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smoking heroin effects

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  • Can You Get Addicted to Heroin After the First Use?

    Can You Get Addicted to Heroin After the First Use?

    Trying heroin can set into motion a pattern of use that can be dangerous and deadly. Heroin has the reputation of being one of the ...

    ... . Heroin users may abuse the substance through: Smoking. ... smoked, snorted, or injected, heroin acts quickly in the body - with each method's effects influenced by how soon it can reach the brain. Consider the speeds ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Heroin Use

    The Effects of Heroin Use

    Is Heroin Harmful? Continued use of heroin can bring devastation to both physical and mental health, and is likely to culminate in a ...

    ... . Heroin may be smoked, snorted, or injected. Regardless of the type of use, heroin acts quickly in the body to elicit its dramatic results. In short, heroin is very harmful. The speed and intense effects of ... Learn more

  • Heroin Withdrawal

    Heroin Withdrawal

    Heroin is an illicitly manufactured opioid drug and morphine derivative. Both the pain-relieving and pleasurable properties of heroin are initiated ...

    ... to then be used intravenously. Heroin can also be smoked or snorted. When used, heroin can relieve pain, reduce ... withdrawal period. In theory, this method may speed up the withdrawal process, though recent research has ... Learn more

  • Heroin Overdose

    Heroin Overdose

    Heroin is one of the most common, addictive, and lethal drugs in the world. A morphine derivative, heroin is sold illegally in the form of white or ...

    ... or smoked, or it may be dissolved in water and injected intravenously. All routes of use - smoking, snorting and shooting up - deliver heroin extremely quickly to the brain to provide powerfully addictive effects 1 ... Learn more

  • Heroin History and Statistics

    Heroin History and Statistics

    History Heroin is a powerful opiate narcotic that has no legal medical use in the US. Outside of the US, pharmaceutical grade heroin is still ...

    ... today. Heroin's Effects Heroin is converted ... heroin are felt more quickly and more strongly than those of an equivalent amount of morphine. The powerful euphoric high abusers feel when snorting, smoking ... Learn more

  • Snorting Heroin

    Snorting Heroin

    Heroin is a highly addictive Schedule I controlled drug. Heroin has a long history—it was first synthesized (as diacetylmorphine) in 1874 from ...

    ... 's effects can be so intense that they overwhelm the brain, leading to unwanted health risks, including respiratory depression and coma 6 . One of the most dangerous side effect of the drug is the way it can slow ... Learn more

  • Heroin’s Effects on Pregnancy

    Heroin’s Effects on Pregnancy

    Heroin is an illegal and highly addictive substance that may be injected, smoked, or snorted. This powerful opiate drug can easily harm any user, ...

    ... Domestic violence. Criminal activity. Effects of Heroin on a Developing Fetus Heroin can easily cross the placental barrier. This means that when a woman injects, inhales, or smokes heroin, the drug is passed ... Learn more

  • Why Is Heroin So Addictive?

    Why Is Heroin So Addictive?

    Despite its dangers and reputation for harm, use of heroin continues to climb higher in the US. According to the Centers for Disease Control and ...

    ... are popping up in the most unlikely of places. Learn more. Methods of Use and Effects Pure heroin can be smoked or snorted , but it is usually injected: Into a vein. Under the skin. Into ... Learn more

  • Heroin Abuse

    Heroin Abuse

    About Heroin Abuse What Is Heroin? Heroin use is increasing across new demographics. Learn more about this disturbing trend. ...

    ... substance (tar heroin), and solid black chunks . These different forms of heroin can be smoked, snorted, or ... and enduring withdrawal effects. Opiate Overdose Perhaps the most serious effect of heroin is the risk ... Learn more

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  • Heroin Addiction Hotline Guide

    Call Now 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? What is a Heroin Hotline? Heroin addiction is a very hard challenge to overcome alone. That is why ...

    ... life today and call us at 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? . Why Should I Call a Heroin Helpline Number? Calling a heroin helpline does not mean you must commit to anything. All it means is you are ready to get ... Learn more

  • Heroin Relapse

    Heroin Relapse

    Heroin Relapse is Common Anyone can develop a heroin addiction—it's not limited to a specific demographic—but once you develop an ...

    ... tools you need to stay sober. A well-thought-out plan can help you identify and manage the signs of heroin relapse before things get worse. You can implement some of the elements of a relapse prevention plan on your own ... Learn more

  • DEA Finally Acknowledges the Heroin Epidemic

    According to recent statistics gathered during a detailed research investigation - a project aptly dubbed The National Heroin Threat Assessment - the ...

    ... , or strength, is also increasing while the drug's price continues to drop. This deadly combination is fueling heroin's growing appeal while increasing the risk of accidental overdose . If you or someone you love is ... Learn more

  • The Price Tag of Heroin in America: $51 Billion

    If you're hooked on heroin, you'll spend an average of $150 a day to support your habit. That's nearly $55,000 per year. Heroin abuse comes with a ...

    ... is over $248 billion, but that breaks down to just $11,148 per person. At more than $50K per user, heroin's cost blows those two diseases out of the water. The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime reported in 2016 that ... Learn more

  • Relapsed on Heroin? 5 Ways to Regroup and Refocus on Recovery

    You've worked hard to build a new life. Brick by heavy brick, you laid the foundation for a life of sobriety . You were happily on the path to ...

    ... a depression that can rob you of a successful life in sobriety . Do a Body Check As you know by now, heroin abuse wreaks havoc on your body. To get back on track after a relapse, get your body back on board ... Learn more

  • Heroin Use Increasing Across New Demographics, Study Finds

    The face of heroin in the US is changing. As the drug becomes more commonly abused among new racial, geographic and socioeconomic groups, the ...

    ... programs. But for many Americans, these restrictions came too late, going into effect long after they were hooked on opiates . As a result, heroin is now impacting a completely different segment of the nation - white ... Learn more

  • Supervised Heroin Shooting Galleries: Coming to a Public Housing Site?

    Supervised Heroin Shooting Galleries: Coming to a Public Housing Site?

    Vancouver is facing an unprecedented number of opioid overdoses, prompting the government's housing partners to launch a new effort in hopes of ...

    Vancouver is facing an unprecedented number of opioid overdoses, prompting the government's housing partners to launch a new effort in hopes of curbing this deadly trend. The goal is to get intravenous drug users to ... Learn more

  • A Sister’s Honest Talk About Her Brother’s Heroin Addiction

    Alex didn't answer the phone. He missed their father's birthday party and still wasn't answering. But Allison kept dialing. It didn't seem right, ...

    ... Did Everything Go Wrong? It was just a few months later when she got the call. Alex had been arrested for heroin possession . She sat up late with her husband, the window was open as the North Carolina air blew in ... Learn more

  • Don't Overestimate Your Heroin Tolerance - It Might Be the Last Thing You Do

    You may have heard about fentanyl, a synthetic opioid similar to morphine. What you may not have heard about, however, is the ultra-potent ...

    ... be fatal for them,” said Dr. Neil Capretto . What's more, thousands of people are unknowingly buying heroin that's laced with the deadly drug. This has become a common practice among dealers, mainly because synthetic ... Learn more

  • It’s Official: Heroin is Deadlier Than Bullets

    It looks like our nation has found a “bullet” deadlier than the traditional calibers. As of 2015, heroin is killing more people than guns. ...

    ... death tolls surpassed the 30,000 mark. The increase in heroin use can be traced back to the late 1990s and ... Cures Act . It is expected to be signed into effect by President Obama before the end of his term. The ... Learn more

  • Heroin's Death Toll Hits an All-Time High in New York

    New York City has a serious heroin problem on their hands and new data released by the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene reveals just ...

    ... devices that inject naloxone. Known as the opiate antidote, naloxone saves lives by reversing the effects of heroin. Learn more about the dangers of heroin abuse and addiction . Image Source: flickr/Cristian C Learn more

  • Chicken vs. Egg: Which Came First, Heroin or OxyContin Addiction?

    For centuries, people have debated one age old question: which came first, the chicken or the egg? While both sides of this argument have their valid ...

    ... prescription opioids like OxyContin mimic the effects of heroin in both the body and mind ... the blink of an eye. Eventually, someone suggests switching to heroin, pointing out that the illicit drug is much cheaper and ... Learn more

  • Record-Breaking Number of Overdoses Traced Back to Bad Heroin

    A dangerous batch of heroin circulating throughout the city of Chicago has caused a record-breaking 74 overdoses in the span of just three days. When ...

    ... drugs prompt body systems to not only slow down, but grind to a halt. The heroin/fentanyl combo is also one that sets in quickly. Effects are felt almost instantly and collapse occurs in a matter of seconds. Simply put ... Learn more

  • Occasional IV Heroin Abuse Worsens HIV Symptoms

    It's common knowledge that injecting drugs like heroin poses a huge risk for transmission of the HIV virus. In fact, around 30 percent of all HIV ...

    ... , as measured by CD4 cell count,” said Edelman. Her team will now begin to look at “the effects of heroin and other opioids on other aspects of immune function” for future research projects and potential treatment ... Learn more

  • Gray Death: The New Killer on the Street

    Gray Death: The New Killer on the Street

    While heroin adulterated with fentanyl has been in the news in recent years and the risks are well-known, there is a new danger on the streets, and ...

    ... purchased in large amounts online as a “research chemical.” This substance is abused for its heroin-like effects and has caused numerous overdoses across the country. 11 Why Is Gray Death Gaining Popularity ... Learn more

  • Heroin Facts – Because Knowing is Half the Battle

    “Smack” - “Junk” - “H” Heroin is a drug that goes by many names. But no matter what you call it, it's still the same potent, ...

    ... euphoric effect, binding to opioid receptors in the brain and depressing the central nervous system. After the initial euphoria, heroin produces a drowsy state. Since heroin's an opioid, it produces effects similar ... Learn more

  • Why Is Heroin So Deadly Today?

    Why Is Heroin So Deadly Today?

    For more than a century, heroin has been a dangerous drug of abuse . For years, people have been attracted to the substance's ability to produce a ...

    ... treatments are available to reduce discomfort and encourage abstinence. Some medications will block the effects of opioids like heroin to deter continued abuse, and others will help to manage withdrawal and cravings by ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Heroin Addict

    How to Help a Heroin Addict

    More than 590,000 people had a heroin use disorder in the U.S. in 2015, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. If you or someone you ...

    ... short-term and long-term effects . Short-term effects of using heroin include: Feeling flushed. Dry mouth ... larger or more frequent doses of heroin to feel the same effect. If you're worried about yourself ... Learn more

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  • Drugs A-Z

    What is Acamprosate? Acamprosate is thought to help recovering alcoholics stay sober balancing inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmission. ...

    ... Crack Cocaine? Crack is a freebase form of cocaine. Smoking the rock-like substance elicits a rapid-onset, intense ... in more potent psychoactive effects when smoked. What is Heroin? Heroin is an illicit drug ... Learn more

  • List of Street Names for Drugs

    List of Street Names for Drugs

    People actively abusing legal or illicit substances can get pretty creative when it comes to devising a list of slang terms—ranging from avoiding ...

    ... as well as creating hallucinogenic effects. Commonly called “ecstasy” but may be also be referred to as: Adam Beans Clarity Disco Biscuit E Eve Molly Lover's Speed Peace STP X XTC ... Learn more

  • Snorting Methadone

    Snorting Methadone

    Individuals caught in a downward spiral of substance abuse and addiction constantly look for ways to enhance or maintain the high produced by their ...

    ... prescribed, the speed and intensity of effects are changed . In terms of speed of onset of effects, a substance ... methadone will not produce a high as intense as smoking or injecting, but it will be more intense than ... Learn more

  • Joints vs. Edibles: How Marijuana Affects the Body

    Joints vs. Edibles: How Marijuana Affects the Body

    The primary psychoactive component of marijuana (cannabis)—what deliver the “high” in other words—is the substance tetrahydrocannabinol ...

    ... of THC concentration or potency, swiftness of effect onset, and longevity of these symptoms depending ... speed of onset of effects, the duration until peak effects are experienced, and the longevity of the effects. Smoking ... Learn more

  • Crack Abuse

    Crack Abuse

    Key Facts About Crack Abuse What Is Crack? What does crack look and smell like? If you're worried that your teenager is doing crack, it's ...

    ... speed up various mental and physical processes, serving to increase energy and give you a sense of control. 2 As a smoked form of cocaine, crack cocaine use results in near-immediate effects ... have the same effect. If you ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Ketamine Use

    Is Ketamine Harmful? “It's easy to get ketamine abuse wrong because of its potency; it's more powerful than speed or coke weight for weight, so ...

    ... powerful than speed or coke weight for weight, so it's easy to accidentally overdose. Ketamine is typically injected or snorted , but it can be smoked or taken in pill form. The effects of smoking it or swallowing ... Learn more

  • Snorting Vicodin

    Snorting Vicodin

    Vicodin is the brand name for a prescription medication that is frequently used for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain. Vicodin is ...

    ... not provide a high quite as rapidly or intensely as smoking the drug or injecting it directly into the bloodstream , ... switch over to heroin to get similar effects at a lower price 6 . Third, heroin is often easier to ... Learn more

  • Suboxone Debate: What Is the Big Problem with Buprenorphine?

    When it comes to this nation's chemical dependence, few drugs have achieved the notoriety and reputation of opioid drugs. In fact, things have ...

    ... , its overall effects are less than those of full agonist opiates like heroin and methadone. ... no data to indicate the efficacy of Suboxone is hampered by smoking cigarettes. You Can't Get High on Suboxone Not true. ... Learn more

  • Why Don’t We Have Addiction Vaccines?

    After three decades of research, people with addiction still have few medication options. While there are a handful of modestly effective ...

    ... as reduced cravings. 14 In 2013, a similar anti-smoking vaccine, Niccine, failed in Phase II trials. 15 Cocaine ... against other drugs, or diminish cravings, and its effects could likely be overridden, at least in part ... Learn more

  • Why Is Methamphetamine So Addictive?

    Why Is Methamphetamine So Addictive?

    Methamphetamine is a highly addictive chemically compounded stimulant. Similar in chemical structure to amphetamine, meth is widely and illicitly ...

    ... or alcohol for rapid absorption. Methamphetamine can be smoked, injected, snorted, dissolved, or taken orally ... the drug's effects happen in about fifteen minutes - this method lacks the rush of smoking as well. Any ... Learn more

  • Dangers of Shooting Up

    Dangers of Shooting Up

    Drugs can be abused in a variety of ways; while some people may take them orally, others may smoke, snort, or inject them. The practice of ...

    ... ; while some people may take them orally, others may smoke, snort, or inject them. The practice of “shooting ... to the rapidly felt, intensely rewarding effects, shooting up a drug such as heroin can raise the user's risk ... Learn more

  • How to Help an Adderall Addict

    How to Help an Adderall Addict

    Help for Adderall Addicts Adderall is the brand name for a drug that contains two active ingredients: amphetamine and dextroamphetamine . ...

    ... through snorting the drug, swallowing the pills, or smoking the drug. In a 2009 study published by the ... symptoms that range from short-term side effects to long-term consequences. Common signs ... Learn more

  • Meet Cocaine and Her Wicked Step-Child, Crack

    What's the difference in cocaine and crack? If you're like a lot of people, you know there is a difference between the two…you just don't really ...

    ... is quick, intense and doesn't last very long. Smoking or injecting cocaine achieves the most intense high and wears ... of either drug no longer creates the same euphoric effects. This results in frequent and high-dose use ... Learn more

  • Are You Really Addicted to Marijuana? Is Anyone?

    More Americans are becoming aware that drug addiction is a disease and not a character flaw, but many continue to find it difficult to believe that ...

    ... dopamine also takes place for those who use heroin and cocaine. Regular marijuana use starting in adolescence ... look out for. These include an inability to stop smoking pot even after earnest attempts to quit, using weed ... Learn more

  • The Effect of Drugs on the Kidneys

    The Effect of Drugs on the Kidneys

    Chronic drug and alcohol abuse can lead to severe kidney damage or failure. The damage is not always direct; some substances may indirectly cause ...

    ... Painkillers . Heroin Heroin, which is an illicit opioid that can be injected, snorted, or smoked, can cause ... Smoking tobacco is associated with a number of kidney complications, such as 2 : Sped-up ... Learn more

  • Effects of Crystal Meth Use and Abuse

    Effects of Crystal Meth Use and Abuse

    What is Methamphetamine? Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant that can have long-lasting effects on your body. This is a man-made ...

    ... smoked in a glass pipe . Less frequently, the drug is crushed up to be snorted or injected. Smoking speeds ... meth will be hungry, thirsty, and fatigued due to the effects of the substance. This period can last up to 2 ... Learn more

  • Twelve of the Most Addictive Drugs

    Addiction affects millions of lives in the U.S. It is a chronic disease that frequently includes cycles of relapse and remission, and it is ...

    ... is that crack is usually smoked. Crack is more potent than powder cocaine, and smoking crack causes the high to be ... or heroin. Buprenorphine also has a “ceiling effect” where, starting at moderate doses, the effects of ... Learn more

  • The Scary Facts About Designer Drugs and Legal Highs

    The Scary Facts About Designer Drugs and Legal Highs

    Read Time: 30 minutes Introduction What Are Designer Drugs and Legal Highs? The terms “designer drugs” and “legal highs” are used to ...

    ... This is likely because their effects decline rapidly with frequent use, and they have little effect in the ventral tegmental ... of “drugs of abuse,” such as cocaine and heroin, people may still begin to manifest signs of ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Effects on the Body: Short-Term & Side Effects

    Cocaine Effects on the Body: Short-Term & Side Effects

    What is Cocaine? Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive substance. Cocaine hydrochloride remains a schedule II controlled substance, as it has ...

    ... effects of the drug: Snorting can have relatively delayed effects on the body but leads to a longer high. Smoking or injecting has a more rapid effect-with ... of cocaine and heroin is particularly deadly. ... Learn more

  • What Could Illicit Drug Synthesis Expose You To?

    For the 44 million Americans aged 12 and older who used illicit drugs in 2014, the associated health risks are grave. But there's another risk that ...

    ... use of prescription pain relievers. Heroin use has also increased. As ... effects. Amphetamines, which are sometimes prescribed to treat ADHD, can be taken orally, injected, or even smoked in the form of “ice.” They speed ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol And Crack Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol And Crack Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol And Crack Abuse In the mid-1980s, crack cocaine use exploded across the United States. In 1974, 5 million people had tried ...

    ... Cocaine: Key Facts Smoking crack produces almost immediate effects. Crack cocaine's effects typically last between ... 's body is less able to absorb the powerful effect of crack. Blood poisoning and sudden death due to ... Learn more

  • Long-Term Drug Addiction Effects

    Long-Term Drug Addiction Effects

    The longer an addiction lasts, the more stress and strain it puts on the individual. There is an overwhelming number of long-term physical and ...

    ... an overwhelming number of long-term physical and emotional effects addiction can have that can easily turn a healthy ... The respiratory system can suffer damage related to smoking or inhaling drugs, such as marijuana and ... Learn more

  • Snorting Ketamine

    Snorting Ketamine

    Ketamine is a drug used in human and animal surgery to induce numbness and sedation without compromising breathing and blood pressure 1 . It is a ...

    ... different speeds at which they reach the brain to exert effects, and snorting isn't far behind smoking and ... may find themselves escalating their doses to get the same effect as the first time they used it, as extended ... Learn more

  • Crystal Meth Addiction

    Crystal Meth Addiction

    Crystal meth is a form of methamphetamine -a substance that is widely abused throughout the country. Its widespread illicit production dwarfs that ...

    ... . This form of the substance is most often smoked, but can also be ground to a finer powder ... 0069 Who Answers? . Effects of Crystal Meth Because crystal meth is a stimulant, it speeds up the various processes ... Learn more

  • Famous Drug Abusers

    Drug and Alcohol Addiction: A Disease that Touches Everyone According to data from the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), ...

    ... , actress Drew Barrymore had her first drink at 9, began smoking marijuana at 10 and took up cocaine at 12. By the ... s death in February of 2014. He died from a heroin overdose , despite being in recovery for more than two ... Learn more

  • 5 Movies That Will Make You Never Want to Do Drugs Again

    Hollywood has a knack for glamorizing controversial subjects and drug use is certainly one of them. Yet for every Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ...

    ... . Needle Park takes its name from a popular hangout for heroin users on Manhattan's Upper West Side, where much of ... him a joint at the age of 12. After smoking the joint , which was laced with PCP, Caouette develops ... Learn more

  • Why Is Crack So Addictive?

    Why Is Crack So Addictive?

    Crack is a very addictive substance due to its potency and the rapid high that results from its particular method of use. For ...

    ... more likely. Methods of Use and the Effects of Crack Crack is most commonly smoked - usually in a glass pipe - ... heroin with crack can increase the frequency of overdose as crack potentially masks the effects ... Learn more

  • Drugs and Pregnancy

    Drugs and Pregnancy

    Effects of Taking Alcohol or Drugs While Pregnant Using drugs or drinking alcohol while pregnant can create a number of health issues for both ...

    ... Sadly, not smoking yourself does not entirely guarantee your child's safety. Even being around others that smoke can affect ... heroin in-utero. 1 NAS is a postnatal withdrawal syndrome that impacts the infant with effects ... Learn more

  • Quitting Smoking In Addiction Recovery

    Quitting Smoking In Addiction Recovery

    Among patients in treatment programs for drug abuse and addiction (also known as substance use disorder, or SUD), as many as 97% also use tobacco 1 ...

    ... in addictive behaviors 12 . Opioids like heroin and methadone are associated with increased rates ... for drug or alcohol addiction and also smoke, you may want to consider smoking policies when choosing a facility. Call ... Learn more

  • Teens Are Smoking and Drinking Less

    National, state, and large urban school district surveys are conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) every two years among high school ...

    ... .3 percent of high school students have ever used heroin , a percentage that has remained steady over the years ... drink alcohol and/or smoke marijuana . Over two-thirds of the students say smoking cigarettes is bad for ... Learn more

  • Pennsylvania (PA) Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center

    Drug and alcohol abuse can take an immense toll on a person's life—affecting their ability to perform in nearly all areas of life. But addiction is ...

    ... older than 12, 0.55% of them had used in heroin in 2014-15. Approximately 6.4% of the state's ... 4.6% first tried marijuana, and 3.8% began smoking cigarettes. Of all of the state's residents older than 12 ... Learn more

  • Smoke Signals: Why Are Cigarettes Such a Hot Commodity in Treatment?

    Years ago, while I was in a nine-month substance abuse treatment program, I realized that everyone around me had one thing in common - they smoked. ...

    ... the United States, for example, 40 percent of the population smoked in 1965, while only 17.8 percent reported smoking by 2013. “Although smoking rates have declined substantially in the general population, they remain ... Learn more

  • 7 Famous Stoners Who Got Sober

    Throughout the years, tons of famous names have been connected with marijuana use . And while a number of celebs continue abusing weed, plenty of ...

    ... with six ulcers and Barrett's esophagus brought on by habitual pot smoking and a poor diet. After undergoing an emergency tonsillectomy, he vowed never to smoke again, stating that when “your health is on the line, you ... Learn more

  • Smoking Can be a Serious Pain…in the Back

    If you have chronic back pain and are a long-time smoker, the latter may be causing the former, according to a study released by the Feinberg School ...

    ... conclude that smoking increases risk of transitioning to chronic back pain, an effect mediated by ... bottom line, according to the Northwestern study, is if you smoke and have no back pain, quit before you develop a ... Learn more

  • 25 Great Writers Who Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    Drug and alcohol addiction can batter anyone Of course, some are more susceptible than others, and writers are notorious for having some sort of ...

    ... it's alcohol to numb the noise from the world or speed or LSD to “inspire” them, the bohemian yet lonely world ... for his book titled Junkie, Burroughs was a heroin and opioid addict. He even accidentally shot his ... Learn more

  • Risks of Smoking While Breastfeeding

    Risks of Smoking While Breastfeeding

    The numerous health hazards associated with smoking tobacco are well researched and documented. There is no safe time to smoke , but in some ...

    ... Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). To reduce these risks, work to keep your baby in a smoke-free environment when possible and discourage others from smoking in your car or home 7 . Can I Safely Breastfeed While ... Learn more

  • Shocking Report: Smoking Weed Can Damage Your DNA

    Scientists are finding “convincing evidence” that marijuana can damage DNA and even cause certain forms of cancer. These revelations are more ...

    ... all things considered, the possibility of damaging DNA increases exponentially, as the amount of marijuana smoked increases. “The smoking of 3-4 cannabis cigarettes a day is associated with the same degree of damage to ... Learn more

  • Two Groundbreaking Tobacco Laws in the Works

    We've come a long way, baby. Fewer Americans than ever before are smoking cigarettes, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting ...

    ... and n0n-smoker who contracted lung cancer from secondhand smoke exposure at his work. The opposition to this ... 12 months, while 2.3 million children and young adults started smoking in 2012. If you're a new smoker, it's ... Learn more

  • Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

    Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy

    Smoking increases the risks of prenatal issues, complicated birth, and a number of peripartum and newborn health issues. In the ...

    ... nearly 1 in every 5 deaths each year 2 . Effects of Smoking on a Baby Cigarette smoke contains thousands of harmful chemicals. When a woman smokes during pregnancy, these toxic chemicals enter her bloodstream and ... Learn more

  • Smoking Around Kids is More Dangerous Than You Think

    Most of us know that exposure to secondhand smoke can produce serious consequences for unborn children, including low birth weight, heart defects ...

    ... an underestimate due to inherent issues in using statistical estimates of populations. Clearing the Smoke If you're ready to quit smoking , there are plenty of ways you can do it. Although some try to quit ... Learn more

  • Marijuana and Breastfeeding

    Marijuana and Breastfeeding

    Cannabis (also called marijuana) is the most commonly used drug during pregnancy. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), ...

    ... a clear cause and effect relationship between marijuana ... Smoke While Breastfeeding? Despite the relative lack of studies investigating the direct post-natal effects of marijuana in breastmilk, it's clear that smoking ... Learn more

  • Who's Smoking Weed These Days? You Asked, the CDC Answered

    Close your eyes. Picture someone smoking pot. What do they look like? Most importantly, how old are they? Did you drum up an image of a teen ...

    ... fewer people view smoking marijuana as risky ; increasing numbers view it as posing “no risk at all” if smoked as much as ... dates to see if new laws have had any effects - either positive or negative - on our nation' ... Learn more

  • Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

    Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

    Effects of Marijuana on a Developing Fetus Although marijuana is one of the most widely used illicit drugs, there is limited data on the prevalence ...

    ... using it than ever 2 . When a woman smokes marijuana or consumes cannabis edibles during pregnancy, its active ... harmful effects of smoking on a baby's oxygen supply, doctors cannot medically condone smoking marijuana ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Hashish Use

    What is Hashish? Hashish comes mainly from the flowers (as well as leaves and stems) of the cannabis plant. The active ingredient in hash is the ...

    ... smoke cannabis products often will have the same types of respiratory problems associated with smoking ... inhibitions. Hash Side Effects Side Effects from Hashish Side effects from hashish is similar ... Learn more

  • Drugs and Cancer Risk

    Drugs and Cancer Risk

    Despite the declines in the death rate over the last 20 years, cancer continues to be one of the most prevalent public health issues in the US. ...

    ... of all cancer deaths are attributed to tobacco use . Smoking causes 87% of lung cancer deaths in men and ... cause cancer . Once ingested, the toxic effects of tobacco smoke can potentially damage every organ system in the ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Statistics

    Statisticians analyze numerical information on subjects as varied as medicine, politics and even commercial retail sales - allowing researchers to ...

    ... including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. Credit: TEDx Talks Costs of ... survey began: only 6.7% of 12th graders in 2014 reported smoking daily, compared to a peak near 25% in 1997. Illicit drug ... Learn more

  • 4 Long-Term Effects of Smoking Marijuana

    4 states—Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington—and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana. With these changes in policy, a big question on ...

    ... term marijuana use can have similar effects on the lungs as cigarette smoking, we cannot make conclusions based ... lung damage, you're still exposing your lungs to smoke, which can lead to lung problems, such as chronic ... Learn more

  • Drug Use and the Pancreas

    Drug Use and the Pancreas

    The pancreas plays a major role in the body's digestive system. From blood sugar regulation to digestion, the pancreas is constantly hard at work. ...

    ... as morphine, to relieve pain. Effects of Pancreatitis The effects of pancreatitis can be severe. ... prevent acute pancreatitis. Don't smoke (or smoke less) - Studies show that smoking increases your risks for acute ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Marijuana Addict

    How to Help a Marijuana Addict

    Marijuana continues to be the most widely abused illicit drug. The increased state-level legality of marijuana may be promoting perceptions of lower ...

    ... as measured by IQ tests. Physical health problems. Smoking the substance can lead to a list of lung ... because it does not have the negative reputation and extreme effects of other substances does not mean that it is safe ... Learn more

  • Drugs in the News

    In a world grappling with issues of substance use and abuse, drugs are bound to see their days in the spotlight of our 24-hour news cycle. Maybe ...

    ... marijuana into the spotlight. Phelps was photographed smoking at a college party and subsequently suspended ... that detailed past struggles with addiction. Heroin Heroin is a drug with severe addictive potential ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Crack Addict

    How to Help a Crack Addict

    People may become addicted to crack cocaine after trying it only once… Addiction to crack cocaine can be overwhelming, and all but impossible to ...

    ... all forms of cocaine, is an addictive drug. Smoking crack causes an immediate, intense high that wears off ... pattern of use, in which people who take crack will smoke large amounts of the drug over a short period of time ... Learn more

  • Study Shows Alcohol Boosts THC Levels in Your Blood

    With four states legalizing recreational marijuana and several others considering the possibility, driving while high on pot is becoming a much ...

    ... Plenty of marijuana users routinely get behind the wheel after smoking. Some of them even believe that they're better, more conscious drivers when they smoke. Nothing could be further from the truth. We already know ... Learn more

  • Now the Family Dog is Smoking Weed?

    Would you ever give pot to your pooch? Most of us likely think this idea is, well, barking mad, but a new bill out of Nevada could soon make medical ...

    ... animals. Even Segerblom admitted that pot could have a negative effect on the animals, but said there's no way to ... before the research does. Additional Reading: Smoking Weed Can Damage Your DNA Image Source: ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Spice Use

    The Effects of Spice Use

    Is Spice Harmful? “Spice” (synthetic marijuana) has grown in popularity in recent years. Synthetic marijuana is sold under a variety of names ...

    ... A Spice/K2 user is much more likely to experience serious adverse effects than a person smoking natural cannabis. These adverse effects may include psychotic symptoms such as paranoia and hallucinations. Furthermore ... Learn more

  • Crack Cocaine’s Effect on the Brain (Simple Animation)

    “Crack is whack” - that much is widely understood and accepted. But, what exactly is crack? How is crack different from cocaine? Is it possible ...

    ... and the rest of the world when a video of him smoking crack surfaced, went viral and made headlines for months. More celebrities who have allegedly smoked crack in the past include successful actors Robert Downey Jr ... Learn more

  • 4 Hangover “Cures” You Need to Ignore

    The lights are too bright. The noises are too loud. Your head's spinning. Your stomach's in turmoil. No, it's not the flu. You have a hangover. You ...

    ... system. Your liver still has to process it. It does so at roughly one drink per hour. Coffee doesn't speed up this detoxification, it just makes you wide awake for the process. Wash it off: Surely a brisk shower will ... Learn more

  • Drug Use | Myths

    Drug Use | Myths

    There are many myths associated with drug use and abuse. Debunking these myths is the first step in understanding how drug use affects society and ...

    ... the drug's users hope to achieve time and time again. When smoked, heroin is not addictive . If you have ever heard this drug use ... Early detection of problem behavior/smoking & drinking Favorable attitude toward ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Crystal Meth Addict

    What is Crystal Methamphetamine? Crystal methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth is a highly addictive white cystalline drug that can be taken ...

    ... to become addicted to it. The very intense rush achieved when smoking crystal meth can render the addictive properties even stronger. One of the effects of meth as it reaches the brain is to stimulate dopamine ... Learn more

  • 30 Famous Athletes Who Have Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    1. Michael Phelps Eight-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps has not only plunged into the water, but into drugs. In 2009, he lost his ...

    ... possession. 12. Jennifer Capriati Child tennis prodigy Jennifer Capriati made the mistake of shoplifting and smoking weed as a teenager and was arrested for marijuana possession. She has since made a comeback ... Learn more

  • 20 Genius Minds and the Drugs they Were Addicted To

    Intelligence doesn't preclude people from taking drugs any more than fame does. When those who are under stress need to relax, some turn to drugs or ...

    ... started partying hard, eventually being arrested multiple times between 1996 and 2001. He admitted to smoking crack , trying heroin, and pretty much doing every single drug under the sun. Still, he eventually managed ... Learn more

  • Weed: The Vocabulary Killer

    Have you ever struggled to recall a word or phrase? You know the perfect term exists for what you are trying to describe, but you can't extract that ...

    ... brain in such a vulnerable state. Yet, more and more teens are simply ignoring the dangers of marijuana and smoking up on a daily basis. This study is additional proof of the long-term harm marijuana can cause. Make ... Learn more

  • California: 5 E-Cigarette Dangers We Can't Ignore

    Many people see e-cigarettes as a harmless alternative to nicotine cigarettes. E-cigarette companies like NJOY have even hired on celebrity ...

    ... liquids, is as addictive as heroin and cocaine . People who smoke traditional cigarettes already have a ... be contaminated by the nicotine juice. Additional Reading : Smoking Can be a Real Pain…in the Back? Image ... Learn more

  • Hash Addiction

    Hash Addiction

    Hashish is a product extracted from the trichomes (fine hair-like outgrowths) of the cannabis plant as well as from the flowers and fragments of ...

    ... . Hash is typically smoked or eaten, with much quicker effects occurring when smoked. THC acts by ... effects, including: Immune system suppression. Respiratory health issues similar to those that occur from smoking ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Crack Use

    The Effects of Crack Use

    Is Crack Harmful? Since it first appeared on the illicit drug scene during the 1980s, crack cocaine has solidified its reputation as one of the ...

    ... the bloodstream and brain more quickly. However, the effects of smoking cocaine are shorter in duration, lasting only 5 ... in addiction. The pleasurable or euphoric short-term effect of the drug can usher a user towards ... Learn more

  • Crack History and Statistics

    Crack History and Statistics

    Crack cocaine is a highly addictive drug of abuse that has intense stimulant properties. Typically, the user will feel a rush of excitement and ...

    ... the high to begin within seconds. The desired effects from smoking crack cocaine only last between 5 and 10 ... the powder cocaine into small chunks that could be smoked by adding ammonia or baking soda , then heating ... Learn more

  • Snorting Fentanyl

    Snorting Fentanyl

    Fentanyl is a pain-relieving substance with two main uses 1 : Treating significant acute, post-operative pain following surgery. Treating ...

    ... they are snorting fentanyl, they might also be consuming heroin ( or other drugs) 1,6 . The speed of onset. Intensity. Duration of effects. Speed of onset. Snorting fentanyl allows the opioid to be ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Help

    Drug Abuse Help

    Drug abuse help is available for everyone. Whether it is for yourself or someone close to you, there is a drug abuse help center with a program to ...

    ... to street drugs. Drug abuse help to stop smoking marijuana or using mushrooms and peyote has more of ... pattern; whereas, drug abuse help to stop injecting heroin or using crack cocaine places a much greater importance ... Learn more

  • Teen Drug Rehab: How to Combat Teen Drug Abuse

    Teen Drug Rehab: How to Combat Teen Drug Abuse

    Teen drug abuse can lead to a plethora of problems for our youth, ranging from problems with normal brain development to severe academic ...

    ... by a doctor. In fact, prescription painkillers can be just as addictive and damaging to one's health as heroin. Many teens begin taking prescription drugs because they feel it's a safer choice than using illicit drugs ... Learn more

  • Detour: Teens in Rural Areas More Likely to Abuse Painkillers

    When you think about the drug trade in America's big cities, it seems like it might be easier for teenagers to abuse drugs like prescription ...

    ... use because there are behavioral differences that they may be able to notice if their kid is smoking weed.” Additional Reading : Heroin Use Increasing Across New Demographics, Study Finds Image Source: Pixabay Learn more

  • Disguising Danger: 7 Marijuana Edibles Side Effects Shockers

    Lots of the people who have tried marijuana have done so in the form of snacks like pot cookies or brownies. Since one of the effects of pot is an ...

    ... Smoking pot produces a more immediate high that quickly dissipates, while edibles kick in after about an hour and the effects ... insufficiency can also be a major side effect in young children. They've Contributed to ... Learn more

  • Marijuana Mouth: Worse Than Meth Mouth?

    Kim is 38-years-old; she had been smoking weed since college. Her dentist could tell. Kim had a bad case of gingivitis. Her gums were swollen and ...

    ... Mark was in his 20 th year of marijuana use. The smoking had taken its toll. His smile was ghastly. Over time, the ... 20 years from now. But considering the potential effects, maybe they should. Learn more about the ... Learn more

  • Drugs and Liver Disease

    Drugs and Liver Disease

    The Function of the Liver The liver plays an extremely important role in the body. It ensures the removal of toxins and has numerous other ...

    ... others are classified as enzyme inhibitors, which reduce the speed in which a drug is broken down. In many ... as Tylenol), elicit predictable and dose-dependent effects on the liver, others may have unforeseeable ... Learn more

  • Snorting Tramadol

    Snorting Tramadol

    Tramadol is a medication prescribed to treat moderate to moderately severe pain in adults and, in its extended release forms, to manage certain ...

    ... crushing and snorting it, to increase the effects/to get high. Is tramadol the new OxyContin? ... impact in regards to the speed, intensity, or duration of the effects. The speed of the high depends on how ... Learn more

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