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  • Cocaine History and Statistics

    Cocaine History and Statistics

    History Cocaine is a drug derived from the South American coca plant ( Erythoxylon coca ). It is a powerful stimulant and popular recreational ...

    ... s stimulant effects, and coca was even considered sacred by the Incas. Today, in countries like ... , it's time to get help. Speak with a caring treatment support professional who can talk you through how to get started on ... Learn more

  • Can You Get Addicted to Cocaine After the First Use?

    Drugs like cocaine have reputation for being extremely addictive but still many people will want to try them “just once.” It's easy to wonder, ...

    ... addicted to cocaine after trying it one time? The Center for Substance Abuse Research is clear on this point. ... cases (albeit rare), first-time use can result in heart attacks or seizures and may even be fatal. When a ... Learn more

  • Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About a Resurgence of Cocaine in the U.S.?

    Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About a Resurgence of Cocaine in the U.S.?

    According to the DEA's annual Drug Threat Assessment cocaine use is on the rise. It looks as if, while in the midst of an opioid epidemic, a lethal ...

    ... Cocaine Kills On its own, cocaine is deadly. A potent stimulant, it causes a dangerously high heart rate and other heart problems which can be fatal. Cocaine also elevates blood pressure, which can lead to stroke or ... Learn more

  • A Closer Look at the History and Use of Cocaine

    Cocaine is a popular CNS (central nervous system) stimulant that is naturally derived from the cocoa plant, which is most commonly grown in South ...

    ... dosage and the person using it. These may include insomnia, paranoia, anxiety, increased body temperature, faster heart rate and nausea/vomiting. Long-term users who snort cocaine run a high risk of damaging cartilage ... Learn more

  • From Snort to Synapse: We Map Out Cocaine's Trip in Your Brain

    The powder is perfectly lined on the table. With no straw handy, you roll up a Washington and seconds later, the snow is gone. Inhaled into your ...

    ... temperature goes up Blood pressure increases Heart beats faster A wave of exhilaration ... they tell us a single dose of cocaine changes your brain's reward center. And that's partly why it's so easy to get hooked. ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Could Mess With Your Brain's Ability to Recognize Sadness and Fear

    Cocaine is a stimulant drug with a reputation for making people more social, but in reality, it tends to make users paranoid and insufferable. And ...

    ... sad or just a little angry. Researchers also found that the subjects who had taken cocaine had an increased heart rate and higher levels of cortisol, the hormone that regulates how the body responds to stress. Small ... Learn more

  • Crack Cocaine’s Effect on the Brain (Simple Animation)

    “Crack is whack” - that much is widely understood and accepted. But, what exactly is crack? How is crack different from cocaine? Is it possible ...

    ... , but the powerhouse singer was known to use crack, and she eventually lost her life to drug abuse and heart disease in 2012. Rob Ford, who many people blatantly refer to as the “crack-smoking mayor of Toronto” shocked ... Learn more

  • Dangerous Additives: What's Really in Your Cocaine?

    Cocaine is one of the most lethal illegal substances. This can be explained by the extraordinary psychoactive and biological effects of the drug; ...

    ... a very large number of complications, especially with the brain, heart and lungs. This is also why it is dangerous for ... in the 1980s, especially among low-income urban centers, crack is incredibly cheap and simple to ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Addiction

    Cocaine Addiction

    Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug in the form of a white powder that is commonly snorted, smoked, and injected. 1,5,6 Its popularity ...

    ... cocaine . One particular serious risk of cocaine abuse is heart damage . 3,8 Both acutely and over time, ... cocaine use disorder. Treatment can take place in an inpatient or residential center that provides room and ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Effects on the Body: Short-Term & Side Effects

    Cocaine Effects on the Body: Short-Term & Side Effects

    What is Cocaine? Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive substance. Cocaine hydrochloride remains a schedule II controlled substance, as it has ...

    ... associated with side effects. Usage can lead to a serious heart attack , even in those that are young and otherwise ... to decrease withdrawal symptoms. Residential-based treatment centers usually have a more home-like ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Overdose : Signs and Symptoms

    Cocaine Overdose : Signs and Symptoms

    Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Overdose When a person abuses cocaine, their body experiences a number of sensations and physiologic changes, all ...

    ... by further increasing the heart rate and enhancing the concentration ... Centers resource and a leading provider of cocaine addiction recovery. Call us today at 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? to find quality treatment ... Learn more

  • Snorting Cocaine

    Snorting Cocaine

    Cocaine is a stimulant drug with highly addictive properties that is derived from the coca plant 1 . Also known as “coke,” “snow,” or ...

    ... behavior, paranoia, tremors, and increased heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature ... centers to monitor clients during the withdrawal process to reduce the likelihood of complications. Inpatient treatment ... Learn more

  • Why Is Cocaine so Addictive?

    Cocaine comes from the coca bush, which grows primarily in South America. This addictive stimulant is also known as “coke,” “snow,” or ...

    ... Destruction of nasal passages from snorting. Heart disease. Pulmonary disease (secondary to ... help. There are many options for treatment for stimulant use disorders. Treatment can prove beneficial at any point of ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Codeine Use

    The Effects of Codeine Use

    Codeine abuse can develop into a full-fledged codeine addiction. Codeine is one of the many pharmaceuticals classified as an ...

    ... via respiratory depression: Breathing can slow. The heart rate can drop. Blood pressure can fall. ... important to assess your needs and determine which type of treatment will better suit you. If you or someone you ... Learn more

  • Your Brain on Drugs: Studying Cocaine's Effect on Blood Flow

    Stimulant drugs like cocaine can cause serious blood flow problems within the brain. When there is an insufficient flow of rich, oxygenated blood ...

    ... deficit disorders, and strokes. Researchers hope this imaging breakthrough will eventually lead to better treatment options for recovering drug addicts, improve brain-cancer surgery techniques, and boost tissue ... Learn more

  • New Study Reveals Cocaine Robs You of Loss

    A new study has found that cocaine abuse affects brain circuits so drastically that some users can't even recognize personal loss in their lives. ...

    ... in the initial stages of research, scientists say the cocaine antidote would likely be used a supplement to drug treatment , not an overall cure. Many experts say the antidote would work in the same way that methadone ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Use During Pregnancy

    Cocaine Use During Pregnancy

    Cocaine usage during pregnancy has the potential to harm both mother and baby, and the effects may be long-lasting. According to the 2015 National ...

    ... (a limb fails to form properly). Congenital heart diseases (CHDs). Cleft palate. Cocaine in ... 12 hours a week of time spent visiting the treatment center. Treatment will consist of sessions on drug abuse education, ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Withdrawal

    Cocaine Withdrawal

    According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), nearly 5 million people 12 and older abused cocaine within the year prior to the 2012 survey. ...

    ... increased chance of developing an arrhythmia or infarction (heart attack). Seizures are a risk for those currently ... well as the people around them. Detox/treatment centers will provide a safe environment during this ... Learn more

  • Using Cocaine While Breastfeeding

    Using Cocaine While Breastfeeding

    Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant that is easily absorbed into the blood stream. It has a high milk to plasma ratio, meaning it a ...

    ... 6 : Irritability. Agitation. Rapid heart rate. Shallow breathing. Hypertension. ... visiting the center a few times a week to seek treatment. Group therapy is a major part of outpatient treatment, and you ... Learn more

  • Take the Backdoor: Why Your Brain Can't Refrain From Cocaine

    Ted just snorted two lines of cocaine. If we could see inside his brain, we'd see some pretty alarming results. The blood vessels of Ted's brain are ...

    ... with prolonged use, a link is created between the pleasure center and the habitual area of the brain - a link that ... say it's time rethink our assumptions and treatment options for cocaine addiction. If it's not ... Learn more

  • Cocaine and the Ultimate Battle of Neurons

    Sean was ready to give up. His brother, Tony, seemed to be a lost cause. After years of cocaine use, Tony had been through three rehab programs and ...

    ... more than “just saying no.” Those struggling with cocaine addiction need the right treatment and support to break free from this cycle. With time and treatment, Tony can restore the balance to his brain. He can quiet the ... Learn more

  • Women More Likely to Get Hooked on Cocaine - But Why?

    Women are generally more vulnerable to cocaine addiction than men, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications. ...

    ... on addiction has been conducted in male subjects,” Calipari said in a statement. This, in turn, will affect treatment methods, since what could work for males might not be as effective for females. “We need to ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Addiction Hotline Numbers

    Call Now 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? What is Cocaine Addiction? Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that can hook users with its rewarding high ...

    ... a problem. To get professional help for an addiction. To find a rehab center. To find out more about therapies used in treatment. To talk with someone confidentially and anonymously. I'm Too Afraid to ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Addiction: Have Scientists Finally Found a Cure?

    Cocaine Addiction: Have Scientists Finally Found a Cure?

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports an estimated 1.5 million Americans use cocaine. In 2015, our nation saw more than 6,700 ...

    ... for other things that stimulate the brain's reward centers. Researchers are hopeful these findings will eventually lead to the development of a medication-assisted treatment for cocaine dependency - a drug that could ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Relapse

    Cocaine Relapse

    According to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 913,000 Americans met the criteria for cocaine addiction as ...

    ... crucial that people have an effective relapse prevention plan in place before completing treatment. Most rehabilitation centers and aftercare facilities assist patients in creating their relapse prevention plan before ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Cocaine Addict

    How to Help a Cocaine Addict

    Help for Cocaine Addicts If you're battling an addiction to cocaine, also known as coke, blow, and snow, you're not alone. According to the ...

    ... required to stay at the facility for the duration of your treatment. When you first arrive, you go through the detoxification process. Rehab centers have medical staff on hand to help you through any withdrawal symptoms ... Learn more

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  • Ibogaine: Can it Cure My Addiction?

    What does it take to quit using heroin or other opioids? It's a question that is very much on the minds of millions of Americans. The scientific ...

    ... the Bwiti spiritual tradition) believe to be a sacred medicine containing great healing powers. 3 This shrub ... factors seriously before deciding on ibogaine as a treatment for your substance addiction. It's important ... Learn more

  • Ibogaine: Miracle Cure or Dangerous Botanical?

    Ibogaine: Miracle Cure or Dangerous Botanical?

    We all know healthcare providers and researchers are desperate to find solutions to the opioid crisis, but are they overlooking a possible cure? The ...

    ... “sacred medicine.” In the mid 80's, Howard Lotsof pioneered the use of ibogaine in opioid addiction treatment. ... , dealing with one unexpected side effect: a congenital heart problem. This is an issue he feels could've ... Learn more

  • Remaining Spiritual in Recovery

    Spirituality can be viewed as a means to connect with ourselves on a more authentic level, to feel a connection with those around us, and to connect ...

    ... and non-secular roots of spirituality can be seen in the stories, myths, songs, and the various sacred birth, life, and death rituals of indigenous people throughout the world. These things informed and guided the ... Learn more

  • DMT Drug Abuse

    DMT Drug Abuse

    DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is a hallucinogen capable of inducing a psychedelic “trip,” which typically ranges from 30 to 45 minutes in duration 1 ...

    ... containing DMT have long been associated with sacred rituals and religious practices 1,2 . How ... -0069 Who Answers? for confidential assistance finding a treatment program. Effects of DMT Abuse “Bad Trips” ... Learn more

  • Getting Sober: 17 Ways You Probably Didn’t Know About (#8 is Controversial)

    The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are so dominant in addiction recovery culture that it can be easy to forget there are other ways to get sober. ...

    ... it's been incorporated into a few rehab centers and a growing number of psychological clinics. ... a Sajja, or sacred vow, not to use intoxicating substances, along with a herbal medicinal treatment that offers what's ... Learn more

  • New Study: Amphetamine Abuse and This Old Heart

    It's called speed for a reason. Amphetamines, like Ritalin or Adderall, accelerate your heart rate. They send your nervous system into overdrive. ...

    ... tissue repair and increasing tissue injury. What Does This Mean for Your Body? In short, older hearts simply aren't as strong. As the heart ages, it isn't able to pump blood as well as it used to. Since amphetamine ... Learn more

  • Unchain My Heart: The Real Impact of Booze

    Anyone who has experienced alcohol abuse first hand knows how heartbreaking it can be. The emotional and relational damage left in its wake is ...

    ... an internal pacemaker to keep it pumping at the right speed. Alcohol interferes with this pacemaker, causing the heart to beat too quickly or irregularly. This is called an arrhythmia. It can cause blood clots, dizziness ... Learn more

  • Over-the-Counter Drugs of Abuse

    Over-the-Counter Drugs of Abuse

    It is a common misconception that only illegal drugs are dangerous. There are many different over-the-counter (OTC) drugs with psychoactive, or ...

    ... as alcohol and MDMA , according to the Center for Substance Abuse Research (CESAR). Teenagers and those ... cardiovascular health. Ephedrine use can stress the heart muscle and results in increased blood pressure. Many ... Learn more

  • How Alcohol Increases Your Risk of ‘Holiday Heart Syndrome’

    Scientists have long been aware that heavy drinking increases the odds of heart failure. Although there are health risks, no one has pinned downed ...

    ... leads to atrial fibrillation. However most agree that moderate to heavy alcohol abuse is a leading cause of heart problems - no matter what you're drinking. Related : Research Shows Teens Are Drinking and Smoking ... Learn more

  • An Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dangers of Spice

    “It's not bad for you, dude. It's all natural. It's just plant materials, so it can't hurt you,” a friend whispered in Dave's ear. Unfortunately ...

    ... to race, increasing blood pressure and reducing blood flow to the heart. This can cause damage to the heart muscle itself or trigger a heart attack. Don't Trust Word-of-Mouth Considering all the documented damage ... Learn more

  • Surviving Mother's Day One Breath at a Time

    Mother's Day - those two words once brought memories of cards and flowers, crabs and beer. It's a time when families come together in the name of ...

    ... . How do I explain the unrelenting urge to close my eyes and disappear? How do I make people understand that my heart has shut down in an effort to protect my sanity? Mother's Day is now a day I desperately want to ... Learn more

  • Quit Alcohol: 3 Life Changing Reasons

    Alcohol, like food, is a staple of celebration and social gathering in many people's lives. It is also a means to cope with life's stresses. We may ...

    ... blood flow can lead to varying types of chronic illness in addition to high blood pressure, blood clots, irregular heart beat, and stroke. The liver is usually the most affected organ, since this is where alcohol is ... Learn more

  • Chicken vs. Egg: Which Came First, Heroin or OxyContin Addiction?

    For centuries, people have debated one age old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? While both sides of this argument have their valid ...

    ... who oversees a 24-bed detox ward at Mercy Hospital Recovery Center in Portland. “As bad as oxycodone is, heroin is worse ... use.” Should We Care Which Came First? At the heart of this issue, one has to wonder if it ... Learn more

  • The Harmful Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

    It should come as no surprise that drugs and alcohol can have negative effects on your life. Although sometimes it may be difficult to imagine, the ...

    ... and alcohol use impacts nearly every part of your body from your heart to your bowels. Substance abuse can lead to abnormal heart rates and heart attacks, and injecting drugs can result in collapsed veins and infections ... Learn more

  • Find a Substance Abuse Rehab Center or Resource in Perth Amboy, NJ

    which_city: new-jersey/perth-amboy; h1: Find a Substance Abuse Rehab Center or Resource in Perth Amboy, NJ; intro: Alcohol contributes to more than ...

    ... and communication. Increased risk of heart problems and stroke. Liver problems, ... substance abuse rehab options in your area. Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2013). Alcohol ... Learn more

  • What Does Ecstasy do to Your Mind and Body?

    The night started off exactly like the last few Saturdays…Chloe entered the club with her girlfriends. Soon after, each of them took a bundle of ...

    ... she was “rolling,” we would notice her pupils had become extremely dilated. As she danced, her heart rate skyrocketed, her core body temperature spiked and her blood pressure increased. As with other hallucinogens, the ... Learn more

  • A Look at the Physical Anatomy of an Overdose

    A drug overdose occurs when the body has been overloaded with either prescription medication or an illicit substance. Under normal circumstances, our ...

    ... rate. If not addressed by a medical professional, the user is at the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Furthermore, if a blood vessel ruptures in the brain, the user could suffer a fatal aneurysm. Meth is ... Learn more

  • The Dangerous (and Deadly) Effects of Spice

    Natural ingredients, legal use, lower cost…it must be healthy, right? The deadly misconception above has led to a growing number of fatalities ...

    ... and Paranoia Rapid heart rate Myocardial Ischemia Heart Attack Psychotic and ... June 30, more than 1,900 ER visits and 680 poison control center calls were the result of Spice use. These numbers are ten times higher ... Learn more

  • What Every Parent Needs to Know about Adderall Addiction

    Adderall is most commonly known for treating attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but its use as a study aid has effectively turned this ...

    ... increased blood pressure and heart rate, as well as irregular heart palpitations. According to statistics ... Adderall addiction . When looking for an appropriate rehab center, you'll want to choose one that offers ... Learn more

  • 4 Physical Signs You're Addicted to Ritalin

    Ritalin is a stimulant drug used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and narcolepsy. It's ...

    ... lower or discontinue its use, you experience fatigue…and it takes time for your body to readjust. Sign #2 Heart Damage Darren was in the middle of this third double-shift this week. He's working two jobs just to ... Learn more

  • Why is Meth So Addictive?

    According to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health, 4.9% of Americans aged 12 and older reported using methamphetamine in their lifetime. ...

    ... be fatal. Symptoms of overdose include: 4 Dangerously high body temperature. Convulsions. Stroke. Heart attack. Death. Long-Terms Effects of Meth Chronic, long-term methamphetamine use can chemically ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Signs

    Drug Abuse Signs

    Some drug abuse signs are obvious and others are subtle. Drug abuse takes a toll on the body both physically and psychologically. Physical drug abuse ...

    ... signs may be exhibited in an array of physical symptoms including an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, loss of coordination, marked fatigue and headaches. The psychological drug abuse signs may be more subtle ... Learn more

  • The 7 Most Addictive Prescription Medications

    Prescription drugs are commonly given to people suffering from with injuries or illnesses. They're legal when you've been prescribed the medication ...

    ... to produce euphoria. Those who take large amounts over a long period of time are most at risk for heart problems. 5. Darvocet Darvocet is an opioid used to ease the pain from serious injuries or major surgeries ... Learn more

  • Alcohol and Cancer: What You Didn’t Know

    When you think of alcohol you might not immediately associate it with cancer. But think again. There is a growing amount of research that links ...

    ... for breast cancer, and on the other hand, studies say that one drink a day can lower the risk of heart disease. There is no clear answer to this question. Everyone has a different set of risk factors for breast cancer ... Learn more

  • Fake Xanax is Here…And It’s Deadly

    We're feeling the anxiety these days and an increasing number of people are turning to drugs like Xanax - a mild sedative used to treat anxiety - ...

    ... San Francisco area fell prey to fake Xanax pills laced with fentanyl. Three suffered from heart attacks and one from heart failure, while others experienced a major hit to respiratory and nervous system function. One ... Learn more

  • Can You Stay Calm…and Trash the Benzos?

    After suffering an embarrassing panic attack at the mall, Kara visited a psychiatrist. He prescribed medication to help Kara with her symptoms - ...

    ... caffeine: Tea, coffee and soda make anxiety worse. It can cause symptoms such as headaches, jitters and heart palpitations. It also reduces serotonin in the brain. Sleep Off Anxiety Your sleep schedule has a huge ... Learn more

  • Let’s Clear the Air About Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

    Picture this : You're at a friend's house and someone lights up a cigarette. Sitting next to her, you inhale the secondhand smoke for one minute. ...

    ... isn't only harmful, it's more damaging than tobacco smoke. To protect the long-term health of our heart and lungs, we need to avoid exposure. Interestingly, studies show it's the burning of plant material that causes ... Learn more

  • Flawed Research: Proof That Social Drinking Was Never Healthy

    Most of us have heard stories about the potential health benefits of drinking alcohol: light-to-moderate drinkers had fewer heart attacks than ...

    ... health benefits of drinking alcohol: light-to-moderate drinkers had fewer heart attacks than abstainers, as well as a lower statistical risk of dying from heart disease. But does alcohol really live up to the hype? A ... Learn more

  • The 9 Most Expensive Drugs in America

    Each year, Americans spend nearly $100 billion on illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. These figures do not even account for ...

    ... crime, injuries, and automobile accidents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ... -term costs of using marijuana include a higher risk of heart attack, lung disease, anxiety, and depression. #6 Heroin ... Learn more

  • Can You Get Addicted to Crack After the First Use?

    Can You Get Addicted to Crack After the First Use?

    Crack, a solid, crystallized form of cocaine , is smoked and taken in through the lungs. Also called “freebase cocaine,” crack was first seen in ...

    ... use. Other short-term effects of crack include: Increased talkativeness. Increased energy. Increased heart rate and blood pressure. Dilated pupils. Nausea. Abdominal pain. The pleasurable feelings ... Learn more

  • Roxy Drug Abuse

    Roxy Drug Abuse

    Roxicodone (often called “roxies”, “roxys” or “blues”) is one of the brand names for oxycodone, a powerful opioid prescription ...

    ... The substance will reduce blood pressure and slow the heart rate. When the substance is abused, the user ... is shocking. Consider these statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 8 : In ... Learn more

  • 25 Great Writers Who Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    Drug and alcohol addiction can batter anyone Of course, some are more susceptible than others, and writers are notorious for having some sort of ...

    ... while writing, though. F. Scott Fitzgerald Died at the age of 44 thanks to an alcohol-induced heart attack, the Great Gatsby writer produced numerous fantastic books despite his incredibly heavy drinking . Charles ... Learn more

  • Taking Action: How to Intervene During an Overdose

    Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accident death in the United States. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), 43,982 drug ...

    ... accident death in the United States. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), 43,982 drug overdose deaths ... , meaning they significantly slow your breathing and heart rate. When an overdose occurs, the victim ... Learn more

  • Police Are Gearing Up to Face Down a Couple of Killers

    Police Are Gearing Up to Face Down a Couple of Killers

    Guns won't help. A bullet-proof vest won't cut it. No badge, baton, hat, or handcuffs will stop the threat. The latest danger faced by law ...

    ... disorientation, sedation, and even stop the heart. Shielding the Shields Both drugs are increasingly ... to be illicit drugs. While the Houston Forensic Science Center tested only one fentanyl case in 2015, this number ... Learn more

  • Wellbutrin Abuse

    Wellbutrin Abuse

    Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Aplenzin, Zyban) is a drug that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat depression, seasonal ...

    ... include profound 6,7 : Agitation. Vertigo. Involuntary muscle contractions. Tachycardia, or rapid heart rate. Hallucinations. Seizures. The higher the dose of bupropion ingested, the more likely ... Learn more

  • Effects of Peyote Abuse

    Effects of Peyote Abuse

    Peyote (or mescaline) belongs to a class of drugs known as hallucinogens. Mescaline is the active hallucinogenic ingredient in peyote , which ...

    ... in body temperature, which can lead to excessive sweating. Headaches. Increased energy levels. Increase heart rate. Increased blood pressure. Muscle weakness. Impaired motor skills and coordination. Loss of ... Learn more

  • Hash Addiction

    Hash Addiction

    Hashish is a product extracted from the trichomes (fine hair-like outgrowths) of the cannabis plant as well as from the flowers and fragments of ...

    ... . Increased relaxation. Hunger. Sore throat. Panic. Paranoia. Anxiety. Tachycardia (rapid heart rate). Hypertension (elevated blood pressure). Impaired coordination. Lack of motivation. Impaired ... Learn more

  • Want Healthy, Clear Skin? Say No to Alcohol!

    Drinking too much alcohol too often has negative effects on the body, something anyone with nasty hangover experience can validate. Most people are ...

    ... can validate. Most people are aware that prolonged use of alcohol negatively impacts the liver, kidneys and heart. However, a fact not as well known is that alcohol consumption also negatively affects the body's ... Learn more

  • Who Manufacturers All these Crazy Semi-Legal Designer Drugs?

    Designer drugs have been subject of much media attention of late, as the Internet has made obtaining them easier than in the past. In many cases, ...

    ... years. Users may feel euphoric and calm while taking the drug. Overdoses of ecstasy can cause convulsions, heart palpitations, kidney failure, coma, and death. The active ingredient in ecstasy is a compound called MDMA ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Poisoning: You Can Save a Life in Less Than 10 Steps

    Last night Kerry got drunk…and then kept drinking. By the end of the night, he couldn't even stand up on his own. His friends carried him to the ...

    ... your body is no longer able to perform some of its most basic functions; your breathing can become shallow, your heart rate is no longer regular and you're in danger of choking on your own vomit. If worse comes to worse ... Learn more

  • Warning: 3 Dangerous Suboxone Interactions to Avoid

    Suboxone is a popular, prescription-only drug that effectively suppresses opioid cravings and reduces the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Although ...

    ... Categorized as depressant drugs, or “downers,” benzodiazepines sedate the central nervous system, which slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and depresses breathing. The buprenorphine in Suboxone also functions as ... Learn more

  • 25 Harmful Effects of Morphine

    Morphine is an effective pain reliever. It's administered frequently by healthcare professionals. It's prescribed to manage moderate to severe pain ...

    ... can deteriorate the liver. Endocarditis - Morphine can cause inflammation of the inner lining of the heart. HIV/AIDS - Shared needles used for morphine abuse spreads this deadly disease. Death - Heroin ... Learn more

  • The Damage Done: 6 Long-Term Reminders of Meth Abuse

    Methamphetamine is an extremely toxic and vile drug that produces an initial rush of euphoria and a massive boost of energy. After that first ...

    ... . This can lead to becoming sick more frequently and other physical consequences that can include liver damage, heart disease, stroke, coma and even death. Talk to Us : Have something to add about meth abuse ... Learn more

  • Five Reasons Spice is a Dangerous “Last Resort” Drug

    Spice is one of the newer drug is in town and its wreaking havoc among the homeless, military personnel, students, prisoners and those on probation ...

    ... fast and can result in extreme panic attacks and projectile vomiting. Prolonged use can also lead to heart and kidney failure, as well as diminished brain function. Why are People Drawn to Spice? But despite ... Learn more

  • Opiates, Overdose and Permanent Brain Damage

    Permanent brain damage due to an opiate overdose is a very real, life-altering consequence of opiate abuse . The dramatic increase of opiate-related ...

    ... and opioids (heroin, morphine, OxyContin, Fentanyl) are depressants, meaning the drugs slow down your breathing and heart rate. As such, the most significant risk of an overdose is the lack of oxygen. An opiate ... Learn more

  • Workplace Adderall Abuse: 9 Signs It’s Time to Get Help

    Colleges and universities across the country are struggling to tackle the huge rise in students using ADHD drugs like Adderall as study aid , but ...

    ... injected. The side effects can be significant; abuse of this drug can cause cardiac arrest, irregular heart rate, seizures and extreme paranoia. Thanks to the large number of medical emergencies and rampant abuse, the ... Learn more

  • Big Surprise: What Age Does Our Alcohol Consumption Peak?

    Most people associate an age-related life crisis with middle-age, but all the uproar and uncertainty of our 20s can apparently do a number as well. ...

    ... on the person. And while a few studies might suggest that light drinking can help with bone or heart health, a higher alcohol intake has the opposite effect. For example, low to moderate alcohol intake has been ... Learn more

  • Let's Talk About the Elephant Tranquilizer in the Room

    It's 10,000 times more potent than morphine. It's 100 times more powerful than fentanyl . What is it? Carfentanil. Designed as a ...

    ... Within minutes, carfentanil causes you to become disoriented and sedated, stops your breathing and/or stops your heart. First responders are finding that even multiple doses of naloxone aren't always capable of bringing ... Learn more

  • Are We Creating a Generation of Addicts With ADHD Medication?

    Jack During his freshman year, Jack's grades started slipping. He found it hard to keep up. He knew several classmates who used uppers for ...

    ... the dark regarding long-term effects, the FDA data does currently list two long-term concerns: fatal heart attacks and kidney failure. Is the next generation becoming dependent on medications they don't need? Possibly ... Learn more

  • This is NOT a Drill: Alcohol Causes 7 Kinds of Cancer

    Everyone knows a can of beer isn't as good for you as a glass of orange juice. And, it's common knowledge that excessive amounts of alcohol aren't ...

    ... if not for the cancer-causing effects of alcohol? It makes you reconsider - Is that drink worth the risk to my body? Additional Reading: Unchain My Heart - The Real Impact of Booze Image Source: iStock Learn more

  • Progressing Through the 5 Stages of Addiction: Stage III

    Days before my rock bottom moment, I remember thinking: “Could things get any worse?” My parents had just divorced, I loathed every second ...

    ... firm and I'd just lost the most important person in my life who'd had an unexpected and sudden “change of heart.” I was knee-deep in self-pity and mistakenly thought my life had hit rock bottom . If only I'd known ... Learn more

  • The F-Word: 3 Fast Fentanyl Facts to Remember

    With his heart pounding, Officer Harrison approached the warehouse. His dreams of fighting crime never included this scene. He wasn't chasing a ...

    With his heart pounding, Officer Harrison approached the warehouse. His dreams of fighting crime never included this scene. He wasn't chasing a fugitive; he wasn't even trying to arrest anyone. The other officers had ... Learn more

  • Making Sense Out of the Confusing World of Ritalin

    Sharon is at another meeting with her son's teacher. Aiden's teacher says he's unfocused and disruptive in class. Sharon knows her son behaves the ...

    ... appetite Nervousness In rare instances, Ritalin can also cause abnormal heartbeat, blurred vision, hallucinations, heart attack, brain hemorrhage, hair loss, growth stunting, seizures or stroke. Can My Teen Abuse ... Learn more

  • 7 Not-So-Subtle Signs a Friend is Struggling with Alcoholism

    I have a girlfriend I'm worried about - let's call her Candace. She chugs cocktails, can't hold down a job and causes drunken scenes like it's ...

    ... . They recounted instances where her behavior was totally out of line. Despite having her best interests at heart, Candace quickly writes their concerns off, choosing to stay in denial rather than admit to herself that ... Learn more

  • Do Safe Injection Sites Violate the Hippocratic Oath? One Nurse Says Yes

    Do Safe Injection Sites Violate the Hippocratic Oath? One Nurse Says Yes

    Michael Hesch is a conscious sedation nurse. His job is to intravenously infuse fentanyl and other medicines during surgical procedures. If and ...

    ... start to shower infection particles across the body. The infection will build up on the valves of the heart.” Hersch also pointed out that these infections can last for months - and that's in a hospital setting ... Learn more

  • Imagining Life Without My Daughter Pushed Me to the Edge

    Imagining Life Without My Daughter Pushed Me to the Edge

    Lisa's mom, Jane, was at the end of her rope. For the third time in eight weeks, she had to go pick up her drunk daughter. Jane was exhausted and ...

    ... severe traumas. Her father died as a result of his alcohol abuse; her baby brother died from heart disease severely complicated by years of prescription drug abuse. But none of those things stopped Jane from being ... Learn more

  • Buzzkill: Mary Jane’s Not as Relaxing as You Think

    Mellow. This is the word many people associate with marijuana. Take a few tokes and you'll feel relaxed. As it takes effect, your stress just melts ...

    ... asked participants to complete tasks and rate their stress levels. They also monitored the groups' heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol (stress hormone) levels. The Surprising Results Researchers found one ... Learn more

  • Hooked on Benadryl: It’s Much More Than a Harmless Dependency

    Ad·dict·ed /??dikt?d/ adjective: Physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring ...

    ... days. Additional adverse effects associated with Benadryl abuse include: Nausea Excitability and fast heart rate Anxiety Dry Mouth Difficulty urinating Constipation Blurred vision The University of ... Learn more

  • 3 Thank-You's I Owe to My Old Addiction

    Life doesn't always go as planned. Especially when you find yourself in a maximum-security state prison on your first-ever offense. When Life Takes ...

    ... I used this insight when I got out of prison to surround myself with people who had my best interests at heart. I Ditched the Self-Pity Prior to my car crash, I always felt sorry for myself. Even though I had a ... Learn more

  • Driving Just Got a Little Safer – Thanks to This Device

    Steve saw the flashing lights in the mirror; his heart skipped a beat. He was on his way home from his friend's house, where he and three others ...

    Steve saw the flashing lights in the mirror; his heart skipped a beat. He was on his way home from his friend's house, where he and three others spent the afternoon shooting cocaine . “Just play it cool,” he told ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Poisoning Deaths are Occurring at an Alarming Rate

    The perception that it's the college crowd most given to binge drinking and alcohol poisoning has just been proven false, thanks to a study ...

    ... , thanks to a study recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Cause ... shut down its control over a person's breathing, heart rate and even body temperature. The report also goes on ... Learn more

  • 5 Movies That Will Make You Never Want to Do Drugs Again

    Hollywood has a knack for glamorizing controversial subjects and drug use is certainly one of them. Yet for every Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ...

    ... with magic mushrooms and ayahuasca, this movie centers on a seedy Tokyo drug dealer named Oscar ... despair. This is not a movie for the faint of heart. Tarnation This chilling documentary was compiled from 20 years'- ... Learn more

  • So-Called “Legal” Drugs and the Trojan Horse Game

    Are you familiar with the concept of a Trojan Horse? It's pretty on the outside but filled with deadly enemies inside. It creates an appearance of ...

    ... pressure, hallucinations, psychosis and death. The Centers for Disease Control reported over 3,500 poison ... can cause nausea, vomiting, delusions, seizures, high heart rate and death. What's Next? Synthetic drugs ... Learn more

  • Smoking Around Kids is More Dangerous Than You Think

    Most of us know that exposure to secondhand smoke can produce serious consequences for unborn children, including low birth weight, heart defects ...

    ... for unborn children, including low birth weight, heart defects and learning disorders. But the potential ... risk-free level of secondhand smoke exposure. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that children can ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse and Cardiovascular Health Risks

    Drug Abuse and Cardiovascular Health Risks

    Both illicit and prescription drugs present many risks to individuals who abuse them. Drug abuse affects the brain in many ways that may lead to ...

    ... cases reported to poison control centers in the U.S. and Europe 10 . Heart attacks have been observed ... Who Answers? today to learn more about your available treatment options and how you can start the journey to ... Learn more

  • Risks of Smoking While Breastfeeding

    Risks of Smoking While Breastfeeding

    The numerous health hazards associated with smoking tobacco are well researched and documented. There is no safe time to smoke , but in some ...

    ... Increase blood pressure. Increase breathing rate. Increase heart rate. In addition to the epinephrine, nicotine ... babies need fewer prescriptions and less medical treatment. Other benefits include: A sense ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Valium Use

    The Effects of Valium Use

    Is Valium Harmful? Valium, a popular sedative-hypnotic prescription drug , has numerous effects on the body, many of which can be dangerous ...

    ... signaling or communication takes place between various brain centers. When a user abuses the drug, ... Services Administration (SAMHSA), 23.5 million people needed treatment for illicit drug addiction, but only 2.6 million ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Meth on Your Body

    The Effects of Meth on Your Body During the past two decades, illicit methamphetamine - also known as crystal meth - has presented one of the ...

    ... greater dangers. Meth users face an elevated risk of heart disease, stroke, liver damage, immune suppression, and ... help is available . With the proper professional treatment, a healthy recovery is possible. If you or ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Adderall Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Adderall Abuse

    Anyone at risk for alcohol or Adderall abuse should know several facts about both drugs. Both drugs are fairly common, and both can be lethal if ...

    ... drug's time in the body, that may result in heart failure or seizures. Alcohol acts as a central nervous system ... 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? . Treatment for Co-occurring Alcohol and Adderall Addiction There ... Learn more

  • Crack Overdose

    Crack Overdose

    Crack cocaine is the term for cocaine that has been processed with weak bases such as baking soda or ammonium salts, resulting in a hard “rock” ...

    ... incur extensive, lasting damage to their brain, heart, kidneys, and muscles 4 . Risk Factors ... your life, don't hesitate to seek help. Professional treatment centers can help you learn all about why crack is so ... Learn more

  • K2 Knowledge

    For the last few years, the use of synthetic cannabinoids - also known as K2, Spice, Fake Weed, and over 500 other street names - has been on the ...

    ... the side effects commonly associated with the drug? Rapid heart rate, vomiting, violent behavior , and suicidal thoughts ... intervention programs, and a directory of treatment centers searchable by state. If you or ... Learn more

  • What is Molly? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About MDMA

    On the street you'll hear her referred to as Molly—as if she were a real person and not a drug. Molly is a street name for MDMA ...

    ... The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the Center for Substance Abuse Research, much of the MDMA seized by ... controlled study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in the treatment of PTSD showed that 83% of those given ... Learn more

  • What Every Parent Needs to Know About Adderall Addiction

    Adderall is most commonly prescribed as part of a treatment plan for adolescents and teenagers with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ...

    ... Adderall addiction. When looking for an appropriate rehab center, you'll want to choose one that offers ... increased blood pressure and heart rate, as well as irregular heart palpitations. According to statistics ... Learn more

  • Get The Facts on Alcohol Abuse

    Get The Facts on Alcohol Abuse

    As a substance that most adults can easily obtain from their neighborhood store, or order off the menu at a favorite restaurant, the hard facts about ...

    ... hundreds of billions of dollars. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported ... symptoms before, and could benefit from an alcohol treatment program , do not hesitate to call 1-888 ... Learn more

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