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  • Why Painkillers Are So Hard to Detox From

    Pain is a curious product of the human body. Why do we suffer from it? How does it help us? And why do some enjoy it? First, pain helps us avoid ...

    ... ourselves from burning off our skin. The same goes for inside our bodies. If we've broken a limb, we don't want to ... and around your area simply by calling the addiction treatment specialists on our toll-free help line: 1 ... Learn more

  • Let's Talk Dirty: Opiates, Addiction and Constipation

    Although opioids are effective pain relievers, they can do a number on your health and overall body systems. One of the most negatively affected ...

    ... You Do? Fortunately, there are several treatments to combat opioid-induced constipation, ranging from ... s no need to become an herb expert. Just grab some detox tea from a health food store. Probiotics: You'll need ... Learn more

  • What Does it Mean When Someone Says They’re Dope Sick?

    Bill found John curled up on the couch; he looked miserable. Bill asked, “What's wrong with you?” “I'm sick, man. You got any?” was John's ...

    ... rehab facility , he'll receive professional treatment to help him through the detox process. This is the best option, ... This period of purging the body of drugs is called detox. Once a user has detoxed, they're over the ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Valium Use

    The Effects of Valium Use

    Is Valium Harmful? Valium, a popular sedative-hypnotic prescription drug , has numerous effects on the body, many of which can be dangerous ...

    ... of time can have powerful effects on the brain and body. These effects can be permanent and, in some cases ... Services Administration (SAMHSA), 23.5 million people needed treatment for illicit drug addiction, but only 2.6 ... Learn more

  • 6 Things About Benzo Withdrawal You Might Not Know

    What are Benzos? Benzodiazepines (benzos) are an anxiolytic class of drugs that belong to a larger group of substances that can be categorized as ...

    ... may be necessary and could be life-saving. 4. Consider a Slow-Taper Detox Once the body has grown dependent on a consistent supply of benzos, treatment professionals and rehab facilities may utilize a slow-taper ... Learn more

  • This Is Your Brain on Drugs

    This Is Your Brain on Drugs

    Read Time: 20 minutes Readers of a certain age might remember the public service announcements from the late 1980s showing a frying egg with the ...

    ... Brain The brain is the most complex organ in the human body 2 and has even been called “the most complex object in ... or fatigue. Medically, opioids are an important treatment for people who have severe pain that cannot ... Learn more

  • Mind Over Matter: The Psychological Grip of Addiction

    For most people addicted to drugs or alcohol, the compulsive desire to use is complex. That urge is often triggered by certain environments, ...

    ... drug that their cells actually require it. If the body doesn't receive it, withdrawal effects can take place ... panic attacks, depression and suicidal tendencies. The treatment for PAWS can also include medications like ... Learn more

  • K2 Knowledge

    For the last few years, the use of synthetic cannabinoids - also known as K2, Spice, Fake Weed, and over 500 other street names - has been on the ...

    ... more potent is it? And how long does it take to detox? When asked about safety, 65 percent knew that - while ... details about intervention programs, and a directory of treatment centers searchable by state. If you or ... Learn more

  • Ice Bugs: Don’t Scratch That Phantom Itch!

    Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive stimulant that causes irreversible harm to the body. Manufactured from a toxic concoction of chemicals, it ...

    ... blog post. A Literal Hot Mess Meth use increases body temperature and blood flow to the skin, which results in ... seek outside help. Only treatment provides a medically supervised detox and supportive care to minimize ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Effects

    Drug Abuse Effects

    Learn More About the Effects of Illicit Drugs Alcohol Bath Salts Cocaine Crack Crystal Meth DMT Ecstasy ...

    ... don't have to battle your addiction alone. Drug treatment centers offer the support you need to beat your addiction ... your body of the substance. The safest way to do this is through a supervised medical detox program. ... Learn more

  • What Are the Effects of Ambien?

    What Are the Effects of Ambien?

    Ambien is the brand name for zolpidem tartrate, a sedative-hypnotic. When you take Ambien correctly, it can make you feel relaxed, comfortable and ...

    ... addiction. Additionally, these treatment centers can provide medically supervised detox to monitor a precarious ... the medication for those whose bodies have come to depend on Ambien. Supervised detox can help lessen the ... Learn more

  • Asking Yourself: Am I Addicted Benzos?

    If you think you might be addicted to benzodiazepines, you're certainly not alone. In 2011, an estimated 61,000 Americans sought treatment for benzo ...

    ... Developing a Dependence After prolonged use, the body develops a tolerance. That means a standard ... supervised detox is achieved by slowly reducing the dosage and frequency of administration. Often times, the treatment ... Learn more

  • Pop Quiz: Let’s Test Your Benzo Knowledge

    In 2013, 13.5 million adults filled a benzodiazepine prescription in the US. These drugs are used to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia and ...

    ... charges . How long does it take to detox from benzos? Click Here for the Answer ... . How do benzos work in the body? Click Here for the Answer Benzodiazepines ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Benzodiazepine Use

    The Effects of Benzodiazepine Use

    Are Benzodiazepines Harmful? Benzodiazepines, or “benzos,” are drugs prescribed to help control anxiety and seizure disorders. They are central ...

    ... prescriptions of the drug. Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Treatment The phenomenon of benzodiazepine withdrawal can ... person involved, as well as the success of the detox process. It should also be noted that many people ... Learn more

  • Adderall Withdrawal

    Adderall Withdrawal

    Adderall, a branded formulation of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine , is a stimulant that doctors prescribe for the management of: Attention ...

    ... in order to give them the best chance at a full recovery. Detox is not considered to be a standalone treatment for addiction, but rather the beginning step to stabilize the body and mind so recovery may begin in earnest ... Learn more

  • Detoxing from OxyContin: What to Expect

    What makes OxyContin so addictive? Why does the body develop dependence on OxyContin? And if you're addicted to Oxy, how do you break the vicious ...

    ... opioids alter the neurological and chemical systems in the body, changing the way nerve receptors operate and forcing them ... , is another option for medically-assisted opioid detox treatment. If you or someone you know is ... Learn more

  • Side Effects of Tussionex Abuse

    Side Effects of Tussionex Abuse

    Tussionex, a prescription cough medicine, contains a mixture of hydrocodone (an opioid pain reliever) and chlorpheniramine (an antihistamine). In ...

    ... it over a period of time. As the human body and brain become accustomed to the presence of the ... help is available. For information on detox programs and treatment centers, contact one of our support representatives ... Learn more

  • Barbiturates’ Side Effects

    Barbiturates’ Side Effects

    Are Barbiturates Harmful? Barbiturates are members of a broad class of drugs called sedatives that have historically been prescribed for the ...

    ... therefore stopping abruptly can put your body into shock, inducing withdrawal symptoms. ... detox is only the first step in recovery and that continued addiction treatment in the form of residential or outpatient treatment ... Learn more

  • Side Effects of Demerol Use

    Side Effects of Demerol Use

    Is Demerol Harmful? The use of Demerol and other prescription opioids is widespread. In 2012, 259 million prescriptions were written for ...

    ... have an analgesic, or painkilling, effect on the body that can bring about a sense of relief, especially ... the stability many need to commence with addiction treatment. It may only be administered at specialized clinics ... Learn more

  • Symptoms and Signs of Substance Abuse

    Symptoms and Signs of Substance Abuse

    How to tell if Someone is Using Drugs Drug use affects people from all walks of life and all socioeconomic statuses. Whatever the reason a person ...

    ... you need treatment for drug use; doing so can be life-saving. Learn about drug detox helplines . Use ... that affect certain physiological processes. For example, your body's tolerance to a drug develops when a drug is ... Learn more

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  • Chicken vs. Egg: Which Came First, Heroin or OxyContin Addiction?

    For centuries, people have debated one age old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? While both sides of this argument have their valid ...

    ... both drugs and how their abuse can impact the human body. OxyContin and heroin are both members of the opioid ... is clear to Mark Publicker, who oversees a 24-bed detox ward at Mercy Hospital Recovery Center in Portland. “As ... Learn more

  • Roxy Drug Abuse

    Roxy Drug Abuse

    Roxicodone (often called “roxies”, “roxys” or “blues”) is one of the brand names for oxycodone, a powerful opioid prescription ...

    ... the same pain reduction and/or high. Dependence —the body's demand for continued levels of Roxicodone in the system in ... professional detox program . Suffering withdrawals? Learn about painkiller detox. ... Learn more

  • Xanax Passes Marijuana as Second-Leading Cause of DUI

    When it comes to driving under the influence of substances that aren't alcohol, marijuana is the biggest concern for many Americans. Colorado has ...

    ... symptoms, including pupil dilation and body temperature, in order to identify evidence ... effects of withdrawal symptoms. Although the early stages of detox and recovery can be difficult, having a qualified medical ... Learn more

  • The Addiction Recovery Journey in 9 Steps

    The specifics of every person's addiction journey are different, but for most people, the path to recovery follows a similar trajectory: a ...

    ... be a friend, a relative, a doctor… #3. Detox The first few days of sobriety can be very challenging ... , you don't have toxic chemicals streaming through your body, messing up your chemistry. Sadly you'll likely have ... Learn more

  • Welcome to a New Tramadol Nightmare

    People seeking safe opiate detox in Alaska were recently left out in the cold - in more ways than one. Only two state facilities currently offer ...

    ... in Alaska were recently left out in the cold - in more ways than one. Only two state facilities currently offer detox services to Alaskans - and both of them were recently shut down, thanks to one of the DEAs newer ... Learn more

  • 10 Ways Drug Abuse Hurts You and Those Around You

    Most of us have heard countless times that drug abuse isn't beneficial - the word “abuse” is in the name, after all. But a lot of people don't ...

    ... your loved ones from danger. Learn about drug detox helplines It Hurts You Physically First and foremost, drug ... abuse is very literally harmful to your body. Depending on the drug of choice, abuse can ... Learn more

  • Progressing Through the 5 Stages of Addiction: Stage V

    Experts consider recovery the fifth stage of the addiction process, and it's so much more than overcoming a dependency to drugs or alcohol. It's a ...

    ... or alcohol. It's a complete transformation of mind, body and spirit - and an ongoing process that spans the ... effort. Additional Reading: What 3-Day, 5-Day, and 7-Day Detox Programs are Like Image Source: iStock Learn more

  • What Every Parent Needs to Know about Adderall Addiction

    Adderall is most commonly known for treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but its use as a study aid has effectively turned this ...

    ... rapid withdrawal causes extreme discomfort and brings on a handful of potentially dangerous effects. The detox process involves a progressive decrease in Adderall dosage that takes place under the supervision of ... Learn more

  • Demerol Abuse

    Demerol Abuse

    Demerol, also known by the street name “demmies” and the generic name meperidine , is a prescription opioid painkiller. Demerol is used to treat ...

    ... Report You can also check out our related articles: Overview on Effects of Demerol Use Overview on Detox from Painkillers To share your story or talk to others who understand, visit our Forum today. Learn more

  • Are Safe Rooms a Smart Way to Decrease Fatal Overdoses?

    With fatal overdoses increasing each year, the need for action has never been greater. Despite funneling billions into the anti-drug movement, the ...

    ... participants were women 4,564 referrals to other social and health services 488 graduates of Onsite detox program Will Safe Rooms Come to America? While safe rooms have been established in Germany, Netherlands ... Learn more

  • Will the Nation’s First Safe Injection Site Make a Positive Impact?

    It's no secret that intravenous drug use poses major risks. While other forms of drug use carry a risk of HIV and Hepatitis C transmission, people ...

    ... benefits of a safe injection site,” he said. “No needles on the ground, rapid response for those needing detox, connections to sources and services — and a nurse!” If you're wondering how Murphy can set up an injection ... Learn more

  • Trading Dependencies: There’s Nothing “Mild” About a Kratom Addiction

    Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom, is a large tree in the Rubiaceae family native to Southeast Asia. It is said that Kratom affects the human ...

    ... What's the drawback? Kratom is physically addictive, too. The same properties that make it a potential detox aid also make it a potential addiction. In small doses, Kratom causes stimulant effects - increased alertness ... Learn more

  • Workplace Adderall Abuse: 9 Signs It’s Time to Get Help

    Colleges and universities across the country are struggling to tackle the huge rise in students using ADHD drugs like Adderall as study aid , but ...

    ... from stimulant medications can be truly debilitating. Be safe and confident in your recovery; find a detox facility where licensed medical professionals can help you decrease your dosage in a supervised setting. Most ... Learn more

  • Imagining Life Without My Daughter Pushed Me to the Edge

    Imagining Life Without My Daughter Pushed Me to the Edge

    Lisa's mom, Jane, was at the end of her rope. For the third time in eight weeks, she had to go pick up her drunk daughter. Jane was exhausted and ...

    ... drunk daughter. Jane was exhausted and she certainly wasn't looking forward to seeing Lisa go through the detox process again. She wanted to be kind and compassionate, but those emotions seemed to be out of reach ... Learn more

  • Effects of Peyote Abuse

    Effects of Peyote Abuse

    Peyote (or mescaline) belongs to a class of drugs known as hallucinogens. Mescaline is the active hallucinogenic ingredient in peyote , which ...

    ... affect mood, thought, and perception 2,4 . These effects on the brain can include 1,2 : Altered body image or sense of self. Altered perception of time and space. Euphoria. Feelings of anxiety or panic . ... Learn more

  • 25 Harmful Effects of Morphine

    Morphine is an effective pain reliever. It's administered frequently by healthcare professionals. It's prescribed to manage moderate to severe pain ...

    ... Gastrointestinal Impairment - This drug can reduce our digestive system's ability to move food through our body in a healthy way. Effects on Our General Health Vision Problems - Morphine can impair our ... Learn more

  • What Does Ecstasy do to Your Mind and Body?

    The night started off exactly like the last few Saturdays…Chloe entered the club with her girlfriends. Soon after, each of them took a bundle of ...

    ... notice her pupils had become extremely dilated. As she danced, her heart rate skyrocketed, her core body temperature spiked and her blood pressure increased. As with other hallucinogens, the ecstasy distorted Chloe's ... Learn more

  • A Look at the Physical Anatomy of an Overdose

    A drug overdose occurs when the body has been overloaded with either prescription medication or an illicit substance. Under normal circumstances, our ...

    ... overdose could save a life. With that in mind, let's take a look at what happens to your body during an overdose situation when one of three common drugs are consumed. Opioids Opiates, such as heroin, and ... Learn more

  • Dangers of IV Drug Use: What You Need to Know About Track Marks

    Certain drugs can be injected into the muscle, under the skin, or directly into a vein. The later is the most popular method, as the intense effects ...

    ... use this method will begin to show marks on their body called track marks. What are Track Marks? Track marks ... . Since the forearms are a very visible part of the body, they learn to inject in more “discreet” areas - ... Learn more

  • 3 Devastatingly Dangerous Alcohol-Drug Combos

    According to statistics compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), roughly 25 percent of substance-related ...

    ... after spinning the cylinder a number of times. Regardless of a person's tolerance, the human body cannot handle the powerful effects of certain combinations. Although mixing any alcohol and drug combination is dangerous ... Learn more

  • Can You Stay Calm…and Trash the Benzos?

    After suffering an embarrassing panic attack at the mall, Kara visited a psychiatrist. He prescribed medication to help Kara with her symptoms - ...

    ... on foods that allow you to eat away at your anxiety. With the proper, natural nutrition, your brain and body will function well and you can avoid unnatural prescription pills . Try including the following in your diet ... Learn more

  • From Snort to Synapse: We Map Out Cocaine's Trip in Your Brain

    The powder is perfectly lined on the table. With no straw handy, you roll up a Washington and seconds later, the snow is gone. Inhaled into your ...

    ... and quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to enter your brain. Now we've come to the point when your body reacts. But before we get to the euphoria, let's take a look at what happens when the coke crosses that ... Learn more

  • Do Safe Injection Sites Violate the Hippocratic Oath? One Nurse Says Yes

    Do Safe Injection Sites Violate the Hippocratic Oath? One Nurse Says Yes

    Michael Hesch is a conscious sedation nurse. His job is to intravenously infuse fentanyl and other medicines during surgical procedures. If and ...

    ... things when you start taking care of a person who is injecting heroin is the level of infection in the body. Some of them are so deep they go into the bone, requiring amputation. The effects of heroin on infection will ... Learn more

  • Relapsed on Heroin? 5 Ways to Regroup and Refocus on Recovery

    You've worked hard to build a new life. Brick by heavy brick, you laid the foundation for a life of sobriety . You were happily on the path to ...

    ... Check As you know by now, heroin abuse wreaks havoc on your body. To get back on track after a relapse, get your body back on board. Revisit the basics. You know the drill: get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly ... Learn more

  • New Study: Amphetamine Abuse and This Old Heart

    It's called speed for a reason. Amphetamines, like Ritalin or Adderall, accelerate your heart rate. They send your nervous system into overdrive. ...

    ... thicker and less flexible, making your heart work even harder. The overall result is a weakening of your body and increased susceptibility to a host of health issues related to heart aging . Some of the most common ... Learn more

  • 4 Physical Signs You're Addicted to Ritalin

    Ritalin is a stimulant drug used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and narcolepsy. It's ...

    ... . It's one of the top signs of withdrawal. Once you've misused Ritalin for a period of time, your body becomes accustomed to the drug. When you lower or discontinue its use, you experience fatigue…and it takes time for ... Learn more

  • The Harmful Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

    It should come as no surprise that drugs and alcohol can have negative effects on your life. Although sometimes it may be difficult to imagine, the ...

    ... might currently take for granted. Health Complications Drug and alcohol use impacts nearly every part of your body from your heart to your bowels. Substance abuse can lead to abnormal heart rates and heart attacks ... Learn more

  • Facts about Krokodil (the “Zombie Drug”)

    Facts about Krokodil (the “Zombie Drug”)

    Desomorphine (dihydrodesoxymorphine) is an injectable opioid derivative of codeine . On the street and online, the drug is known as: Krokodil. ...

    ... use by the media have shown addicted individuals who have gangrene or eschars (dead patches of skin) on their body. ' The skin of krokodil injection users can become black, grey, and/or green, scabby, and can flake off ... Learn more

  • Warning: 3 Dangerous Suboxone Interactions to Avoid

    Suboxone is a popular, prescription-only drug that effectively suppresses opioid cravings and reduces the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Although ...

    ... it can't. Alcohol Much like benzodiazepines, alcohol is also classified as a depressant, affecting the body's central nervous system. Due to its popularity and broad acceptance, alcohol may present the most danger to ... Learn more

  • The Damage Done: 6 Long-Term Reminders of Meth Abuse

    Methamphetamine is an extremely toxic and vile drug that produces an initial rush of euphoria and a massive boost of energy. After that first ...

    ... pleasure, but what they ended up getting is nothing short of a nightmare. long-term use destroys the body's dopamine receptors - and the ability to experience pleasure. Here are 6 long-term effects of meth abuse ... Learn more

  • Record-Breaking Number of Overdoses Traced Back to Bad Heroin

    A dangerous batch of heroin circulating throughout the city of Chicago has caused a record-breaking 74 overdoses in the span of just three days. When ...

    ... a state of relaxation or euphoria. It is often used an as anesthetic and depresses, or slows, body systems down. Heroin also depresses the central nervous system, including the brain. Combined, these two drugs prompt ... Learn more

  • Taking Action: How to Intervene During an Overdose

    Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accident death in the United States. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), 43,982 drug ...

    ... life and death. Anatomy of an Overdose An overdose occurs when your body cannot handle the amount of foreign substances in your body. Although signs and symptoms vary depending on the type of drug abused ... Learn more

  • The Use and Abuse of Date Rape Drugs

    Although Bill Cosby has been making headlines for his alleged use of date rape drugs, sexual assault cases involving these substances have been a ...

    ... or your own Having someone watch or photograph you in a sexual manner Being exposed to someone else's body Spiking Food and Beverages Most date rape victims are unaware that their food or drink has been “spiked ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse: The Oral Health Kryptonite

    It's February and we've all celebrated Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and even President's day. So, that's basically it for February, right? ...

    ... decay. Drugs are a Mouth's Worst Nightmare Unfortunately, drugs have terrible effects on the human body …including your teeth and surrounding oral tissues. Generally speaking, people who abuse illegal drugs are ... Learn more

  • 4 Long-Term Effects of Smoking Marijuana

    4 states—Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington—and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana. With these changes in policy, a big question on ...

    ... on everyone's mind is, what are the long term effects of marijuana use? How does marijuana use affect the body and mind over time? Is it safe? Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of research into the long-term effects ... Learn more

  • Meet Cocaine and Her Wicked Step-Child, Crack

    What's the difference in cocaine and crack? If you're like a lot of people, you know there is a difference between the two…you just don't really ...

    ... forms are highly addictive and poisonous to the body. However, because they are ingested differently, ... cycle of addiction and wreaking havoc on the body systems. Learn more about the history and statistics ... Learn more

  • Researcher Gets $431,700 to Study the Effects of Meth on Wounds

    It's widely known that meth use can lead to a multitude of health problems: rotten teeth, memory loss, a weakened immune system. Nobody knows this ...

    ... on Martinez's preliminary studies, meth has been found to cause an overproduction of IL-6, which delays the body's inflammatory response and ability to heal. His goal, then, is to see how he can decrease the amount of ... Learn more

  • Injecting Drugs: 9 Hidden Dangers

    Did you know that injecting drugs into your body can increase your risk for a number of health problems? Additionally, did you know that ...

    ... , persons who inject drugs (PWID) are at risk for a number of unwanted health issues that affect their bodies and their overall health. And because of the illegal status of most drugs that are injected and the perceived ... Learn more

  • 7 Shocking Facts About Meth in the Gay Community

    As one of the most popular drugs in the gay community, users mistakenly believe that crystal meth leads to fun and enhances their life experiences. ...

    ... , using crystal meth speeds up the damage to their bodies and minds. Even with the most effective anti-viral ... are susceptible to a host of brain and body illnesses. Weight loss, muscle deterioration and AIDS dementia ... Learn more

  • Why is Meth So Addictive?

    According to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health, 4.9% of Americans aged 12 and older reported using methamphetamine in their lifetime. ...

    ... of can lead to overdose, which can be fatal. Symptoms of overdose include: 4 Dangerously high body temperature. Convulsions. Stroke. Heart attack. Death. Long-Terms Effects of Meth Chronic, long-term ... Learn more

  • Over-the-Counter Drugs of Abuse

    Over-the-Counter Drugs of Abuse

    It is a common misconception that only illegal drugs are dangerous. There are many different over-the-counter (OTC) drugs with psychoactive, or ...

    ... episode, in which the person wants to rid the body of food. Various studies have revealed that anywhere from ... effects of each other; the dangerous spike in body temperature can increase the individual's risk of suffering ... Learn more

  • Dilaudid Abuse

    Dilaudid Abuse

    Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is a prescription opioid prescribed for the relief of pain. It may be prescribed as a liquid, tablet, rectal suppository, or ...

    ... who become dependent on hydromorphone typically experience withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop using, as the body and brain become accustomed to daily functioning with the support of the drug. Help for Dilaudid ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Signs

    Drug Abuse Signs

    Some drug abuse signs are obvious and others are subtle. Drug abuse takes a toll on the body both physically and psychologically. Physical drug abuse ...

    Some drug abuse signs are obvious and others are subtle. Drug abuse takes a toll on the body both physically and psychologically. Physical drug abuse signs may be exhibited in an array of physical symptoms including an ... Learn more

  • A Closer Look at the History and Use of Cocaine

    Cocaine is a popular CNS (central nervous system) stimulant that is naturally derived from the cocoa plant, which is most commonly grown in South ...

    ... depend on both the dosage and the person using it. These may include insomnia, paranoia, anxiety, increased body temperature, faster heart rate and nausea/vomiting. Long-term users who snort cocaine run a high risk of ... Learn more

  • Smoking Can be a Serious Pain…in the Back

    If you have chronic back pain and are a long-time smoker, the latter may be causing the former, according to a study released by the Feinberg School ...

    ... is only one of 14 million serious medical conditions that are caused by smoking, according to another body of research published in October in JAMA Internal Medicine . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... Learn more

  • Dangerous Additives: What's Really in Your Cocaine?

    Cocaine is one of the most lethal illegal substances. This can be explained by the extraordinary psychoactive and biological effects of the drug; ...

    ... , and may serve to mask other active agents. Levamisole attacks white blood cells in the body, sometimes creating a condition known as agranulocytosis. Agranulocytosis severely weakens the immune system and places ... Learn more

  • Is This New Drug the Holy Grail of All Pain Relievers?

    Millions of Americans suffer daily from chronic pain. Factor in all the people managing temporary pain after accidents or surgeries and you have a ...

    ... has its drawbacks. In fact, the drug has over 25 official side effects that impact our behavior, brain, body, psyche and sexuality. It can even be lethal in high dosages. In an effort to offer safer alternatives ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Could Mess With Your Brain's Ability to Recognize Sadness and Fear

    Cocaine is a stimulant drug with a reputation for making people more social, but in reality, it tends to make users paranoid and insufferable. And ...

    ... cocaine had an increased heart rate and higher levels of cortisol, the hormone that regulates how the body responds to stress. Small Study, Large Implications Though the Netherlands study is small, it could have ... Learn more

  • Opiates, Overdose and Permanent Brain Damage

    Permanent brain damage due to an opiate overdose is a very real, life-altering consequence of opiate abuse . The dramatic increase of opiate-related ...

    ... nervous system, which is responsible for your respiratory drive while sleeping. Essentially, when someone overdoses, the body can forget to breathe. Oxygen is vital to the brain; without it, the organ becomes hypoxic ... Learn more

  • IV Drug Abuse: 3 Potentially Deadly IV Injection Sites

    The dangers of intravenous drug use are well documented. Although most available information focuses on the very high risk of overdose and the ...

    ... with sharing needles (both very real dangers), injecting drugs can also be incredibly harmful to the body in many other ways. Shooting Up is no Laughing Matter Even the most experienced, careful intravenous ... Learn more

  • Psychedelic Drugs and Prayer Have Similar Effects on Brain

    When it comes to “out-of-body” experiences, plenty of people have reported having them during both religious awakenings and while tripping on ...

    When it comes to “out-of-body” experiences, plenty of people have reported having them during both religious awakenings and while tripping on psychedelic drugs. Although these two experiences may seem completely ... Learn more

  • Mars vs. Venus: How Does Gender Affect Prescription Drugs?

    When the book Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus hit book shelves back in 1992, it was a huge hit. By highlighting the differences in men and ...

    ... . In the end, this causes the drug's effects to be felt more quickly and powerfully. Your Body, Your Medications When taking prescription medications, it's important to talk with your doctor about any potential ... Learn more

  • Shocking Stories Reveal Serious Dangers of Flakka

    There's a whole new synthetic drug “craze” sweeping the nation courtesy of a drug known as Flakka. The Drug Enforcement Agency had no reported ...

    ... Research on Substance Use and Health Disparities at Nova Southeastern University. “This is where the body goes into hyperthermia, generally a temperature of 105 degrees. The individual becomes psychotic, they…have ... Learn more

  • Crack Cocaine’s Effect on the Brain (Simple Animation)

    “Crack is whack” - that much is widely understood and accepted. But, what exactly is crack? How is crack different from cocaine? Is it possible ...

    ... a rock, hence the term “crack rock.” Why do people smoke crack, and how does the drug interact with the body when it's absorbed through the lungs? Because crack has a low melting point, users are able to add fire—which ... Learn more

  • New Bone Loss Study Points the Finger at Marijuana

    “We have known for a while that the components of cannabis can affect bone cell function, but we had no idea up until now of what this might mean ...

    ... these “areas of unknown” include learning the kind of effects marijuana can have on one vitally important body system: the skeletal system. What Did Researchers Find? When Ralston and his team compared the bone ... Learn more

  • An Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dangers of Spice

    “It's not bad for you, dude. It's all natural. It's just plant materials, so it can't hurt you,” a friend whispered in Dave's ear. Unfortunately ...

    ... known as K2 and hundreds of other street names, can cause damage to every single system in your body. Due to its synthetic nature and its unregulated manufacturing, one batch of this drug usually contains very different ... Learn more

  • Meth on the Mind: It’s a Mental Downhill Slide for Users

    Kim felt dizzy; she was confused and her speech was severely slurred. Her sister thought she'd had a stroke. Kim couldn't focus, had no energy and ...

    ... of two brain chemicals: dopamine and serotonin. These important chemicals regulate your mood, sleep patterns, body weight, focus, emotions and more. When meth interferes with this regulation, your brain doesn't ... Learn more

  • Counting Dangerous Sheep: Why You Should Stop Popping Sleeping Pills

    Here's a question for you: How much sleep do you get every night? As adults, the Centers for Disease Control tells us we require seven to ...

    ... acid (GABA) medications. These pose less risk of addiction (although it's not completely eliminated) and affect the body in very similar ways to benzodiazepines . You might be familiar with some of the popular brands - ... Learn more

  • The F-Word: 3 Fast Fentanyl Facts to Remember

    With his heart pounding, Officer Harrison approached the warehouse. His dreams of fighting crime never included this scene. He wasn't chasing a ...

    ... Shannon's doctor prescribed fentanyl patches to relieve Shannon's breakthrough pain. The cancer had been attacking her body for two years and the pain could be unbearable. Shannon could wear the patch for two days and ... Learn more

  • Heroin Facts – Because Knowing is Half the Battle

    “Smack” - “Junk” - “H” Heroin is a drug that goes by many names. But no matter what you call it, it's still the same potent, ...

    ... more expensive and harder to obtain.” #5 Side Effects of Using Heroin Heroin drastically impacts the body and produces some pretty devastating physical, emotional and psychological effects. If you suspect a loved ... Learn more

  • I’m Having Opiate Withdrawals – Am I Addicted?

    Shelly's knee surgery went great. The doctor said she'd be running again in no time. Before she'd be ready for her next 5K, she'd have to endure some ...

    ... degree of physical dependence. Once you stop taking the medication, the withdrawal symptoms kick in as your body and brain try to restore balance without the medication. Like Shelly, most people react to withdrawal by ... Learn more

  • 5 Reasons Driving on Benzos is Just a Bad Idea

    Quick reflexes and sharp thinking - these are two of the most important qualities of a safe driver. If someone is sharing the road with you or if ...

    ... accident responsibility by 40 percent. This shouldn't be surprising to anyone, considering how benzos affect the body. Under the influence of these anti-anxiety drugs, drivers are simply unable to make the quick, safe ... Learn more

  • Fentanyl: The Newest Lethal Injection Ingredient

    Fentanyl: The Newest Lethal Injection Ingredient

    Fifty times stronger than heroin , the synthetic opioid fentanyl is flooding the drug market - and heightening the danger of overdose. In search of ...

    ... up of fentanyl, valium and a muscle relaxant, cisatracurium. The valium and cisatracurium relax the body and reduce anxiety, while the fentanyl delivers the lethal effects. Barring legal complications or appeals, this ... Learn more

  • Is Your Friend High? Here’s How to Tell…

    Your friend seems a little “off.” Is he simply having a bad day? Did he not sleep well? Is he sick? Or is he high? To the untrained observer, ...

    ... they're overstimulated by drugs. (B)reathing Issues: Opioids suppress the central nervous system, slowing down the body. Too much of these substances can slow breathing - so much that it becomes life threatening . ... Learn more

  • Study: Drug Forums Aren’t Very Helpful if You Want to Get Clean

    Libraries. Encyclopedias. Professors. Doctors. Pre-Internet, these were our top sources of information. If we wanted answers, this is where we ...

    ... encourage experimentation. They shift the relationship with potent drugs from necessary medication to using the mind and body as a personal lab for medical experiments. (User1978 tried this, so let's see what happens ... Learn more

  • Introducing the Drug That Can Kill With a Single Dose

    Just when we'd thought we'd heard it all, an even more lethal drug concoction popped up on our radar. It's just the latest killer in the opioid ...

    ... swallowed, or smoked. So, why in the world would anyone want to put this stuff in their body? Playing a Dangerous Game Law enforcement officials believe that lower prices on the streets have steered users away ... Learn more

  • Would You Give Medical Marijuana to a Chronically Ill Pet?

    Medical marijuana isn't just for humans anymore. All around the country, pet owners are turning to pot as a way to alleviate their furry friends' ...

    ... ). These cannabinoids, according to the National Cancer Society, activate specific receptors found throughout the body to produce pharmacologic effects, particularly in the central nervous system and the immune system ... Learn more

  • 9 Mind-Blowing Facts About W-18

    Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse than fentanyl … The street-drug market has a new player - and it's even deadlier than ...

    ... urine. It's silent but deadly. First, it hides in other drugs, next it hides in the body, then it kills. Additional Reading: Who Manufacturers All these Crazy Semi-Legal Designer Drugs? Image Source: iStock Learn more

  • Kicking Drugs (and Cravings) to the Curb

    If you're reading this, chances are you or your loved one is on the road to recovery, so congratulations! Thinking about ways to combat cravings ...

    ... where people are using, remove yourself from the thought or situation by looking for an immediate activity to occupy your body and mind. The activity can be anything from taking a walk to going to a friend's house to ... Learn more

  • Driving Just Got a Little Safer – Thanks to This Device

    Steve saw the flashing lights in the mirror; his heart skipped a beat. He was on his way home from his friend's house, where he and three others ...

    ... of determining if cocaine is present. The technique involves a mass spectrometry approach to detect drugs in body fluids. This kind of rigorous testing was only possible in labs - until now. Scientists successfully ... Learn more

  • 21 Powerful Tips to Get and Stay Sober

    The time is now to make a change, and stick to it . The following 21 tips will help you get and stay sober in 2017. 1. Live in the now. You ...

    ... a massage or a new pair or shoes to celebrate how far you've come. 13. Get active. When your mind and body are engaged, there is less room for cravings. Go for a run in the woods or kick a soccer ball around with the ... Learn more

  • Teenagers and Drugs: 11 Real Reasons Why Teenagers Experiment

    There is a common misconception that teenagers who experiment with drugs and alcohol are inherently “bad kids.” Many parents assume that ...

    ... as cocaine—for a quick way to lose weight. During high school especially, young girls become more body-conscious and may become desperate to slim down and attract the attention of popular boys. These young ladies may ... Learn more

  • 5 Things About Kratom You Need to Know

    Recently, a drug called kratom, has come into the center of national controversy.Also referred to as 'ketum' or 'kakuam', taking kratom produces ...

    ... struggling with a cycle of kratom addiction and relapse. So, what is kratom and how does it affect the body? Here are 5 pieces of information about the mind-altering substance. #1. Kratom Has a Long History of Use ... Learn more

  • 7 Shocking Ways Drugs are Smuggled into Prisons

    A Cincinnati woman and her incarcerated boyfriend are now facing criminal charges after she reportedly tried to smuggle a Bible laced with heroin ...

    ... means necessary. Back in 2007, several instances occurred where prisoners got friends to hide drugs inside the bodies of dead birds, which would then be thrown over jail walls and into the exercise yards. Vaginally ... Learn more

  • Public Restrooms Have Become Ground Zero in Opioid Epidemic

    The opioid epidemic has impacted countless families, but according to a recent article on , people aren't the only ones affected. Public ...

    ... owners are taking note after seeing their restrooms littered with used syringes, drugs, and even dead bodies of the people who overdosed. How Do Business Owners Take Back Public Restrooms Using public restrooms to ... Learn more

  • Are Benzos Overprescribed?

    We are an anxious nation. A whopping 40 million American adults are affected by anxiety disorders; that's 18 percent of the adult population! With ...

    ... . Keep in mind: No medically-assisted treatments currently exist. The recovery process can take ... . It is recommended you seek medical help at a detox center to begin the recovery process. Can We Recover ... Learn more

  • Am I Addicted to Oxycodone? How Can I Quit Safely?

    Opiates are one of the best inventions of mankind for so many reasons. They formed the basis of modern medicine and inspired a huge range for ...

    ... , there are a few places that can help you boldly go into sobriety. These places are drug abuse treatment centers , and they can help you get through withdrawal. They have qualified medical staff who can prescribe ... Learn more

  • The Prevalence of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

    The Prevalence of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

    Substance abuse permeates every aspect of life for those suffering from addiction, and that behavior doesn't get put on hold during a 9-5 job. ...

    ... 're looking for a specific type of rehab treatment, substance related info or additional guides, below are ... number Alcohol addiction hotline number Detox Centers Near Me Detoxing from Drugs at Home Free ... Learn more

  • Legalizing Marijuana Decreases Fatal Opiate Overdoses, Study Shows

    According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. In an effort to relieve that constant ...

    ... 're looking for a specific type of rehab treatment, substance related info or additional guides, below are ... number Alcohol addiction hotline number Detox Centers Near Me Detoxing from Drugs at Home Free ... Learn more

  • 30 Famous Athletes Who Have Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    1. Michael Phelps Eight-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps has not only plunged into the water, but into drugs. In 2009, he lost his ...

    ... 're looking for a specific type of rehab treatment, substance related info or additional guides, below are ... number Alcohol addiction hotline number Detox Centers Near Me Detoxing from Drugs at Home Free ... Learn more

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