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Beacon Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

Finding a rehab in Pennsylvania that accepts Beacon is important if you are struggling with a substance use disorder. With Beacon health insurance, you have access to the essential health benefits of marketplace plans, including mental health and substance use disorders.
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Insurance coverage from Beacon Health can assist you with an addiction treatment plan in Pennsylvania. Carelon Behavioral Health is now the new name for Beacon Health Insurance.1 You can still access your plan the same way as before and seek a substance misuse treatment program as needed. Beacon Health insurance provides coverage for people across the country. With individual and family plans, among other options, members can obtain treatment for a range of issues, including substance misuse and addiction. If you have Beacon Health insurance, you can find addiction treatment in Pennsylvania. You can contact American Addiction Centers admissions navigators any time at and someone will help you through the process of verifying your insurance. They can also assist you in finding a Beacon rehab in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania and Substance Use

With a population of close to 13 million residents, Pennsylvania is a state fighting the ongoing drug epidemic affecting the U.S.2 The capital of the Keystone State is Harrisburg, with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh serving Pennsylvania’s largest cities.2 Anyone struggling with a substance misuse issue can find treatment centers throughout the state.

Between 2018 and 2023, 49,398 people in Pennsylvania visited an emergency room due to an opioid overdose.3 Approximately 7% of the state’s population struggles with a substance use disorder.4

If you want to know what your Beacon Health Options insurance for addiction services in Pennsylvania are, you can talk to an admissions navigator at a rehab facility.

What is Beacon Health Insurance?

Beacon Health, now known as Carelon Behavioral Health, is focused on delivering superior behavioral health insurance coverage for its members. You can find the right treatment program for whatever substance use disorder you are struggling with.

People may have difficulties with any one of the many common substances that are misused. Some of these substances are:

With Beacon Health options, you can receive treatment for any of these substances.

Beacon Health Insurance Plans

A Beacon Health insurance plan covers at least part of the costs of a substance misuse treatment program. There are multiple ways to find out what your plan will cover. You can contact Beacon Health to discuss your policy specifics.

Calling the rehab center directly is another option. You can speak to the admissions navigator for insurance verification. The hotline is always available 24/7. You can also fill out the form on this page to get an immediate answer about your benefits.

Does Beacon Health Options Cover Rehab in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can use Beacon Health options to seek rehab treatment in Pennsylvania. There are various treatment levels to help people on the road to recovery. You may be able to obtain coverage for at least some of the cost of addiction treatment depending on your insurance plan.

How to Use Beacon for Rehab in Pennsylvania

Using your Beacon insurance in Pennsylvania doesn’t have to be complicated. You can search for rehabs near you using online tools and check to see if they take your insurance. An easier way to find a Beacon Health options Pennsylvania provider is to call the addiction hotline and have the admissions navigator provide you with free, no-obligation assistance. They will help you find a rehab facility near you and verify your insurance.

How to Check My Beacon Coverage for Rehab in Pennsylvania

Finding a treatment facility can feel overwhelming, but knowing in advance what your Beacon insurance will cover can give you peace of mind. The good news is checking your coverage is easy. To learn about your specific coverage, contact one of our admissions navigators at , get a text, click here, or fill out the form below.

Types of Addiction Programs in Pennsylvania Covered by Beacon

Beacon Health can cover all levels of addiction treatment in Pennsylvania. However, the amount of coverage will vary based on your policy details and tier level. The first step is determining what type of addiction treatment you need. There are several levels of services, and a doctor will help you determine which one is best for your needs.

  • Detox: This starts the journey of recovery. As you detox from the substance you are taking, you are supported by professionals.4
  • Inpatient treatment program: This level of service involves staying at the rehab facility 24/7 while you obtain therapeutic services from clinical experts.4
  • Outpatient treatment: An outpatient program may be intensive, with several hours a week, or it can involve meeting with a provider once a week.4
  • Aftercare: Services don’t come to an end after treatment services. Aftercare takes many forms, such as support groups and group therapy.

Beacon Mental Health Pennsylvania Coverage

Therapy is the foundational component of any addiction treatment program. A variety of therapies are utilized to assist in helping individuals recover. Some of these therapies are listed below:

You can access Beacon mental health Pennsylvania to begin your treatment, including therapy regimens.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities that Accept Beacon

There are plenty of rehab facilities that accept Beacon insurance. Listed below are 7 American Addiction Centers (AAC) treatment facilities:

  • AdCare Rhode Island. This Rhode Island-based facility offers outpatient clinical services with a focus on supporting clients through to aftercare.
  • Desert Hope Treatment Center. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this rehab has a variety of treatment levels for all needs.
  • Greenhouse Treatment Center. Situated near Dallas, Texas, you can receive a range of services from this treatment center, including co-occurring disorder treatment.
  • Laguna Treatment Center. Near the sandy beaches of California, this facility provides a tranquil spot to recover.
  • Oxford Treatment Center. Whether you need medical detox or residential treatment, Oxford, which is located in Mississippi, fills the need.
  • River Oaks Treatment Center. This facility in Florida caters to several specialized populations, like Veterans, first responders, the sexually abused, and more.

To streamline your search process, use our online tool for finding rehab. If AAC is not in-network, you can use the online directory and filter by “insurance” to find in-network facilities. There are rehabs near me that can provide the treatment you need. Check out the directory to find a list of facilities and programs.

Other Options to Pay for Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

There are several options to pay for substance misuse treatment if you don’t have insurance. You can inquire with the rehab about financial aid, scholarship opportunities, or sliding scales.

There may be additional costs even if you do have insurance, like co-pays.

State-funded programs and free rehabs are also available in your state. You can check to see what PA substance misuse resources are available.


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