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treatment for cocaine toxicity

  • Cocaine Overdose : Signs and Symptoms

    Cocaine Overdose : Signs and Symptoms

    Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Overdose When a person abuses cocaine, their body experiences a number of sensations and physiologic changes, all ...

    ... 0069 Who Answers? to find quality treatment for cocaine abuse for yourself or a loved one-it's ... in San Francisco . Addictive Behaviors, 26. 453-460. Medscape. (2016). Cocaine Toxicity Treatment & Management . "} Learn more

  • The Effects of Codeine Use

    The Effects of Codeine Use

    Codeine abuse can develop into a full-fledged codeine addiction. Codeine is one of the many pharmaceuticals ...

    ... drug. Liver damage secondary to acetaminophen toxicity. Seizures. The cardiac and respiratory ... a life of recovery. However, outpatient treatment is another option for those seeking help who are unable to ... Learn more

  • Snorting Cocaine

    Snorting Cocaine

    Cocaine is a stimulant drug with highly addictive properties that is derived from the coca plant 1 . Also known as “coke,” “snow,” or ...

    ... as “coke,” “snow,” or “blow,” cocaine is a white, crystal-like powder that provides a euphoric high. Cocaine is ... to continued substance abuse) 2 . Treatment for cocaine addiction can take a variety of ... Learn more

  • Why Is Cocaine so Addictive?

    Cocaine comes from the coca bush, which grows primarily in South America. This addictive stimulant is also known as “coke,” “snow,” or ...

    ... at: http:\/\/\/publications\/research-reports\/cocaine\/what-are-effects-maternal-cocaine-use What treatments are effective for cocaine abusers? (Revised 2010, September). Available at: http:\/\/www ... Learn more

  • Cocaine History and Statistics

    Cocaine History and Statistics

    History Cocaine is a drug derived from the South American coca plant ( Erythoxylon coca ). It is a powerful stimulant and popular ...

    ... The Miracle Drug? Once purified cocaine became available, it was i ncorporated into many different medical applications including as a remedy for cholera and a treatment for morphine addiction, plus a thousand ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Use During Pregnancy

    Cocaine Use During Pregnancy

    Cocaine usage during pregnancy has the potential to harm both mother and baby, and the effects may be long-lasting. According to the 2015 ...

    ... learn skills to help cope with these triggers without the use of cocaine or other drugs. Options for addiction treatment include: Outpatient drug treatment : This option typically requires 8-12 hours a week of time ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Withdrawal

    Cocaine Withdrawal

    According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), nearly 5 million people 12 and older abused cocaine within the year prior to the 2012 ...

    ... of building a balanced life in recovery 3 . Effective therapeutic approaches used in treatment for cocaine addiction include 4 : Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) -Helps substance users understand the impact ... Learn more

  • Using Cocaine While Breastfeeding

    Using Cocaine While Breastfeeding

    Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant that is easily absorbed into the blood stream. It has a high milk to plasma ratio, meaning it ...

    ... use 5 . The best way to stay safe, however, is to stop using cocaine altogether. See “Addicted to Cocaine?” below for information on treatment, or call 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? to learn about getting help ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Cocaine Addict

    How to Help a Cocaine Addict

    Help for Cocaine Addicts If you're battling an addiction to cocaine, also known as coke, blow, and snow, you're not alone. According to the ...

    ... for Cocaine Addicts If you're battling an addiction to cocaine, also known as coke, blow, and snow, you're not alone. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2013, there were 1.5 million current cocaine ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Effects on the Body: Short-Term & Side Effects

    Cocaine Effects on the Body: Short-Term & Side Effects

    What is Cocaine? Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive substance. Cocaine hydrochloride remains a schedule II controlled substance, as it ...

    ... closet. But because I had access to it, I started doing coke by myself. I'd get high in the school bathroom or at ... and period of previous use. Cocaine Addiction Treatment The cravings that accompany withdrawal can ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Abuse

    Cocaine Abuse

    Overview of Cocaine Abuse Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug; its use-reinforcing high derives primarily from its actions on the ...

    ... ways of thinking and acting that may be contributing to the cocaine abuse issue. 13-15 Finding Treatment for Cocaine Addiction Seeking treatment for substance addiction is one of the first phases on the path ... Learn more

  • Can You Get Addicted to Cocaine After the First Use?

    Drugs like cocaine have reputation for being extremely addictive but still many people will want to try them “just once.” It's easy to wonder, ...

    ... may even be fatal. When a person uses cocaine for the first time, they will likely feel the ... cocaine. Each person's path from one line of coke to addiction, tolerance, and dependence is unique to them. As cocaine ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Relapse

    Cocaine Relapse

    According to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 913,000 Americans met the criteria for cocaine addiction as ...

    ... 24% of people relapse back to weekly cocaine us e within a year following treatment. Another 18% of people end up returning for treatment following a relapse. Cocaine relapse rates are typically higher among those with ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Addiction Hotline Numbers

    Call Now 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? What is Cocaine Addiction? Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that can hook users with its rewarding ...

    ... when you go to rehab? How can I help my loved one? Does my insurance cover treatment? Should I go to detox? Are there medications for cocaine addiction? Is there a recovery center near me? Should I Call ... Learn more

  • Russian Roulette: The Hidden Dangers of Cutting Agents in Cocaine and Heroin

    In the United States, more than 47,000 people die from drug overdoses every year . To make matters worse, drug deaths have recently surpassed ...

    ... ) over time (from 1980 to 2014). We then analyzed a University of Lausanne study of cutting agents for cocaine and heroin which was conducted over nine years. We used this information to uncover the dangers of ingesting ... Learn more

  • cocaine

    With this help of Google Trends, this unique analysis looks at the illicit trade, economics, and consumption of cocaine on a global scale. ...

    With this help of Google Trends, this unique analysis looks at the illicit trade, economics, and consumption of cocaine on a global scale. Learn more

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  • Drug Abuse and Cardiovascular Health Risks

    Drug Abuse and Cardiovascular Health Risks

    Both illicit and prescription drugs present many risks to individuals who abuse them. Drug abuse affects the brain in many ways that may lead to ...

    ... and prescription drugs such as: Cocaine (coke, crack). Amphetamine (Adderall) and ... , L., Mitchelson, M., & Macdonald, C. (2011). Mephedrone toxicity in a Scottish emergency department. Emerg Med J, 28(12), 1055 ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Crack Use

    The Effects of Crack Use

    Is Crack Harmful? Since it first appeared on the illicit drug scene during the 1980s, crack cocaine has solidified its reputation as one of ...

    ... and yellow teeth. Systemic toxicity resulting from inhalation of harmful ... cocaine, you can call 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? any time of the day for a safe and anonymous way to find treatment ... Learn more

  • The Effect of Drugs on the Kidneys

    The Effect of Drugs on the Kidneys

    Chronic drug and alcohol abuse can lead to severe kidney damage or failure. The damage is not always direct; some substances may indirectly ...

    ... more easily prone to toxicity from the substance 5 . This can be particularly dangerous for someone suffering from ... failure if heroin abuse continues 2 . Cocaine Cocaine, a powerful stimulant drug that causes ... Learn more

  • Lethal Drug Combinations

    Lethal Drug Combinations

    What are the Deadliest Drug Combos? Combining drugs (“polysubstance abuse”) is both common and potentially dangerous. There are ...

    ... shame in asking for help. The first step to recovery, whether that's treatment or just managing your ... Drug Abuse. (2016, May). What Are the Short-term Effects of Cocaine Use? Pennings, E. J., Leccese, A. P., & Wolff, ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol and Bath Salts Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol and Bath Salts Abuse

    Bath Salts: A Dangerous Synthetic Drug Even though few people mention “bath salts” when they discuss addictive drugs, this new misnamed ...

    ... level, you can begin to grasp the toxicity of these drugs (cocaine and amphetamines often have a purity level ... to discuss your treatment options. Alcohol and Bath Salts Statistics Statistics for alcohol and bath ... Learn more

  • Flakka Abuse

    What Is Flakka? Flakka is a relatively new synthetic designer drug that is gaining increased popularity, particularly in Florida, Texas, and ...

    ... toxicity may also require ongoing care to regain functional status lost in the course of adverse effects on the heart or cardiovascular system. How to Find the Help You Need Accepting help and treatment for ... Learn more

  • Drugs and Liver Disease

    Drugs and Liver Disease

    The Function of the Liver The liver plays an extremely important role in the body. It ensures the removal of toxins and has numerous other ...

    ... individual stops taking the drug, although medical treatment may be necessary in cases of excessive ... and acetaldehyde, that may play a part in liver toxicity 8 . If consumed in moderation, the liver typically ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Methoxetamine Use

    The Effects of Methoxetamine Use

    Is MXE Harmful? MXE, also known as methoxetamine, is a substance with similar chemical properties to ketamine and phencyclidine (PCP) , ...

    ... } MXE Overdose In some cases, MXE use may lead to toxicity , also known as an MXE overdose, which can occur ... lower level of care. Outpatient treatment is another option for MXE treatment that may either be a ... Learn more

  • Snorting Ketamine

    Snorting Ketamine

    Ketamine is a drug used in human and animal surgery to induce numbness and sedation without compromising breathing and blood pressure 1 . It is a ...

    ... and remain completely unaware, not getting necessary treatment. Ketamine also has a disorienting effect on ... drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, it may not be associated with as high a risk for addiction development, but ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol And Cocaine Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol And Cocaine Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol And Cocaine Abuse Cocaine is a profoundly addictive stimulant drug that produces euphoria, increased energy, and ...

    ... along with the whole person. It's very important pertinent that you receive appropriate treatment for your addiction to alcohol and cocaine in order to prevent relapse. Many rehab facilities will provide you with ... Learn more

  • How to Help a Crack Addict

    How to Help a Crack Addict

    People may become addicted to crack cocaine after trying it only once… Addiction to crack cocaine can be overwhelming, and all but ...

    ... unique":true},"children":" National Institute on Drug Abuse. What treatments are effective for cocaine abusers? (2016).\u00a0 How Is Cocaine Addition Treated? Drug Enforcement Administration. (2013).\u00a0 Drug Fact ... Learn more

  • A Closer Look at the History and Use of Cocaine

    Cocaine is a popular CNS (central nervous system) stimulant that is naturally derived from the cocoa plant, which is most commonly grown in ...

    ... is benzoylmethyl ecgonine (C17H21NO4), users refer to cocaine as coke, snow, blow, nose candy, dust, white lady, toot ... 601,000 people over the age of 12 used cocaine for the first time during the course of the previous 12 ... Learn more

  • Dangerous Additives: What's Really in Your Cocaine?

    Cocaine is one of the most lethal illegal substances. This can be explained by the extraordinary psychoactive and biological effects of the drug; ...

    ... Kingdom's Forensic Science Service reported an average purity of just 26.4 percent in their 2000+ cocaine seizures for 2013, down from 45 percent in 2005. Here we will highlight some of the more insidious additives ... Learn more

  • Can You Get Addicted to Crack After the First Use?

    Can You Get Addicted to Crack After the First Use?

    Crack, a solid, crystallized form of cocaine , is smoked and taken in through the lungs. Also called “freebase cocaine,” crack was first seen ...

    ... cause a deadly overdose . Overdosing on cocaine (“cocaine toxicity”) is indicated by the following ... , they are thought to have developed a (crack) cocaine use disorder. For some, this chain of events can be very rapid. ... Learn more

  • If Old Drug Ads Told the Truth

    Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Through the late 19th century and mid-20th century, many of today's illicit drugs of abuse were ...

    ... 's Cocaine Tablets Cocaine was also used as a remedy for head and chest congestion. Allen's Cocaine Tablets ... daunting, there is hope in the form of addiction treatment . If you're concerned about your own drug use ... Learn more

  • Crack History and Statistics

    Crack History and Statistics

    Crack cocaine is a highly addictive drug of abuse that has intense stimulant properties. Typically, the user will feel a rush of excitement ...

    ... to South America, has been used for its pleasurable effects for thousands of years. Cocaine has a long history of availability and ... t have to continue suffering. Learn how treatment can help. Who's Abusing It? ... Learn more

  • Cocaine and the Ultimate Battle of Neurons

    Sean was ready to give up. His brother, Tony, seemed to be a lost cause. After years of cocaine use, Tony had been through three rehab programs and ...

    ... . Each time, Sean hoped for the best, only to have his hopes crushed by cocaine . At the end of ... with cocaine addiction need the right treatment and support to break free from this cycle. With time and treatment, ... Learn more

  • Meet Cocaine and Her Wicked Step-Child, Crack

    What's the difference in cocaine and crack? If you're like a lot of people, you know there is a difference between the two…you just don't ...

    ... gives you an almost immediate high, which peaks in 3-5 minutes. The main difference in cocaine and crack is the length of the high. While coke can be felt up to two hours, a crack high lasts about 15 minutes. That ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Addiction: Have Scientists Finally Found a Cure?

    Cocaine Addiction: Have Scientists Finally Found a Cure?

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports an estimated 1.5 million Americans use cocaine. In 2015, our nation saw more than 6,700 ...

    ... G-CSF could be translated into clinical trials and treatments for patients.” For people struggling with cocaine dependency and in need of effective treatment options , this possibility offers some very long-awaited ... Learn more

  • Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About a Resurgence of Cocaine in the U.S.?

    Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About a Resurgence of Cocaine in the U.S.?

    According to the DEA's annual Drug Threat Assessment cocaine use is on the rise. It looks as if, while in the midst of an opioid epidemic, a lethal ...

    ... the US. Cocaine-related deaths spiked in 2006 at 7,500 and then slowly declined for several years. However, since 2010, these numbers have started to climb again, reaching over 6,700 in 2015. Coke Smugglers Do the ... Learn more

  • Concurrent Alcohol And Crack Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol And Crack Abuse

    Concurrent Alcohol And Crack Abuse In the mid-1980s, crack cocaine use exploded across the United States. In 1974, 5 million people had ...

    ... professional help is called for in almost all cases. Treatment for a co-occurring crack ... -274. Mahan, S. (1996). Crack cocaine, crime, and women: Legal, social, and treatment issues (Vol. 4). Sage Publications. Mosher ... Learn more

  • Seized

    In 2015, Border Patrol prevented more than 1.5 million pounds of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and meth from entering the United States. 1 In the ...

    ... resulting difficulties they've faced in receiving treatment for their addiction to the drug. A ... Delaware (which we've already seen has more heroin and cocaine seizures in the news than anywhere else). Interestingly, the ... Learn more

  • Crack Abuse

    Crack Abuse

    Key Facts About Crack Abuse What Is Crack? What does crack look and smell like? If you're worried that your teenager is doing crack, ...

    ... treatment. Learn how. Treatment for crack abuse may begin with detoxification. This is a controlled withdrawal from crack cocaine ... (2013). Cocaine . National Institute on Drug Abuse. (n.d.). Cocaine (Coke, Crack) ... Learn more

  • 30 Famous Athletes Who Have Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    1. Michael Phelps Eight-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps has not only plunged into the water, but into drugs. In 2009, he lost ...

    ... 100 Players of All-Time” list, was once busted for cocaine and marijuana possession. 26. Lawrence Taylor One of the ... Rehab Whether you're looking for a specific type of rehab treatment, substance related info or ... Learn more

  • Take the Backdoor: Why Your Brain Can't Refrain From Cocaine

    Ted just snorted two lines of cocaine. If we could see inside his brain, we'd see some pretty alarming results. The blood vessels of Ted's brain ...

    ... say it's time rethink our assumptions and treatment options for cocaine addiction. If it's not an issue of self-control, treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy are basically rendered ineffective because ... Learn more

  • Cocaine Could Mess With Your Brain's Ability to Recognize Sadness and Fear

    Cocaine is a stimulant drug with a reputation for making people more social, but in reality, it tends to make users paranoid and insufferable. ...

    ... with a reputation for making people more social, but in reality, it tends to make users paranoid and insufferable. And according to a new study , this may be in part because people who use cocaine are less capable ... Learn more

  • New Study Reveals Cocaine Robs You of Loss

    A new study has found that cocaine abuse affects brain circuits so drastically that some users can't even recognize personal loss in their ...

    ... to deter drug use in the non-addicted, but for cocaine addicts, these events simply don't register as “ ... research, scientists say the cocaine antidote would likely be used a supplement to drug treatment , not an overall ... Learn more

  • Drug Arrests Across America

    The Current Drug Landscape An estimated 24.6 million Americans aged 12 or over used an illicit drug in 2013. That's 9.4% of the population. 1 ...

    ... have been 14 police incidents on average per day involving marijuana in Baltimore, compared to 3.3 for cocaine and 3 for heroin. Despite the variation in dot number across each of the maps above, their neighborhood ... Learn more

  • Find a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center in Delaware

    Before you enroll in a recovery program in Delaware, consider what kind of program is best for you. Make sure the program's treatment approach ...

    ... what kind of program is best for you. Make sure the program's treatment approach matches with your needs, ... of all overdose deaths in the state. 4 Past-year cocaine use and past-month alcohol use among residents age 12 ... Learn more

  • Crack Overdose

    Crack Overdose

    Crack cocaine is the term for cocaine that has been processed with weak bases such as baking soda or ammonium salts, resulting in a hard ...

    ... one risk factor for overdose. A person can overdose their first time trying crack cocaine, especially if ... life, don't hesitate to seek help. Professional treatment centers can help you learn all about why crack is ... Learn more

  • Dangers of Snorting and Sniffing Drugs

    Dangers of Snorting and Sniffing Drugs

    Users abuse drugs in varying ways; some drugs are taken orally, while others are smoked, injected, or snorted. Each mode of administration elicits ...

    ... lead to a number of overdose situations. When someone uses cocaine, even for the first time, he or she can suffer from ... rehab refers to patients who require simultaneous treatment for both substance addiction as well as a ... Learn more

  • Commonly Abused Drugs

    Commonly Abused Drugs

    Marijuana Abuse Though illegal to use or have possession of, marijuana is a commonly abused drug and many people are unaware of its ...

    ... or outpatient therapy. In most cases, the cocaine addict will attend outpatient therapy after completing residential cocaine addiction treatment for continued support. In conjunction with outpatient therapy, most ... Learn more

  • Your Brain on Drugs: Studying Cocaine's Effect on Blood Flow

    Stimulant drugs like cocaine can cause serious blood flow problems within the brain. When there is an insufficient flow of rich, oxygenated blood ...

    ... in blood flow speed. For the very first time, researchers were also able to identify cocaine-induced microischemia brought on by ... will eventually lead to better treatment options for recovering drug addicts, improve brain ... Learn more

  • Crack Cocaine’s Effect on the Brain (Simple Animation)

    “Crack is whack” - that much is widely understood and accepted. But, what exactly is crack? How is crack different from cocaine? Is it possible ...

    ... state is short lived - lasting for only 10 minutes. Despite its reputation for being a poor man's cheap alternative to cocaine, particularly attractive to and destructive for the African American population, addiction ... Learn more

  • Twelve of the Most Addictive Drugs

    Addiction affects millions of lives in the U.S. It is a chronic disease that frequently includes cycles of relapse and remission, and it is ...

    ... attacks, seizures, strokes, and/or death. Many people use cocaine in binges, where they repeatedly take the drug in a short ... Whether you're looking for a specific type of rehab treatment, substance related info or ... Learn more

  • Why Don’t We Have Addiction Vaccines?

    After three decades of research, people with addiction still have few medication options. While there are a handful of modestly effective ...

    ... potential treatments for addiction medications — “it's a moral failing, not a medical disorder,” is the rationale — especially to illegal narcotics like heroin, cocaine and meth. 23 The good news is that vaccines are ... Learn more

  • Why Is Crack So Addictive?

    Why Is Crack So Addictive?

    Crack is a very addictive substance due to its potency and the rapid high that results from its particular method of use. ...

    ... - usually in a glass pipe - to achieve the desired crack cocaine high. In fact, the name “crack” refers to the ... with this being true, professional treatment can be hugely beneficial for anyone attempting to quit using ... Learn more

  • Famous Drug Abusers

    Drug and Alcohol Addiction: A Disease that Touches Everyone According to data from the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), ...

    ... (NSDUH), 22.7 million Americans need treatment for a drug or alcohol problem. And though ... her modeling career was at its peak, Valletta was abusing cocaine and alcohol. She eventually sought help because she “didn' ... Learn more

  • Sentencing by State 2

    have led to overcrowded facilities, skyrocketing prison costs, and major social, economic, and political impacts. Currently, nearly half of all ...

    ... rise. The report also revealed that meth-related treatment admissions and meth seizures have all increased in recent ... and the man handed three life sentences for introducing two cocaine dealers to each other. Meanwhile, ... Learn more

  • From Snort to Synapse: We Map Out Cocaine's Trip in Your Brain

    The powder is perfectly lined on the table. With no straw handy, you roll up a Washington and seconds later, the snow is gone. Inhaled into your ...

    ... forever. What does this trip look like? Let's join the coke as it makes its way through your system. The Cocaine Trip Working its way around the mucus, cocaine finds its way to the blood vessels in your nose. And ... Learn more

  • Florida Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center

    Florida is known for its large number of drug and alcohol rehab centers. It treatment facilities attract people from all over the country. Before ...

    ... The rate of past-year cocaine use in Florida among those 12 and older was higher than the national average for 2014-2015 (1.9% ... sign, the number of people getting treatment for opioid addiction in Florida has increased ... Learn more

  • Common Neurological Risks of Drug Abuse

    Common Neurological Risks of Drug Abuse

    While substance abuse may cause a user to feel a short-lived euphoria or impart a sense of temporary well-being, the adverse effects can be ...

    ... . Traumatic brain injuries are often a result of a sudden blow to the head or an object piercing the brain through the ... with continued cocaine use. Need Help Understanding Your Addiction Treatment Options? ... Learn more

  • How to Treat Stimulant Addiction

    How to Treat Stimulant Addiction

    The stimulants are a broad class of substances that affect the nervous system in a way that leads to increased activity across a number of mental ...

    ... drugs that are encountered both predominantly illicitly (e.g., cocaine, crystal meth) as well as legally, in the ... on TV 4 . Stimulant Addiction Treatment Treatment for an addiction to stimulants will be ... Learn more

  • What Drugs Cause the Most Insane Behavior?

    Many substances that are addictive cause mental changes or unusual behavior. Even if a substance does not inherently have mind-altering properties, ...

    ... of the original ingredients in Coca-Cola. Today, cocaine has no accepted medical application and is used illegally for recreational purposes. The drug can be taken by rubbing cocaine powder into the gums, by chewing the ... Learn more

  • Women More Likely to Get Hooked on Cocaine - But Why?

    Women are generally more vulnerable to cocaine addiction than men, according to a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications. ...

    ... to get hooked. Should We Adjust Our Cocaine Rehab Treatment Methods? “Our study will change the way ... when talking about addiction treatments , and we need to have more specialized treatment for drug abusers because ... Learn more

  • Addiction Self-Assessment Quizzes for Drugs and Alcohol

    Drug and Alcohol Self-Assessment Quizzes Use the following self-assessment quizzes to better understand common signs, symptoms, and behavioral ...

    ... given by doctors, therapists, or other treatment professionals, the following quizzes may be ... whether you may have a dependence on or are misusing cocaine. While this assessment does not replace a clinical diagnosis ... Learn more

  • Dangers of Shooting Up

    Dangers of Shooting Up

    Drugs can be abused in a variety of ways; while some people may take them orally, others may smoke, snort, or inject them. The practice of ...

    ... that you live at the facility for the duration of the treatment program while receiving services, such ...\/publications\/research-reports\/cocaine\/what-are-short-term-effects-cocaine-use Ghuran, A., & Nolan, ... Learn more

  • Drugs A-Z

    What is Acamprosate? Acamprosate is thought to help recovering alcoholics stay sober balancing inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmission. ...

    ... possible treatment for cocaine dependence. What is Ativan? Ativan is a brand name for lorazepam ... intoxication, sedation, and mild euphoria. Though toxicity varies by substance, chronic use of ... Learn more

  • 20 Genius Minds and the Drugs they Were Addicted To

    Intelligence doesn't preclude people from taking drugs any more than fame does. When those who are under stress need to relax, some turn to drugs ...

    ... —one that was demonstrated not to be true a few months later. Freud would also regularly take cocaine for depression and migraines. One good thing may have come out of Freud's drug use: he created psychoanalytic ... Learn more

  • Stimulant Drug Abuse

    Stimulant Drug Abuse

    Stimulants, both illicit and prescription, are known to increase energy and alertness. Prescription stimulants can offer therapeutic benefits ...

    ... and older showed that 5.5 million people reported using cocaine within the last year. In that same time period, ... research report . Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. (1999). Treatment for stimulant use disorders ( ... Learn more

  • The Scary Facts About Designer Drugs and Legal Highs

    The Scary Facts About Designer Drugs and Legal Highs

    Read Time: 30 minutes Introduction What Are Designer Drugs and Legal Highs? The terms “designer drugs” and “legal highs” are used ...

    ... 25I . Some of these drugs—with reportedly lethal toxicities—are being sold as LSD to unsuspecting users. 35 ... as being hooked on an illicit drug. Treatment for Designer Drug Abuse and Addiction Acute Intoxication As ... Learn more

  • This Is Your Brain on Drugs

    This Is Your Brain on Drugs

    Read Time: 20 minutes Readers of a certain age might remember the public service announcements from the late 1980s showing a frying egg with ...

    ... help reveal why even though someone who is high on cocaine acts very differently than someone who is abusing heroin, both ... fatigue. Medically, opioids are an important treatment for people who have severe pain that cannot ... Learn more

  • Mixing Alcohol with Drugs

    Mixing alcohol with prescription drugs or illicit drugs (known as polysubstance use), can have dangerous health effects that many people may not ...

    ... can be both synergistically cardiotoxic (with alcohol and cocaine) and neurotoxic (with alcohol and meth), and can ... Addiction Centers specializes in evidence-based treatment for all kinds of substance use disorders ... Learn more

  • Rapper’s Shocking On-Stage Antics are Cause for Concern

    A Florida rapper by the name of “Stitches” has earned a name for himself as of late, but for all the wrong reasons. The joker-like face ...

    ... coke-dealing past and says things like “Better have my money when I come to collect” and “I love selling blow!” He also raps about selling cocaine ... , as the baggies weren't confiscated for testing. However, it's safe to ... Learn more

  • Warning: 3 Dangerous Suboxone Interactions to Avoid

    Suboxone is a popular, prescription-only drug that effectively suppresses opioid cravings and reduces the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Although ...

    ... By counteracting the effects of the other, combining Suboxone and cocaine produces two dangerous effects for users. As a stimulant, or “upper,” cocaine has shown to reduce the amount of buprenorphine in the bloodstream ... Learn more

  • Driving Just Got a Little Safer – Thanks to This Device

    Steve saw the flashing lights in the mirror; his heart skipped a beat. He was on his way home from his friend's house, where he and three others ...

    ... jaw and wide pupils. To Steve's dismay, the officer explained he was holding a brand new roadside test for cocaine . “Well,” Steve thought, “looks like I was wrong about that test.” Bringing the Lab to the Streets ... Learn more

  • What Causes Addiction?

    “Whether or not we look at addiction as a “disease,” we can clearly see that changes in the brain do occur that promote continued use.” ...

    ... :\/\/\/lib\/cocaine.html#intro Roberts, A.J.; Koob, G.F. (1997). The neurobiology of addiction: an overview. Schug, S. A., Merry, A. F., & Acland, R. H. (1991). Treatment principles for the use of opioids ... Learn more

  • Drugs in the News

    In a world grappling with issues of substance use and abuse, drugs are bound to see their days in the spotlight of our 24-hour news cycle. ...

    ... -888-744-0069 Who Answers? today . Methodology For this project we scraped the internet for news articles containing the terms “Marijuana,” “Cocaine,” “Heroin,” Meth,” “MDMA,” “Ecstasy,” “OxyContin,” and “Xanax ... Learn more

  • Colorado Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center

    When compared with much of the country, Colorado has relatively high rates of substance use, and the numbers suggest that there may be many people ...

    ... used marijuana (vs. 13.35% nationally) 75% used cocaine (vs. 1.75% nationally) 38% used heroin (vs ... through our directory to see options for inpatient and outpatient treatment centers, and the amenities they ... Learn more

  • Find a Substance Abuse Rehab Center or Resource in Alhambra, CA

    which_city: alhambra-ca; h1: Find a Substance Abuse Rehab Center or Resource in Alhambra, CA; intro: California has long had one of the lowest ...

    ... an instant. It has been found mixed into heroin, cocaine, and meth. 1 The small city of Alhambra, California ... stop the cycle of addiction today by exploring your treatment options using this directory. It can help you ... Learn more

  • List of Street Names for Drugs

    List of Street Names for Drugs

    People actively abusing legal or illicit substances can get pretty creative when it comes to devising a list of slang terms—ranging from avoiding ...

    ... to List - Cocaine Cocaine —This white powder substance is commonly abused for its euphoric stimulant effects. Some street names include: Blow Bump C Charlie Coke Snow Toot ... Learn more

  • Effects of Drug Abuse on the Male and Female Reproductive Systems

    Effects of Drug Abuse on the Male and Female Reproductive Systems

    Substance abuse can negatively impact the reproductive health of both sexes in a number of ways and may contribute to serious problems like ...

    ... and other bloodborne diseases. HIV and antiretroviral treatment drugs may negatively affect a male's fertility ... Infants born to mothers who use cocaine during pregnancy are at risk for low birth weight, smaller head ... Learn more

  • History of Drug Abuse

    History of Drug Abuse

    History of Substance Abuse Rehabilitation As drugs have been abused for hundreds of years all over the world, their effects have ...

    ... the 1800s, when morphine, heroin and cocaine were hailed for their amazing curative properties. By the ... by many as a disease or a chronic issue that requires treatment to stop. Consequently, if you call us at 1-888 ... Learn more

  • The 9 Most Expensive Drugs in America

    Each year, Americans spend nearly $100 billion on illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. These figures do not even account ...

    ... Each year, Americans spend nearly $100 billion on illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. These figures do not even account for the billions of dollars that are spent on prescription drugs each year ... Learn more

  • Can You Get Addicted to Crystal Meth After the First Use?

    What is Crystal meth? Crystal meth is a powerful, synthetically made stimulant. It can be ingested orally, injected intravenously, snorted or ...

    ... for crystal meth is twelve times longer than for cocaine, meaning that meth acts on the brain for ... for crystal meth Addiction Treatment {"props":{"scalar":"","unique":true},"children":null} If you need help for ... Learn more

  • Find a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center in Washington

    Once you've mentally committed to getting help for addiction, you'll want to start searching for treatment right away while your resolve is strong. ...

    ... committed to getting help for addiction, you'll want to start searching for treatment right away while your ... 18-25 in the state are estimated to have used cocaine (including crack) in the past year. 3 Although drug ... Learn more

  • Wellbutrin Abuse

    Wellbutrin Abuse

    Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Aplenzin, Zyban) is a drug that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat depression, seasonal ...

    ... For more information, see the following articles: Antidepressant Wellbutrin becomes 'poor man's cocaine ... .0b013e318295fe2f Li, R. (2014).\u00a0 Bupropion toxicity with unintentional exposure or abuse: More common ... Learn more

  • America’s Drug Awareness

    For the first time in a decade , the CDC reported that death rates in the United States have increased. While news outlets trumpet the increased ...

    ... not even 12 percent of people in need) received treatment for substance abuse at any time in the previous year. ... decrease in availability - however, fatality rates for cocaine remain high in some areas. Availability of ... Learn more

  • Drugs and Pregnancy

    Drugs and Pregnancy

    Using drugs or drinking alcohol while pregnant can create a number of health issues for both mother and child. An increased risk of stillbirth and ...

    ... that abuse cocaine will often have poor nutrition and inadequate prenatal care. Cocaine users also ... , experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms after birth. Treatment for Drug Addiction If you're addicted to drugs ... Learn more

  • Zoloft Use in Substance Abuse Treatment

    Zoloft Use in Substance Abuse Treatment

    Zoloft (sertraline hydrochloride) is a commonly prescribed antidepressant that belongs to a group of drugs called selective serotonin-reuptake ...

    ... on the road to recovery. Zoloft and Cocaine Addiction Treatment While research on the use of antidepressants ... with a seizure disorder or those at risk for suicide should always consult a doctor before using ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Bath Salts Use

    The Effects of Bath Salts Use

    Are Bath Salts Harmful? The term “bath salts” refers to a family of designer recreational drugs that contain one or more synthetic ...

    ... these chemicals work similarly to other psychostimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine, which makes it likely that ... to those in recovery. The end goal for any treatment plan is to help patients return to a ... Learn more

  • 30 Famous Musicians Who Have Battled Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

    1. Ozzy Osbourne Rockstar Ozzy Osbourne has long struggled with addiction. In fact, his heavy alcohol and drug abuse led to him being fired ...

    ... 8. Bobby Brown Singer and bad boy Bobby Brown has faced several arrests, including for DUIs and drugs . He blames his cocaine addiction on his ex-wife, Whitney Houston. 9. Natalie Cole Natalie Cole's 2000 ... Learn more

  • Find a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center in Illinois

    No matter who you are, sobriety is possible, but you don't have to do it alone. Trained professionals in a recovery program can provide you with ...

    ... alcohol. 194,000 people reported past-year cocaine abuse. An estimated 1.3 million people ... coverage is not the only way to pay for your addiction treatment. Plenty of people without insurance are able to ... Learn more

  • Find a Substance Abuse Rehab Center or Resource in La Habra, CA

    which_city: la-habra-ca; h1: Find a Substance Abuse Rehab Center or Resource in La Habra, CA; intro: La Habra, California, is a small city in ...

    ... is the most abused illicit substance in Orange County. Cocaine was more widely abused than heroin in Orange County ... own. It is important to get evidence-based treatment to overcome abuse of drugs and alcohol. Call our ... Learn more

  • Effects of Stimulant Drugs

    Effects of Stimulant Drugs

    Are Stimulants Harmful? Any amount of stimulant abuse can cause damage to the user. Stimulants are a class of ...

    ... of stimulant use disorder . Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorders. Substance Abuse ... Fineschi, V. (2012). Side effects of cocaine abuse: multiorgan toxicity and pathological consequences . Current Medicinal Chemistry, 19 ... Learn more

  • Drugs and Cancer Risk

    Drugs and Cancer Risk

    Despite the declines in the death rate over the last 20 years, cancer continues to be one of the most prevalent public health issues in the US. ...

    ... toxic and cancer-causing 16 . Cocaine . It is a common practice of cocaine dealers to add or mix ... it is a major risk factor for several substances of abuse. To learn about treatment options to end use of alcohol, ... Learn more

  • Risk of Counterfeit and Laced Drugs

    Risk of Counterfeit and Laced Drugs

    Results from the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that approximately 27 million people aged 12 or older were current illicit drug ...

    ... is to get help to stop using. For information on treatment programs , call us at 1-888-744 ... H. (2011). Detection of levamisole exposure in cocaine users by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.\u00a0Journal ... Learn more

  • A Decade of American Drug Use

    A Decade of American Drug Use

    In the nation's ongoing drug crisis, grim statistics abound. Each day, approximately 115 Americans die of opioid overdoses. ...

    ... incited public outcry in decades past, such as crack cocaine and methamphetamine . The public also used PCP at ... and treatment for these disorders.” NSDUH data were weighted by each year to account for the ... Learn more

  • Long-Term Drug Addiction Effects

    Long-Term Drug Addiction Effects

    The longer an addiction lasts, the more stress and strain it puts on the individual. There is an overwhelming number of long-term physical and ...

    ... or inhaling drugs, such as marijuana and crack cocaine. In addition to this kind of direct damage, ... for treatment. There are many different treatment options for a struggling individual. Inpatient treatment ... Learn more

  • Getting Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Without Insurance

    What is Substance Abuse Rehab Treatment? Drug and alcohol addiction treatment provides professional rehabilitation services to those who struggle ...

    ... and other substance abuse issues. Rehab centers typically offer treatment services for most types of substance addiction; including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, opioid, crystal meth, marijuana and more. Services ... Learn more

  • Snorting Valium

    Snorting Valium

    Valium is a prescription sedative medication that falls into the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines 1 . Also available as generic diazepam, ...

    ... Several different types of treatments are available for Valium addiction: Detox ... Misuse of prescription drugs . National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2016). DrugFacts: Cocaine . Lofwall, M. R., Moody, D. E., Fang, W. ... Learn more

  • Snorting Adderall

    Snorting Adderall

    What is Adderall? Adderall is a prescription stimulant used and abused for its ability to increase energy and mental focus, as well as for its ...

    ... short-term effects similar to those of cocaine , the risk for overdose, addiction, and the long-term ... the program and their personal needs. Effective treatments for addiction to stimulants like Adderall include 9 : ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Information and How Substance Abuse Starts

    Substance Abuse: An Introduction No matter how hopeless the situation seems, it is never too late to turn things around. ...

    ... be abused. While illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine are abused any time they are used, prescription ... over the age of 12 sought some type of treatment for drug use. The most important thing to remember is ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse: The Oral Health Kryptonite

    It's February and we've all celebrated Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day and even President's day. So, that's basically it for February, right? ...

    ... has lethal effects on the body, especially the teeth. Tooth decay is prominent among cocaine abusers for several reasons. For example, use of this drug causes severe dry mouth and increases exposure to cavity-causing ... Learn more

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