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Using Cigna Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment in Connecticut

Finding a rehab in Connecticut that accepts Cigna is important if you are struggling with a substance use disorder. With Cigna health insurance, you have access to the essential health benefits of marketplace plans, including mental health and substance use disorders.
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Cigna Healthcare serves millions across the globe, providing quality, comprehensive health products and services. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use disorder (SUD), your Cigna insurance could cover some or all of the cost of addiction treatment. Read on to learn more about Cigna rehab, types of addiction care, and other ways to pay for treatment.

Insurance Plans

What Is Cigna Health Insurance?

Cigna Healthcare is a global insurance company serving over 200 countries.2 With an expansive network of 1.65 million hospitals and healthcare providers, Cigna prioritizes exceptional healthcare that puts each member’s needs first.2 Along with dental and supplemental insurance, Cigna provides top-quality health insurance, including substance use and mental health disorder coverage.1

The ACA requires all health insurance plans to cover medically necessary SUD and mental health care, like medical detox, co-occurring disorder treatment, and outpatient services, to some extent.3 Still, the level of Cigna rehab coverage you receive varies depending on your specific plan.

Connecticut Cigna Health Insurance Plans

Cigna offers individual, family, employer, Medicaid, and Medicare plans throughout Connecticut.4 dropdown menu Cigna health plans are divided into different “metal plans” that vary in price, coverage, copays, and deductibles.5 For example, the Bronze plan is the most affordable and covers 60% of healthcare costs, while the Platinum plan is the most expensive but covers 90% of costs. Here are Cigna’s health plan tiers:5

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Cigna Substance Abuse Coverage in Connecticut

What Types of Addiction Treatment Does Cigna Cover in Connecticut

Cigna may cover multiple types of addiction treatment in Connecticut to some extent. Addiction treatment looks different for everyone, so many levels of care are available to meet your unique needs.6 p. 5 Starting treatment in detox to safely withdraw from substances under medical supervision is necessary for some.6 p. 7 Many then transition to another level of care after detox or start treatment in inpatient rehab or outpatient programs.

Inpatient and residential rehab provide a safe space to live and receive 24/7 continuous care while in recovery.6 p. 32-34 With outpatient programs, you live at home while getting treatment.6 p. 35 Outpatient programs offer similar approaches to inpatient rehab but vary in intensity, from less-structured care to in-depth.6 p. 35

Several addiction aftercare services, like sober living homes, 12-Step groups, and ongoing counseling, are also available to keep you focused on sobriety and promote long-term recovery. 6 p. 35 Your Cigna coverage for each level of care will vary depending on your specific health plan and whether treatment is deemed medically necessary.

Does Cigna Cover Mental Health in Connecticut?

Cigna also covers mental health care in Connecticut to some degree. People fighting addiction may struggle with various co-occurring mental health conditions.6 p. 9 Co-occurring disorders can develop in different ways. Some form addictions by trying to alleviate mental health symptoms with drugs or alcohol.7 intro Others develop mental health disorders from prolonged substance use.7 intro

Either way, mental health professionals recommend treating both illnesses at once to promote long-term recovery.6 p. 9 Here are some common mental health disorders that co-occur with addiction:8

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Panic disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder

What Types of Addiction Therapies Does Cigna Cover?

Therapy is typically a core service in SUD treatment to help you understand the underlying causes of your addiction and build relapse-prevention skills.6 p. 6 Since everyone has unique situations, specialists use various types of addiction therapies. Many focus on recognizing and changing behaviors, treatment engagement, and coping with trauma.6 p. 9 Your Cigna insurance may cover the following common addiction therapies:

Additional Resources

Cigna In-Network Rehab Facilities

Cigna provides coverage for many rehabilitation facilities in the United States. There are 6 AAC treatment facilities for you to consider:

  • AdCare Rhode Island: This Greenville, RI-base facility provides services for detox, behavioral disorder treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and outpatient services.
  • Desert Hope Treatment Center: This facility is located in Las Vegas, NV. They provide rehabilitation programs, amenities, and detox and therapy types for various addiction needs.
  • Greenhouse Treatment Center: This facility is located in Dallas, TX. They provide family programs, detox, and co-occurring disorder treatment.
  • Laguna Treatment Center: This treatment facility is located in Orange County, CA. They provide aftercare support, individual treatment, and 12-Step involvement.
  • Oxford Treatment Center: This treatment facility is located in Etta, MI. They provide family programs, detox, and residential treatment.
  • River Oaks Treatment Center: This treatment facility is located in Tampa, FL. They provide aftercare support, family programs, and medical detox.

If AAC is not in-network, you can utilize our directory and filter by “insurance” to find in-network facilities. There are rehabs near me that can provide the treatment you need. Check out the directory to find a list of facilities and programs.

Other Insurances That Cover Addiction Rehab

Other insurance companies will also cover at least some of the cost of your addiction treatment. These insurance companies include:

Other Options to Pay for Addiction Treatment in Connecticut

Figuring out how to pay for treatment without insurance can be overwhelming. But it shouldn’t deter you from seeking potentially life-changing care. Thankfully, there are many other options to pay for addiction treatment in Connecticut, so you can still get the help you need.

Many pay for treatment out of pocket with cash, credit, or loans. Several organizations, like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), provide grants or scholarships to cover treatment costs.9 what is a block grant? Some facilities also offer flexible payment options like sliding fee scales, which determine your treatment costs by income. Connecticut has state-funded and free rehabs through the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services that can be free or low cost, depending on your ability to pay.10

Getting addiction treatment can open the doors to a happier, healthier life. Contact American Addiction Centers (AAC) to learn more about using Cigna for rehab and other ways to afford treatment.

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