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opiate overdose treatment at home

  • Opioid Hotlines

    Opioid Hotlines

    Call Now 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? Heroin and prescription painkiller medications are addictive narcotic drugs that are classified as ...

    ... overdose —call 911 for emergency medical assistance. But for non-emergency issues, you can reach via several other opiate addiction help numbers for information about opioid use and opioid addiction treatment ... home ... Learn more

  • Why Are Prescription Opiates So Addictive?

    Why Are Prescription Opiates So Addictive?

    Prescription opiates - such as Vicodin , Percocet , and OxyContin - are narcotic medications used for pain management. These drugs are often ...

    ... treatment program, these drugs can: Help eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Sustain abstinence. Prevent relapse. Decrease opiate-related overdose ... Outpatient treatment may be right for those who wish to live at home, ... Learn more

  • Opioid Overdose

    Opioid Overdose

    Opioids are a class of substances that includes many synthetic and semi-synthetic drugs manufactured from opiate alkaloid precursors found in the ...

    ... their doses they face an equally increased risk of overdose. Relapse : When a person relapses into opioid ... triggers at home to use. Inpatient treatment involves an extended stay at a live-in treatment facility, ... Learn more

  • Opiate Addiction Withdrawal

    Opiate Addiction Withdrawal

    Opiates sometimes interchangeably referred to as opioids and narcotics, are a broad class of drugs. They are widely used legally and abused ...

    ... of overdose associated with opiates. ... opiates will benefit from a medically assisted detox period to evaluate their status, stabilize their symptoms, and refer them for additional substance abuse treatment services at ... Learn more

  • How to Help an Opiate Addict

    Help for Opiates Addicts Opiates are some of the most abused drugs in America, with prescription opiates accounting for up to 5.1 million ...

    ... can provide, opiate users who were treated at a formal treatment center had significantly ... Gladden, R. M. (2016). Increases in drug and opioid overdose deaths-United States, 2000-2014. MMWR: Morbidity and mortality weekly ... Learn more

  • Opiate Relapse

    Opiate Relapse

    Opiate abuse and addiction has become an epidemic with a vast impact on the health and welfare of individuals and societies worldwide 1 . The ...

    ... for those on the road to recovery to relapse at least once. Many view relapse as a significant, ... K. (2010). Lapse and relapse following inpatient treatment of opiate dependence . Irish Medical Journal. 103(6),176 ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Opiate Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Opiate Abuse

    Prescription opiates are effective in the treatment of pain, but they have the potential to be addictive and, in fact, many people are ...

    ... the risk of harm and overdose. Alcohol should not be consumed when taking opiates, but combining these drugs is ... chance at success for the rest of your recovery. Treatment programs for alcohol and opiate addiction ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Opiates on the Body

    Share on Twitter Share on Facebook They're potent, they're dangerous - and they could be in your medicine cabinet. In 2012, 259 ...

    ... The Effects of Opiates on the Respiratory System Overdosing on opioid painkillers ... altering consequences of opiate abuse to mount - call to speak with a compassionate treatment support specialist at 1-888-744 ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Opioid Use

    The Effects of Opioid Use

    Are Opioids Harmful? Opioids are a class of drugs that include prescription painkillers such as oxycodone (Oxycontin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), ...

    ... long-term opioid treatment struggles with opioid addiction. 4 Opiates and Dopamine Opiates initiate the ... a medicine that can treat an opioid overdose if given immediately. 5 Effects of Injection ... Learn more

  • Opioid Addiction: Signs and Addiction Treatment

    Opioid Addiction: Signs and Addiction Treatment

    Opioids are substances that are known for their pain-relieving effects. They include both legal, and some illegal substances that may have the ...

    ... types of painful conditions. 4 Naturally occurring opiate substances such as morphine, codeine, and ... abstinence they may also be at risk of overdose. 18 Opioid Addiction Treatment If you are wondering how ... Learn more

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  • Legalizing Marijuana Decreases Fatal Opiate Overdoses, Study Shows

    According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. In an effort to relieve that constant ...

    ... legalized medical marijuana saw approximately 1,700 fewer opiate-related overdose deaths. “We found there was about ... Detox Centers Near Me Detoxing from Drugs at Home Free Drug Rehab Centers Near Me How ... Learn more

  • Actiq (Fentanyl) Lollipop Abuse

    Actiq (Fentanyl) Lollipop Abuse

    Actiq is a brand name for the opioid drug fentanyl. 3 Actiq comes as a lozenge on a handle (like a lollipop) and the fentanyl is quickly absorbed ...

    ... provider). Not carrying out important responsibilities at school, work, or home due to regular use. When the ... and Substance Abuse Treatment . National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2019). Overdose Death Rates . ... Learn more

  • Signs & Symptoms of Hydromorphone Abuse

    Signs & Symptoms of Hydromorphone Abuse

    Hydromorphone is a prescription medication used for the long-term treatment of moderate to severe pain that cannot be managed by other pain ...

    ... account for 75% of deaths from painkiller overdose. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, ... be connected to someone that can recommend helpful treatment options to limit the influence of hydromorphone and ... Learn more

  • How Concerned Should We Be About Opiates?

    Opiates are a group of drugs that manage pain by depressing the central nervous system (CNS). There are two different kinds of opiates: natural ...

    ... Prevention (CDC) announced that opiate pain relievers were involved in 14,800 overdose deaths - more than cocaine ... 17 The Need for Treatment Is Rising …practitioners have at their disposal more tools ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Hydrocodone Use

    The Effects of Hydrocodone Use

    About Hydrocodone Hydrocodone is a prescription medication sold under multiple brand names, such as: Vicodin. Norco. Lortab. ...

    ... in excessive doses, hydrocodone users are placed at high risk for developing tolerance, addiction, and ... } Treatment Withdrawal from long-term hydrocodone use can be very unpleasant. The opiate withdrawal ... Learn more

  • Side Effects of Demerol Use

    Side Effects of Demerol Use

    Is Demerol Harmful? The use of Demerol and other prescription opioids is widespread. In 2012, 259 million prescriptions were written for ...

    ... Demerol Overdose Each day, approximately 46 people die of an opiate overdose, ... treatment. It may only be administered at specialized clinics. Methadone may be used as a long-term maintenance treatment for opiate ... Learn more

  • The Effects of OxyContin Use

    The Effects of OxyContin Use

    Is OxyContin Harmful? OxyContin is an opiate that is often prescribed for moderate to strong post-surgical pain or more chronic pain ...

    ... to function in your daily life, and you use at the expense of other priorities or activities you enjoy. ... , inpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment. You may be started on another 'stabilizing' opiate regimen, ... Learn more

  • Hydrocodone Abuse

    Hydrocodone Abuse

    About Hydrocodone Hydrocodone is an opioid analgesic (painkiller) drug - included in the formulation of many narcotic prescription ...

    ... prescribed to control moderate to severe pain. As an opiate drug, it is in the same family as ... who attend the program spend a few hours at the treatment center before going home, going to work or staying with loved ones ... Learn more

  • Welcome to a New Tramadol Nightmare

    People seeking safe opiate detox in Alaska were recently left out in the cold - in more ways than one. Only two state facilities currently offer ...

    ... Center in Anchorage and the Gateway to Recovery Center in Fairbanks offered the only opiate detox beds in the state of Alaska. Staff at both facilities are currently working on plans that will eventually allow them to ... Learn more

  • Chicken vs. Egg: Which Came First, Heroin or OxyContin Addiction?

    For centuries, people have debated one age old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? While both sides of this argument have their ...

    ... to Mark Publicker, who oversees a 24-bed detox ward at Mercy Hospital Recovery Center in Portland. “As bad as ... sales and the medical costs associated with overdoses, opiate addiction is an epidemic that touches and ... Learn more

  • Prescription Opiates: As Addictive as Heroin?

    According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 21.5 million Americans aged 12 and older met the criteria for substance use ...

    ... result of the opiate-addiction epidemic. In a 2014 survey, 94% of people in treatment for opioid addiction ... -25 years old. 4 From 2000 to 2010, heroin overdoses increased by more than 50%. 2 Approximately 23% of ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Kratom Use

    Kratom ( Mitragyna speciosa ) is a tree-like plant from Southeast Asia that belongs to the same family of plants as coffee and gardenias. Kratom ...

    ... interactions with other drugs or medications. Overdoses - some of them fatal - ... opiate, and lofexidine, a drug used for high blood pressure. Following successful withdrawal from kratom, drug rehabilitation treatment at ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Percocet Use

    Is Percocet Harmful? When abused, Percocet can be quite harmful. Percocet is the brand name of a narcotic pain reliever containing a ...

    ... { margin: 0 0 0 15px; } } Acetaminophen overdose can occur especially easily in abusers who take it while ... 8 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for a substance abuse problem but did not ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Vicodin Use

    The Effects of Vicodin Use

    Vicodin is an prescription painkiller medication that is comprised of two substances: Hydrocodone. Acetaminophen . ...

    ... the user is at greater risk of the above side effects. An individual's risk of overdose is also ... -0069 Who Answers? to get information on potential treatment options. Long Term Effects of Vicodin In the ... Learn more

  • Suboxone Debate: What Is the Big Problem with Buprenorphine?

    When it comes to this nation's chemical dependence, few drugs have achieved the notoriety and reputation of opioid drugs. In fact, things have ...

    ... overdose potential. 3 “Buprenorphine is the most important advance certainly in heroin and opiate treatment if not all addiction treatments ... and methadone is no joke. At higher doses over long periods of ... Learn more

  • 6 Facts You Need to Know About Opiate Withdrawal

    The United States has the highest rate of opioid use per capita in the world. As a nation, we consume 80% of the world's opioid supply. 1 In 2014, ...

    ... reduce the risk of overdose and increase retention rates of patients in treatment. 28 Despite this, ... that every 25 minutes a baby is born suffering from opiate withdrawal in the U.S. 7 The onset of withdrawal ... Learn more

  • Is Tramadol the New OxyContin?

    Is Tramadol the New OxyContin?

    The epidemic of painkiller addiction is well known, and OxyContin (oxycodone) has arguably been the most notorious prescription opioid at the ...

    ... because the traditional opiate antidote, naloxone, does not completely reverse tramadol overdoses. The Lesser ... drugs 15 . Get Help for Tramadol Addiction Treatment for addiction to tramadol , like other opioids ... Learn more

  • Fentanyl Abuse

    Fentanyl Abuse

    What Is Fentanyl? Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate pain reliever. It's typically prescribed to patients for severe pain or injury , or after a ...

    ... the slow-release mechanism and can lead to overdose . Signs and Symptoms There are many common ... However, opiate dependency is a tenacious condition with a high relapse rate and not all treatment centers are ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Morphine Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Morphine Abuse

    It is never safe to mix alcohol with other medications. Morphine, an opiate, can be particularly dangerous when mixed with alcohol, given its ...

    ... dangerous amount of either substance and should seek emergency treatment. Dangerous side effects such as slower heart rate ... drug overdoses, and an estimated 33 percent of those admitted have overdosed on an opiate like ... Learn more

  • Kentucky (KY) Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center

    The havoc that substance addiction can wreak is felt not only by the people using the drug or alcohol themselves but everyone that loves them and ...

    ... are, you will receive at least partial coverage for substance abuse treatment services. If you have researched ... call to speak to a licensed counselor about treatment for opiate addiction: (859) 415-9280. The ... Learn more

  • Demerol Abuse

    Demerol Abuse

    Demerol, also known by the street name “demmies” and the generic name meperidine , is a prescription opioid painkiller. Demerol is used to ...

    ... and seizures . Demerol Overdose Overdose is also a concern for Demerol abusers. At high doses, it can ... . Overdoses from opiate painkillers quadrupled between 1999 and 2007. Teen Abuse Prescription opiate ... Learn more

  • Snorting Morphine

    Snorting Morphine

    Morphine is a prescription opioid medication used to treat relatively severe pain 1 . Morphine is prescribed in a variety of forms, including ...

    ... at home, ... Opiate and opioid withdrawal . National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2012). Medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2016) Prescription Opioid Overdose ... Learn more

  • Tramadol Abuse

    Tramadol Abuse

    What Is Tramadol? Tramadol (brand name: Ultram) is an opioid analgesic (painkiller) . It is prescribed to treat moderate to moderately severe ...

    ... desired effects. This puts them at risk of accidental overdose , symptoms of which include: ... Treatment for Tramadol Abuse Tramadol abuse and dependence present many of the same challenges as addictions to other opiate ... Learn more

  • Percocet Abuse

    Percocet Abuse

    Since the mid-1990s, rates of prescription drug abuse have skyrocketed. Today, the widespread abuse of prescription medication —whether it ...

    ... continued misuse. An overdose that can result in ... opiate dependence like methadone or buprenorphine. These substances work to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms from the Percocet. Other treatment methods aimed at ... Learn more

  • Record-Breaking Number of Overdoses Traced Back to Bad Heroin

    A dangerous batch of heroin circulating throughout the city of Chicago has caused a record-breaking 74 overdoses in the span of just three days. ...

    ... breaking 74 overdoses in the span of just three days. When the numbers began to climb at such an ... overdoses with the opiate overdose antidote known as naloxone. Paramedics in the city are faced with enough opiate overdose ... Learn more

  • Newsflash: Tramadol Really is an Opiate

    For years, tramadol was thought of as a safe alternative to opiates . It was viewed as less habit-forming and easier to tolerate than its ...

    ... involved with the use and abuse of this drug. Public awareness of this opiate must increase if we are to decrease the numbers at risk. Additional Reading: Don't Be Fooled: Tramadol Abuse Poses Very Real Dangers ... Learn more

  • Heroin Withdrawal

    Heroin Withdrawal

    Heroin is an illicitly manufactured opioid drug and morphine derivative. Both the pain-relieving and pleasurable properties of heroin are ...

    ... also keeps you safe from relapse and potential overdose. How to Find a Heroin Detox Program ... opiate_addiction_detoxification_and_maintenance Whelan, P. J., & Remski, K. (2012). Buprenorphine vs methadone treatment ... Learn more

  • Are Prescription Painkillers as Addictive as Heroin?

    Are Prescription Painkillers as Addictive as Heroin?

    The Link Between Painkillers and Heroin Common Prescription Opioids Vicodin . OxyContin . Percocet . Lortab . Norco ...

    ... alarming surge in teenage heroin use and overdose, per the Centers for Disease Control ( ... treatment - might consider seeking addiction treatment further away from home. Cost - Many insurance companies will provide at ... Learn more

  • Kratom Abuse

    Kratom Abuse

    What Is Kratom? Kratom is a tree-like plant that grows in Southeast Asia and is distantly related to coffee and gardenia plants. Street ...

    ... popularity as an unsanctioned method of managing opiate withdrawal symptoms; however, this practice is ... living at home while still receiving treatment. If you need help determining the right treatment option for ... Learn more

  • Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

    Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

    What Is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome? Post-acute-withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) refers to a constellation of symptoms experienced by some ...

    ... drugs. All opioid drugs work by activating opiate receptors in the brain and spinal cord, which ... Call 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? to find treatment now. The pattern of substance abuse. Duration of the ... Learn more

  • Hydrocodone History and Statistics

    Hydrocodone History and Statistics

    What Is Hydrocodone? Hydrocodone is powerful opiate drug that serves dual purposes when used as directed. It is both an effective cough ...

    ... stolen by physicians or pharmaceutical workers. Theft from homes, offices, and pharmacies. With the amount of ... overdose, and death from hydrocodone is high. Treatment is vital for someone facing an opiate ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Fentanyl Addict

    How to Help a Fentanyl Addict

    Fentanyl is an opiate narcotic used to relieve severe pain, such as breakthrough cancer pain. It is extremely potent - 50-100 times more potent ...

    ... signs of fentanyl abuse are similar to that of other opiates in that they can range from mild to life-threatening. ... where there is a supportive home environment; however, outpatient treatment may not be appropriate for ... Learn more

  • Is Fentanyl Abuse More Deadly Than Heroin?

    Is Fentanyl Abuse More Deadly Than Heroin?

    Fentanyl, a drug previously unheard of by many, has become notorious in recent years due to the spike in overdose deaths from heroin laced with the ...

    ... Where Does Fentanyl Come From? What Are Opiates/Opioids? Opiates are derived from the opium poppy plant, ... 2015, 55% of people who died from an overdose of fentanyl additionally tested positive for heroin or cocaine, ... Learn more

  • Prescription Drug Abuse Problem

    For some time now, the abuse of illicit substances such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin has been a persistent national problem. ...

    ... with alcohol or other drugs. At the other end of the overdose spectrum, too many stimulant drugs ... have an addiction potential should be considered as the first treatment option for those with a history of drug abuse. ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Painkillers Addict

    How to Help a Painkillers Addict

    Help for Painkiller Addicts Addiction is characterized by compulsive use despite the knowledge that it's affecting your life in a ...

    ... opiate withdrawal. Once detox is complete, addiction treatment will begin in earnest. Effective treatment ... CDC reports that 22,767 deaths involved prescription drug overdoses in 2013. More than 16,000 of these involved ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Methadone Addict

    How to Help a Methadone Addict

    Help for Methadone Addicts Methadone is an opioid drug; however, it is beneficial in the treatment of heroin dependence or other forms of opiate ...

    ... abuse can lead to addiction, overdose, and even death. Treatment for methadone dependence is an option ... the drug. You'll also likely notice that you feel anxious at the thought of stopping the drug, and you may find ... Learn more

  • Vicodin Abuse

    Vicodin Abuse

    What Is Vicodin? Physicians often prescribe Vicodin, a combination of hydrocodone (an opiate) and acetaminophen, for the relief of moderate ...

    ... opiate or a barbiturate. The U.S. National Library of Medicine lists Vicodin overdose ... outpatient therapy are those who have a strong support network at home, consisting of friends and family. Whether you choose an ... Learn more

  • Oxycodone Abuse

    Oxycodone Abuse

    What Is Oxycodone? Those addicted to prescription opiates like oxycodone are 40 times more likely to develop a heroin abuse ...

    ... to other legal and illegal opioids. Also, like other opiate and opioid drugs, oxycodone is capable of delivering a ... patient in recovery living at the treatment center for a period of time. Treatment program lengths vary, ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Heroin Addict

    How to Help a Heroin Addict

    More than 590,000 people had a heroin use disorder in the U.S. in 2015, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. If you or someone ...

    ... treatment is when heroin abusers live at home and continue their daily routines while receiving treatment. Residential treatment ... having tried heroin at least once. Heroin is an extremely addictive opiate due to how ... Learn more

  • 5 Naloxone Myths Debunked

    Naloxone History Lesson Naloxone is not a new medication. In fact, emergency responders have used the medication since the 1960s. Today, ...

    ... opiate drugs and causes an addict to experience withdrawal symptoms. Myth #2: Naloxone Prevents Addicts from Seeking Treatment ... naloxone to patients who are at risk of an opiate overdose. What's more, a variety ... Learn more

  • Don’t Be Fooled: Tramadol Abuse Poses Very Real Dangers

    Ultram. Conzip. Rybix ODT. These name brands of tramadol have recently flooded the marketplace with their painkilling properties. Since its ...

    ... S. For years, this drug was thought of as the safe opiate. Then, in 2010, the FDA became a bit more cautious about ... at risk for addiction. The next year, over 20,000 ER visits were linked to tramadol, and 379 overdoses ... Learn more

  • Opiate Alternatives: Doctor’s Got a Brand New Bag

    We have seen a staggering increase in both opiate painkiller and heroin abuse over the last decade. As people become dependent on opiates - ...

    ... opiate epidemic is much ado about nothing, let's have a look at the latest numbers, shall we? In 2014, approximately 20,000 people died from prescription opioid overdose ... Neurostimulators This treatment uses ... Learn more

  • Heroin Use Increasing Across New Demographics, Study Finds

    The face of heroin in the US is changing. As the drug becomes more commonly abused among new racial, geographic and socioeconomic groups, the ...

    ... past, urban communities, poor people and minorities were most at risk, leading to the stereotype of “urban junkie.” As ... group. Additional Reading: Opiates, Overdose and Permanent Brain Damage Image ... Learn more

  • DEA Finally Acknowledges the Heroin Epidemic

    According to recent statistics gathered during a detailed research investigation - a project aptly dubbed The National Heroin Threat Assessment - ...

    ... many cases, is now cheaper and easier to obtain than opiate pain pills ever were. In 2013, a report by SAMHSA ... overdose . If you or someone you love is abusing heroin, it's crucial to seek professional treatment ... Learn more

  • Painkiller Detox and Withdrawal

    Painkiller Detox and Withdrawal

    Prescription painkillers are opioid medications that manage pain and, furthermore, exhibit activity throughout the brain's pleasure centers. Their ...

    ... dangers like respiratory depression , which, in cases of overdose, can become serious enough to cause coma or death. ... treatment, should I find somewhere close or further away from home? How much support you have at home ... Learn more

  • Why Is Heroin So Addictive?

    Why Is Heroin So Addictive?

    Despite its dangers and reputation for harm, use of heroin continues to climb higher in the US. According to the Centers for Disease ...

    ... substance in the body. The body's discomfort at not having the drug is called withdrawal and it ... be used to reverse opiate overdose In tandem with medication-assisted treatment, behavioral therapies are shown ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Morphine Use

    The Effects of Morphine Use

    Morphine, an opiate narcotic painkiller , is a Schedule II controlled substance, which means it has a high potential for abuse. It can be a ...

    ... more at our blog, Taking Action: How to Intervene During an Overdose . It's extremely important to get help right away if you think you may be experiencing or witnessing a morphine overdose situation. Opiate ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Morphine Addict

    How to Help a Morphine Addict

    With approximately 52 million people in the U.S. having used prescription drugs nonmedically in their lifetime, widespread addiction to drugs like ...

    ... can't get addicted to it. This is not the case at all. Prescription drugs can be abused like any other drug. Users ... opiate addiction is very hard for many people to overcome on their own, some form of treatment-either ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Lortab Use

    The Effects of Lortab Use

    Lortab is the combination of hydrocodone , an opiate used to manage pain, and acetaminophen , an over-the-counter analgesic and antipyretic ...

    ... or a loved one is struggling to get free from an opiate addiction, call 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? to learn ... at 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? to discuss your treatment options. A compassionate treatment ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Fentanyl Use

    The Effects of Fentanyl Use

    Is Fentanyl Dangerous? Fentanyl may be administered through: Patches. Oral or nasal spray. Lollipops (a 'troche' or lozenge with a ...

    ... dangerous dosages of the drug, putting the user at risk for overdose. To combat this, it is important to: ... abuse of Fentanyl can be deadly. Fentanyl Treatment Treatment for fentanyl typically has two components: 1) ... Learn more

  • Heroin History and Statistics

    Heroin History and Statistics

    History Heroin is a powerful opiate narcotic that has no legal medical use in the US. Outside of the US, pharmaceutical grade heroin is ...

    ... and related drugs—collectively known as narcotics, opiates, or opioids. The British chemist Charles ... and mind at risk, you're also subject to stiff legal penalties. But help is available. Learn about treatment programs ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Suboxone and Alcohol and Abuse

    Concurrent Suboxone and Alcohol and Abuse

    About Alcohol and Suboxone Alcohol Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance by both teenagers and adults in the United States, ...

    ... Naloxone - An opiate antagonist that counters the effects of opiate overdose. When misused, the naloxone in Suboxone initiates opiate withdrawal symptoms, discouraging abuse. While effective at getting patients off ... Learn more

  • Gray Death: The New Killer on the Street

    Gray Death: The New Killer on the Street

    While heroin adulterated with fentanyl has been in the news in recent years and the risks are well-known, there is a new danger on the streets, and ...

    ... overdosing, and dying from them. When you combine these drugs with an already potent opiate ... ingredient in gray death, got onto an officer's shirt at a traffic stop. Later in his shift, the officer brushed ... Learn more

  • Heroin Relapse

    Heroin Relapse

    Heroin Relapse is Common Anyone can develop a heroin addiction—it's not limited to a specific demographic—but once you develop an ...

    ... % of adults aged 26 and older have used heroin at least once in their lifetime 2 . Anyone can develop ... K. (2010). Lapse and relapse following inpatient treatment of opiate dependence . Irish Medical Journal, 103(6), 176 ... Learn more

  • Snorting Heroin

    Snorting Heroin

    Heroin is a highly addictive Schedule I controlled drug. Heroin has a long history—it was first synthesized (as diacetylmorphine) in 1874 from ...

    ... of overdose deaths from opiates has increased over the years. As it stands, opioid overdose is ... recovery as you. Outpatient treatment : This type of treatment allows you to live at home while also receiving care ... Learn more

  • Tramadol Withdrawal

    Tramadol Withdrawal

    Tramadol is an opioid medication that works to relieve moderately severe pain by changing the way that the brain and nervous system perceive and ...

    ... and, in doing so, increase their risk of overdose. NOTE : Certain psychological dangers may arise in a ... Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide . S. National Library of Medicine: MedlinePlus. (2016). Opiate ... Learn more

  • Morphine Abuse

    Morphine Abuse

    What Is Morphine? Morphine is the primary chemical component in opium. It is an opioid analgesic drug that is used to treat severe pain, ...

    ... aspects of inpatient treatment with the flexibility of living at home and often at a significantly cheaper price ... drug overdose has been driven by an increased use of drugs like morphine . Prescription opiate abuse ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Suboxone Use

    The Effects of Suboxone Use

    Overview of Suboxone The Suboxone Debate: Learn why use of Suboxone is a hotly contested issue. Suboxone is a combination ...

    ... or methadone and is considered to have a low overdose potential. 3 Suboxone typically comes as a sublingual ... is recovery , when the period of active addiction treatment concludes, and you are given the opportunity to ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Percocet Addict

    How to Help a Percocet Addict

    Help for Percocet Addicts If you're battling an addiction to Percocet (the combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone - an ...

    ... the combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone - an opiate-derived pain reliever ), you're not alone. ... but they can be valuable treatment options for those with strong support systems at home. Depending on the type of ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Tramadol Addict

    How to Help a Tramadol Addict

    Help for Tramadol Addiction If you have been struggling with an addiction to tramadol , or you know someone who has, finding the proper ...

    ... treatment program, it's important that you have a good support system at home. In addition, since you don't stay at ... severe pain. The medication is considered an opiate agonist, which works by changing the way your ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Tramadol Use

    The Effects of Tramadol Use

    Tramadol is a synthetic opioid analgesic (painkiller) that is frequently prescribed to manage moderate to severe levels of pain—such as ...

    ... Learn about treatment and recovery today. First, like heroin, codeine, and all other opiate analgesics, tramadol ... and are at increased risk for overdose. Symptoms of tramadol overdose include: Decreased ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Hydrocodone Addict

    How to Help a Hydrocodone Addict

    If an addiction to hydrocodone is consuming your life or the life of someone you care about, you're not alone. Help is available, and it ...

    ... treatment may include medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for the management of opiate ... hydrocodone user is beginning to neglect his or her responsibilities at home or work. It's also common for people addicted ... Learn more

  • Heroin Abuse

    Heroin Abuse

    About Heroin Abuse What Is Heroin? Heroin use is increasing across new demographics. Learn more about this disturbing ...

    ... at risk for miscarriages, low birth weight, and neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) , which involves the child being born dependent on the substance and enduring withdrawal effects. Opiate Overdose ... and treatment options ... Learn more

  • Methadone Programs: A Bad Treatment Plan for Addicted Parents?

    When it comes to the negative effects of substance abuse , addiction casts a wide net. Addicted parents, in particular, are faced with a unique ...

    ... dismal at best. Parents Receiving Methadone Treatment For opiate-addicted parents receiving treatment via ... rate of arrests in the United States. Overdose and Death Mortality rates are much higher for ... Learn more

  • Outlook on Opiate Abuse: There’s Good News and Bad News

    It's no secret that the abuse of prescription opioid painkillers, like OxyContin and Percocet , has reached epidemic levels in the United States. ...

    ... study. At the same time, however, the rise in opioid misuse and disorders related to opiate abuse suggests ... overdoses . For example, from 2004 to 2013, even though the number of opioid users rose, the use of treatment ... Learn more

  • Trading Dependencies: There’s Nothing “Mild” About a Kratom Addiction

    Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom, is a large tree in the Rubiaceae family native to Southeast Asia. It is said that Kratom affects the ...

    ... be nothing more than an exchange of one addictive habit for another. Additional Reading: Opiates, Overdose and Permanent Brain Damage Related Resources ... Learn more

  • Opiates, Overdose and Permanent Brain Damage

    Permanent brain damage due to an opiate overdose is a very real, life-altering consequence of opiate abuse . The dramatic increase of ...

    ... , a vegetative state, and death The Importance of Rescue Breathing If you find someone who has overdosed on opiates , and is not breathing, it is critical to perform rescue breathing to begin circulating oxygen ... Learn more

  • Methadone Maintenance is Finding Success Behind Bars

    According to data from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, approximately 2.3 million Americans ...

    ... any type of addiction treatment, which includes methadone maintenance for opiate addiction . As a general ... lead author Dr. Josiah Rich, professor of medicine at Brown University. “It's the only medication that ... Learn more

  • Opana: The New Opiate of Choice Among Addicts?

    In 1995, the Food and Drug Administration approved the opioid OxyContin for treating chronic pain. The drug netted a quick $45 million in sales ...

    ... entire painkiller market. Rise of the Opiate Industry Looking back, this astronomical rise in ... a reduced heartbeat. In severe cases, a fatal overdose will cause respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. Driven ... Learn more

  • How Does Ibogaine Treat Opiate Addiction?

    Holly started using heroin when she was 18 - at 26, she was at the end of the line. Her whole life revolved around getting high. In the past, she ...

    ... facility in Mexico to try Ibogaine treatment. What is Ibogaine? When she arrived at the facility, Holly learned more ... for opiate addiction treatment . Additional Reading: Outlook on Opiate Abuse: ... Learn more

  • I’m Having Opiate Withdrawals – Am I Addicted?

    Shelly's knee surgery went great. The doctor said she'd be running again in no time. Before she'd be ready for her next 5K, she'd have to endure ...

    ... to manage any pain during those first few days home. The Pain is Gone - the Pills Remain ... more pills.” The Facts About Withdrawal If you take opiates (like oxycodone , tramadol , fentanyl or morphine ) ... Learn more

  • 7 Signs You May Be Addicted to Tramadol

    Tramadol is an opiate analgesic prescribed for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain. The drug works by changing the way your brain ...

    Tramadol is an opiate analgesic prescribed for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain. The drug works by changing the way your brain and nervous system respond to pain. Because Tramadol is a milder form ... Learn more

  • The 5 Most Dangerous Painkiller Myths

    The 5 Most Dangerous Painkiller Myths

    While painkiller use is widespread, there is a vast amount of false information surrounding them. Unfortunately, many people begin using opioid ...

    ... overdose , including: Receiving multiple prescriptions from different prescribers. Using painkillers at ... in more information regarding potential treatment for opiate painkiller addiction, consider calling 1 ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Norco Addict

    Help for Norco Addicts Hear from others who have loved ones facing addiction. Norco is an opiate prescription medication ...

    ... Today Recovery from opiate addiction is not easily done alone. There are a number of treatment options available to ... Control and Prevention (CDC). Vital signs: Overdoses of prescription opioid pain relievers. Morb ... Learn more

  • Lortab Abuse

    Lortab Abuse

    What Is Lortab? Lortab is a brand name for the drug hydrocodone. Lortab is a semi-synthetic opiate that, in large does, produces similar ...

    ... Treatment Centers - Outpatient treatment centers allow a recovering addict to sleep at home and visit the treatment ... (CDC), 14,800 Americans died of opiate overdoses in 2008. Teen Lortab Abuse According to ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Norco Use

    The Effects of Norco Use

    Norco is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone - an opiate pain medication. It is intended to relieve moderate to severe pain. ...

    ... , as opiate overdose can cause brain damage. Learn more at our blog, Opiates, Overdose, and ... are addicted to Norco, don't despair. To discuss a treatment program that will free you from your Norco dependency, call 1 ... Learn more

  • Tramadol History and Statistics

    Tramadol History and Statistics

    Tramadol (brand name: Ultram) is an oral, opioid pain-relieving drug that is marketed under a variety of of trade names - with Ultram and ...

    ... , but it has lower clinical value than other opiates. The drug has only about one-tenth of the ... . The above line graphs show the trends of treatment facility admissions for tramadol have increased steadily since 2005 ... Learn more

  • Oxycodone History and Statistics

    Oxycodone History and Statistics

    Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic, or 'painkiller' drug that is most often prescribed to control moderate to severe pain that cannot be ...

    ... tablet in order to release the full dose all at once. These changes may be responsible for the ... opiates has increased in recent years, so have emergency room visits due to overdose. An individual who overdoses ... Learn more

  • Norco Abuse

    Norco Abuse

    Norco is a prescription medication that combines hydrocodone and acetaminophen . It is prescribed for the relief of moderate to severe pain . ...

    ... the result of products containing the narcotic in combination with another drug. Opiates accounted for 75 percent of pharmaceutical overdoses in 2008. 15,000 recreational users die annually under the effects ... Learn more

  • Codeine Abuse

    Codeine Abuse

    Overview of Codeine Abuse Codeine addiction is a widespread, far-reaching problem that spans across ages, ethnicities and ...

    ... organs can lead to seizures or even death . Addiction Treatment If you are struggling to dig your way out of ... SAMHSA), almost 17,000 deaths due to overdose from opiates occurred in 2011. In 2013, SAMHSA ... Learn more

  • New Jersey (NJ) Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center

    Deciding to get drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment for addiction is likely to be one of the most important decisions you ever make. It has ...

    ... year.1,2 The rate of drug overdose deaths in New Jersey also continues to ... treatment admissions in NJ in 2016, at 43% and 27% respectively.1; treatment_help_title: Getting Addiction Treatment Help; treatment_help_text ... Learn more

  • Side Effects of Tussionex Abuse

    Side Effects of Tussionex Abuse

    Tussionex, a prescription cough medicine, contains a mixture of hydrocodone (an opioid pain reliever) and chlorpheniramine (an antihistamine). In ...

    ... rate of the medication and lead to an accidental overdose 2 . Because the cough medicine contains the addictive ... call our helpline at 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? for assistance in finding treatment. Side Effects ... Learn more

  • Heroin’s Effects on Pregnancy

    Heroin’s Effects on Pregnancy

    Heroin is an illegal and highly addictive substance that may be injected, smoked, or snorted. This powerful opiate drug can easily harm any ...

    ... may be injected, smoked, or snorted. This powerful opiate drug can easily harm any user, and it can cause ... -addicted mothers also tend to have poor attendance rates at prenatal visits 8 . Prenatal care is vital for any ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Dilaudid Use

    The Effects of Dilaudid Use

    Is Dilaudid Harmful? Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is an opioid analgesic prescribed to relieve pain. It is available in hospital settings as an ...

    ... and other drugs in the opioid category. Overdose also is sometimes seen in those who ... and begin your new life today, call us at 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? . Our treatment support advisors are on hand 24 hours a day ... Learn more

  • The Rise of Tramadol: Exploring the Dangers and Conversations Around This Opioid

    Tramadol, also known as Ultram, is a prescription opioid medication used for the treatment of postoperative pain, cancer-associated pain, and ...

    ... release Tramadol pills can lead to potentially fatal overdoses. Tramadol should not be taken after recently ... Tramadol is mostly used for the effective treatment of various pain conditions. At the same time, this drug is ... Learn more

  • The Scary Facts About Designer Drugs and Legal Highs

    The Scary Facts About Designer Drugs and Legal Highs

    Read Time: 30 minutes Introduction What Are Designer Drugs and Legal Highs? The terms “designer drugs” and “legal highs” are used ...

    ... is used as a stimulant, a painkiller, and a remedy for opiate withdrawal. This plant has now emerged in the United States as ... produces symptoms of withdrawal. Inpatient treatment at a detoxification facility can assist ... Learn more

  • Morphine Overdose

    Morphine Overdose

    Morphine is a powerful opioid pain medication that can have life-threatening effects in those who abuse it. It is an opiate analgesic, and one ...

    ... : 0 0 0 15px; } } Overdose Symptoms Ignoring significantly severe symptoms like those listed ... 1-3 days a week—and allow you to live at home while attending treatment. This is often the choice for busy people who ... Learn more

  • Recognizing a Codeine Overdose

    Recognizing a Codeine Overdose

    A national crisis, opioid abuse includes a wide range of drugs—from heroin to any number of prescription medications . Nearly 4 million ...

    ... from opiate overdose is respiratory ... at work, or at school. Being unable to quit or cut down on codeine use. Experiencing even a single overdose strongly indicates the need for substance abuse treatment. Treatment ... Learn more

  • Vicodin Overdose

    Vicodin Overdose

    Vicodin is the brand name for an opioid painkiller medication that contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen 1 . Opioids can be very addictive for ...

    ... an overdose. There are numerous options for Vicodin abuse treatment to fit any kind of lifestyle. Outpatient or at-home programs allow the recovering individual to work through treatment while living at home and ... Learn more

  • Snorting Fentanyl

    Snorting Fentanyl

    Fentanyl is a pain-relieving substance with two main uses 1 : Treating significant acute, post-operative pain following surgery. Treating ...

    ... ? to find the right treatment center for you. Can Snorting Fentanyl Cause an Overdose? Yes. Fentanyl is extremely ... . New or worsening problems meeting demands at work, home, school, or in the community. ... Learn more

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