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Amity Circle Tree Ranch

10500 E Tanque Verde Road, Tucson, Arizona, 85749
Our philosophy is based on the belief that life is an apprenticeship to the truth. Around every circle of truth, a larger circle can grow. The extent to which this circle expands depends upon the force of truth which the individual manifests. Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of our minds. We must press on, for nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Facility Highlights

  • Parents w/ Children Treatment
  • Family Groups


  • Treating Trauma and Recovery at Amity Circle Tree Ranch

    At Circle Tree Ranch we understand that often chemical dependency and other addictive or self-destructive behaviors are related to overwhelming experiences of exposure to abusive power, physical and sexual abuse, disabling losses and disrupted attachment, usually beginning in childhood.
  • Recovery and Native American Traditions at Circle Tree Ranch

    Native American traditions have symbolically been a part of the Circle Tree Ranch culture, ceremony and curriculum for over two decades. Amity’s Circle Tree Ranch residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation center has provided extremely successful addiction treatment options for Native Americans in Arizona and throughout the Southwest for twenty years.

Facility Settings

  • Average Location/Amenities

Meet the Staff

  • Naya Arbiter
    Naya ArbiterFounder
    Ms. Naya Arbiter is the principal of Extensions, LLC, a private consulting group, which she founded. Ms. Arbiter has, in the past two years, been in twenty-two states consulting and providing training to state agencies and to professionals in human services. Simultaneously, she has continued her ground-breaking work in developing specialized curriculum for populations who have been ignored or underserved. Ms. Arbiter was one of 125 national experts on drug abuse selected by President Regan in 1987 to serve as a conferee to the White House Conference for a Drug-Free America. She played a key role in the development of the conference recommendations on drug abuse treatment for the President and Congress. Ms. Arbiter has presented on adolescent drug use, prevention, and treatment; cultural competence and has published articles on substance abuse in the Journal of Adolescent Research, American Jails, and the International Journal of Addictions, as well as contributing several chapters to books on these topics.

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Set in Tucson’s Tanque Verde Valley, Amity Circle Tree Ranch specializes in treating adults seeking treatment for substance abuse, process addictions, and co-occurring disorders. Programming is residential and aims to help clients heal core trauma, identify strengths, improve self-esteem, learn life skills, and address the underlying issues that contribute to their addiction. Detox services are not offered on-site, but the center will assist clients in finding a local facility for appropriate care. Additionally, culturally appropriate programming for Native Americans is available.


Amity Circle Tree Ranch takes a holistic approach to recovery, emphasizing community service, emotional intelligence, and authentic relationships. Therapeutic groups and workshops focus on topics such as moral growth, conscience development, personal responsibility, and family dynamics, as well as coping skills, relapse prevention, and 12-step recovery methods. The 12-Steps are used in 202 (59.2 percent) of treatment facilities in Arizona.

Clients are assigned weekly jobs (meal preparation, dining room maintenance, and administrative office assistance) to promote responsibility and community involvement. Family members of clients are encouraged to participate in a variety of specialized activities, including workshops, retreats, picnics, and group therapy sessions.

The facility provides treatment at two levels of intensity. Thresholds of Change, a 90-day program, is tailored to highly motivated clients. It is one of Arizona’s 67 (19.6 percent) of long-term treatment programs. Individuals enrolled in this level of care focus on personal growth and developing an awareness of how their substance abuse affects others.

Proof of Life, a more in-depth, seven-month track, is intended for those who have experienced relapse, as well as younger participants who require more education and guidance. Proof of Life includes multiple intensive workshops and family programming, and clients who are parents may bring young children with them to the ranch while they undergo treatment.


The treatment team at Amity Circle Tree Ranch is one of the 101 (29.6 percent) of treatment facilities in the state that is accredited by CARF.


The treatment center is located on a 60-acre ranch. Clients reside in semi-private quarters that they are responsible for maintaining. The facility includes an on-site fitness center, walking trails, volleyball and basketball courts, a swimming pool, music rooms, and an authentic Native American sweat lodge. Smoking is not permitted on-site.


At the time of this writing, Rehabs.com has received feedback from ten former clients of Amity Circle Tree Ranch. Seven reviews were positive and three were negative.

Several respondents highlighted the quality of the staff, noting that they "care" and are "professional." Alum C.T. gave high ratings and wrote: "Amity Circle Tree Ranch has helped me understand my addictions and myself more then anyone or anything else ever." H.H. added, "this is a place that takes the emotionally and physical safety of women so seriously."

In the negative reviews, two alumni noted that they had PTSD from their experience there. J.D. wrote how it is a “shame-based” program and how he was “diagnosed with PTSD directly related to what I suffered there.” A.B. wrote: “scarred me for life. What happened to me there was worse than anything that happened with me when I was using drugs.”

On Yelp, the center has an average rating of 4.1 out of five stars based on 14 reviews to date, including six that are not currently recommended. [1] [2] Reviews were either very positive or very negative. In a positive comment, Jesse wrote: "I am so thankful that I enrolled here. I have been to other rehabilitation centers, programs, treatment centers, and etc. but; this place is by far the best." In a negative review, Benny wrote: “Amity forces students into physical labor, and if you do not participate you are ridiculed, and they punish you by not giving you your mail or let you use the phone.”

The five Google users who submitted reviews at the time of this writing provided an average rating of 3.8 out of five stars.[3] Reviewers who provided commentary highlighted the benefits of the program not being “12-step based” and the depth of the center’s multi-phase programming. “Because this place is not a quick-fix 12 step solution, more time has to be spent working on one's self to achieve lasting healing and sobriety.” Jay wrote.

On the facility's unofficial Facebook page, it has a maximum five-star average rating from 16 individuals, and commentary was similar to that of Yelp and Google reviewers.[4]

More critical feedback was given on Citehealth to date where the facility has an average rating of 3.22 out of five stars from nine individuals. [5] An anonymous reviewer wrote: "The place is dirty, staff is dirty, there is sex, drugs, alcohol being brought on campus. I don't trust the staff! Be careful before choosing this program." Another added: "Worst treatment center ever. Awful philosophies, untrained staff. Not 12-step based. Intimidation and fear rule."


To date, two loved ones polled by Rehabs.com gave polarizing opinions of the facility. An anonymous loved one found the center and its programming to be helpful. They wrote: “Makes livimg worth while … helped out when needed,” they wrote. They did, however, note that the center needed “more space.”

On the other hand, Ann wrote: "Not a rehab center, more of a work camp... Food inadequate - my son was hungry most of the time.. This was a rip-off."


The facility accepts self-pay. Arizona residents may have funding provided by local or state agencies. All fees and a medical deposit (for doctor’s appointments and prescriptions) are due upon admission.

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