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Chapter 5 Treatment Programs

818 West Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona, 86305
We are a national provider of addiction treatment and are committed to providing the highest level of addiction care at all levels of treatment, from detox and critical care to sober living and helping people continue in sobriety.

Facility Highlights

  • Open and Affirming
  • Evidence based practice
  • Life skills training and development


  • Family Program

    Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.
  • Detox

    Though not all rehab facilities offer “medical detoxification,” all people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will experience intense physical and emotional changes and discomfort as their bodies react to withdrawal of the addictive substance. Many people use the term “detox” to refer to the period of time (ranging from a few days to a week) when the body is reacting to an addict’s decision to stop using.

Facility Settings

  • Residential Neighborhood

Meet the Staff

  • Tuni Heriford
    Tuni HerifordDirector of Admissions
    Tuni joined the Chapter 5 team in 2014 working as a Transitional Manager, and Residential Technician. Tuni’s experience, knowledge and compassionate approach to clients has made her an asset to the organization, and the clients we serve. Tuni has found that her passion lies in being the first voice clients connect with when seeking treatment, which led her to the role of Director of Admissions. Her kind and loving approach with clients and their families, intuitive understanding of family dynamics, and genuine care for people make her an effective ally and advocate. As an alumni of Chapter 5, Tuni has a first hand understanding of our program, as well as the hardships experienced by clients and their families during addiction, and as they seek help in reclaiming their lives. Tuni is delighted to work with them, and assist each individual in attaining the services they need.
  • Cheryl Congrove, MA, LAC
    Cheryl Congrove, MA, LACClinical Services Director
    Cheryl is a Licensed Associate Counselor with her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapies from Prescott College. Cheryl has worked with women and men in recovery from addiction, including substance abuse, eating disorders, love addiction, and codependency, as well as those with co-occurring disorders. She has also worked with individuals recovering from trauma, those managing life with severe mental illness, and veterans. Her past experience working in clinical treatment settings assists her as she coordinates our clinical services. Cheryl also works directly with our clients, integrating her evidence-based skills to facilitate process and psycho-educational groups, and individual therapy sessions. Cheryl gained appreciation for the 12-step program while in recovery from her own challenges with an eating disorder. Cheryl is passionate about her work. She believes that everyone deserves another chance and that everyone has the capacity to change and heal. Cheryl enjoys using creative means to explore life issues, build trust, cultivate insight, and empower people on their path to recovery.

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Opened in 2003 and located in Prescott, Ariz., Chapter 5 Treatment Programs offers gender-specific residential and outpatient-based treatment for adults seeking treatment for chemical dependency. Recently, Chapter 5 was absorbed by Royal Life Centers, a national network of treatment and sober living facilities. Chapter 5 does not provide medical detoxification services on-site.


Upon admission, clients undergo an initial assessment to assist clinicians in creating a personalized treatment plan. According to its website, treatment plans are "holistic, well rounded, and individualized." Residential treatment typically lasts between two weeks and 30 days, making Chapter 5 one of Arizona’s 43 non-hospital, short-term treatment facilities.

Chapter 5's treatment blends 12-step participation with regular group counseling sessions. The 12-step program is used in up to 59.2 percent of treatment facilities in the Arizona. Clients may attend daily 12-step meetings, study fellowship literature, and perform associated "step-work." In addition to an immersion into 12-Step, clients also attend counseling sessions designed to provide peer support, teach new coping strategies, and help clients identify the link between irrational thinking and addictive behavior.

Chapter 5's separate programs for men and women allows clients to address issues that may be common among men and women seeking treatment for chemical dependency. For example, men's group counseling sessions may focus on anger management, while female groups may address issues of abuse and self-esteem.

Upon completion of the residential program, clients may choose to "step-down" to Chapter 5's outpatient program, which involves weekly group counseling. If additional support is necessary, clients may also transitional into one of Royal Life Centers' network of sober living facilities.


Chapter 5 employs a team of medical professionals, licensed counselors, and peer experts experienced in the process of addiction.


The treatment facility is split into gender-specific living quarters with large, well-furnished living rooms, a fireplace, and a dining room. Clients live in shared rooms during their stay.


The three alumni polled by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing had mixed opinions of Chapter 5. While alum B.C. was critical of the facility's overall treatment effectiveness, with an opinion that employees were too focused on their own recovery, another alum strongly disagreed. The satisfied alum, B.C., reported almost five years of sustained recovery. "It's a program for those who are serious and ready for a fulfilling and life-long recovery."

One of the three alumni polled by Rehabs.com reviewed the facility's transitional facility. Out of five stars, alum R.J.C. gave the sober living facility a five out of five star rating for its immersion into 12-Step, while offering a one out of five star rating for the facility's counseling options. "Hardly any recovery classes or counseling options…," R.J.C. wrote.

On Google, nine reviewers gave the facility an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars[1]. Many tended to cite the facility's staff as its strength. "The staff are helpful, supportive, and professional," Mike, a representative reviewer, wrote.


The sole staff member polled by Rehabs.com at the time of the writing praised the facility, offering five out of five star ratings for the staff's level of experience and training and the facility's overall quality of care. "It is a privilege to work among these caring professionals," the staff member wrote.


Chapter 5 Treatment Programs accepts most insurance plans, including Humana, Cigna, Aetna, and Presbyterian.

[1] Google Reviews

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