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Vicodin Addiction Symptoms and Treatment

Vicodin AddictionVicodin is a readily available narcotic drug and is prescribed by doctors to alleviate all types of pain. Vicodin addiction can have a variety of negative consequences for every person who struggles with it. The consequences of Vicodin use can be costly, both physically and emotionally. As with many other drugs of its kind, Vicodin abuse is caused by a desire to enhance one’s mood or, at the very least, get to a place where the user is comfortable and relaxed. A Vicodin addiction—one of the many prescription drug addictions—involves abuse of the drug with or without a written prescription from a doctor. It also applies to individuals who use the drug when the problem for which it was initially prescribed no longer requires medication. People who suffer from addictions to Vicodin should not abruptly stop using the drug, as withdrawal will occur and is very dangerous to manage without medical help. Call for free at for a referral to a Vicodin addiction treatment center capable of helping you overcome your addiction.

As with other drugs—prescription and not—many victims fall prey to Vicodin addiction unintentionally. They initially start taking the drug for pain—as prescribed by a doctor—but Vicodin use soon turns into abuse. When their supplies are gone, users find themselves craving the feelings they have grown to know. This causes addicts to go to great lengths to get their hands on the drug when doctors refuse to refill their prescriptions. Patients often go to relatives, co-workers, and eventually street corners to get their fixes.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Vicodin addiction treatment starts with imparting a thorough understanding of how the drug affects the addict and those around them. The misuse of Vicodin and other opioids is particularly disturbing because many people—including friends and relatives—simply do not see an addiction as a true addiction until it is too late. They make excuses for their loved one, proclaiming that Vicodin is not an illicit street drug and their loved one is taking it for pain. This misconception and sense of denial will inevitably hurt the victim rather than help. Often, it is only when families begin to fall apart that the addiction connection is made. Addiction to Vicodin will often tear apart families, create unemployment, and cause financial unmanageability. As with the use of illicit street drugs, addicts will misuse Vicodin and fool the people they love in order to support their addictions.

Fortunately, help for Vicodin addiction and all addictions like it is widely available. Unfortunately, there are so many programs treating addiction to Vicodin that people don’t know where to turn. They don’t know which program is best for them. It is imperative to match a person’s needs as they relate to addiction to Vicodin to the treatment services provided in a program.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment Centers

Vicodin addiction can take away the things in life that you love most—your family, friends and happiness. American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a leading provider of addiction treatment programs and has trusted facilities across the country. We can help you find an addiction treatment center that is right for you. Call us free now at to learn more about rehab programs and treatment options. Don’t wait any longer! We can give assistance, answer questions and help guide you in the right direction.

Vicodin Addiction Treatment Levels of Care

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