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treatment for flakka effects

  • The Effects of Flakka Use

    Is Flakka Harmful? Flakka is as potent as methamphetamine, yet with an even higher propensity for addiction development in those who ...

    ... to the kidneys and cause renal failure . The unknown effects of Flakka have many alarmed about its use and popularity, as ... Withdrawal Treatment/Treatment for Flakka Addiction Treatment for Flakka addiction ... Learn more

  • From Bath Salts to Flakka: Searching for Designer Drugs

    Share on Twitter Share on Facebook The new and unfamiliar often elicits fear of the unknown. But when the new and unfamiliar is a drug - ...

    ... effects. But unlike the botanical alkaloid found in the khat plant, the stimulant found in bath salts and flakka is man-made. For ... about substance abuse treatment options today. Flakka's Rise: Search Prevalence ... Learn more

  • Flakka Abuse

    What Is Flakka? Flakka is a relatively new synthetic designer drug that is gaining increased popularity, particularly in Florida, Texas, and Ohio. ...

    ... Credit: CBSN Flakka Abuse Treatment The neurological effects of Flakka toxicity may be ... and discussing your needs and requirements for treatment. Teen Flakka Abuse Thanks to the legal or semi ... Learn more

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  • Drug Abuse Effects

    Drug Abuse Effects

    Learn More About the Effects of Illicit Drugs Alcohol Bath Salts Cocaine Crack Crystal Meth DMT Ecstasy ...

    ... takes more and more of the drug for the user to feel the same effects. In seeking that initial high, the body ... don't have to battle your addiction alone. Drug treatment centers offer the support you need to beat your ... Learn more

  • Treatment for LSD Abuse

    Treatment for LSD Abuse

    Psychoactive substances, by definition, change the way people think and feel. Hallucinogens do this in a unique way, by altering the way that humans ...

    ... users require larger amounts over time to experience the desired effects 5 . This ramping up of use, over time ... LSD use problem, or that existing treatments will not work for someone with LSD addiction/abuse. What ... Learn more

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for Drug Abuse

    Medication-Assisted Treatment for Drug Abuse

    Many people believe that using medication in the treatment of substance use disorders is trading one addiction for another. However, according to the ...

    ... , due to the ceiling effect that buprenorphine has (and to ... for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT). In order to prevent abuse, methadone is administered in a clinic on a set schedule. Despite its relatively mild effects ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

    Alcohol Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

    What Is Alcohol Abuse? Those who abuse or misuse alcohol are not necessarily addicted to or dependent on alcohol. An individual can misuse alcohol ...

    ... how a teen acts, it can also have adverse effects on the adolescent brain. Studies show that brain ... care, and various forms of therapy, inpatient treatment can be best for those who do not have an effective home ... Learn more

  • Rhode Island Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

    Deciding to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the most important decisions you or a loved one may ever make. That decision could ...

    ... treatment_help_title: Getting Addiction Treatment Help; treatment_help_text: Getting the help you need for ... region_more_info_0_content: Today, the damaging effects of substance abuse reaches to every state and every city ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Adderall Use

    Is Adderall Harmful? Adderall is a form of amphetamine prescribed for the treatment of: 1 Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ...

    ... the treatment of narcolepsy. 2 Adderall can be addictive and dangerous to those who abuse it. 3 Adderall Short-Term Effects When used for short periods as prescribed by a physician, it has the positive effect ... Learn more

  • Florida Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

    If you or a loved one is struggling with substance addiction, it may be negatively impacting your relationships, finances, career, and health. ...

    ... making a decision, we can help. Call us today at [phone]. region_more_info_2_title: How Can I Pay For Treatment Centers in Florida?; region_more_info_2_content: Some people don't have insurance or aren't able to pay ... Learn more

  • California Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

    Substance addiction can negatively impact relationships, finances, careers, and health. But you don't need to wait for something terrible to happen ...

    ... may even be able to work out a payment plan with the center. You can contact us anytime for questions about treatment centers and recovery programs, and payment options at [phone]. region_more_info_3_title: Addiction ... Learn more

  • New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

    Deciding to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the most important decisions you or a loved one may ever make. It has the potential to ...

    ... to start recovery in a safe environment that meets your needs. region_more_info_2_title: How Can I Pay for Treatment Centers in New Jersey?; region_more_info_2_content: If you've picked a NJ rehab center but aren't ... Learn more

  • Massachusetts Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

    If you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, there is help available. Many people struggle with substance abuse and addiction, but ...

    ... for alcohol, 4% for were for marijuana, 3.4% for crack/cocaine, and 5.8% for opioids other than heroin (including prescription painkillers). 4 ; treatment_help_title: Getting Addiction Treatment Help; treatment_help_text ... Learn more

  • Anxious About Anxiety: Why We Reach for Xanax

    We're an anxious nation. According to data from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in ...

    ... States. (The fact that we have an association devoted to anxiety says something about us, doesn't it?) Treatment for anxiety disorders makes up nearly one-third of the nation's mental health bill. Clearly, this is a ... Learn more

  • Can a Hormone Make You “Hungry” for Alcohol?

    New findings suggest that ghrelin, a natural hormone traditionally associated with healthy appetite and food intake, might also increase hunger for ...

    ... this context, future studies may explore the potential of blocking ghrelin signaling as a new promising treatment for alcoholism .” The Role of Alternate Hormones Other hormones have also been linked to drug and ... Learn more

  • Eating Disorder Treatment

    Eating Disorder Treatment

    Drug Abuse and Eating Disorder Treatment Combined Research shows that people admitted for eating disorder treatment often abuse amphetamine, ...

    ... an eating disorder occurs in conjunction with any type of drug or alcohol abuse , treatment must address both problems. Treatment for an eating disorder can be provided in a number of different settings ranging from ... Learn more

  • Is There a Cure for Alcoholism?

    We're often asked whether there's a cure for alcoholism . Often this is by a concerned partner or friend, and sometimes it's by someone who suffers ...

    ... sedative-like effect. This is because it binds to GABAA receptors. This is the body's “reward” for drinking ... again after going to AA or receiving certain treatments. For some, alcoholism can be overcome, although whether ... Learn more

  • Chronic Disease Treatment Success Rates

    Testicular Cancer Testicular cancer was perhaps one of the most feared cancers of the 70s and 80s. However, advances in treatment meant that the ...

    ... or illicit substances, get help today - call 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? to get help finding the best treatment programs for you. The call is toll-free and we're waiting to speak to you anytime, day or night. Learn more

  • Virginia Wants Treatment - Not Jail - For Its Addicted Citizens

    During the four years I was in prison, I met hundreds and hundreds of women. Many were first-time, nonviolent offenders - and almost all were ...

    ... who were released came right back in a few months later - almost like a revolving door. Virginians Call for Treatment Not Punishment Prison is designed to penalize - not rehabilitate - so it didn't take me long to ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Valium Use

    The Effects of Valium Use

    Is Valium Harmful? Valium, a popular sedative-hypnotic prescription drug , has numerous effects on the body, many of which can be dangerous ...

    ... here . Credit: CBS Short-Term Effects of Valium Valium decreases activity in the ... Administration (SAMHSA), 23.5 million people needed treatment for illicit drug addiction, but only 2.6 million ... Learn more

  • Cryptocurrency: A Payment For Treatment or a Reason For Treatment?

    Cryptocurrency: A Payment For Treatment or a Reason For Treatment?

    Do residential treatment facilities accept cash, charge, insurance - or cryptocurrency? Despite cryptocurrency's newfound popularity, hopefully ...

    ... Issue? Well, it's widespread enough that Scotland is now home to a hospital that offers residential treatment for dependency on cryptocurrency. The center, Castle Craig Hospital, is the first of its kind, but it ... Learn more

  • Countering the Myths About Methadone: Is it Right for You?

    Methadone maintenance has been around for years as an effective treatment for opioid dependency . Yet, its use remains controversial, and there's ...

    ... shown that people have used it as a treatment modality for decades without harm. However, methadone - like ... several decades of use. But methadone does have side effects - as with other opioids - such as constipation and ... Learn more

  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    A significant amount of people suffering from substance abuse and addiction meet the criteria for having additional psychiatric disorders as outlined ...

    ... , with more luxurious programs naturally costing more. If you are having trouble locating an insurance covered treatment center for dual diagnosis rehabilitation near you, you don't have to go it alone. Call 1-888 ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

    Drinking alcohol puts you in a league with 70 percent of Americans who also do. And though nights spent with a beer, a glass of your favorite vino, ...

    ... effects should underscore alcohol's dangerous potential. Encouragingly, recovery from alcohol , as well as medical treatment for ... long-term-effects-alcohol-impair-brains-pathways-underlie-impulse-control-311242 http:// ... Learn more

  • Cigna Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

    About Cigna and Alcohol and Drug Rehab Coverage Cigna is a global healthcare business that serves over 180 million people in over 30 countries ...

    ... , insurance covers the rest. 9 Often, this will be the total amount you end up owing for inpatient or outpatient treatment . It's important to reach out to your provider to verify your coverage before you enter ... Learn more

  • Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

    Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers

    Addiction is a chronic, complex medical condition that's characterized by the repeated misuse of substances even in the face of potentially harmful ...

    ... , depending on the level of care and a person's needs. 2, 3, 5 Residential treatment is appropriate for people who: 3, 6 Have recurring issues with substance misuse. Have severe substance use disorders ... Learn more

  • Gay Addiction Treatment Centers

    Gay Addiction Treatment Centers

    Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is becoming increasingly specialized. Treatment designs have been evolving as a result of numerous studies ...

    ... evolving medical care, has been no exception. If you or someone you love is in need of a addiction treatment for LGBT individuals center call our 24-hour hotline toll-free at 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? . Our gay ... Learn more

  • Sexual Abuse Treatment

    Sexual Abuse Treatment

    What Is Sexual Abuse? Sexual abuse can be defined as a form of sexual violence , including: Rape. Unwelcome touching. Molestation. ...

    ... a spiral. Some days will be better than other days . Another consideration to study in the realm of treatment for sexual abuse victims is the overlap between abuse victims and addiction. Because sexual abuse is such a ... Learn more

  • 6 Things to Look for in Addiction Treatment Centers for Women

    Drug addiction impacts men and women in different ways, which is why there are many women-only addiction treatment centers. Women who have issues ...

    ... have shown that mothers whose children stayed with them during rehab were more likely to see treatment through to completion. For those who have little family support, on-site childcare may be their only option during ... Learn more

  • 5 Things to Look for in Addiction Treatment Centers for Men

    Addiction affects millions of men and women across the United States and many of them seek help from addiction treatment centers each year. National ...

    ... with those triggers rather than give in to them. Ask what strategies a program uses for relapse prevention when you're searching for a treatment center. #4. Personalized Care No 2 people are alike, so a one-size-fits ... Learn more

  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

    Veterans frequently face a range of challenges as they readjust to civilian life after separation from the military. Substance use, mental health ...

    ... and anxiety have been linked to SUDs. 3,4,17 Either issue can develop first, but each can complicate treatment for the other. 5,7 Many veterans who display symptoms of depression or anxiety may use substances to change ... Learn more

  • How to Pay for Addiction Treatment Programs

    If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, it can feel overwhelming. Getting help through an addiction treatment ...

    ... you get a referral from a primary care provider. 1 If you have an HMO and are considering treatment for substance use, check with your insurance provider to see what's covered in your area. Some potential benefits ... Learn more

  • Inpatient Treatment

    Addiction is a complex brain disease that affects millions of people every year and can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, ...

    ... address all the needs of the person, not just the addiction. Inpatient rehab typically provides many options for treatment services that can be tailored to an individual's needs and substance of abuse. 7 How to Choose ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

    Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

    Why Choose Treatment? Drug abuse treatment programs provide valuable help to thousands of individuals struggling with drug abuse. Substance abuse ...

    ... it is important to find a facility that provides its patients with a full continuum of care. For immediate drug abuse treatment call our 24-hour toll-free helpline at 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? . A support ... Learn more

  • Specialized Treatment

    Specialized Treatment

    Drug and alcohol abuse entails the repeated and excessive use of a chemical substance and, frequently, a disregard for the negative consequences ...

    ... individuals and their unique, ever-changing needs. In doing so, rehab can greatly benefit treatment outcomes. For immediate specialized treatment, don't hesitate to call our 24-hour helpline toll-free at 1-888-744 ... Learn more

  • Outpatient Treatment Centers for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

    Substance abuse is a complicated issue, potentially impacting all areas of one's life, including work, health and interpersonal relationships. ...

    ... programs frequently will prove a better option. What to Prepare Before Seeking Help Before seeking out a treatment program for yourself or a loved one, do some basic leg work to ensure you have the necessary ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Concerta Use

    The Effects of Concerta Use

    Concerta is the trade name of a central nervous system stimulant known as methylphenidate . It is prescribed mainly for the treatment of: ...

    ... find recovery through treatment today. Side Effects The side effects of Concerta use can ... with Concerta substance abuse issues, you don't have to wait for things to change on their own. You can get help. Give ... Learn more

  • Side Effects of DMT Use

    Side Effects of DMT Use

    Is DMT Harmful? DMT (dimethyltryptamine) is a hallucinogenic compound found naturally in a variety of plant species and produced endogenously in ...

    ... LSD. The drug has a rapid onset and effects are typically felt immediately. A hallucinogenic DMT trip usually ... . Inpatient rehabilitation : 24/7 addiction treatment for a specified period of time, typically ... Learn more

  • How to Pay for Rehab

    There are various methods you can use to go to rehab for alcohol or drug addiction. Individuals can pay for rehab through public health insurance, ...

    ... : $400-$900 per day. 60-day: $300-$800 per day. 90-day: $200-$700 per day. For outpatient treatment, on average the cost may include the following: 1 Intensive outpatient (IOP): $100-$500 per session. IOP ... Learn more

  • Drug Abuse Addiction Treatment

    Drug Abuse Addiction Treatment

    Drug abuse and addiction are problems that can have devastating consequences. Not only can they destroy the affected individual's life, they have a ...

    ... affected individual's life, they have a pervasive effect on all those who know or work with the individual. The best hope for recovery is immediate addiction treatment. For assistance, call our toll-free helpline at ... Learn more

  • Does Methadone Treatment Suppress Testosterone in Opioid Addicts?

    A new study out of McMaster University in Canada has found that common treatments for opioid addiction reduce the level of testosterone in men, but ...

    ... treatment. The very notable side effect leaves some health officials worried that men will be reluctant to receive treatment for ... despite the potential side effects, methadone treatments for opioid addiction are well- ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Ultram Use

    The Effects of Ultram Use

    Ultram has been found to be far more addictive and dangerous than previously thought. Ultram (trade name: tramadol ) is an opiate ...

    ... vs. Reality Despite its reputation for mild effects: Ultram users are shown to ... you have gained the skills and support to continue your recovery after treatment ends. The road to recovery can be long, but it will ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Lorazepam Use

    The Effects of Lorazepam Use

    About Lorazepam Recovery from addiction is real. Take back your life today. Lorazepam is an anti-anxiety medication that ...

    ... its intended effect. Patients experiencing these signs and symptoms should seek out their physicians for a different benzodiazepine medicine or an alternative anti-anxiety treatment. Long Term Effects of Lorazepam ... Learn more

  • Methadone Programs: A Bad Treatment Plan for Addicted Parents?

    When it comes to the negative effects of substance abuse , addiction casts a wide net. Addicted parents, in particular, are faced with a unique set ...

    ... 32 percent were in methadone treatment every year. For 43 percent, methadone use was intermittent. The Snowball Effect of Methadone While opiate addiction clearly has far-reaching negative effects, a core group of ... Learn more

  • Everything You Need to Know About Methadone Maintenance Treatment

    Sometimes it's better to substitute one drug for another. This is called harm reduction and it can make a serious difference in your health and ...

    ... 24-36 hours. 3 You should start to feel the effects of the methadone about 30 minutes after taking it. The ... methadone has been used safely and effectively for the treatment of opioid addiction (particularly heroin) since ... Learn more

  • What Does Acid do to You? The Effects of LSD (Acid)

    What is LSD (Acid)? D-lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD or “acid,” is a hallucinogenic drug made from lysergic acid, a natural ...

    ... LSD could be a useful tool for exerting “mind control” on ... treatment 8 . In some cases, HPPD is severe, long-lasting, and has a significant negative effect on other aspects of a user's life. The distressing effects ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Spice Use

    The Effects of Spice Use

    Is Spice Harmful? “Spice” (synthetic marijuana) has grown in popularity in recent years. Synthetic marijuana is sold under a variety of names ...

    ... impossible to predict the potential side effects that may be encountered. These adverse effects can be as variable as the ... / depression. Suicidal ideation. Finding Treatment for Spice Addiction One of the ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Soma Use

    The Effects of Soma Use

    Soma (generic name: carisoprodol ) is prescribed for short-term relief of acute musculoskeletal pain . It is intended only to be used for short ...

    ... (meprobamate) exert mild sedative effects. Many Soma users find the sedative effect of carisoprodol to be pleasant ... Anxiety. Diarrhea. Headaches. Insomnia. Treatment for Soma abuse can get a little ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Norco Use

    The Effects of Norco Use

    Norco is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone - an opiate pain medication. It is intended to relieve moderate to severe pain. Because ...

    ... Damage . Norco Long-term Effects The most notable long-term effect of Norco is addiction , which ... take the drug out of habit, not merely as a treatment for pain. Norco use can begin on a legitimate basis but ... Learn more

  • Side Effects of Demerol Use

    Side Effects of Demerol Use

    Is Demerol Harmful? The use of Demerol and other prescription opioids is widespread. In 2012, 259 million prescriptions were written for ...

    ... other drugs in order to amplify its effects. Those who need the painkiller for legitimate medical reasons may find themselves ... stability many need to commence with addiction treatment. It may only be administered at ... Learn more

  • Penalties and Sentencing for Drug Abuse, Selling, and Smuggling in the USA

    Penalties and Sentencing for Drug Abuse, Selling, and Smuggling in the USA

    Problematic substance use has the potential to negatively impact every area of your life. As dependence and addiction to alcohol or other drugs ...

    ... ) can lead to serious legal consequences, the effects of which may last a lifetime. 2 Legal ... individuals seeking treatment for addiction. Other parts of the world are crueler with their treatment of substance ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Fentanyl Use

    The Effects of Fentanyl Use

    Is Fentanyl Dangerous? Fentanyl may be administered through: Patches. Oral or nasal spray. Lollipops (a 'troche' or lozenge with a stick ...

    ... pain. Euphoria. Relaxation. Those seeking the effects above will often abuse fentanyl by taking it ... abuse of Fentanyl can be deadly. Fentanyl Treatment Treatment for fentanyl typically has two components: 1) ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Codeine Use

    The Effects of Codeine Use

    Codeine abuse can develop into a full-fledged codeine addiction. Codeine is one of the many pharmaceuticals classified as an ...

    ... codeine can also cause dangerous short-term effects for drug users via respiratory depression: Breathing ... life of recovery. However, outpatient treatment is another option for those seeking help who are unable to ... Learn more

  • Finding Help for Benzodiazepine Addiction

    Finding Help for Benzodiazepine Addiction

    Many people become addicted to benzodiazepines or “benzos” as they are often called. Common types of benzos include: Xanax . Valium . ...

    ... effective way to convince a family member to seek treatment for drug addiction 1 . CRAFT is designed to help ... takes ever-increasing doses to produce the euphoric effects that are produced when a person begins abusing ... Learn more

  • Side Effects of ACTIQ Abuse

    Side Effects of ACTIQ Abuse

    ACTIQ is a brand name for fentanyl, an extremely powerful opioid painkiller that is used only for severe pain such as breakthrough cancer pain 1 . ...

    ... repeated administration) before the antidote takes effect 2 . Long-Term Effects of Abuse ACTIQ has some unique ... will begin 6 . Withdrawal and Addiction Treatment For many who struggle with opioid use ... Learn more

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs

    If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction, you may be considering potential drug and alcohol treatment options. Seeking treatment ...

    ... balance, and block the reinforcing effects these substances should they continue to ... you don't have insurance, there are ways to pay for treatment, which may include: Receiving scholarships or grants. Payment ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Percocet Use

    Is Percocet Harmful? When abused, Percocet can be quite harmful. Percocet is the brand name of a narcotic pain reliever containing a ...

    ... to treat moderate to severe pain. The short-term effects of Percocet last approximately 4-6 hours and include ... 20.8 million persons aged 12 or older needed treatment for a substance abuse problem but did not receive ... Learn more

  • Long-Term Effects of Molly

    Long-Term Effects of Molly

    Overview of Ecstasy Effects Ecstasy is the more common street name for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine—a highly addictive, illicit drug also ...

    ... more and more to achieve the same level of effects. For example, a new user of ecstasy may take a ... long-term recovery. 12 When you are ready to find a treatment program , you can search online. Before calling, it may ... Learn more

  • Addiction Treatment

    Addiction Treatment

    Substance addiction is a chronic condition involving compulsive drug and/or alcohol use. People who are addicted to a substance may continue to drink ...

    ... per week of treatment for adults with a ... for those with a history of regular use of certain substances such as benzodiazepines and alcohol, because suddenly stopping use could potentially result in dangerous health effects ... Learn more

  • Side Effects of Librium Use

    Side Effects of Librium Use

    Librium , which is a brand name formulation of chlordiazepoxide, belongs to a class of sedative medications known as benzodiazepines . Librium has ...

    ... a normal effect of continued ... treatment types. Resources, Articles, and More Information For more information, check out the following related articles: Finding Help for Benzodiazepine Addiction. The Effects ... Learn more

  • Drug Treatment Program Glossary

    Navigating the seemingly intricate world of substance use treatment might seem a complex endeavor. With the multiple types of care, treatment ...

    ... at home. Sometimes called “day treatment,” PHP involves at least 5 days per week for 4 to 6 hours of individual ... way alcohol is processed, disulfiram produces unwanted effects like nausea when alcohol is consumed and, in ... Learn more

  • Alcohol Abuse Treatment

    Should You Consider Treatment for Alcohol Abuse? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration sponsors an annual survey, known as ...

    ... ” sensation that came with drinking, and therefore decreased cravings for it. Topiramate (trade name: Topamax) - Not FDA approved for treatment. With effects on GABA and glutamate neurotransmission, it has been used ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Clonazepam Use

    The Effects of Clonazepam Use

    What is Clonazepam? Clonazepam, commonly known by its brand name Klonopin, is a prescription medication commonly used for its anti-anxiety and ...

    ... or anti-anxiety effects, this drug is prescribed as a pharmaceutical treatment for anxiety disorders— ... tense, restless, or agitated. Clonazepam has the effect of calming the body and relieving these physical symptoms ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Dexedrine Use

    The Effects of Dexedrine Use

    Understanding Dexedrine Dexedrine is a brand name for the prescription drug dextroamphetamine and is used to treat pediatric ...

    ... risk of abuse 1 . Dexedrine's powerful stimulant effects should be closely monitored, even when the substance ... Administration. (2001). Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorders: Quick Guide for Clinicians . National ... Learn more

  • The Side Effects of Xanax Use

    The Side Effects of Xanax Use

    What Is Xanax? Xanax (generic name: alprazolam) is a powerful benzodiazepine drug that is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders by decreasing ...

    ... for some effects of the drugs. 5 When tolerance occurs, your body requires a larger dose or an increased frequency of use to achieve the same or similar effect ... substance use disorder, your treatment should shift to focus ... Learn more

  • The Effects of Alcohol Use

    Moderate Drinking vs. Alcohol Abuse It's true that many sources point to the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. The key word here is ...

    ... . Acute tolerance is an adaptation not to alcohol's effects but to the feeling of intoxication . Someone who has ... 52.87% of those who responded reported seeking treatment for a problem with alcohol more than any other ... Learn more

  • Understanding Addiction: A Guide for Families

    If your family member is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you may feel a range of emotions such as anger, frustration, or sadness. You may ...

    ... needs to use more of a substance to experience previous effects. It can also lead to dependence, a condition where ... Asking other family members for money. Taking out loans to help pay for treatment for the family member. ... Learn more

  • 7 Tips for Keeping Your 2016 Resolution to Get Sober

    Once January has come and gone, new years' resolutions can be difficult to follow through on—especially when your resolution is to get sober. ...

    ... a great way to meet others in similar situations to you and help you remain sober after getting treatment for your addiction. Tip #6: Set yourself attainable goals Setting yourself some smaller goals might help you ... Learn more

  • Aetna Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

    Aetna Substance Abuse Coverage Deciding to go to a drug or alcohol addiction rehab is difficult enough without having to worry about whether your ...

    ... note: American Addiction Centers (AAC) aims to provide the most accurate information on insurance coverage for addiction treatment, but policy changes and errors do occur. Always be sure to confirm your coverage directly ... Learn more

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Substance Abuse

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Substance Abuse

    What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)? What CBT is NOT Cognitive behavioral therapy should not be confused with the following: ...

    ... studies show that CBT and medication work better together than either alone. The best type of substance abuse treatment for you or a loved one will be tailored to your personal needs. Call 1-888-744-0069 Who ... Learn more

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab

    Deciding to seek rehabilitation treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can be a step in the right direction, but you may have some concerns about ...

    ... can be a step in the right direction, but you may have some concerns about treatment. Paying for treatment, rehab services and navigating rehab insurance coverage levels can be confusing. The majority of insurance ... Learn more

  • Kaiser Permanente Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab

    If you are concerned that you or your loved one needs drug or alcohol addiction rehab, the first place to start is with your primary care doctor, who ...

    ... and coverage may vary depending on which plan you are covered by in your state. If you are looking for support and treatment for your substance use disorder, call us today at 1-888-744-0069 Who Answers? to help you ... Learn more

  • Ambetter Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

    What Is Ambetter Insurance? Ambetter insurance covers a host of medical and mental health needs, including the treatment of substance abuse ...

    ... medicine. Coinsurance: This is the percentage of the total cost a customer must pay when they need treatment. For example, if the coinsurance rate is 30%, Ambetter would cover the remaining 70% of the cost of ... Learn more

  • UnitedHealthcare Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

    UnitedHealthcare (UHC) serves over 45 million people around the world and contracts directly with more than 1.2 million physicians and 6,500 ...

    ... is $25 per visit and the deductible also applies (essentially doubling the total cost). If this person requires IOP treatment for 30 days in our example, they would hit their out-of-pocket maximum and owe $2,000. If ... Learn more

  • Humana Health Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab

    Substance Abuse Coverage from Humana Health Plan If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse and in need of drug or alcohol ...

    ... plan is through Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, or an employer, you will have some type of coverage for addiction treatment. Reach out to us today or contact your Humana plan administrator to inquire about the addiction ... Learn more

  • Opioid Epidemic Coming for the Elderly

    Opioid Epidemic Coming for the Elderly

    How Common is Opioid Abuse in the Elderly? Close your eyes and imagine an opioid addict. Who do you see? Would you think of a young, poor male ...

    ... of which can lead to misuse, significant negative side effects, or even overdose. 5 Differences in how older ... of symptoms and requires treatment to overcome. Admitting the need for treatment is a great start ... Learn more

  • Does VA Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

    If you or a loved one is a veteran living with a substance use disorder, help is available through VA insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), ...

    ... and substance use disorder treatment to make treatment accessible for all. 2 For veterans, this can ... or a substance use disorder) to help cope with the effects of their PTSD. If substance misuse is affecting your ... Learn more

  • How to Get Help for Dexedrine Abuse

    How to Get Help for Dexedrine Abuse

    How to Approach an Addict If you're worried about someone you love using Dexedrine, watch out for use of dextroamphetamine as other brand ...

    ... drug of abuse. The main forms of treatment for stimulant addiction are behavioral therapies, and there ... that over time you need more and more to feel the same effects. If you're taking the drug to get “high” but you ... Learn more

  • Opioid Epidemic Coming for the Elderly

    Opioid Epidemic Coming for the Elderly

    How Common is Opioid Abuse in the Elderly? Close your eyes and imagine an opioid addict. Who do you see? Would you think of a young, poor male ...

    ... of which can lead to misuse, significant negative side effects, or even overdose. [i] Differences in how older ... of symptoms and requires treatment to overcome. Admitting the need for treatment is a great start to ... Learn more

  • Gabapentin Abuse: Symptoms, Effects, Overdose & Treatment

    What is Gabapentin Neurontin? Gabapentin Neurontin is an anticonvulsant that comes in a capsule, tablet, and oral solution. It is used to manage ...

    ... [link url=”//”]mixing gabapentin with alcohol or other drugs ... looking to quit. 4 If you are getting treatment for a gabapentin abuse problem, you will likely start with ... Learn more

  • Trazodone Use in Substance Abuse Treatment

    Trazodone Use in Substance Abuse Treatment

    Each individual in recovery is likely to have had a somewhat unique substance abuse program experience. There are a number of therapeutic variables, ...

    ... Trazodone's primary use is for the treatment of depression. 7 As previously mentioned, trazodone is also commonly given to patients for insomnia management because one of its side effects is drowsiness; however, this is ... Learn more

  • Zoloft Use in Substance Abuse Treatment

    Zoloft Use in Substance Abuse Treatment

    Zoloft (sertraline hydrochloride) is a commonly prescribed antidepressant that belongs to a group of drugs called selective serotonin-reuptake ...

    ... the dose of Zoloft that is needed to have a therapeutic effect, as lower doses (100 mg/day or less) did not ... Side Effects? If you are considering taking Zoloft as part of your treatment regimen for substance ... Learn more

  • Steps for Overcoming Addiction

    Steps for Overcoming Addiction

    Addiction is a strong, negative force in the US and around the world. Signs and symptoms of addiction may begin slowly and without the individual's ...

    ... . Other people will experience unwanted mental health effects as a result of changes in the brain ... and contacts to utilize when symptoms are high. Treatment for addiction is not easy or straightforward. In fact, ... Learn more

  • Vivitrol Use in Drug Addiction Treatment

    Vivitrol Use in Drug Addiction Treatment

    What Is Vivitrol? Vivitrol is a medication used in the treatment of alcohol and opioid addiction and dependence. 1 It works to block the euphoria ...

    ... Vivitrol a good option for me? Who Should Use It? Vivitrol has many advantages as a treatment for alcohol and opioid ... as an opioid antagonist by blocking the rewarding effects of alcohol and opioids . 3 A drug ... Learn more

  • Snorting Xanax (Alprazolam): Side Effects & Dangers

    What Does Snorting Xanax Do? Xanax (generic name: alprazolam) is a prescription sedative medication that falls into the class of drugs known as ...

    ... means that users who snort Xanax may be getting no more effects than users who take it orally and are instead left with ... a duration of formal substance abuse treatment. Treatment for Xanax addiction can take place in ... Learn more

  • Opioid Addiction: Signs and Addiction Treatment

    Opioid Addiction: Signs and Addiction Treatment

    Opioids are substances that are known for their pain-relieving effects. They include both legal, and some illegal substances that may have the ...

    ... rewarding sense of euphoria. This effect can make a person want ... effects to increase its safety profile and deter abuse of its own. Detox should not be viewed as a substitute for more comprehensive addiction treatment ... Learn more

  • Naltrexone Effects

    Naltrexone Effects

    Naltrexone is a drug used as part of medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, for those recovering from alcoholism or addiction to opioids (e.g., ...

    ... drug in addiction treatment, as its primary effect is blocking the euphoria associated with opioids and alcohol to discourage people from abusing these drugs for their pleasurable effects. Side effects of this drug ... Learn more

  • Couples Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Addiction Treatment

    Substance abuse is a serious issue when it affects just 1 member of the family, but it can be even more problematic when it affects 2 people who are ...

    ... effects. Couples Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Couples can seek rehab treatment ... have a strong, safe, and committed relationship for treatment to be successful. People who are in relationships ... Learn more

  • Shocking Stories Reveal Serious Dangers of Flakka

    There's a whole new synthetic drug “craze” sweeping the nation courtesy of a drug known as Flakka. The Drug Enforcement Agency had no reported ...

    ... , if they don't receive immediate medical attention they can die.” Frightening Results of Flakka For all those who are under the misguided assumption that Flakka is safe or “isn't that bad,” it'd be a good idea to ... Learn more

  • The Dangerous (and Deadly) Effects of Spice

    Natural ingredients, legal use, lower cost…it must be healthy, right? The deadly misconception above has led to a growing number of fatalities ...

    ... the rise, causing increasing numbers of adverse and even fatal effects. The Down-Low on Spice Sure; Spice really does ... use. These numbers are ten times higher than those for the same time period in 2014. And these ... Learn more

  • Psychedelic Drugs and Prayer Have Similar Effects on Brain

    When it comes to “out-of-body” experiences, plenty of people have reported having them during both religious awakenings and while tripping on ...

    ... to you. There is a great deal of uncertainty in the early stages of recovery that can be overwhelming for some people. Relinquishing control to a higher power, whatever you may believe that to be, can be helpful in ... Learn more

  • Golden State Gives No-Go for Booze-Cannabis Combo

    Golden State Gives No-Go for Booze-Cannabis Combo

    Alcohol is legal in California. Now, recreational use of marijuana is, too. Does that mean Californians will be allowed to sit at their favorite ...

    ... licenses California establishments, released an FAQ for guidance. The top question addressed by ... these regulations could change in the future. But, for now, Californians who want to mix marijuana and margaritas ... Learn more

  • Researcher Gets $431,700 to Study the Effects of Meth on Wounds

    It's widely known that meth use can lead to a multitude of health problems: rotten teeth, memory loss, a weakened immune system. Nobody knows this ...

    ... from meth-injected mice, they will also study the drug's effect on the production of a particular protein gene called IL-6 ... the devastating effects of meth use . He also hopes his findings can form the foundation for new ... Learn more

  • Does Your Personality Put You at Risk for Addiction?

    Are certain personality types more prone to substance abuse? Although it certainly seems so, this question has been the focus of debate for some ...

    ... more prone to substance abuse? Although it certainly seems so, this question has been the focus of debate for some time. It used to be believed that addiction could be explained by way of the two contrasting personality ... Learn more

  • Verify Your Substance Abuse Treatment Insurance

    We'll be able to tell you if your provider is in network with American Addiction Centers. This means your treatment may be FREE 1 depending on ...

    We'll be able to tell you if your provider is in network with American Addiction Centers. This means your treatment may be FREE 1 depending on your policy, copay, and deductible. With a few details, we are able to ... Learn more

  • Shooting Up: How Far Would You Go For a Fix?

    IV drug users can quickly find themselves in desperate situations. They often lack clean needles, pure water and other supplies needed to shoot up, ...

    ... you don't have a clean bottle of water lying around, you've got to get it somewhere, right? The rationalization for using water straight out of a toilet water goes a little something like this: “Hey, it's clean water. It ... Learn more

  • Rapper’s Shocking On-Stage Antics are Cause for Concern

    A Florida rapper by the name of “Stitches” has earned a name for himself as of late, but for all the wrong reasons. The joker-like face tattoos ...

    ... isn't shy when it comes to professing his love for the drug, but his actions during a recent performance have ... the girl on stage, as the baggies weren't confiscated for testing. However, it's safe to say that the rapper ... Learn more

  • What’s Your Vote on Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients: Yay or Nay?

    With Obama out of office, Republicans are looking to nix the limits his administration imposed on drug testing the unemployed. Instead, they want to ...

    ... , 446 of their 38,970 welfare applicants were tested - only 48 tested positive. To make matters worse, the budgeted cost for that year's testing program was $336,297. The data didn't improve as time went on. In 2015, a ... Learn more

  • Should People Who Abuse Alcohol Qualify for Liver Transplants?

    Three years ago, one of my uncles - a long-time alcoholic - was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He was told he didn't qualify for a new one, ...

    ... my uncles - a long-time alcoholic - was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. He was told he didn't qualify for a new one, so he continued to drink - all the way until his death a few short months later. Alcoholism ... Learn more

  • Meth on the Mind: It’s a Mental Downhill Slide for Users

    Kim felt dizzy; she was confused and her speech was severely slurred. Her sister thought she'd had a stroke. Kim couldn't focus, had no energy and ...

    ... Delusions What's on Your Mind? Meth is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. Its psychotic effects can last for years, even after you've stopped using. It makes you wonder - if Kim, Matt and Kristin had ... Learn more

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