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  • How to Help Someone with Alcohol Addiction

    How to Help Someone with Alcohol Addiction

    Most adults can moderately drink alcohol with little to no harm, with 86.3% of people 19 and older reporting they drank alcohol at some point in ...

    ... (an instrument for identifying alcoholics) may help you and your ... help you feel confident about receiving treatment. Cost . First, start by asking if the program takes your insurance, if you have it. Have your insurance ... Learn more

  • The Deadly and Costly Consequences of DUIs

    The Deadly and Costly Consequences of DUIs

    Read time: 17 mins It all starts with the thought, “I'm fine.” Maybe that person goes to a party at a friend's house and has a few beers ...

    ... Higher insurance rates. ... for alcoholism are less likely to relapse than those who achieve sobriety on their own without any additional recovery services. 28 One study examined the length of abstinence among alcoholics ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Alcohol Use

    Moderate Drinking vs. Alcohol Abuse It's true that many sources point to the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. The key word here is ...

    ... of questions you have before calling, such as: What insurance do you take? How much does treatment cost? ... destroy your health and your life. Reach out for help today. Recovery from addiction is possible with the ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Withdrawal

    Alcohol Withdrawal

    Ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, is an intoxicating agent produced from the fermentation of yeast, sugars, and starches. Alcohol is the most widely ...

    ... home from friends and family may help you make this decision. If, for example, you have friends or ... insurance checker to see if your insurance provider covers treatment. American Addiction Centers accepts many insurance ... Learn more

  • DTs Changed My Entire World – For the Better

    July 15, 2011, was one of the worst days of my life, yet it's a day I wouldn't change for anything. It was a full moon. I was a twenty-two year old ...

    ... wanted help, I wanted to be able to be sober without being so incredibly sick. I wanted to hold a job for longer than ... program. My caseworker informed me that my insurance covered the entire cost. I was dumbfounded, ... Learn more

  • Tooth and Consequences: Alcohol Can Wreck Your Smile

    People who consume alcohol excessively and regularly are at great risk to develop tooth decay and periodontal disease. Even having a few drinks ...

    ... Falls Low on the “To Do” List Alcoholics entering recovery are usually consumed with their immediate recovery ... who have jobs, but no insurance, often need direction and resources for dealing with the oral issues ... Learn more

  • Are These Moms Handing Their Kids Over to the Justice System?

    Are These Moms Handing Their Kids Over to the Justice System?

    During the four years I spent behind bars, I encountered hundreds of women - all with a unique personal story and background. I remember wondering to ...

    ... group had almost twice the odds of exposure to the justice system compared to those with mothers without an alcohol-related diagnosis . To arrive at this conclusion, the researchers utilized administrative data from ... Learn more

  • Drunk in the Moment: We Can’t Drink Reality Away

    It's a typical scenario: You had an awful day at work, so you hit the town with a group of friends, intent on drinking and dancing the night away. As ...

    ... away. Many of us need help introducing healthier social activities into our routines, but help does exist and it's ... . Additional Reading: When Does a Moderate Drinker Turn into an Alcoholic? Image Source: iStock Learn more

  • Childhood Traumas Haunt Many into Adulthood

    It's a widely accepted theory that some people are more susceptible to addiction than others. Many of those “at-risk” are labeled as such due to ...

    ... each part of California's Kaiser Permanente Insurance Program. They successfully linked childhood stress ... of becoming alcoholics in adulthood. After surveying 196 people who were receiving treatment for alcoholism, ... Learn more

  • 8 Tips for Coming Out of the Addiction Closet

    To many, the term “alcoholic” carries a very negative connotation - one that implies being a loser or a failure. It's no mystery, then, why ...

    ... speaking has empowered me like nothing else. It's also helped me reconcile my past. In fact, I've found the ... Tip 8: You're Not Alone There are millions of alcoholics in this country; many have been in the position you' ... Learn more

  • What You Need to Know About Secondhand Drinking

    Lisa Frederiksen likens the public's understanding of secondhand drinking to 30 years ago when doctors proved that lung cancer in nonsmokers was a ...

    ... or their harmful secondhand drinking coping skills.” Addiction impacts many lives, and it's important to know when help is needed. Many people have lost a lot to the disease of addiction, including the support from ... Learn more

  • What It’s Like to Be an Alcoholic Woman

    Before the turn of the century, alcoholism was generally thought of as a “man's” problem. My, how things have changed… For years, researchers ...

    ... “man's” problem. My, how things have changed… For years, researchers have warned that more and more women are drinking ... doomed to live out their lives as full-blown alcoholics. In fact, older women (and men) respond to ... Learn more

  • Unchain My Heart: The Real Impact of Booze

    Anyone who has experienced alcohol abuse first hand knows how heartbreaking it can be. The emotional and relational damage left in its wake is ...

    ... other organs don't get the blood they need for healthy functioning and suffer severe damage too. Cardiomyopathy can ... levels. If you drink more than three alcoholic beverages in one sitting, your blood pressure ... Learn more

  • Quantifying the Insane Alcohol Consumption of the U.S.

    In the United States, more than half of adults over the age of 18 are regular drinkers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ...

    ... of Americans consider themselves drinkers, placing them at higher risks for diseases and accidents than nondrinkers. A number of regular drinkers are also alcoholics . However, there is one good sign: according to ... Learn more

  • Teens Who Drink Solo Are in More Trouble Than We Thought

    Have you found yourself knocking a few back when no one else is around? A recent study calls solitary drinking into question, finding that young ...

    ... alcohol dependence, by age 25. If these findings hit home for you, then maybe it's time to question why you ... ignore. Additional Reading: When Does a Moderate Drinker Turn into an Alcoholic? Image Source: iStock Learn more

  • 5 Lies We’re Told About High-Functioning Alcoholics you hear the term “alcoholic,” people automatically think of someone who ...

    ... the drinks of others. “HFA's don't need to seek help.” Many high-functioning alcoholics manage to function effectively - sometimes for years - without suffering any major losses. As such, he's likely in deep ... Learn more

  • A Dangerous Trio: Skipping Dinner, Binge Drinking and Overeating

    In today's culture, binge drinking is becoming more and more prevalent. This is especially true on college campuses, where a lot of partying takes ...

    ... . Drinking and Overeating Binge drinking without eating carries some dangerous and decidedly ... of the patients I see binge drink and have eight to 10 alcoholic beverages at night over only a few hours. But when you ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Poisoning Deaths are Occurring at an Alarming Rate

    The perception that it's the college crowd most given to binge drinking and alcohol poisoning has just been proven false, thanks to a study ...

    ... or more drinks in one occasion and five or more for men. The massive quantity of alcohol used by binge drinkers ... percent) are considered alcohol abusers, not alcoholics with an alcohol dependency. The Finer Details ... Learn more

  • I Did What??? The Anatomy of a Blackout

    What happened last night? If you've ever had to utter those words after a night on the town or had to rely on your friends to fill in the missing ...

    ... actively engages in behaviors but does not create memories for these events as they transpire.” There are two ... blackouts don't discriminate. They occur not only in alcoholics , but in social drinkers, as well. In fact ... Learn more

  • Home Alone: Binge-Drinking and Motherhood

    Not too long ago, I had dinner with one of my high-school friends - someone I hadn't seen in several years. I remember thinking she had a ...

    ... signs or consequences of drinking in the privacy of your own home, making it easier for functioning alcoholics to cling to outward appearances and deny deeper issues. Additional Reading: When Does a Moderate ... Learn more

  • Smoke Signals: Why Are Cigarettes Such a Hot Commodity in Treatment?

    Years ago, while I was in a nine-month substance abuse treatment program, I realized that everyone around me had one thing in common - they smoked. ...

    ... declines in nicotine use. In the United States, for example, 40 percent of the population smoked in 1965 ... found that, out of the one million Americans in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), approximately 56.9 percent were smokers. ... Learn more

  • Cuffed and Stuffed: 7 Ways a DUI Will Haunt Your Life

    It's common knowledge that a drinking and driving conviction can limit your freedom - whether it be jail, prison or probation. But the penalties ...

    ... to have it recalibrated (anywhere from $50-100/per month). Car Insurance: Your driving record plays a major role in determining how much you pay for car insurance - and a DUI suggests you're a risky driver. Depending ... Learn more

  • Is Alcohol Wreaking Havoc on Your Sexual Performance?

    Alcohol is often viewed as an aphrodisiac, but this label is far from the truth. While drinking may lower social inhibitions and increase the ...

    ... dysfunction . Long-term alcohol abuse can cause damage to the nervous system, which is responsible for triggering the signals that cause an erection. Studies have also shown that prolonged abuse can cause irreversible ... Learn more

  • Eyes to Mouth: Just How Big is Your Wine Glass?

    Pam and Stephanie met for dinner after work on Friday. Each drank wine with their meal. They had been to this restaurant many times before and ...

    ... The Pint Shop; it's probably doing the same thing for other establishments across the nation. While this practice might not create a restaurant full of alcoholics , it does encourage people to drink more. Researchers ... Learn more

  • Should People Who Abuse Alcohol Qualify for Liver Transplants?

    Three years ago, one of my uncles - a long-time alcoholic - was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He was told he didn't qualify for a new one, ...

    Three years ago, one of my uncles - a long-time alcoholic - was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He was told he didn't qualify for a new one, so he continued to drink - all the way until his death a few short ... Learn more

  • 12-Step Thinking: Let's Talk About AA and the C-Word (Uncovering Alcoholics Anonymous)

    No, not that c-word! To be clear, we're talking about the word cult here. If you're familiar with the world of addiction recovery, then you're ...

    ... recovery, then you're no doubt acquainted with Alcoholics Anonymous—or AA as it is more commonly known ... for navigating life without drugs or alcohol. The group and its founding principles serve as a source of help ... Learn more

  • Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol and Drug Rehab

    Entering into treatment for substance abuse can seem like a daunting endeavor. You may not be sure how effective it will be or what it actually ...

    ... center to center, but almost every program will offer various payment options/plans. Insurance can be a major help when looking for affordable care. Many insurance providers cover some, if not all of treatment. Call your ... Learn more

  • How Alcohol Increases Your Risk of ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’

    Scientists have long been aware that heavy drinking increases the odds of heart failure. Although there are health risks, no one has pinned downed ...

    ... of atrial fibrillation out of this population. The results showed an increase in irregular heartbeat for moderate consumers of alcoholic beverages, which is considered to be one to three drinks per day. Furthermore the ... Learn more

  • Drug And Alcohol Rehab

    Drug And Alcohol Rehab

    When you or a loved one is dealing with a substance abuse situation , drug and alcohol rehab programs are available to help. Call our confidential ...

    ... and alcohol rehab programs are available to help. Call our confidential toll-free Drug ... insurance coverage Rehab without insurance Additional Resources on Drug and Alcohol Rehab Whether you're looking for ... Learn more

  • Cigna Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

    About Cigna and Alcohol and Drug Rehab Coverage Cigna is a global healthcare business that serves over 180 million people in over 30 countries ...

    ... insurance coverage Rehab without insurance Additional Resources on Drug and Alcohol Rehab Whether you're looking for ... Drug Rehab Centers Near Me How to Help a Drug Addict State-Funded Rehab Centers ... Learn more

  • Mouth, Throat Cancer: Two More Reasons to Stop Drinking Right Now

    What would you do if you knew moderately drinking alcohol over the course of your lifetime would double your risk of getting cancer? Would you stop ...

    ... not actually know the true size of one standard alcoholic drink. This leads researchers to believe that people ... have provided quite damning evidence for the dangerous effects of alcohol. Without question, they identified a ... Learn more

  • Study Shows Alcohol Boosts THC Levels in Your Blood

    With four states legalizing recreational marijuana and several others considering the possibility, driving while high on pot is becoming a much ...

    ... pot is becoming a much bigger concern for motorists. More Danger Behind the Wheel Plenty ... simply is never worth the risks. Learn more about helping a loved one who's addicted marijuana . Image Source ... Learn more

  • Has Kombucha Gotten a Bad Rap?

    Has Kombucha Gotten a Bad Rap?

    Often touted as a miracle elixir, Kombucha offers a plethora of health benefits. For those who don't know, Kombucha is a fermented beverage made ...

    ... I really enjoy it as a more flavorful non-alcoholic drink. No, it tastes gross. The most surprising ... in my home; I wouldn't go anywhere that served alcohol. For me, living like that was like living in a bubble. ... Learn more

  • Curing Alcoholism: We’re Finally Putting MDMA to the Test

    It seems ironic that one of the first drugs I used on my way to full-blown addiction is now being used in a study to cure alcoholism. Last week, UK ...

    ... helping people who have suffered trauma and it helps to build empathy. Many of my patients who are alcoholics ... and I hope it leads to sustained sobriety for the thousands struggling with substance abuse disorders. ... Learn more

  • The Financial Toll of Addiction

    If you've ever known someone who has suffered from addiction or have been that person yourself, you'll know how much of an emotional toll it can have ...

    ... insurance coverage Rehab without insurance Additional Resources on Drug and Alcohol Rehab Whether you're looking for ... Drug Rehab Centers Near Me How to Help a Drug Addict State-Funded Rehab Centers ... Learn more

  • Get the Facts on Alcohol Abuse

    Get the Facts on Alcohol Abuse

    As a substance that most adults can easily obtain from their neighborhood store, or order off the menu at a favorite restaurant, the hard facts about ...

    ... loved one meet the criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence, and are ready to seek help , call our toll-free number ... is usually recommended to equip alcoholics to handle life without alcohol. Depending on the individual ... Learn more

  • Alcohol is Addictive… But is it Also Contagious?

    A quick choice to consume alcohol doesn't just affect you - it may also affect those around you, particularly in social situations. New research ...

    ... noted the beverages and drinking behavior of everyone in the room. For those who were instructed to order alcoholic drinks, their partner also consumed alcohol for both drinks, almost 90 percent of the time ... Learn more

  • Does Drinking Every Day Make Me an Alcoholic?

    Does Drinking Every Day Make Me an Alcoholic?

    Every evening when you get home from work, you drink a glass of wine. Throughout the day, you look forward to this evening ritual. Although, ...

    ... alcoholic? You can rest assured that alcohol addiction hotlines are staffed with compassionate individuals who are there to help ... isn't an absolute indication you're headed for trouble. In fact, there's very little ... Learn more

  • Who Are You Without Your Drug of Choice?

    Addiction is the ultimate identity thief. It doesn't set up false bank accounts or hack your email - it steals your identity from within. Spinning ...

    ... of opiates , she found out she was full of creative ideas for beautiful works of art. And then there's Simon. He had ... quickly discovered she could really relate to people. Without drugs, she was no longer irritable or ... Learn more

  • The Harmful Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

    It should come as no surprise that drugs and alcohol can have negative effects on your life. Although sometimes it may be difficult to imagine, the ...

    ... , and you're likely better off without it. So before you reach for that bottle or that pipe, don't ... Your car and health insurance rates may increase and you will have to find a way to pay for arrest warrants, DUIs, ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Abuse Programs

    The U.S. government indicates that more than 17.5 million people are alcoholics or have problems with alcohol. That alcohol consumption is legal, ...

    ... that more than 17.5 million people are alcoholics or have problems with alcohol. That alcohol consumption ... such as seizures or delirium tremens. We urge you to seek help if you, a friend or a loved one is struggling with ... Learn more

  • Want to Make Your Asthma Worse? Here’s How…

    Tracy's romantic evening took a turn for the worse. She was enjoying a lovely Italian dinner with her boyfriend when she suddenly started wheezing. ...

    ... limit over the edge.) Of course, choosing non-alcoholic beverages would be the safest and surest route to ... weigh the options and decide what's best for their health. As for Tracy, she'll be sipping Perrier on her ... Learn more

  • 7 Not-So-Subtle Signs a Friend is Struggling with Alcoholism

    I have a girlfriend I'm worried about - let's call her Candace. She chugs cocktails, can't hold down a job and causes drunken scenes like it's ...

    ... off of her from across the room. Candace is an alcoholic and everyone knows it…everyone but her. Pay Attention to the ... , if you know what to look for, these signs can help you determine whether or not your friend ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Meth Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Meth Abuse

    Methamphetamine is a potent stimulant that produces both an addictive high and a slew of negative effects. When combined with alcohol, the effects ...

    ... to home or travel far away? Do you have insurance or the funds needed to pay for rehab? Do you want your family to be able ... programs : Fellowships - such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Crystal Meth Anonymous - are ... Learn more

  • No Surprise: Study Finds Avoiding Alcohol is the Only Hangover Prevention

    You've tried it all: chasing drinks with water, drinking only beer, drinking only clear liquor, or binging on late night fries. But you still wake up ...

    ... next day. To put it in perspective, this is the legal limit for driving in the US; so if you're too drunk to drive, you ... about as severe. Said Verster: “drinking water may help against thirst and a dry mouth, but it will ... Learn more

  • Drunken Air Rage Incidents Take a Troubling Turn

    From delayed flights to lost luggage, most of us have experienced a minor form of rage courtesy of an airport. But when alcohol is added into the ...

    ... responsible these spirit-laden uproars. Taking Control and Limiting Alcohol Why is alcohol often a catalyst for these dangerous bouts of air rage? Drinking frequently sparks or heightens events of rage because it ... Learn more

  • 3 Devastatingly Dangerous Alcohol-Drug Combos

    According to statistics compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), roughly 25 percent of substance-related ...

    ... hazardous, the combination of the two can be a recipe for disaster. In short, combining drugs and alcohol either masks ... and Opiates Alcohol and opiates also make for a particularly lethal combination, since each one ... Learn more

  • Got 15 Minutes to Spare? Why Not Spend it Reducing Impulsive Drinking?

    Do you want to cut down on drinking? Would you like to be able to say “no” more often? Guess what? There's an app for that. Well, there's an ...

    ... It sounds like a game, but repeating these actions will help you to choose non-alcoholic drinks in the future. Additional versions have been developed for treatment of anxiety, depression and other issues. The goal is ... Learn more

  • The World’s First Whiskey-Powered Car Just Aced Its Test Drive

    You've probably watched this scene in a movie or on TV: Someone runs out of gas, but manages to get on the road again by pouring alcohol in the ...

    ... a fitting locale considering the nation is world-famous for whiskey and renewable energy. The journalist behind the ... powered resource will spread worldwide as a replacement for gasoline. They have sights set on their ... Learn more

  • Drunk You, Sober You: More Alike Than You'd Think

    Laura feels uncomfortable in social situations. She likes to have a few beers to loosen up. She prefers “drunk Laura” to “sober Laura” when ...

    ... 't perceive. You may be using alcohol in unhealthy ways to soothe nerves or to take the blame for bad behaviors. Whether alcohol reduces inhibitions or ramps up emotions already present, it's important to keep one ... Learn more

  • Will a Killer Hangover Delay Your Next Drink? (Hint: Probably Not)

    Headache. Dizziness. Nausea. Fatigue. Hangovers are the absolute worst. Many of us have been there - and even vowed to ourselves we'd never drink ...

    ... , a professor in the department of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri, as well as corresponding author for the study. “On average, the time between drinking episodes was extended by only a few hours ... Learn more

  • What Do Taxes and Drunk Driving Have in Common? (You’d Be Surprised!)

    Organizations in every state have implemented countless initiatives to reduce drunk driving. Maryland seems to have found one that works. They simply ...

    ... a method to decrease underage drinking and drunk driving. Since it's proven to work, doesn't it make sense for other states to try it? Vincent DeMarco, president of the organization, noted , “It's very, very important ... Learn more

  • Is My Loved One an Alcoholic?

    It isn't easy to detect when a loved one is neck deep in alcoholism until a tragedy strikes. They may not exhibit the overt signs of substance abuse ...

    ... a decline in health. Instead, you may watch out for the following subtle signs that may be a tip off ... tell-tale behavior. How to Help Your Loved One Having a family member who is an alcoholic is never easy. If you ... Learn more

  • 30 Famous Athletes Who Have Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    1. Michael Phelps Eight-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps has not only plunged into the water, but into drugs. In 2009, he lost his ...

    ... insurance coverage Rehab without insurance Additional Resources on Drug and Alcohol Rehab Whether you're looking for ... Drug Rehab Centers Near Me How to Help a Drug Addict State-Funded Rehab Centers ... Learn more

  • Underage DUIs: 6 Sobering Facts About Drunk Driving

    Drunk driving can have serious consequences, including injury and death. If you're an underage driver, you will be slammed with a DUI (driving under ...

    ... and it is not okay to put other people at risk without their consent. #5. An underage DUI will result in ... permanent record. This can affect employment and insurance decisions when it comes to background checks. ... Learn more

  • Want Healthy, Clear Skin? Say No to Alcohol!

    Drinking too much alcohol too often has negative effects on the body, something anyone with nasty hangover experience can validate. Most people are ...

    ... of spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen increases the risk of melanoma. The ... do our best to mask potential problems, part of the reason for a $55 billion annual cosmetic industry. By the way, studies ... Learn more

  • States Scramble to Prevent Sale of Powdered Alcohol

    Palcohol, a new form of powdered alcohol , hasn't even made its way to U.S. shelves yet, but some states are already taking immediate steps to ban ...

    ... and next thing you know - you've got an alcoholic beverage. Palcohol comes in an assortment of flavors including ... name just a few. Although it won't be available for sale until next year - at the earliest - Colorado ... Learn more

  • Alcohol: The Breast Cancer Risk in a Bottle

    Can drinking alcohol cause breast cancer? That's the question multiple experts, research teams, scientists, and medical oncologists have set out to ...

    ... . Alcohol, on its own, is not solely responsible for the incidence of breast cancer. However, abusing alcohol on ... don't drink at all, females who consume three alcoholic drinks per week have a 15 percent higher risk ... Learn more

  • 30 Famous Celebrities Who Have Done Drugs and Battled Addiction and Alcoholism

    1. Drew Barrymore Former child star Drew Barrymore's drug abuse in her teenage years found her controversial fame, including two trips to rehab ...

    ... Depp became a heavy drinker simply because of his claim to fame . He couldn't speak at ceremonies without the help of alcohol. 21. Ed Harris Ed Harris had a slight drinking problem at the time he played the lead ... Learn more

  • Understanding Teen Alcoholism

    Facing teen alcoholism can be difficult for any family. Even when the teen who is abusing alcohol is ready and willing to accept help, the battle ...

    ... order to get the teen to accept help, it can be even more challenging. Risk Factors Though teen alcoholism can happen in any family, some teens are more at risk for becoming alcoholics than others. Some of the risk ... Learn more

  • Shocking Report: Bars and Liquor Stores Impact Suicide Rates

    Suicide is tragic no matter what the circumstances. When compared to the general population, however, reports indicate the heartbreaking act is a ...

    ... is a staggering 120 times more prevalent among adult alcoholics. As if that weren't enough, alcohol ... to being the sole culprit. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that: 31 percent of ... Learn more

  • Meet the Silent Generation: Adult Children of Alcoholics

    Twenty-eight million children in the U.S. today have alcoholic parents. One in eight Americans is an adult child of an alcoholic (ACoA). That means ...

    ... asking anyone else for help would lead to nowhere but disappointment. Shattering the Silence Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? If you or someone you know is an adult child of an alcoholic , it is ... Learn more

  • 3 Things You Should Never Say to an Addict

    If someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you're no stranger to heartache and worry. In addition to those feelings, bitterness and ...

    ... . Recovery has to be done this way! Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have helped usher thousands of people into recovery, but they aren't right for everybody. You have to understand that the the ... Learn more

  • This is Your Brain…When You Blackout on Alcohol

    If you've ever found yourself in the situation where you wake up the next morning without a clue of how you got home, you might have experienced a ...

    ... yourself in the situation where you wake up the next morning without a clue of how you got home, you might have ... take hold. Receptors in our brains are responsible for helping us form and hold on to new memories ... Learn more

  • Busting 6 Alcohol Myths: Fact or Fiction?

    Our beliefs guide our actions. We base our decisions on what we know to be true. But, what if the 'facts' we believe aren't true after all? Get ...

    ... Your Facts Straight Some people can enjoy a drink without any problems; others aren't so lucky. Binge drinking ... get drunk. Myth #6 A drink before bed helps you sleep. Truth: A nightcap can actually make ... Learn more

  • Social Drug Use is Like Kryptonite to Healthy Relationships

    Heather always feels awkward at parties. She's quiet and shy. She never knows what to say and finds it hard to interact with people in these ...

    ... sends otherwise shy people like Heather onto the table tops. Not What You Bargained For The rationale behind using drugs is that it “helps” you meet people and interact more. The problem, however, is that it's a ... Learn more

  • The Truth About This Vegetable’s Alcohol Antidote Reputation

    The Truth About This Vegetable’s Alcohol Antidote Reputation

    Ahhh, the good ol' tomato. They make a mean spaghetti sauce. They're full of antioxidants, which makes them great for homemade facials. They're even ...

    ... the body. Previous studies have shown two standard alcoholic drinks can cause DNA damage to brain cells within ... your body is to not drink any of it. But for anyone who does occasionally imbibe, the tomato might prove to ... Learn more

  • He Drinks Everyday. Is My Husband an Alcoholic?

    Janette isn't sure what to make of her husband's behavior. Does he simply like the taste of barley and hops…or is he addicted to alcohol ? Here's ...

    ... be concerned if he can't seem to go a single day without alcohol? Is it healthy that beer is a staple in his ... it is okay . If he is an alcoholic, wouldn't it be typical for him to deny it? What are the Warning ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Ritalin Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Ritalin Abuse

    Over the years, there has been an increase in the misuse of alcohol and certain prescription drugs such as Ritalin. Ritalin—which is the trade name ...

    ... with psychological education techniques that help them work through these real-life ... treated for the same health issue in order to allow members to share their experiences and support one another. Alcoholics Anonymous ... Learn more

  • Country vs. City Addictions: Are They Different?

    Urban and rural addicts don't seem to have a whole lot in common, according to a report published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services ...

    ... the data was evaluated, it was clear that urban addicts and rural addicts don't have much in common. For those who believe all addictions are alike, the SAMHSA report proves otherwise. Here are some of the fascinating ... Learn more

  • Study: Your Genes Could Make You a Compulsive Drinker

    Jessica has tried time and again to limit her drinking. “I'll just have one glass of wine tonight!” she tells herself, night after night. But one ...

    ... a bar, and she wakes up the next day hungover, regretful and ashamed. Scientists are still seeking answers for why some people can consume alcohol in a casual, moderate way, while others occasionally drink to excess ... Learn more

  • The Damage of Drinking During Early Pregnancy: 3 Myths Debunked

    Most of us are well aware that drinking throughout one's pregnancy can cause harm to an unborn baby. But with slightly more than half of all ...

    ... drink without knowing ... help you plan how to handle urges to drink and learn how to say no. You should also consider joining a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous. If not for yourself, then quit drinking alcohol for ... Learn more

  • This Is How Alcohol Affects Your Brain (Simple Animation)

    We pop the champagne to celebrate a momentous occasion. We sip whiskey to soothe the pain of a disappointing loss. We order a glass of wine to ease ...

    ... we cheers tequila shots while catching up with an old friend because, hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. We drink alcohol for a multitude of reasons - when life is good, when life is bad, when it's Friday. But why do we ... Learn more

  • Flawed Research: Proof That Social Drinking Was Never Healthy

    Most of us have heard stories about the potential health benefits of drinking alcohol: light-to-moderate drinkers had fewer heart attacks than ...

    ... the team found no evidence that moderate drinking (people who have up to two drinks per day) was better for a person's health than those who abstained from alcohol altogether. However, a key issue with the past studies ... Learn more

  • Listen To Your Gut: It Could Save Your Liver

    Do you know what's swimming around in your gut? Bacteria. What else is in there? Antibiotics. And no , not prescription meds like doctors give ...

    ... we hinder the production of these protective proteins. Without these, the bacteria replicate freely and can ... we could help decrease liver damage. This could be used as a treatment for those with alcoholic liver disease. ... Learn more

  • My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me: How to Stop Addictive Thinking Patterns

    My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me: How to Stop Addictive Thinking Patterns

    In prison, many of the women I met struggled with substance abuse issues. Although alcohol and drugs were no longer in endless supply in there, many ...

    ... mindset. Breaking addictive patterns is not always a choice one can simply make, and it is ok to ask for help. Many people find themselves going back to old habits that stop them from living the life they deserve. If ... Learn more

  • Clock Out: It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Workplace Addiction

    Years ago, one of my bosses had a substance abuse problem - one that was well-known around the office. She didn't just party a little too hard at ...

    ... reckless behavior has significant consequences for your company and those around ... help get their co-workers the professional help they deserve. Additional Reading: When Does a Moderate Drinker Turn into an Alcoholic ... Learn more

  • Why Is Alcohol So Addictive?

    Problematic use of alcohol is all too common across all age groups. In adults, 10% of men and 5% of women meet the criteria for an alcohol use ...

    ... aren't good, either. Many chronic alcoholics develop a condition known as alcoholic cardiomyopathy-in layman's terms, a big ... be extremely to quit without help. Fortunately, there are ways to get help. Alcohol Is the ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Painkiller Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Painkiller Abuse

    Opioids are some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs. They include oxycodone , hydrocodone , meperidine (Demerol) , and many others. ...

    ... unable to place aside for the treatment duration. Twelve-step programs —like Alcoholics Anonymous and Pills ... than those without alcohol use disorders. People with alcohol use disorders accounted for more than ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Intervention Programs

    Alcohol Intervention Programs

    Typically, those who have a loved one with a drinking problem are concerned about the damage that person is doing, not only to themselves but to ...

    ... ease the recovery process . A treatment program should be decided upon and ready for when the alcoholic says yes to getting help. It is important to capitalize on the successful intervention with a treatment program to ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

    Alcohol Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

    What Is Alcohol Abuse? Those who abuse or misuse alcohol are not necessarily addicted to or dependent on alcohol. An individual can misuse alcohol ...

    ... alcohol without drinking on a consistent basis. For ... alcoholics with a place to explore their destructive behavior. Many outpatient treatment centers provide anonymous group meetings, as well as other programs to help ... Learn more

  • Is There a Cure for Alcoholism?

    We're often asked whether there's a cure for alcoholism . Often this is by a concerned partner or friend, and sometimes it's by someone who suffers ...

    ... For some, alcoholism can be overcome, although whether it is cured is debatable. The other issue is that those who drink a lot are not necessarily alcoholics ... by a crocodile). A story helps us to imagine the situation and ... Learn more

  • Are Instagram Booze Memes Driving More Women to Binge Drink?

    Instagram, home of selfies and highly-filtered vacation pics, has generated another popular trend: booze memes. The colorful images, which ...

    ... , the average number of daily alcoholic drinks rose from about 4.7 in 2001 to five in 2012. For women, the number increased by ... t helping anything. Last month, a study by UK think tank Demos found that, especially for ... Learn more

  • 6 Common Sense Tips to Avoid Alcoholism

    Our society is soaked in alcohol. So many activities are drenched with it. This can make it tough to cut back, and easy to overdo it. The good news ...

    ... fridge with other drinks - ones that were much better for him. If friends or relatives brought booze to a get ... but she realized she can find healthier, non-alcoholic ways to prove herself. # 4 Don't ... Learn more

  • How I Juggled Probation and Active Addiction

    In 2010, I was arrested for a “DUI with Enhancements” and reckless driving. I was barely twenty-one and hadn't faced any real consequences of my ...

    ... jail called “active addiction,” I took the probation option without reading the not-so-fine print. The first “ ... print — the conditions I had yet to even begin. Time for a Do-Over I went back to court to request to ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Amphetamine Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Amphetamine Abuse

    The Problem of Alcohol and Amphetamine Abuse Just because two substances can each be obtained legally does not mean that they are safe together. ...

    ... similar to cocaine. There are several brand names for oral amphetamines with Adderall being the most recognized . ... seek professional treatment. Suddenly stopping use without observation can be difficult, uncomfortable, ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Steroid Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Steroid Abuse

    Anabolic steroids are synthetic drugs that mimic some of the hormonal effects that testosterone has on the body. They are sometimes used to prevent ...

    ... people obtain and abuse these steroids without a prescription for the purpose of building muscle mass, ... and alcohol addiction. 12-Step programs : Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are fellowships that ... Learn more

  • When Drinking Becomes Alcoholism

    When Drinking Becomes Alcoholism

    Worldwide alcohol use and abuse statistics are staggering. The single highest risk factor for premature death and disability for individuals ...

    ... and, in many cases, one can worsen to the next without the drinker even noticing. If you or someone you love are ... Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a mutual help and support group that provides fellowship and strategies for ... Learn more

  • Warning: Even Moderate Drinking Can Increase Your Cancer Risk

    Based on tons of research, we already know that heavy drinking can put you at a higher risk for various diseases and disorders. But what about ...

    ... to 14.9 grams of alcohol is less than what's been deemed a “ typical-sized alcoholic beverage ” per day. While drinking was linked with increased cancer risk for both genders, the risks varied by the following causes ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Might be Causing Your Bathroom Misery

    Anyone's who had a urinary tract infection (UTI) knows that it's irritating at best and extremely painful at worst. While dehydration and bacterial ...

    ... often, you've got all the ingredients for a pretty miserable situation. Urinary Tract and Alcohol ... you. Learn more about what you can do to help an alcoholic loved one . Image, en.wikipedia ... Learn more

  • Before You Crank the Engine, Take a Deep Breath and Blow

    If you've ever been convicted of a drunk driving offense , you're probably more than familiar with a car breathalyzer (also known as an interlock ...

    ... and compared it to the number of alcohol-related crash deaths in the 32 states without mandatory interlocks for all offenders. “Our findings show that by preventing intoxicated drivers from starting their vehicles ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and PCP Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and PCP Abuse

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse describes PCP as a serious and illegal hallucinogen that started as a clinical sedative and anesthetic, but was ...

    ... the harmful effects of PCP use and how to help someone that's struggling by calling our helpline. ... Narcotics Anonymous website. The Alcoholics Anonymous website. The NIDA fact sheet for hallucinogens's ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Ativan Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Ativan Abuse

    Ativan is a sedative anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety medication , with effects similar to those of other drugs in its class, such as Valium and Xanax. ...

    ... extremely dangerous. Without question, using alcohol and Ativan together increases the risk for an overdose. ... I Addicted to Benzos? If you or a loved one needs help with alcohol and Ativan abuse, call us at 1-888- ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Alprazolam Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Alprazolam Abuse

    Alprazolam, more commonly known by the brand name Xanax , is an anti-anxiety and panic disorder medication. Alprazolam is part of a class of drug ...

    ... of dopamine released into the neuron, so without the inhibitory mechanism of action, dopamine levels rise ... research to treat addiction. For more information on how to help an alcoholic and alprazolam addict, call ... Learn more

  • When Does a Moderate Drinker Turn into an Alcoholic?

    Although there are many factors which bring a person from being a moderate social drinker into an alcoholic, new research has found that a large part ...

    ... participants with a higher risk rate for alcohol abuse had significantly lower ... helps process self-control and emotions, as well as lower connectivity between cortexes. Learn how you can best help an alcoholic ... Learn more

  • 30 Famous Musicians Who Have Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    1. Ozzy Osbourne Rockstar Ozzy Osbourne has long struggled with addiction. In fact, his heavy alcohol and drug abuse led to him being fired from ...

    ... for alcoholics is to not be embarrassed to reach out for help. 14. Syd Barrett Syd Barrett, without ... about heroin ever written. Despite having avoided a reputation for drug use, he has definitely done his share, but ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Poisoning: You Can Save a Life in Less Than 10 Steps

    Last night Kerry got drunk…and then kept drinking. By the end of the night, he couldn't even stand up on his own. His friends carried him to the ...

    ... put him to bed on his couch. They thought he'd just sleep it off and have a horrible hangover to show for it the next morning. But what if Kerry doesn't simply “sleep it off?” What if he was actually unconscious as a ... Learn more

  • Attorney General Nominee Thinks Booze Is Safer Than Pot?

    President Barack Obama's nominee for attorney general made serious waves during her confirmation hearing on Jan. 28. Despite statistics and data to ...

    ... Sanjay Gupta. “Even considering this, it is hard to make a case that it has a high potential for abuse. The physical symptoms of marijuana addiction are nothing like those of the other drugs I've mentioned.” Additional ... Learn more

  • Alcohol and Injuries: Together Like Bread and Butter

    “It's not that tall,” Josh thought. “I can jump it. Easy.” An hour later, Josh was in the ER getting treated for burns thanks to a drunken ...

    “It's not that tall,” Josh thought. “I can jump it. Easy.” An hour later, Josh was in the ER getting treated for burns thanks to a drunken attempt at leaping over a raging bonfire. When you've had a few drinks, your ... Learn more

  • Progressing Through the 5 Stages of Addiction: Stage II

    A craving is an intense desire to use a particular drug and experts consider this the second stage of addiction. This overwhelming urge to use is so ...

    ... get high is a very real part of developing an addiction. The only way to get rid of these cravings for good is to separate yourself from drugs and alcohol - first through detox, and then through treatment and a program ... Learn more

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