Drug Abuse Effects

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  2. Learn More About the Effects of Illicit Drugs
  3. Learn More About the Effects of Prescription Drugs
  4. Drug Dependency
  5. Drug Withdrawal Treatment

Drug abuse effects

Learn More About the Effects of Illicit Drugs

Long-term use of drugs can have major effects on your body; however, you can avoid worsening adverse effects and even turn them around by getting the help you need. Simply call our hotline at 1-888-744-0069Who Answers? for more information on rehab centers in your local area.

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Learn More About the Effects of Prescription Drugs

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Drug Dependency

Addiction occurs when a chemical dependency to a drug is combined with an overwhelming urge to use the substance.

There are numerous reasons why people begin using drugs. Some people simply begin using drugs simply to see what the drug high is like. No matter the reason, drug use can quickly become drug abuse, which eventually leads to a chemical dependency to the drug.

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This happens because the body can become tolerant to a drug relatively quickly. What this means is that it takes more and more of the drug for the user to feel the same effects. In seeking that initial high, the body becomes dependent, and thus addiction takes hold.

The problem is often perpetuated by the desire to avoid the very uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms that can occur when a user suddenly discontinues use.

Over time, a chemical dependency develops and their body doesn't function correctly without the drug. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction occurs when a chemical dependency to a drug is combined with an overwhelming urge to use the substance.

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Drug Withdrawal Treatment

If you're struggling from a drug addiction, you don't have to battle your addiction alone. Drug treatment centers offer the support you need to beat your addiction and regain control of your life.

The first step to drug addiction recovery is ridding your body of the substance.

The safest way to do this is through a supervised medical detox program. While not all substances will produce life-threatening withdrawal symptoms like alcohol will, most will indeed produce extremely uncomfortable symptoms that can be better managed under supervision. When you admit yourself to a detox clinic, you stay at the clinic under the care of medical staff as you go through the withdrawal process.

In fact, this is the main benefit of a detox program: trained staff monitor the process and help you get through it as comfortably as possible so you don't feel so bad that you return to using again. The medical staff is allowed to administer medication, as needed, to help relieve any withdrawal symptoms you're having. They also ensure your safety during the process so you and your loved ones don't need to worry about adverse effects of your detox process.

If you need help finding a detox center in your area, call 1-888-744-0069Who Answers?.