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Using Texas Cigna Health Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Finding a rehab in Texas that accepts Cigna is important if you are struggling with a substance use disorder. With Cigna health insurance, you have access to the essential health benefits of marketplace plans, including mental health and substance use disorders.
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Cigna is a major health insurance company offering several comprehensive healthcare services, including addiction treatment.1 With multiple health plans, Cigna serves millions of members worldwide.

If you or a loved one is looking for substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, your Cigna insurance plan might cover some or all the costs for addiction care, like inpatient rehab, outpatient services, and aftercare.


Texas and Substance Use

When you think of Texas, the first thing that comes to mind might be its major cities, like Dallas, Houston, or Austin. Home to over 30 million people, Texas is a haven for cowboy culture, breathtaking landscapes, and Southern hospitality.2 But like most U.S. states, substance use has affected Texas residents.

Between 2017 and 2019, 5.9% (or 1.4 million) of Texas residents aged 12 or older reported past year SUD.3 Among people enrolled in treatment on a single day in March 2019, 53.1% received drug addiction treatment, 12.4% received alcohol treatment, and 34.5% received care for both.3

Finding Cigna drug rehab can be your first step to a happier, healthier life. Call our helpline to speak with an American Addiction Centers (AAC) admissions navigator who can guide you through the process and help you find addiction treatment in Texas.

What is Cigna Health Insurance?

Cigna Healthcare is a global insurance company with a network of 1.65 million healthcare providers and hospitals and serves over 200 countries.4 Cigna offers affordability and variability with healthcare plans for individuals, families, employers, Medicare, and Medicaid.4 Members have extensive options for health, dental, and supplemental insurance plans.

Texas Cigna Health Insurance Plans

Cigna serves 11 Texas counties with tiered metal plans.5 Each plan varies in coverage, cost, copays, and deductibles.6 Cigna offers a network of healthcare professionals and hospitals under each policy contracted to provide services. Here are Cigna’s metal plans:6

  • Bronze health plan. As the most affordable plan, Cigna covers 60% of healthcare costs, and you cover 40%.
  • Silver health plan. The Silver plan covers 70% of healthcare costs through Cigna.
  • Gold health plan. You receive 80% coverage for healthcare costs through Cigna.
  • Platinum health plan. The Platinum plan is the most expensive but covers 90% of your healthcare costs.

Does Cigna Cover Inpatient Drug Rehab in Texas?

Cigna covers inpatient rehab in Texas to some degree. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all insurance companies must cover a portion of essential health benefits, like mental health and addiction treatment.7 Many inpatient rehabs, where you receive continuous care while living on campus, may accept Cigna.

But your level of coverage is based on your specific plan. That means some services could be covered, and others may not. Use our verify insurance page to ensure you choose an inpatient rehab in-network with your Cigna plan.

Texas Outpatient Drug Rehab Cigna Coverage

Cigna also covers Texas outpatient drug rehab, but coverage depends on your specific plan. Outpatient treatment programs offer similar care to inpatient rehab at different intensity levels, but you live at home.8 Some programs are highly structured, while others provide less weekly contact.8 Based on your plan, Cigna could cover some or all of the cost for outpatient treatment. Check your benefits with our verify insurance page to find outpatient Cigna in-network rehab facilities.

Does Cigna Cover Mental Health in Texas?

Cigna covers mental health treatment and co-occurring disorder care in Texas. People often struggle with mental illnesses, like anxiety or depression, along with addiction.8 Addiction specialists use several behavioral therapies in individual and group settings to treat both conditions at once.8 Treatment is different for everyone, and what works for one person may not work for someone else.8 Your provider may use the following therapies in your individualized treatment:

Additional Types of Addiction Programs in Texas Covered by Cigna

Cigna may also cover additional types of SUD treatment, like specialized programs and addiction aftercare. Some rehabs provide targeted treatment approaches for unique populations, like the LGBTQ+ community, women, and Veterans. Others have treatment programs focused on rebuilding relationships with family and loved ones. Here are some additional treatment programs Cigna may cover:

  • Couples rehab. Couple’s rehab is a space for recovery and healing so partners can beat addiction together. You can build relapse-prevention skills to support each other’s journeys while repairing your relationship.
  • Rehab for Veterans. Specialized programs for Veterans tend to their unique recovery needs through tailored evidence-based approaches.
  • Addiction aftercare. Professionals recommend ongoing care, like individual counseling, 12-Step programs, and sober living homes, to continue growing in recovery after treatment.8

Cigna in Network Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities

American Addiction Centers (AAC) has exceptional rehabs that take Cigna nationwide. From luxury facilities to specialized programs, each offers top-quality, evidence-based treatment that puts your needs first. Our AAC facilities that may accept Cigna include:

  • AdCare Rhode Island. This Greenville, Rhode Island, facility offers high-quality treatment options, such as day programs, co-occurring disorder treatment, medical detox, and telehealth.
  • Desert Hope Treatment Center. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Desert Hope has various individualized treatment services, like inpatient and outpatient rehab, sober living, and specialized treatment programs.
  • Greenhouse Treatment Center. This spa-like treatment center in Grand Prairie, Texas, provides specialized services for the LGBTQ+ community, Veterans, Christians, and recovering licensed mental health professionals to meet your unique needs.
  • Laguna Treatment Center. You’ll find an upscale treatment experience providing high-quality addiction treatment plans with personalized care and aftercare in this Laguna Beach, California facility.
  • Oxford Treatment Center. At this Etta, Mississippi facility, you’ll find impressive therapeutic services like yoga, art, music therapy, and equine therapy in a serene environment.
  • River Oaks Treatment Center. River Oaks offers exceptional addiction treatment options and aftercare with accredited addiction specialists in Riverview, Florida.
  • Recovery First Treatment Center. This leading alcohol and drug treatment facility in Hollywood, Florida, offers inpatient rehab, medical detox, intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), co-occurring disorder treatment, and telehealth.

Some of our AAC facilities might not accept Cigna. There are rehabs near me that can provide the treatment you need. Check out the directory to find a list of facilities and programs.

Other Insurances That Cover Addiction Rehab

Several popular healthcare companies cover addiction rehab to some extent. Here are other major insurance companies that could cover addiction services:

Other Options to Pay for Addiction Treatment in Texas

Typically, Cigna will only cover a portion of treatment costs when paying for treatment with insurance. There are several ways to cover additional fees or pay for rehab without insurance. Many attend treatment by paying out of pocket with cash, credit, loans, or grants.

Most states also offer state-funded care and free rehab. These programs provide the care you need at an affordable cost based on your eligibility. Texas Health and Human Services has a database for state-funded and affordable treatment.9

Figuring out how to pay for treatment is essential to finding the care you need. Contact AAC to learn more about your Cigna rehab coverage and other ways to pay for treatment.


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