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Talk Therapy Psychology Center, Corp.

5935 Cornerstone Ct W, Suite 125, San Diego, California, 92121
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At Talk Therapy Psychology Center, we provide outpatient treatment for mental health, and specialize in treating addictions. We offer intensive outpatient treatment both in a group setting as well as through individualized, one-on-ones. We do not dictate treatment but rather collaborate with our clients to devise a plan that is most suitable for their needs. We specialize in treating the individual as a whole and not just the addiction. Our approach is evidence-based and is built on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and Family System. We do not shame, blame, or label and our approach is self-empowering, non-judgmental, and highly motivational. We maintain a high level of engagement with our clients and do not believe the individual is weak or has a character flaw or an incurable disease. The individual needs help, compassion, and support. We teach healthy coping skills and enable the individual to gain insight into his or her own behavior and choices. Additionally, we involve family members and close friends, as necessary, considering the path to recovery is not often traveled alone.

Facility Highlights

  • Addiction treatment and Recovery Maintenance
  • Evidenced-based non-confrontational treatment approach based on CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, and Family System
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) includes 2 hours of individual therapy and 9 hours of group therapy


  • Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

    These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.
  • Individualized Treatment

    Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Facility Settings

  • Executive

Meet the Staff

  • Jania Amir-Razavi, MS
    Jania Amir-Razavi, MSTherapist
    Ms. Razavi completed her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2008 from Pepperdine University. She is currently in her final stages of graduate work at California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is completing her doctorate degree in clinical psychology. She believes in providing compassionate psychotherapy to individuals, families, and couples. She works to individualize each treatment to fit the client’s needs. As a result, her treatment approach varies as she uses integrative approaches to psychotherapy by drawing from psychodynamic, family systems, CBT, DBT, and mindfulness-based approach. Although her treatment approach varies, she firmly believes in the importance of getting to know the whole person and their uniqueness, and removing labels and judgments associated with it.
  • Seda Gragossian, Ph.D
    Seda Gragossian, Ph.DClinical Director
    Dr. Gragossian is an expert in treating addictions and has been working in both private practice and psychiatric hospital settings. Her approach, while evidence-based, is warm, compassionate, and supportive. She tailors her treatment to the individual’s personality and needs and gets beyond the symptoms and addresses the root causes of addiction. She was nominated two years in a row for San Diego County’s clinician of the year award by hospital staff and has received numerous testimonials from her clients. She has appeared on KUSI news and has numerous online periodicals.

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Talk Therapy Psychology Center is a state-certified drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in San Diego, Calif, offering intensive outpatient (IOP) care and therapy sessions for individuals, couples, and entire families.


Treatment at Talk Therapy begins with a comprehensive intake process where clients and staff work together to establish a treatment plan, the frequency of sessions, and the approaches used. In the IOP, for instance, clients may complete treatment in eight to 12 or more weeks, though the initial plan is subject to adjustment every 30 days. Regardless of progress and changes made along the way, IOP participants can expect as many as nine hours of group therapy and two hours of individual therapy each week.

The program offers both 12-step and non-12 step approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the Stages of Change, and motivational interviewing (MI). Using these therapies, clients come to identify negative thought patterns and beliefs that may be contributing to their issues, develop a greater sense of balance in their daily living, and gain motivation to “abstain, moderate, cut back, or engage in less harmful use.” Other goals include learning how to set and achieve realistic goals and improve communication and coping skills.

For those not in need of this intensive a level of care, individual therapy provides clients with opportunity to address more sensitive issues while there are therapy sessions available for couples and entire families struggling in their relationships. According to its website, Talk Therapy also provides partial hospitalization (PHP) and day treatment, though there are no further details.


Treatment at Talk Therapy is led by a state-licensed clinical psychologist and a master’s level therapist who is in the final stages of her doctorate degree. Both have extensive experience in CBT and other evidence-based approaches.


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Talk Therapy accepts major health insurance plans such as Anthem, Cigna, and BlueCross BlueShield.

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