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  • About Above It All Treatment Center

    Above It All Residential Addiction Treatment Center offers clinically proven treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. We accept most private health insurance and offer flexible financing options to help pay for treatment. Our clients love us- 84% of past clients surveyed said they would recommend us to a friend or family member. Our treatment staff are a hand picked group of licensed professionals with decades of combined experience and certifications ranging from MFT's to PhD's and MD's. A day in the life of our clients consists of eating chef prepared meals, experiential activities such as yoga and hiking in our scenic location to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. Clients get to the underlying causes of their addictions in group and individual therapy then return to our luxurious cabin-style residences. Our clients are treated like the adults that they are- with respect, dignity and empathy. Our industry leading treatment outcomes show that change is possible for anyone who is willing to do the work, and Above It All is dedicated to connecting with each and every client to help them achieve long-lasting sobriety. Contact us: https://aboveitalltreatment.com/contact-us See our facility: https://aboveitalltreatment.com/the-experience

    Natural Therapies
    At Above It All, clients are offered a comprehensive range of natural therapies for holistic wellness. Therapeutic offerings include yoga, nutrition education, equine therapy, guided meditation, and more.
    Drug Intervention Program
    Professional interventionists help families and loved ones compassionately confront individuals struggling with substance abuse and familiarize them with available treatments options. Above It All’s intervention assistance provides informational resources to motivate chemically dependent individuals to seek help and ease the transition into treatment.
    Life Skills Training
    Clients who have successfully completed the first phase of treatment are invited to participate in a comprehensive life skills training program. Program offerings include themes such as medication management, financial planning and budgeting, resume writing, time management, job interview preparation, meal preparation, and more.
    Medically Assisted Detoxification
    Clients are provided medically assisted detoxification to ease withdrawal symptoms in a safe, therapeutic environment for maximum comfort. Clients are provided medication such as Suboxone® as needed.
  • J.S.
    “AIA was a great experience and provided me with the help I needed. The staff and clients were all supportive and friendly and helped me through my recovery and I will never forget any of them. I feel I’m leaving here a new person and will keep everything I learned here and take it with me in my journey and apply it in my recovery. I will keep everyone in my thoughts, prayers and heart.”
    “Thank you Kory for helping me on the financial side because my insurance doesn’t want to pay. Cheryl was great. Rick and Ashley I really cherished. Than you AIA for all you did for me!! You are doing God’s work. God bless you all.”
    “Thank you AIA for making my first (and hopefully last) experience a memorable one. I learned a lot!! Thank you Marsha for your guidance! Thank you Nancy for your hugs and love! Both ladies have made this experience a memorable one! They will always carry a special place in my heart. Thank you Kory for having this program. Your heart is huge! You are a blessing to many lost souls!!”
    “Prior to coming to treatment I hoped Mario to be my counselor, and that was met. Love the guy. I also wanna thank all the nurses and staff, especially my house manager, Jerry, he’s a cool dude. Thanks AIA, definitely changed my life. Thanks again.”
  • Mary Tabooda, MA, MFT - Therapist
    Name: Mary Tabooda, MFT Title: Therapist Education: Studied Marriage and Family Therapy. Received her Masters Degree in Counseling and is a licensed MTF (marriage and family therapist) About: Mary describes herself as a "simple unique person with a humble personality". She loves to help others, which is a perfect fit for her profession as Marriage Family Therapist. Personal Interests: Mary is an avid writer, particularly fictional stories for youth and teens.
    Christy Marlin, RASII - Counselor
    Christy K. Marlin is a Phase II Lead Counselor for Above It All Treatment Center. Christy completed her schooling at Intercoast College and was awarded for her interning efforts upon graduation. Christy has experience working in California prisons, county recovery programs, and has spent time working with adolescents in need. Christy feels her work at Above it All has been her most rewarding job thus far. Christy has been in recovery for thirteen years. With the help of the 12-step program, as well as the support from a treatment center, Christy was able to give back and find her purpose. She has learned through her personal experiences how to relate with the clients in recovery. Christy is happy to have been able to find her calling as a counselor at Above it All. Christy feels most alive when she is spending time with her furry family. She also enjoys being able to implement new skills she learns to help others. Her favorite quote to live by is from the movie, Perks Of Being A Wallflower, “You allow others to love you as much as you love yourself.” Christy believes self-love is the best place to start when getting right with the world.
    Jamie Crossan, RADTI - Counselor
    · Name: Jamie Crossan, RADTI · Title: Counselor · Education: California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals, Riverside. · Certifications: (Registered Alcohol Drug Technician I) RADT1 · Skills: Crisis intervention, group therapy, stress management, conflict resolution. · Personal Interests: Spending time with her children and husband, arts and culture, education and health.
    Paul Robertson - Executive Chef
    Paul Robertson is Above It All’s head chef and kitchen manager. Paul has been a culinary chef for 15 years. Paul’s favorite part about working for Above It All is that he gets the chance to help change and save lives. He enjoys being able to comfort our clients through nutritional home cooked meals. Paul takes pride in knowing his meals help our clients feel at home and loved. Paul enjoys the freedom of being himself and feels most alive when he is sharing hope to those in recovery. Paul loves to hike and hunt for giant pinecones. He has competed in The “Worlds Biggest Pinecone” Contest and is known as the Pinecone King!

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