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Sure Haven (Addiction Treatment & Detox)

2900 Bristol St., Suite B-300, Costa Mesa, California, 92626
Sure Haven Treatment Center provides structured, individualized addiction treatment for women. Providing accredited programs in detoxification, residential treatment care, intensive outpatient treatment and continuing care, Sure Haven offers 12-step meetings, individual and group therapy, supplemented by holistic options such as reiki, massage, equine and art therapies. After-treatment programs emphasize academic certification, employment training and volunteering as the cornerstones of long-term sobriety.

Facility Highlights

  • Individual Counseling
  • Educational Sessions
  • Nutrition Groups


  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

    Patients who undergo intensive outpatient treatment continue to live at home and sometimes go to school or work while participating in a highly structured treatment protocol that is focused on ending substance abuse. Programs vary in terms of how much treatment patients receive, how often and for how long. Some facilities design individualized intensive outpatient treatment programs.
  • Residential Treatment

    Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Facility Settings

  • Beach Community

Meet the Staff

  • Suzanne Etheridge, LMFT
    Suzanne Etheridge, LMFTLicensed Marriage & Family Therapist
    Suzanne is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist for Sure Haven and focuses on helping those who have eating disorders and addictions. Her combined personal and professional experience with eating disorders and addiction recovery has given her special affinity to individuals and families who are dealing with these issues. Suzanne helps clients through individual and group counseling and intensive outpatient treatment; she loves to incorporate sand play and creative expressive therapies in her interventions.
  • Gina Gardea
    Gina GardeaCase Manager
    With nine years of experience in counseling patients battling drug and alcohol addictions, Gina works as a Case Manager for Sure Haven. Her own experience with substance abuse and her successful recovery in a non-medical treatment facility more than a decade ago has driven her to choose a career that would enable her to save the lives of others. Gina is dedicated to helping women take the path towards sobriety with empathy, patience and compassion.

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Located in Costa Mesa, Calif., Sure Haven Treatment Program is one of California’s 715 (54.5 percent) of facilities that provides gender-exclusive care for women seeking treatment for chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders. The center offers a full treatment continuum that includes detox, residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), partial hospitalization (PHP), and continuing care. Additionally, the facility provides legal counsel for clients and supportive family programming for their loved ones.


All clients are assigned an admissions counselor to help determine the most appropriate course of treatment. Clients undergo an extensive assessment that includes mental health screenings, which are only included in the assessments of 845 (64.5 percent) facilities in California. Detoxification addresses withdrawal symptoms as well as any mental health concerns that may be playing a role in the client’s substance abuse.

During residential treatment, each client is assigned a case manager and a primary therapist who work together to create a customized treatment plan. Most plans include a combination of individual and group counseling, educational sessions, and process groups. Daily transportation to off-site 12-step meetings is provided, and clients have access to outdoor activities, nutrition groups, guided meditation, and group fitness classes.

Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care focuses on strengthening life skills and incorporates SMART Recovery training and experiential therapies, including art therapy. During this phase, clients enroll in the AVEnues Program, which provides them with opportunities for employment, academics, or volunteering. In California, 604 (46.1 percent) of facilities offer employment assistance.

Program graduates continue to receive support and guidance from Sure Haven’s staff for up to one year. Continuing care is provided through follow-up calls and alumni events.


Key members of Sure Haven’s treatment team include a medical director, a clinical psychologist, master’s level therapists, licensed marriage and family therapists, and a registered dietitian. The facility is one of 366 (27.9 percent) of facilities in California that are accredited by CARF.


Sure Haven’s residential quarters have shared bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. Kitchens are fully stocked, and meals are prepared by nutritionists.


The seven alumni polled by Rehabs.com provided mixed reviews of Sure Haven, with strong feelings on both ends of the spectrum. Two alumni credited the facility with saving their lives. “My case manager was the best and I can still reach out to her for help. If you want to be sober go to Sure Haven,” Kim wrote. Brittany indicated that the weekly outings were limited, but still provided the program’s treatment effectiveness with a rating of five out of five stars. “They make you feel very comfortable here not like any other place I've been too. They listen and help you work through everything,” she wrote.

However, not all alumni surveyed by Rehabs.com were satisfied with the care they received. D.J.H.K. wrote about organizational issues and noted that she would not recommend the facility to others. Another alum, L.E., noted medication management mistakes. “One of the doctors cannot gets his notes straight with what meds he's given to his patients at their visits… Ordering meds for me that I clearly told him during my visit, that I have a bad reaction with it,” they wrote.

Holistic Offerings: 2.8/5
Family Participation: 3.5/5
Facility Cleanliness & Upkeep: 3.8/5

On Yelp, the feedback about Sure Haven was split, with nine positive and nine negative reviews at the time of this writing.[1] [2] While some reviewers noted how the treatment program was very effective, several reviewers noted the program’s high cost.

On Facebook, where the facility can manage its own page, Sure Haven has a 4.6 out of five stars from 26 reviews to date.[3] Both alumni who gave written feedback indicated that the program was life changing.


Thethree loved ones polled by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing provided mixed reviews about Sure Haven. “Too much freedom,” Cheryl wrote. “Program wasn't long enough and addicts need more than 60 days.” Two loved ones gave four out of five stars or higher for the facility’s level of family participation and cleanliness. Two loved ones gave either five or one star for its affordability.


Sure Haven accepts private insurance, which only 734 (56 percent) of facilities in California offer. Counselors are available to help verify benefits prior to admission.

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