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Bridging the Gaps, Inc.

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423 West Cork Street
Winchester, Virginia 22601

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Bridging the Gaps (BTG), an integrative residential addiction treatment facility located in historic Winchester, Virginia, provides treatment for adults suffering from the disease of addiction. We provide a phase based complete continuum of treatment consisting of 3 core phases with the opportunity for an extended 4th phase to better facilitate a client’s transition back into the demands of day to day life. At BTG we provide treatment for substance use disorders by integrating traditional modalities of psycho-social-spiritual treatment with complementary approaches oriented towards physiological healing and wellbeing. Using the most progressive modalities available, coupled with traditional “12 step” program, we help our clients recover their physical health as well as provide them with the psychological and spiritual tools they need for a life free from drug addiction and alcoholism. We offer integrative treatment modalities including education, individual and group counseling, intravenous therapy, oral nutrients, nutrition, acupuncture detoxification, fitness, massage, neurofeedback, meditation, yoga, and Reiki. Clients also will have the opportunity to participate in music therapy, expressive therapy, and a spiritual retreat with a sweat lodge. We combine treatment approaches that incorporate healing of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

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User Reviews

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Well if you are looking for a dual diagnosis facility this is not that, even though they advertised themselves to be dual diagnosis. This is not about me; I am a relative of the patient and responsible for the patient. The patient had been in state care in another state and diagnosed there as much as 20 years ago as bi polar. This diagnosis did not change until the patient entered BTG at which point the powers-that-be there concluded she was not bipolar at all and did not treat this aspect of the patient's problems with any medication. The patient was in BTG for 2 full sessions to the tune of over $50,000 and then about 10 days into the 3rd session they unceremoniously kicked her out because as they put it, "the patient had become a liability." From what I can piece together from the patient and the staff at the facility, the patient had been moved from building to building several times and then from floor to floor in one building and complained to the director resulting in the director telling me "if (the patient) doesn't complete treatment she will kill herself." A direct quote. The only interaction I had with the director was over the phone with the admissions director in conference and the director became positively unhinged, yelling and making threats including the phrase uttered above. I am no doctor but I think the director has a screw loose. As well, since they booted her at over 10 days of the 3rd session they then required me to pay the balance. Yeah, they are not only incompetent but utterly shameless. I ran this by a lawyer and he advised that we must pay according to the fine print. So within a week the patient was drinking again and why? I believe their ignoring of the previous stated and well documented diagnosis of bi polar disorder and its lack of treatment with medications set the stage for the patient's failure to stay sober. Not to mention the combative and unceremonious end to the patients stay at BTG. Like I said before, I'm no doctor but this is pretty obviously a rip off based on institutional hubris. I took the patient to BTG for dual diagnosis treatment and was misled by BTG as to the nature of the treatment. So ultimately I'm very disappointed in BTG. I believe they have problems stemming from the very top, the abusive director, and are certainly not as advertised a dual diagnosis facility. They are I suppose in the holistic sense but this was never explained to me, the responsible party, that the drugs that she truly needed were not going to be considered or administered. Worse, they told us "the patient is not bipolar" after 20 years in another state system with that diagnosis mentioned constantly as an important component of the patient's alcohol problem. I would not under any circumstances recommend BTG. Too expensive, volatile director, and after all, the feeling that they were most interested in keeping the patient to continue a cash flow, (especially since this was a self pay and not insurance) not to actually help the patient. Zero stars for effectiveness would have been picked if available. Phooey.
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BTG believes that addiction is a “whole person” disease requiring treatment of the mind, the body, and the spirit. All of the treatment program components work as an integrative whole, helping recover their physical health as well as providing them with the psychological and spiritual tools they need for a life free from drug addiction and alcoholism. Education and counseling sessions are among the many modalities utilized to specifically target treatment of the mind. Intravenous therapy, oral nutrients, nutrition, acupuncture detoxification, fitness, massage, and neurofeedback are among the modalities utilized to specifically target treatment of the body. Meditation, yoga, Reiki, and the 12 step program are among the modalities utilized to specifically target treatment of the spirit.
The non-medication approach suited me. They addressed the physical damage sustained by years of substance abuse, particularly the brain chemical instability, through vitamins, supplements & amino acid therapy. Neurofeedback and acupuncture were also used. The environment allowed for my physical & emotional healing and encouraged my spiritual growth -- which is the key to sustained sobriety. I would highly recommend this approach to anyone.
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