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Marijuana Hotlines

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  2. What Questions Should I Ask?
  3. Should I Call a Marijuana Helpline?
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marijuana addiction

Marijuana addiction is a real problem for many people. Though viewed by many as a relatively innocuous or low-risk drug of abuse, chronic marijuana use can become quite problematic.1

Those who struggle with the issue display a characteristic pattern of behavior seen in those who compulsively abuse drugs more commonly acknowledged as addictive substances, such as stimulants or opioids. Just like these “harder” substances, people with marijuana addictions continue to abuse despite the resulting negative consequences across a broad portion of their lives—impacting their work, school, and personal relationships.1 As a progressive condition, without help from friends, family, or professionals, the addiction and dependence will continue to rule a person’s life with increasing severity.2

A marijuana addiction hotline is a free and confidential service designed to put you in touch with the many treatment resources.

There are several marijuana hotlines that you can call to get help for yourself or your loved one. Addiction hotlines are free and confidential services designed to put you in touch with the many treatment resources. Most of these helplines have someone available to talk with you 24/7, so now is always the right time to call.


What Questions Should I Ask?

When you call a marijuana addiction hotline, you may wonder what to ask. You are trying to gain as much information as you can about your options for help, so a few questions you might ask include:

  • What kind of therapy tends to help marijuana addictions?
  • What happens next?
  • Will I have to go to rehab, and if so, what is that like?
  • Will my insurance cover treatment? (Have your insurance card at-hand if you have current coverage.)
  • What should I do if I have a loved one who needs treatment?
  • How can I help a person I care about to go to rehab?

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Should I Call a Marijuana Helpline?

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Calling a helpline is the first step in getting help for your marijuana addiction or abuse. A helpline can give you information such as:

  • Facts about marijuana abuse and addiction.
  • How to help a loved one get the help they need.
  • Finding a rehabilitation center.
  • Getting assistance from those who have in-depth knowledge of treatment options for addiction.
  • How to find someone who can help you gain the motivation to get help.
  • Discuss the many treatments available for addiction, including inpatient and outpatient therapy.

I’m Too Afraid to Call

It’s understandable being nervous when you first reach out for help. However, be assured that the people answering the phone won’t judge you and are there to help. The call is private and free and can help calm any fears you may have about treatment. If you are ready to make that positive change today, call a marijuana hotline to start you or your loved one on the path to recovery.

Drug Information

There are several drug information hotlines that can answer questions about marijuana and other types of drug addiction and provide you with information about various addiction treatment options.

Additional Marijuana Rehab Helplines

Marijuana addiction hotlines are a source of information and referral to treatment options for abuse and addiction. However, if you are in immediate danger or are experiencing a drug-related medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

For non-emergency situations, you might call one of the following hotlines for help:

  1. Most of the hotlines listed above—including SAMHSA and NIDA—can provide marijuana addiction information and treatment support, so that is a good place to start.
  2. Marijuana Anonymous can provide information about its services and direct you to general information its own members have found useful: 800-766-6779.
  3. The National Marijuana Hotline is also a good resource: 888-MARIJUA (627-4582).


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Last updated on November 25, 2018
Finding the perfect treatment is only one phone call away!