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Rehabs in Georgia That Accept Humana Insurance

You can seek addiction treatment in Georgia by using your Humana insurance plan. Whether you are in need of drug or alcohol rehab, you can speak to our admissions navigators to determine the extent of your coverage. They can also guide you through the admissions process, ensuring you get on the right path to recovery. Call us today at to get started.
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Does Humana Cover Addiction Treatment in Georgia?

Yes. You can expect a Humana rehab in Georgia to cover some or all your addiction treatment costs. Humana insurance provides behavioral health services, which include treatment for substance misuse.1 The amount of coverage or payment that you’ll receive for services depends on the specific policy you have.

What Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Does Humana Cover in Georgia?

Humana can cover all levels of addiction treatment in Georgia, but the exact amounts of coverage will vary based on various factors, like how long you’ll be in rehab and the extent of services you need. The continuum of care provides the following addiction treatment in Georgia covered by Humana:

The levels of coverage you require will depend on your specific needs. A medical professional specializing in addiction health can help you create a treatment plan.

Does Humana Cover Co-Occurring Disorders in Georgia?

Humana does offer coverage for co-occurring disorders in Georgia, but the exact amounts of coverage will vary based on the specific plan you have. You can check with the admissions navigator to determine how much treatment is covered by your plan.

Co-occurring disorders refer to someone having a mental health disorder along with substance misuse.2 Co-occurring disorders are a common occurrence among those with substance misuse. 2 Researchers can’t pinpoint the exact cause of the connection between the two. 2 However, some of the causes may include:2

  • There may be a genetic component to co-occurring disorders.
  • Mental health conditions can lead to self-medicating and SUDs.
  • Substance abuse over time may lead to mental health issues.

How to Use Humana for Rehab in Georgia

When beginning your journey to find a Georgia rehab that takes Humana, you can go about it in a couple of different ways. You can call your insurance company and find out what they suggest for using Humana for rehab in Georgia. They may be able to guide you to rehabs near you that are in network with Humana.

You can also contact our admissions navigators who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatment levels, insurance verification, and how to begin the admissions process. This information is free and no obligation to you. Call us at for assistance.

In addition, you can fill out the form on this page to find out if Humana is in network.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facilities that Accept Humana

Humana is a well-known healthcare provider and works with many substance misuse facilities across the country. Some of the rehabs that accept Humana include the following:

Take the first step in your future and well-being by reaching out to an admissions navigator today. Someone is always available, 24/7. Begin your journey to greater health now.


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