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    At Ocean Breeze Recovery our Addiction Treatment Philosophy focuses on treating each person individually because we believe that every individual has unique challenges and specific needs. The substance abuse rehab offers 24-hour inpatient care, along with long-term residential treatment and outpatient services. With compassion, perseverance and unconditional acceptance, the professionals at Ocean Breeze provide a safe, structured and nurturing environment for individuals to tackle underlying issues and break free from the chains of addiction.

    If you are looking for the highest level of care, Ocean Breeze Recovery offers an intensive and residential-based inpatient program that will give you the structure and attention you need to address your addiction issues. Clients in our inpatient treatment program will receive quality mental and mental health care, support, and supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our residential-based program will allow you to live in an apartment-type setting which is controlled and closely monitored and supervised. This secure environment will allow you and all of our clients the time you need to focus on addressing and overcoming your substance abuse issues for good. In this distraction-free environment, you can totally immerse yourself in a wide variety of intensive drug treatment services focus on the most important person…you.
    Intensive Outpatient
    Once you have successfully completed inpatient treatment, you will be able to transition into an intensive outpatient treatment program. Outpatient treatment provides the essential counseling and services that are needed to keep you motivated in working your plan of recovery, but in a more relaxed and independent atmosphere. With our intensive outpatient drug rehab programs, the staff of Ocean Breeze Recovery Center will prepare you to gradually transition back into your normal life and routine. Through continued therapy, life and coping skills training and relapse prevention education, you will continue to learn and hone these essential skills as you start living your day-to-day life.
    What if your substance abuse issues are mild and you don’t require the structure and attention of an intensive drug treatment program? Ocean Breeze Recovery Center also offers outpatient treatment services that will allow you the time you need to focus on restoring the balance you need in life while having access to valuable and helpful drug treatment programs. For greater flexibility, our day rehab program allows you to take part in counseling sessions and treatment during the day so you can return to your home and family in the evening.
    Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is not a singular event in your life. In reality, recovery is a lifelong process and in order for you to have the best chances at long-term success, Ocean Breeze Recovery Center offers those recent graduates an alumni program that provides the extra support and encouragement you need. Our alumni rehab program offers you the opportunity to meet with fellow treatment center graduates for weekly support groups and will provide you with other related programs to all of our graduates in order to help you stay on track. Additionally, our alumni programs feature a variety of social events such as picnics, formal dinners, and sports outings so you can form new friendships and support networks while keeping your connection to Ocean Breeze Recovery strong.
  • Kristy M.
    "The rejuvenating part of program for me was the beach and pool, bowling, taking walks, going out for lunch, getting my hair and nails done and shopping. I am so very grateful for the opportunity of recovery at Ocean Breeze. I am sober, happy and healthy as I hand my will and my life over to the care of God every day trusting that everything will fall into place when it is time. Thank you OBR."
    Glenn T.
    "I am really excited about what happened for me at OBR. I have been involved in another residential rehab program in the past and I feel the groups and classes at Ocean Breeze were far superior. I got a lot of information and guidance from everyone there. Participation in AA was great and I realize now that I must continue to be involved in a 12-step program where I can be held accountable and be around other recovering alcoholics. Thank you Ocean Breeze!"
    John W.
    "Before I went to Ocean Breeze I knew nothing about AA, journalism, or meditation. Now they are all a part of my daily life in recovery. The most important thing I learned during my treatment was how my mindset, behaviors, attitudes and negative beliefs all fed into my alcoholism. Ocean Breeze gave me a lot of tools to help me start to change and manage all these parts of me which are extremely helpful now that I’m home and back at work."
    Daniel B.
    "My experience with Ocean Breeze and all of the staff there was incredible. The concern, the level of care and the learning and growth I experienced really took me by surprise. I never knew treatment could be so much fun and I was very grateful to spend so much time by the beach. The staff of Ocean Breeze truly inspired me to do whatever it takes not to return to the misery I was once in."
  • Kyle Sarrecchia - Executive Director
    Kyle earned his degree as a Certified Addiction Counselor and began working in the field in August 2006. Serechia has held a variety of positions since that time, including Behavioral Tech, Case Manager, Admissions Coordinator, Program Director, and Therapist. He has been responsible for taking calls from distressed families and addicts, offering them help and direction. His devotion to helping those struggling with addiction often meant answering calls 24 hours a day. During Serechia’s employment with a detox facility, he acted as a primary counselor to every client that walked through the door. Serechia specializes in conflict resolution, relapse prevention, and motivational groups. He is now the Executive Director at Ocean Breeze Recovery.
    Dr. Antonio De Filippo - Medical Director
    Dr. Antonio De Filippo is triple board certified in Psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine, and Addiction Medicine and is a leading mental health authority in South Florida. Dr. De Filippo’s extensive experience includes senior executive positions at many local Institutions including Spectrum Programs, Archways Community Mental Health Center, Susan B. Anthony Community Mental Health Center, Miami Behavioral Health, and the Broward County Health Planning Council. Dr. De Filippo is currently the CEO of South Florida Psychiatric Services. He is also a speaker for several major pharmaceutical corporations and is frequently requested as a consultant and trainer for national medical advisory meetings. Dr. De Filippo graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami and received his medical degree from the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine. He returned to Miami to complete his residency training at the University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. Doctor De Filippo is currently an adjunct professor of psychopharmacology at Nova University Medical School.
    Ricci Robson - Clinical Director
    Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Ricci Robson explored many early “alternative” avenues, including time spent in a spiritual community, and living on the land while working professionally as an artist in Virginia. After starting volunteer work as a community mediator, and as a workshop facilitator, Ricci was persuaded to return to college where she obtained a bachelor’s in mediation and facilitation and went on for a master’s in art therapy, a field that combined her many passions. Her work as an art therapist became part of her repertoire as a primary therapist and eventually as a substance abuse clinician in Virginia and South Florida. Investing many years at Broward Addiction Recovery Center, Ricci learned about the interface between treatment, government and the legal system. After earning a CAP, and later licensure as an LMHC, Ricci became more engaged in the role management plays in supporting the therapeutic work of the clinical team, serving as a committee chair, among other leadership roles. Perhaps as a function of the early mediation days, Ricci is invested in the process of how organizations work out their problems and realize their own best goals. After Ricci worked for some years as an Admissions Supervisor, the quest to find the right program to promote and support landed her at Ocean Breeze Recovery as the Clinical Director. Ricci’s vision for OBR maintains many of the same elements from earlier years: support the inherent creative process of clients, staff, and organizations; build the best clinical team possible offering best practices in the substance abuse field and maintain the highest standards possible. No matter whether working from a management perspective or in private practice, Ricci uses the skills developed through ongoing years as an artist to help others find their “inner spark”, their motivation for recovery and positive change.
    Daryl Vorce - Program Director
    Dr. Vorce has been helping individuals with substance abuse problems since the late 1980s. His passion for substance abuse treatment grows from a deep and sincere compassion for those who struggle with and are touched by the effects of substances in our world. As a licensed and certified clinician, he has been a counselor, supervisor, and director of programs where substance use has been a major problem in clients’ lives. Dr. Vorce joined OBR in May of 2017 with the goal of directly helping clients. Soon after he was asked to use his research, administrative and treatment experience to support OBR’s intention of developing and delivering state-of-the-art treatment to clients.

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