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physical symptoms of adderall abuse

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  • Adderall Withdrawal

    Adderall Withdrawal

    Adderall, a branded formulation of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine , is a stimulant that doctors prescribe for the management of: Attention ...

    ... Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), which tracks drug-related visits to emergency rooms across the country. In 2013, DAWN reported 17,000 Adderall-related ... like Adderall often results in relatively mild physical symptoms that ... Learn more

  • Snorting Adderall

    Snorting Adderall

    What is Adderall? Adderall is a prescription stimulant used and abused for its ability to increase energy and mental focus, as well as for its ...

    ... occurs when a person's body adapts to Adderall's presence and needs it to perform as expected. ... they will often experience a set of withdrawal symptoms that may make quitting extremely difficult. Tolerance often ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Adderall Use

    Is Adderall Harmful? Adderall is a form of amphetamine prescribed for the treatment of: 1 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ...

    ... have worn off, Adderall abuse can produce many unwanted symptoms including: 4 Fatigue ... for prescription use. 6 Credit: CBS Adderall Side Effects Adderall's side effects vary widely, depending on the ... Learn more

  • What Every Parent Needs to Know about Adderall Addiction

    Adderall is most commonly known for treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but its use as a study aid has effectively turned ...

    ... you'll want to know the common signs and symptoms of Adderall addiction . These include: Weight loss General loss ... more about the mental and physical effects of Adderall abuse . Image Source: commons.wikimedia ... Learn more

  • Adderall Abuse

    Adderall Abuse

    What Is Adderall? Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine that is used primarily to treat the symptoms of ...

    ... . With long-term abuse or abuse that involves high doses of Adderall , the symptoms can compound and lead ... of Adderall\u00ae among Full-Time College Students. Rockville, MD. National Institute on Drug Abuse. Monitoring ... Learn more

  • Drugs A-Z

    What is Acamprosate? Acamprosate is thought to help recovering alcoholics stay sober balancing inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmission. ...

    ... ADHD). As an amphetamine stimulant, Adderall has known abuse liability and should be used in ... and is associated with the development of significant physical dependence and addiction. Find help for Klonopin addiction ... Learn more

  • Stimulant Drug Abuse

    Stimulant Drug Abuse

    Stimulants, both illicit and prescription, are known to increase energy and alertness. Prescription stimulants can offer therapeutic benefits ...

    ... abuse is. How stimulants are abused. The signs and symptoms of stimulant abuse. The side effects of stimulants on your physical ... Drugs Prescription stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin are commonly misused by ... Learn more

  • Snorting Vyvanse

    Snorting Vyvanse

    Vyvanse is the brand name of a medication prescribed to treat attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and binge eating disorder (BED) ...

    ... stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin ... Abusing Vyvanse may lead to heart attack, stroke, or even sudden death 1 . In addition to those physical health effects, Vyvanse can trigger or worsen mental health symptoms ... Learn more

  • Effects of Desoxyn Abuse

    Effects of Desoxyn Abuse

    Desoxyn is a prescription drug that is indicated to treat two conditions 1,2 : Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children 6 ...

    ... 1.6 million people in the U.S. admitted to abusing stimulant substances like Desoxyn in the last month 4 . ... interest. In addition to these physical health symptoms, Desoxyn can impact the mental stability ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Assessment

    Drug Abuse Assessment

    Drug abuse is a serious problem that can lead to legal problems , financial problems and health problems . Long-term drug abuse destroys ...

    ... about treatment options for drug abuse. Symptoms of Drug Abuse The symptoms of drug abuse differ from drug to drug ... sorts of problems. Doctors also know about the physical effects of many drugs and can help you ... Learn more

  • 3 Devastatingly Dangerous Alcohol-Drug Combos

    According to statistics compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), roughly 25 percent of substance-related ...

    ... whammy” effect on the same cognitive and physical function. Although there are many dangerous substance ... Alcohol and Benzodiazepines A symptom of rampant prescription drug abuse, benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax ... Learn more

  • New Study: Amphetamine Abuse and This Old Heart

    It's called speed for a reason. Amphetamines, like Ritalin or Adderall, accelerate your heart rate. They send your nervous system into ...

    ... While many people experience a few of these symptoms with normal aging, amphetamine use causes a ... re 75 on your 30th birthday. You lack the energy and physical abilities you should have at that stage in life. You're ... Learn more

  • Drug Overdose Signs and Symptoms

    Drug abuse always carries the risk of serious side effects, including overdose. Whether you abuse alcohol, an illegal drug such as cocaine, or ...

    ... concern. And in many cases, if substance abuse behavior persists, there remains a real possibility ... possibly save a life. Signs and Symptoms of Drug Overdose The physical and psychological signs of a drug overdose ... Learn more

  • Symptoms and Signs of Substance Abuse

    Symptoms and Signs of Substance Abuse

    How to tell if Someone is Using Drugs Drug use affects people from all walks of life and all socioeconomic statuses. Whatever the reason a person ...

    ... will produce noticeable signs and symptoms. These may include physical or behavioral symptoms—most likely both. What are Physical Signs of Drug Abuse? Some of the most noticeable symptoms of drug use are ... Learn more

  • Effects of Stimulant Drugs

    Effects of Stimulant Drugs

    Are Stimulants Harmful? Any amount of stimulant abuse can cause damage to the user. Stimulants are a class of ...

    ... other devastating physical and mental health issues. Long-Term Effects of Abusing Stimulants The effects ... delusions experienced during withdrawal, should the symptoms be severe enough to warrant medical management ... Learn more

  • List of Street Names for Drugs

    List of Street Names for Drugs

    People actively abusing legal or illicit substances can get pretty creative when it comes to devising a list of slang terms—ranging from avoiding ...

    ... elicit psychotic symptoms such as delusions ... physical and mental health conditions like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Amphetamines Amphetamine like Adderall ... Learn more

  • Dexedrine Abuse

    Dexedrine Abuse

    Dexedrine is the brand name for an extended-release formulation of dextroamphetamine, a central nervous system stimulant prescribed to treat ...

    ... of Adderall , another commonly prescribed stimulant. Dexedrine Abuse Prescription stimulants ... Effects of Abuse Apart from the physical and psychological symptoms associated with Dexedrine abuse, a ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Dexedrine Use

    The Effects of Dexedrine Use

    Understanding Dexedrine Dexedrine is a brand name for the prescription drug dextroamphetamine and is used to treat pediatric ...

    ... 5 mg, with subsequent increases as needed until symptoms are controlled (with 40 mg being the suggested ... of Abuse Long-term Dexedrine abuse is associated with a wide range of ill effects to one's physical and mental ... Learn more

  • This Is Your Brain on Drugs

    This Is Your Brain on Drugs

    Read Time: 20 minutes Readers of a certain age might remember the public service announcements from the late 1980s showing a frying egg with ...

    ... hijacked for a destructive and unhealthy purpose. These physical changes in the brain support the idea that ... caused by drug and alcohol abuse can be especially persistent. Most symptoms of withdrawal last only a ... Learn more

  • Vyvanse Overdose

    Vyvanse Overdose

    Vyvanse is a medication prescribed to manage ADHD and the compulsive behaviors associated with binge eating disorders 1 . However, as with any ...

    ... short-term stimulant abuse can have disastrous consequences for the user. Signs and Symptoms A number of ... from Vyvanse while managing the aspects of physical dependence, and then provide ongoing therapy that ... Learn more

  • Desoxyn Abuse

    Desoxyn Abuse

    What Is Desoxyn? Desoxyn is a prescription stimulant medication that contains methamphetamine hydrochloride . It is available in 5 mg tablets ...

    ... amphetamines . Other drugs in this class include Adderall and Dexedrine . As a stimulant medication, ... Psychotic or bipolar symptoms . Some people that abuse the drug may experience new symptoms triggered by the ... Learn more

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  • Adderall Overdose

    Adderall Overdose

    Adderall - the pharmaceutical combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine - is a prescription stimulant medication primarily used to treat ...

    ... assuming the number of ADHD diagnoses increases 1 . Adderall abuse is a serious concern because it can lead to ... drug, while medical staff manage any severe withdrawal symptoms that may arise. After detox is complete, ... Learn more

  • Workplace Adderall Abuse: 9 Signs It’s Time to Get Help

    Colleges and universities across the country are struggling to tackle the huge rise in students using ADHD drugs like Adderall as study aid , but ...

    ... rate, seizures and extreme paranoia. Thanks to the large number of medical emergencies and rampant abuse, the DEA accordingly labeled Adderall a Schedule II drug. What that means is that the drug does have medicinal ... Learn more

  • AmeRxica’s Most Medicated

    AmeRxica’s Most Medicated

    According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, over 54 million people have used prescription medication non-medically - ...

    ... , there's a trust in their knowledge of our symptoms and recommendation of the best treatment plan. Still, some ... Adderall had the highest distribution in St. Louis, Missouri, with over 581,000 grams in 2015. Adderall's ... Learn more

  • History and Statistics of “Study Drugs”

    History and Statistics of “Study Drugs”

    What are “Study Drugs?” The colloquial term “study drugs” typically refers to prescription stimulant medications (such as Ritalin ...

    ... the Future Survey of adolescent drug abuse, the use of study drugs, including Adderall and Ritalin, among 12 th ... Once dependent, a user may experience withdrawal symptoms when stopping use, such as: Lethargy or ... Learn more

  • Spotlight on ADHD Meds and Their Frightening Meth Connection

    The opioid crisis has been making headlines for years, but there's another drug epidemic that has been flying under the radar: Abuse of ADHD drugs. ...

    ... , but there's another drug epidemic that has been flying under the radar: Abuse of ADHD drugs. ADHD drugs, such as Adderall and Ritalin, increase levels of the brain chemical dopamine and provide mental stimulation ... Learn more

  • Are We Creating a Generation of Addicts With ADHD Medication?

    Jack During his freshman year, Jack's grades started slipping. He found it hard to keep up. He knew several classmates who used uppers for ...

    ... to fake the symptoms of ADHD so he could get an Adderall prescription. It worked. Since the symptom criteria is fairly ... - Adderall, Ritalin and Vyvanse - all have the potential for addiction and abuse . We ... Learn more

  • How to Get Help for Dexedrine Abuse

    How to Get Help for Dexedrine Abuse

    How to Approach an Addict If you're worried about someone you love using Dexedrine, watch out for use of dextroamphetamine as other brand ...

    ... popular Adderall (another commonly abused prescription stimulant that contains dextroamphetamine) may be abused like ... are taking the drug without a prescription. Physical dependence means that the body has become used ... Learn more

  • Popular Drugs By Demographic

    Drug use is a growing problem in America and a concern that affects various demographics. In fact, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and ...

    ... month. “Pharming” among young adults is popular, with prescription ADHD drugs like Ritalin , Adderall, and DXM often abused. While individuals may see these drugs as harmless because they help them focus, their long ... Learn more

  • More Working Class Americans Hooked on Cognitive-Boosting Drugs

    I had just started studying for the Bar Exam when I realized the extent of legal information I'd have to retain wasn't humanly possible. Terrified ...

    ... help in the form of a small white pill: Adderall . Within minutes of popping the “smart drug,” my ... but do agree that it has mild side effects and low abuse potential. But they do urge caution in acquiring this drug, ... Learn more

  • CVS Digs Deep into the Trend of Stimulant Abuse

    Although drugs like heroin and cocaine tend to grab flashier and more dramatic headlines in the media, arguably the biggest substance issue ...

    ... a clear picture of how widespread this problem really is. Who's Abusing Stimulants? Stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall are typically prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or certain ... Learn more

  • If a Drug Is Legal, Is it Safe?

    If a Drug Is Legal, Is it Safe?

    There is a common misconception, especially amongst young people, that if a drug is legal then it is safe. This is certainly not the case. In ...

    ... and potentially life-threatening practice. If you're abusing drugs like Ritalin or Adderall, you don't have to suffer any longer ... 's risk for a wide range of physical and mental health issues, including: Blurred ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse and Cardiovascular Health Risks

    Drug Abuse and Cardiovascular Health Risks

    Both illicit and prescription drugs present many risks to individuals who abuse them. Drug abuse affects the brain in many ways that may lead to ...

    ... physical health. The cardiovascular system is one system particularly affected by certain drugs of abuse ... such as: Cocaine (coke, crack). Amphetamine (Adderall) and other so-called “study drugs”, ... Learn more

  • Dangers of Snorting and Sniffing Drugs

    Dangers of Snorting and Sniffing Drugs

    Users abuse drugs in varying ways; some drugs are taken orally, while others are smoked, injected, or snorted. Each mode of administration elicits ...

    ... , and OxyContin. Prescription stimulants, such as Adderall and Ritalin . What Is Snorting? When ... over his or her head. Finding Help for Substance Abuse If you or someone you know suffers from a drug ... Learn more

  • The Prevalence of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

    The Prevalence of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

    Substance abuse permeates every aspect of life for those suffering from addiction, and that behavior doesn't get put on hold during a 9-5 job. ...

    ... at work outside of medical need at work. Codeine, Adderall, and Ritalin all had similar rates of use in ... at least part of the time are more likely overall to abuse drugs or alcohol than those who work in an office. ... Learn more

  • Penalties and Sentencing for Drug Abuse, Selling, and Smuggling in the USA

    Penalties and Sentencing for Drug Abuse, Selling, and Smuggling in the USA

    Problematic substance use has the potential to negatively impact every area of your life. As dependence and addiction to alcohol or other drugs ...

    ... develop, these substances may begin to influence your physical and mental health, significantly affecting the way you feel ... Adderall and Ritalin. Schedule III: Medications and substances with a lower risk of abuse ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Effects

    Drug Abuse Effects

    Learn More About the Effects of Illicit Drugs Alcohol Bath Salts Cocaine Crack Crystal Meth DMT ...

    ... the reason, drug use can quickly become drug abuse , which eventually leads to a chemical dependency to ... medication, as needed, to help relieve any withdrawal symptoms you're having. They also ensure your safety during ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Statistics

    Statisticians analyze numerical information on subjects as varied as medicine, politics and even commercial retail sales - allowing researchers to ...

    ... by youth is currently at the lowest rate since the youth drug abuse survey began: only 6.7% of 12th graders in 2014 ... (including misused prescription medication such as Adderall and Ritalin) increased among high school ... Learn more

  • Workplace Drug Abuse

    Workplace Drug Abuse

    Using drugs impairs decision-making abilities as well as physically impairs people. This is a deadly concoction when on the job. ...

    ... it. Supervisors should also know the signs and symptoms of drug abuse . After the supervising staff members are comfortable ... working class Americans are abusing ADHD drugs like Adderall. Learn more. Coworkers ... Learn more

  • Drugs at School: Are Zero-Tolerance Policies Really Working?

    Adopted over 20 years ago, zero-tolerance drug policies still dominate the conduct codes of most American public schools. In fact, the U.S. ...

    ... psychologists, educators, independent researchers and substance abuse professionals are now giving zero-tolerance drug policies ... What Every Parent Needs to Know about Adderall Addiction Image Source: Learn more

  • Let’s Play: How Much Do You Really Know About Drug Schedules?

    Have you ever heard someone mention a Schedule I or Schedule II Controlled Substance? Most of us have seen these labels, but what exactly do they ...

    ... some restrictions. Schedule II drugs include: Adderall (used for treating narcolepsy and ADHD) ... for abuse and low risk of dependence. They are used medically in the U.S. to treat a variety of physical and ... Learn more

  • Teenagers and Drugs: 11 Real Reasons Why Teenagers Experiment

    There is a common misconception that teenagers who experiment with drugs and alcohol are inherently “bad kids.” Many parents assume that ...

    ... of fourteen and sixteen, low self-esteem due to physical appearance or lack of friends can lead to self ... often used to enhance certain experiences. Cocaine and Adderall are commonly used to enhance energy and focus when ... Learn more

  • Methadone and Suboxone: What’s the Difference Anyway?

    An estimated 1.9 million people in the U.S. are addicted to prescription opioid drugs. Although there is no magical drug to treat opiate addiction, ...

    ... unpleasant and severe withdrawal symptoms , which will make you want to stop abusing the drug. Suboxone comes ... 55 billion. That was more than sales were for Adderall and Viagra combined in that same year. Q: ... Learn more

  • Oxycodone History and Statistics

    Oxycodone History and Statistics

    Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic, or 'painkiller' drug that is most often prescribed to control moderate to severe pain that cannot be ...

    ... ). Adderall. Ritalin. Although it has been in clinical use for nearly a century, the current epidemic of abuse did ... stop taking it may experience withdrawal symptoms including: Panic attacks. Anxiety. ... Learn more

  • Ritalin Abuse

    Ritalin Abuse

    Ritalin addiction can throw your life off course but recovery can get you back on track. Ritalin is the trade name ...

    ... that 1.3 million teens reported misusing Ritalin or Adderall in the 30 days previous. According to SAMHSA' ... extremely dangerous. If you notice that signs and symptoms of abuse (below) in your teen or you suspect that ... Learn more

  • Rise or the Study Drug

    In the United States, a Schedule II drug is one that has some accepted medical use, but at the same time a high potential for abuse that may lead ...

    ... has some accepted medical use, but at the same time a high potential for abuse that may lead to severe psychological and physical dependence. Cocaine, morphine and methadone are all Schedule II substances. Imagine, then ... Learn more

  • Are You an Enabler?

    Are You an Enabler?

    If your words and actions are helping someone maintain or continue their addiction then you may be an enabler. Having ...

    ... reinvest into your own life again. It's okay to make decisions in the interest of your own mental and physical well-being. Remember that what you really want for your loved one is that they begin to recover from their ... Learn more

  • Terms of Use

    Terms of Use Last Updated: June 14, 2018 Recovery Brands LLC and its affiliates and subsidiaries (together “ Company ”, “ we ,” or “ ...

    ... the other, by certified mail or Federal Express (signature required), or in the event that we do not have a physical address on file for you, and cannot obtain one, by electronic mail (“ Notice ”). Company's address for ... Learn more

  • A Look at the Physical Anatomy of an Overdose

    A drug overdose occurs when the body has been overloaded with either prescription medication or an illicit substance. Under normal circumstances, ...

    ... Side effects of an overdose can be more than harmful…they can be potentially fatal. And what's more, the physical symptoms depend on the type of drug consumed. In a situation where every second counts, recognizing the ... Learn more

  • The Addiction Recovery Journey in 9 Steps

    The specifics of every person's addiction journey are different, but for most people, the path to recovery follows a similar trajectory: a ...

    ... . It's the stage of withdrawal after the immediate physical sensations have passed, and it can take many forms; ... as a couple of years in severe cases—though symptoms generally lessen significantly over time. Whether or not ... Learn more

  • The 12 Most Expensive Rehabs in the US

    You don't need to be a millionaire to go to rehab, but a person with a little extra money to spend and the desire to get sober can choose from many ...

    ... client from over 21 different therapy methods. Clients will experience psychotherapy, adventure therapy, hypnotherapy and even physical ropes courses. A 30-day stay at Passages Malibu - a 10-acre property overlooking the ... Learn more

  • The Thief: 7 Things Addiction Steals From Us

    Addiction is much more than a psychological or physical reliance on substances or behaviors; it's a physical, emotional and spiritual issue that ...

    ... we sacrifice to addiction becomes stolen time we'll never get back. Aside from the life-shortening, physical consequences of our destructive behaviors, active addiction also steals the quality, purpose and value of our ... Learn more

  • Terms of Use

    Terms of Use Last Updated: June 14, 2018 Recovery Brands LLC and its affiliates and subsidiaries (together “ Company ”, “ we ,” or “ ...

    ... the other, by certified mail or Federal Express (signature required), or in the event that we do not have a physical address on file for you, and cannot obtain one, by electronic mail (“ Notice ”). Company's address for ... Learn more

  • From Lashings to Death

    Drug penalties vary widely around the globe. In the countries with the strictest laws, possessing an illicit substance can lead to hefty fines, ...

    ... . In the countries with the strictest laws, possessing an illicit substance can lead to hefty fines, physical punishment, life imprisonment, and even execution. However, other countries with more liberal policies have ... Learn more

  • instagram-drug-dealers

    Social media platforms operate in a Wild West world of limited regulations, often hiding behind the shield of user privacy to avoid taking action ...

    ... , and misinformation campaigns. This neglect and hands-off approach can put vulnerable users at risk of physical and psychological harm. To illustrate this point, American Addiction Centers researched the ease of finding ... Learn more

  • Does Opioid Addiction Cause Sexual Dysfunction in Men?

    A new study out of India has found that most men suffering from opioid addiction are also dealing with sexual dysfunction as a result. The ...

    ... associated with an opioid addiction. Opioid users can suffer from a number of physical symptoms including: Vomiting Seizures Muscle spasms Exhaustion Heavy opioid users can also experience a number ... Learn more

  • Exploring the Resort-Style Addiction Treatment Centers

    It's hard being a celebrity. All that visibility, stress, worry, and fear of losing it must be quite hard to deal with. Sure they get paid a lot of ...

    ... clients as individuals suffering from a disease process that impacts all aspects of life. Starting with addressing physical needs, we strive to provide the knowledge and tools to begin the healing process. We work with ... Learn more

  • Mars vs. Venus: How Does Gender Affect Prescription Drugs?

    When the book Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus hit book shelves back in 1992, it was a huge hit. By highlighting the differences in men ...

    ... Though gender equality has come a long way in our society, there are some undeniable fundamental and physical differences between men and women. Biologically speaking, we are not all created equal. Though you may not ... Learn more

  • The Great Debate: Alcohol vs Marijuana

    You may have had the debate yourself—what's worse? Alcohol or marijuana? With new studies coming out, more laws legalizing the recreational, and ...

    ... to alcohol. If you drink during pregnancy, you are at risk for having a child born with physical, behavioral, and intellectual disabilities—these are called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders ( FASDs ). According to the ... Learn more

  • Here’s What You Need to Know About the Probuphine Implant

    Probuphine is the very first breakthrough buprenorphine implant. What is buprenorphine, you ask? It's a common prescription for opioid addiction ...

    ... . Important Implant Info Probuphine is designed to prevent things like opioid cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine released by the implant floods the receptors in your brain that typically ... Learn more

  • An Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dangers of Spice

    “It's not bad for you, dude. It's all natural. It's just plant materials, so it can't hurt you,” a friend whispered in Dave's ear. ...

    ... , Dave's friend was clearly misinformed. This drug is a high-risk substance that puts all your physical systems in danger. If only Dave had known… Additional Reading: Five Reasons Spice is a Dangerous “Last ... Learn more

  • Finding New Life in a Methadone Program

    After falling off a ladder, Suzanne was rushed to the hospital and examined from stem to stern. Her pelvic bone was fractured and she'd sprained ...

    ... the phone or online 24/7 Yearly physicals and blood work to evaluate methadone levels Good ... some mild stomach upset, Suzanne barely noticed any withdrawal symptoms . Paying it Forward and the Greater Good Today ... Learn more

  • Shackled to a Methadone Clinic

    She's been going to the same clinic for five years. Every day, she takes a bus, walks the last two blocks from the bus stop and gets in line for ...

    ... feel those sickening waves of nausea, debilitating physical aches, round-the-clock sweating and never ... that methadone provided a way to help keep his withdrawal symptoms at bay. What Peter wasn't focused on was the ... Learn more

  • Could This Inexpensive Medication Reduce Your Withdrawal Symptoms?

    Could This Inexpensive Medication Reduce Your Withdrawal Symptoms?

    Withdrawal. It's a huge hurdle on the path to recovery. Those struggling to leave opioids behind know they'll eventually have to face the ...

    ... eventually have to face the intimidating mental and physical effects of withdrawal. It's a powerful ... the creation of a more effective treatment method for the symptoms of withdrawal. Dr. Trang says their next steps will ... Learn more

  • Countering the Myths About Methadone: Is it Right for You?

    Methadone maintenance has been around for years as an effective treatment for opioid dependency . Yet, its use remains controversial, and there's ...

    ... dependent on it, but not necessarily addicted to it. After all, they don't experience any of the physical characteristics of chemical dependency , such as cravings or the inability to control how much is taken. Myth ... Learn more

  • Can a Judge Order Me Not to Get Pregnant?

    A judge in New York recently ordered a woman who's addicted to drugs not to get pregnant. While no one would argue that someone with an extreme ...

    ... advocates argue that the government would be better off helping women take care of basic needs, both physical and mental, than regulating their reproductive systems. However, others argue that mandating a woman not get ... Learn more

  • 6 Things to Look for in Addiction Treatment Centers for Women

    Drug addiction impacts men and women in different ways, which is why there are many women-only addiction treatment centers. Women who have issues ...

    ... the most effective for women who are battling an addiction . Such a treatment program addresses the physical and psychological aspects of addiction as well as the spiritual and social components. Treatment centers for ... Learn more

  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

    Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

    What is REBT? Rational emotive behavior therapy ( REBT ) is a psychological orientation created by Albert Ellis in the mid-1950s that puts ...

    ... events in life do not lead to the unwanted feelings or symptoms; rather, it is the individual's beliefs about the event ... . REBT is used to treat a host of physical and mental health issues as well as addictions. ... Learn more

  • Interventions: Frequently Asked Questions

    Interventions: Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an intervention? An intervention will have an established goal that is concrete and easily defined. An ...

    ... of poor decisions that could eventually end in significant physical or mental injuries, legal issues, or death. ... times of high stress or increased mental health symptoms will reduce the possibility of positive results. ... Learn more

  • Date Rape Drugs: It’s Not Just Roofies Anymore

    Date Rape Drugs: It’s Not Just Roofies Anymore

    Rape is a serious criminal act, with the potential for severe and lasting repercussions on the victim's life. Rape involves sexually taking ...

    ... that no matter what happened, it is not your fault. Fuzzy memory of the night before and extreme hangover symptoms may indicate that you were drugged. Here are some things that you can ask yourself to give you a ... Learn more

  • K2 Knowledge

    For the last few years, the use of synthetic cannabinoids - also known as K2, Spice, Fake Weed, and over 500 other street names - has been on the ...

    ... detoxing, most survey respondents were unsure how long withdrawals lasted once someone quit K2. The reality is that symptoms often peak four to seven days after quitting, and most people are through their withdrawal ... Learn more

  • 5 Movies That Will Make You Never Want to Do Drugs Again

    Hollywood has a knack for glamorizing controversial subjects and drug use is certainly one of them. Yet for every Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ...

    ... develops a frightening dissociative disorder. The scary and surreal imagery used to illustrate his drug-induced delirium will stick long in your mind. Learn more about the symptoms and side effects of drug use . Learn more

  • The Fight Against Doctor Shopping Rages On

    Doctor shopping has become all too commonplace for addicts desperate to obtain drugs, but a new app could help determine whether emergency room ...

    ... to obtain drugs, but a new app could help determine whether emergency room patients are faking symptoms of alcohol withdrawal in order to obtain benzodiazepine drugs like Xanax or Valium . Looking to Technology ... Learn more

  • Detoxing from OxyContin: What to Expect

    What makes OxyContin so addictive? Why does the body develop dependence on OxyContin? And if you're addicted to Oxy, how do you break the vicious ...

    ... explore what the drug is, what detoxification looks like and how to identify and cope with withdrawal symptoms. What is OxyContin? OxyContin was introduced in 1995 to help control or relieve moderate to severe pain ... Learn more

  • Why Painkillers Are So Hard to Detox From

    Pain is a curious product of the human body. Why do we suffer from it? How does it help us? And why do some enjoy it? First, pain helps us avoid ...

    ... , and it's a pain—quite literally. When you eventually try to quit, you'll suffer from withdrawal symptoms, everything from nausea to pain. The body has become used to having opiates in it, so it struggles to ... Learn more

  • Shocking Report: Bars and Liquor Stores Impact Suicide Rates

    Suicide is tragic no matter what the circumstances. When compared to the general population, however, reports indicate the heartbreaking act is a ...

    ... a day. Medical and psychiatric staff will work with you to create a treatment plan that will lessen symptoms of stress and anxiety while you detox. Feeling alone is a major risk factor for suicide and addicts have ... Learn more

  • Smoking Around Kids is More Dangerous Than You Think

    Most of us know that exposure to secondhand smoke can produce serious consequences for unborn children, including low birth weight, heart ...

    ... car. It's also a good idea to talk to your doctor about medications designed to ease the withdrawal symptoms associated with tobacco . If you experience a slip while trying to quit, forgive yourself and keep moving ... Learn more

  • Now the Family Dog is Smoking Weed?

    Would you ever give pot to your pooch? Most of us likely think this idea is, well, barking mad, but a new bill out of Nevada could soon make ...

    ... ,” said Kelly Conway, the owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who uses the supplement to treat his symptoms of syringomyelia, a serious neurological disorder. “I feel like I have a whole new dog. Georgia's happy ... Learn more

  • Let's Talk About the Elephant Tranquilizer in the Room

    It's 10,000 times more potent than morphine. It's 100 times more powerful than fentanyl . What is it? Carfentanil. Designed as a ...

    ... of exposure. For your protection, the DEA offers the following safety measures : Watch for symptoms of exposure, which include difficulty breathing, drowsiness, disorientation, clammy skin, pinpoint pupils and ... Learn more

  • Hitting the Grass Ceiling: 6 Surprising Ways Weed is Sexist

    Estrogen, testosterone and THC: What do these three things have in common? Apparently, not much. Studies reveal that THC (the active chemical in ...

    ... to experience cannabis-induced psychosis . In fact, they outnumber women two to one in incidents of psychotic symptoms. Gender's Role in Marijuana Use Does marijuana seem to favor one gender? It's hard to say ... Learn more

  • 5 Reasons Driving on Benzos is Just a Bad Idea

    Quick reflexes and sharp thinking - these are two of the most important qualities of a safe driver. If someone is sharing the road with you or if ...

    ... disorienting and certainly not something you'd want to feel behind the wheel. Vertigo is a group of symptoms that includes dizziness, light-headedness and unsteadiness. It's also a side effect of benzos . A dizzy ... Learn more

  • First Responders Worry About Accidental Fentanyl Exposure

    Fentanyl. It's known to be 50 times more potent than heroin, and a speck the size of a few grains of salt can kill. By now, you've probably ...

    ... come into contact with fentanyl , the onset of adverse health effects is rapid and profound. Symptoms, such as disorientation, coughing, sedation, and cardiac arrest, can occur within seconds after exposure. Since one ... Learn more

  • 9 Mind-Blowing Facts About W-18

    Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse than fentanyl … The street-drug market has a new player - and it's even deadlier than ...

    ... face being overdosed with this drug immediately and would need immediate medical attention.” Fatal Symptoms: The symptoms of W-18 exposure include feeling sleepy, trouble breathing, clammy skin, and unresponsiveness ... Learn more

  • Methadone Maintenance Clinics: Everything You Need to Know

    If you're addicted to opiates, a methadone clinic can provide ongoing medication maintenance to help you quit them. Committing to a methadone ...

    ... of the drugs that you have used in the last month up to one year. History of withdrawal symptoms (experienced currently or in the past). Try to remember that the staff members will be asking these questions ... Learn more

  • Do You See an Enabler in the Mirror? (Look Out for These 6 Warning Signs!)

    If you're experiencing any (or all) of these responses to your teenager's addiction, you may actually be causing more harm than good. Being a ...

    ... felt, then the addiction may only worsen. Willful Ignoring When a teenager begins to display common signs and symptoms of addiction, some parents may try to ignore the problem, hoping it will disappear. Others may ... Learn more

  • Ibogaine: Can it Cure My Addiction?

    What does it take to quit using heroin or other opioids? It's a question that is very much on the minds of millions of Americans. The ...

    ... approximately 3 to 5 hours. During these hallucination stages you may also re-experience past traumas—a symptom that is actually considered to be an important part of ibogaine [4]. Testimonials from people include how ... Learn more

  • Asking Yourself: Am I Addicted Benzos?

    If you think you might be addicted to benzodiazepines, you're certainly not alone. In 2011, an estimated 61,000 Americans sought treatment for ...

    ... anxiety and insomnia , abusing these medications can actually cause these symptoms. Developing a Dependence ... struggling with a physical and psychological addiction . Signs and symptoms classically related to ... Learn more

  • What Does it Mean When Someone Says They’re Dope Sick?

    Bill found John curled up on the couch; he looked miserable. Bill asked, “What's wrong with you?” “I'm sick, man. You got any?” was ...

    ... emotional, and physical side effects of addiction. The Symptoms of Withdrawal Symptoms of dope sickness ... this time. These unpleasant symptoms typically drive users to continue abusing drugs; going back to using ... Learn more

  • Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

    Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

    Smoking increases the risks of prenatal issues, complicated birth, and a number of peripartum and newborn health issues. ...

    ... cravings and avoid triggers 28 . Engage in physical activity, such as walking, jogging, running, ... seeking to end their tobacco use. If you are abusing any other substances like alcohol that may also cause ... Learn more

  • Pain Killer Protocol

    Pain Killer Protocol

    It's only been 21 years since the introduction of OxyContin started what we now refer to as the “opioid epidemic,” yet the ...

    ... boomers and millennials are the most at risk when it comes to the opioid epidemic. While millennials are abusing painkillers more than any other generation , baby boomers have had heightened death rates due to ... Learn more

  • The Vicious Attack Against Suboxone Continues

    Buprenorphine, the generic name for Suboxone, is a medication used to treat opiate dependence - it helps minimize withdrawal symptoms. It's often ...

    ... used to treat opiate dependence - it helps minimize withdrawal symptoms. It's often an essential part of a person's ... Although it does have the potential to be abused, Suboxone is considered safe by most clinicians ... Learn more

  • Social Drug Use is Like Kryptonite to Healthy Relationships

    Heather always feels awkward at parties. She's quiet and shy. She never knows what to say and finds it hard to interact with people in these ...

    ... drug works and affects its users in slightly different ways. Let's take a look at some commonly abused drugs and how they impact us: Benzodiazepines: These drugs boost the brain signalers and generates a sense of ... Learn more

  • Pay Attention: 7 Red Flags of a Xanax Overdose

    Shannon was feeling even more anxious than usual, so she picked up her Xanax bottle and popped an extra pill. The doctor said to take it only as ...

    ... someone you know and love is currently taking or abusing Xanax , you'll want to watch for the following ... ? If a loved one exhibits any of the above symptoms, you've got a potential overdose situation on your ... Learn more

  • Doctor Shopping…at the Local Vet's Office?

    The United States is in the midst of an opioid epidemic ; each day, 91 people die of an opioid-related overdose . It has gotten so bad that some ...

    ... streets. Veterinarians are now being duped into writing prescriptions to “owners” who've intentionally and disgustingly abused or maimed their pets. You're probably wondering, how is something like this happening? Well ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Bath Salts Use

    The Effects of Bath Salts Use

    Are Bath Salts Harmful? The term “bath salts” refers to a family of designer recreational drugs that contain one or more synthetic ...

    ... the drug, without experiencing negative physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms. In cases of substance ... of recovery. The treatment of bath salts abuse comes in many different steps. Medical monitoring is ... Learn more

  • Mind Over Matter: The Psychological Grip of Addiction

    For most people addicted to drugs or alcohol, the compulsive desire to use is complex. That urge is often triggered by certain environments, ...

    ... be gradually tapered. While the taper relieves some physical symptoms, it does nothing for an addict's ... symptoms classically associated with PAWS . Related Reading: Understanding the Effects of Long Term Drug Abuse ... Learn more

  • Am I Addicted to Pain Killers? How Can I Quit Safely?

    If you've been taking pain killers for an extended time, particularly after the pain that originally prompted their use has subsided, you might ...

    ... symptoms when you try not to take the drug, you might have developed a physical dependency. When a person has a physical ... options for inpatient or outpatient therapy for drug abuse or misuse. ” Taper the medication until ... Learn more

  • I’m Having Opiate Withdrawals – Am I Addicted?

    Shelly's knee surgery went great. The doctor said she'd be running again in no time. Before she'd be ready for her next 5K, she'd have to endure ...

    ... and its symptoms can be managed. What are some of the physical withdrawal symptoms you might expect ... much you're taking Additional Reading: Outlook on Opiate Abuse: There's Good News and Bad News Image Source ... Learn more

  • Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

    Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

    Effects of Marijuana on a Developing Fetus Although marijuana is one of the most widely used illicit drugs, there is limited data on the ...

    ... so that you can address the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of your ... . A., … & Cummings, J. J. (2013). Prenatal substance abuse: short-and long-term effects on the exposed fetus .\u00a0Pediatrics,\u00a0131(3 ... Learn more

  • Flexeril Overdose

    Flexeril Overdose

    Flexeril, a branded form of cyclobenzaprine, is a muscle relaxant that can treat musculoskeletal pain and stiffness such as that associated with ...

    ... supposed to be used in conjunction with rest, physical therapy, and other methods of treatment to relieve ... , since an overdose can be fatal. Overdose signs and symptoms should not be treated at home or anywhere other than ... Learn more

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