction Treatment are Covered by Anthem in Massachusetts?

Anthem covers many types of addiction treatment in Massachusetts.1 The exact level of coverage depends on different factors, like the provider you choose and the services you need. Since everyone is unique, effective addiction treatment often requires an individualized approach.3  That’s why multiple treatment approaches are available and recommended to promote long-term recovery.

Types of addiction treatment that Anthem may cover are:3

  • Detox. Detox is often the first step in recovery for many before transitioning to a different level of care. When you stop using drugs, you might experience withdrawal and cravings. Medical professionals can provide medications to help you detox safely and comfortably.
  • Inpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab provides access to 24/7 attentive care. You live on campus and participate in different treatment approaches, like individual therapy, group counseling, and peer support groups. You can learn relapse-prevention skills for long-term sobriety.
  • Outpatient rehab. You can live at home while in treatment and receive similar services as inpatient programs with outpatient rehab. Standard programs are less structured, while other outpatient programs are more intensive.
  • Aftercare. Mental health professionals recommend remaining in treatment after rehab.3 Some aftercare options include ongoing counseling, 12-Step programs, sober living homes, and outpatient care.

The levels of coverage you receive will depend on your specific needs. The severity of your addiction, the type of drug you’re addicted to, and your lifestyle can all play a part in the treatment you need. Your doctor or an addiction specialist can help you understand which levels of care might work best for you.

Does Anthem Cover Co-Occurring Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Anthem offers coverage for co-occurring addictions and mental health treatment. Still, the exact coverage amount varies based on your specific plan. Many people who suffer from addiction also struggle with mental health illnesses, like anxiety, PTSD, depression, or bipolar disorder.4

Mental health professionals recommend treating co-occurring disorders at the same time to promote long-term recovery.4 Since there are different tiers and types of plans, it’s best to verify your benefits to find out about co-occurring addiction treatment in Massachusetts covered by Anthem.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities that Accept Anthem

There’s always a chance a facility you’re interested in won’t be covered by your insurance. But it’s also possible your first choice facility in Massachusetts may accept Anthem. So, it’s essential to speak with an admissions navigator that can help clarify what’s covered.

American Addiction Centers can connect you with a Massachusetts rehab that takes Anthem. AdCare Hospital is a drug and alcohol rehab center in Worcester, Massachusetts, that provides high-quality, evidence-based addiction care. You can call today and speak with an AdCare admissions specialist to verify your insurance coverage.

If you’re ready to start your recovery journey, we’re here to offer support. Contact American Addiction Centers today at to learn more about Anthem rehabs in Massachusetts and find treatment today.


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