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Canyon Crossing Recovery for Women

819 C W Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, 86305
Located in Prescott, Arizona, Canyon Crossing Recovery is a transitional living facility designed exclusively for women. The 12-step based program combines a structured living environment with intensive outpatient care to address the core issues that contribute to continued drug and alcohol abuse. Women are taught how to change self-destructive behavioral patterns, manage cravings, identify triggers, and live a life filled with confidence, self-love, and grace. Living in a nurturing and supportive environment with their peers, clients become self-empowered, learn how to establish meaningful relationships, and begin to build a solid foundation for long-lasting recovery.

Facility Highlights

  • DBT & CBT
  • 12-Step Based Therapy
  • Educational Workshops


  • Individualized Treatment

    Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.
  • Equine Therapy

    A form of animal therapy, equine therapy involves visiting, working with and sometimes riding horses as a way to create a metaphoric relationship that leads to life-altering insights.

Facility Settings

  • Wilderness

Meet the Staff

  • Justin Bachman
    Justin BachmanChief Administrative Officer/Owner
    Justin is an individual who is intensely committed to, and passionate about, helping others achieve a healthy, balanced, productive, and happier life in recovery. He is an active participant in the local recovery community and brings his passion for helping others to CCR-OTC. Justin believes the transitional IOP model is a level of care necessary in order for the recovering addict and/or alcoholic to learn how to live life on life’s terms clean and sober. He understands that a firm foundation in the 12 steps, coupled with the tools necessary to confront and address irrational thoughts and behaviors, is the cornerstone to achieving sustained recovery and a better life. Justin himself is a member of the Prescott recovery community and an example of success in recovery. He resides locally in the Prescott area with his wife and daughter.
  • Erin Bachman
    Erin BachmanDirector of Operations/Owner
    Erin Bachman is the Director of Operations for CCR-OTC along with the Program Director for Canyon Crossing Recovery. She is also the owner of both facilities. Erin and her husband opened Canyon Crossing Recovery in November of 2012. It had always been Erin’s dream to open a facility for women afflicted with addictions on all levels. She wanted a place where women could come and find themselves. More than anything she wanted it to be a place that women could learn and be challenged to find out the true nature of their disease and leave equipped to handle life on life's terms while fighting for their lives. Erin created a program well seasoned in dealing with gender specific treatment for women since she knows one size does not fit all. She knew that although the journey and road would be tough she wanted to open a facility that was willing to take on the challenge of battling the disease and delusion that comes with it. Many say that Erin will tell you the truth despite what you want to hear and will not cosign the disease of addictions manipulation and bondage of self. She has created a team of unique and honorable men and women ready to handle the daily challenges and miracles they face each day when dealing with their clients at Canyon Crossing.

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Patient Reviews

Overall Ratings
  • 4.6
    Avg. score from 38 reviews
  • 4.6
    Accommodations & Amenities
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    Treatment Effectiveness
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    Meals & Nutrition
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    its taken me a while to write this review simply for the fact that Im pretty sure most of you are desperate to find your child/loved one the best care you can possibly find. First off do know that there is help. Some of you may say "yea but you havnt met my child yet!" Truth is none of us are unique and most of us have different stories but our endings are usually the same. Feeling broken and lost. I certainly cant make any promises that your loved one will recover, but what I can do is give you some insight into my experience at CCR. After a long back and forth intervention, (thank God the angel on my shoulder won that battle.), i was on my way to the airport. Part of me excited that although very distant, a spark lit the light at the end of my tunnel of addiction. I was mostly scared that i would be leaving my best friend. The only one that made me happy or even want to live....opiates. I knew very little about treatment as this was my first (and only) go at this "sober thing". On the plane I told myself that if I just do what they ask, and say what I think they want to hear this should go by fairly painless then I can come back to my "normal life" in NY. I do pretty okay meeting people so I think socially I fit in pretty well with the other girls. I believe it was around the third nite. We were all in the living room watching a movie and something sparked an emotion in me about my boyfriend who had recently passed. I quietly slipped into my room and shut the door to have a "moment". Before i knew it, there were aprox. 6 girls comforting me telling me if I needed anything they were there for me. It was the first time in a long time I knew I was going to make real friends. Not friends that like me for what I can do for them, but friends from people who I quickly realized are just kind hearted, good people. In the beginning, I did well. participated, helped others. I had a lot to say but it was either calling someone out, being sarcastic, or focusing on helping other girls as a means to avoid any focus on myslef. These behaviors were pointed out to me and instead of hearing what staff was trying to get through to me, I chose to ignore it. Ignoring things isnt easy for me. I have a habit of making it seem things dont bother me when inside im losing my mind. so I would lay awake and the more I thought about the issues that where being brought forth to me, i realized i had NO CLUE who I was. My whole life ive had to chemeleoinize to situations. so much to the point that I had no clue which me was really me. It was a very un-nerving feeling. Instead of bringing this to my therapist I continued to pretend nothing was up and what was wrong with them that they keep calling ME out? After several warnings and chances, at aprox. 5.5 month of the 6 month program I was brought up into my therapist office and told I was being discharged. In their opinion my behavior was too much of a risk to the rest of the community. I sat there stone cold faced as a means to send an "I dont care" message. Inside i was balling and broken. what would have happened if I had let them see that side of me.....maybe that's all they wanted the whole time. Vulnerable, hurt, defeated, angry. Not one of them saw any of this. I was brought to who I currently refer to as my guardian angels house and couldnt wait to tell her how "unfair it was especially compared to what other clients did". She asked if i was done and said "did you come here to change yourself or Canyon?" "Myself"...."Did you"..... "well yea but now that I think about it im starting to realize I robbed myself of a lot that was offered to me"....."well then its a good thing you're still here to start on those changes- not a lot of parents and families can say that. My own mother wouldnt talk to me until I could "show some respect for the people that helped save your life" Ive been in Prescott almost 4 years now. Im one of the few left here. It hasnt been easy. My uncle was horrifically murdered, and his wife , my aunt, just passed from a long battle from ataxia. I stumbled but I was able to implement the tools these lovely people provided me with to get my life back on track. On track in time to show up for those three little girls who now have no parents. SOBER!!!! I currenlty have some time under my belt. My relationship with my family is better then ever. I cant promise that if you send your loved one to CCR theyll stay sober. What I can promise is your loved one will be surrounded by not only the staff and clients, but a whole community of people who love nothing more then to give back what was so freely given to them. I can promise your loved one will be going to a highly elite treatment center with just as highly elite a staff. And for all of you who've spent countless sleepless nites wondering when the next time you'll see your loved one again, I can promise you, the more you encourage your loved one and support them- reminding them how important it is to maintain a strong program every day you'll have a good chance of getting your loved one back! I wish you all the best of luck on your journey!!
    • Accommodations & Amenities
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    Talk about making the owners rich. I was not a naive 18 year old who needed to be taught how to sweep a floor or do my laundry, Yes I was an alcoholic. Yes I needed help. but this was the last thing I needed. You made me worse not better. All false therapy. Super joke and don't get me started on the weekly circle where you have to call out other peers. It was a humiliating. I am good today without them. Don't waste the money on this. There are better and more personal programs out there.
    • Accommodations & Amenities
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    • Meals & Nutrition
    Canyon Crossing Recovery is a program that works miracles. As a former client, I have seen changes in myself and others that one would have never thought possible. When I got to Canyon I was completely broken and had lost all hope in life. Throughout my journey here I was able to find myself and learned how to truly love myself. What sets Canyon apart is a staff that cares about the person as a whole and that truly want what is best for their clients. I am so beyond grateful for all the work Canyon does and I know my life has been forever changed for the better by my time spent in this program!
    • Accommodations & Amenities
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    • Meals & Nutrition
    Very loving and wonderful staff. Clean accommodations. FANTASTIC ownership!
    • Accommodations & Amenities
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    • Meals & Nutrition
    Canyon Crossing Recovery saved my daughter's life! This group of professionals definitely know how to help and save girls lives. They work so hard every day and every hour to get deep in the roots of addiction and overcome that disease. At the same time they help girls to learn how to live healthy independent life again. I am also amazed that all therapists and staff are in recovery themselves and I think this why they are so successful in helping others. Thank you so much for your great work.