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Rhode Island Rehabs That Accept BCBS Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance offers coverage for a range of healthcare services, including mental health and substance misuse treatment. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and seeking treatment in Rhode Island, BCBS insurance may be able to help cover some or all of the cost of rehab.
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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Addiction Treatment in Rhode Island?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that all health insurance plans in the United States provide some degree of coverage for services considered essential benefits.4 What this means for you as a policyholder is that you may be able to use your health plan for medically necessary treatment of a mental health disorder, potentially including substance use disorder (addiction). However, your plan will have specific guidelines for what it covers, how much it covers, and may impose limits on where you can seek care if you intend to use your policy. Be sure to review your policy’s benefits and coverage prior to seeking care whenever possible.

Which BCBS Plans in Rhode Island Cover Addiction Treatment?

BCBS of Rhode Island provides health plans across many different markets. For families and individuals who need to purchase their own coverage, BCBS of RI is licensed to sell Marketplace Exchange health plans, which include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.5 Each plan level differs in monthly premium costs, deductibles, and levels of coverage.

BCBS of RI also provides health plans in the Medicare market, which may be available to those who are Medicare-eligible. 3 Finally, BCBSRI also provides private health insurance plans through employers. 3 If you have a BCBSRI plan through your employer, you must carefully review your summary of benefits and coverage to understand what type of plan you have and its benefits.

What Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Does BCBS Cover in Rhode Island?

BCBS of Rhode Island can cover many different types of drug and alcohol rehab treatment as a whole. However, the exact amounts of coverage for treatment will depend mainly on the type of plan you have, the care you’re receiving, and whether the provider or facility is within your plan’s network.

Common types of addiction treatment that may be covered under your BCBS plan include:

  • Detox. In medical detox, you’ll go through the process of ridding your body of any substances you may have been using (e.g., drugs or alcohol). You’re generally supported by medical staff, as it is often done in a medically supervised setting to manage the potential for acute withdrawal symptoms.6,
  • Inpatient care. For those who need round-the-clock attention and care, you may be referred to an inpatient care rehab or treatment program. Here, you’ll reside at the facility for the duration of your treatment.7
  • Outpatient care. If you’re referred to outpatient care, you will generally go to your appointment or meeting at a facility, but then you’ll return home after as no overnight stay is associated with outpatient care. 7
  • Aftercare. In many cases, you may want to consider or be referred to an aftercare program, which could involve you living in a sober-living home, attending group meetings, or continuing a 12-step program, to help you stay the course after rehab. 8

How to Use Blue Cross Blue Shield for Rehab in Rhode Island

There are various ways to use your BCBS for Rehab in Rhode Island. One of the most common ways is to go through your primary healthcare provider. They can assess your situation, recommend the next steps, and possibly even refer you to a covered treatment program or facility under your plan. Once you’ve figured out the treatment that you need, it’s critical that you verify your benefits and coverage with BCBS of RI. You can also check your benefits and coverage by reaching out to the rehab facility directly to ask if they accept your health plan.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities that Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield

Finding a covered drug and alcohol rehab facility under your BCBS of Rhode Island health plan is easy. You can use the BCBS of Rhode Island’s Find a Doctor online tool and the SAMHSA treatment locator tool. If you’d prefer to speak to a real person, you can call the number on the back of your insurance card or contact the American Addiction Centers’ 24/7 addiction helpline. Additionally, American Addiction Centers’s treatment facilities work with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance:

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