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Intervention for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you notice signs of a SUD in a loved one, it can be challenging to determine the next steps. For some people, having a difficult conversation is all that may be required in order to bring your concerns to their attention. For others, a different form of intervention may be necessary. Continue reading for information related to initiating and conducting an intervention effectively and how to talk to a loved one about drug and alcohol addiction.
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What Is an Intervention?

An intervention can be described as an opportunity to bring awareness to the unhealthy life patterns associated with problematic substance use.5 Interventions are often first sought or suggested by loved ones hoping to help initiate recovery attempts. A professional with experience and knowledge of drug and alcohol addiction treatment may assist with carrying out an intervention.6

An intervention can be initiated by friends or family members having a difficult conversation expressing their concern.7 In certain cases, a productive conversation may be all that is needed to encourage a loved one to make the decision to enter a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program. However, in many situations, it may be most effective to have a trained professional involved to discuss the person’s options and handle any potential conflicts.5

People who may initiate an intervention are the following:5

  • Significant other
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues/peers
  • Employer

Interventionists strive to motivate individuals struggling with alcohol problems to embrace the need for treatment.

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