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Luminance Recovery Centers

27131 Paseo Espada, Suite 1703, San Juan Capistrano, California, 92675
Trauma is often the underlying factor for may additive style behaviors including alcohol, substance abuse and process addictions. Trauma can have a significant impact on one’s life even if a single event or a reoccurrence over an extended period. Trauma also severely effects the way internal information is processed and impacts relationships with family, friends and co-workers. The trauma-informed addiction treatment program at Luminance was developed to address the internal process and cross-effects of trauma, addictions, and other co-occurring conditions. Our statement of beliefs guides our treatment philosophy and truly reflects how we deliver care to our clients. We Believe: 1. Chemical dependency is a treatable disease of the body, mind, and spirit. 2. Those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction can completely recover from the obsession to use. 3. Recovery is an ongoing process and a strong foundation is built in treatment through therapy, awareness, working the Twelve Steps and other social recovery models. 4. Successful recovery for a chemically dependent client requires total abstinence from all mood/mind altering chemicals unless competently prescribed. 5. A team approach is necessary for meeting our clients’ physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. 6. A spiritual experience (or change is behavior)is the ultimate goal of the treatment/recovery process. 7. Engaging in a spiritual program of action while in treatment and after treatment is the best way to maintain recovery. 8. Persons who seek treatment for chemical dependency may also have emotional, cognitive, physical and behavioral struggles which we address in treatment by means of therapeutic and medical interventions. 9. Aftercare support (post discharge) is significant to the ongoing care and success of long term recovery. Quality of life and success depend on the ability and willingness for the client to engage with recommendations in their recovery program. 10. Affordability is an important consideration in care and continuing care decisions.

Facility Highlights

  • Individualized Detox Planning
  • Full Health and Medical Assessment
  • Psychiatric Evaluations


  • Client & Family Support Groups

    Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.
  • Creative Arts Therapy

    Writing, making art or engaging in theater can be deeply therapeutic for people working to recover from addiction. Many facilities offer one or several forms of creative arts therapy as a way to help patients learn to express their feelings in productive ways.

Facility Settings

  • Executive

Meet the Staff

  • Greg Young
    Greg YoungClinical Director
    Greg holds a M.S. degree in counseling and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He has held several positions in the field of recovery over the last 13 years such as case manager, therapist, program director, clinical director and vice-president of clinical operations. Greg’s believes in utilizing an eclectic approach by incorporating science, spirituality, existentialism, experiential and cognitive behavioral therapy. In Greg’s own words: “Awareness is the key to change. Without it, we routinely function using our maladaptive coping strategies that have proven to be harmful to ourselves and those around us. Utilizing an awareness approach focuses on re-directing these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that promote effective coping methods, a healthier outlook, and development of the tools necessary for long term recovery.”
  • Jessica Mathon MS, MA, LMFT
    Jessica Mathon MS, MA, LMFTClinical Director - Experiential
    Jessica graduated with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles in 2010. She has worked with adolsents and adults recovering from trauma, struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse, PTSD. She’s also worked in community clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and in private practice, and in the horse arena with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy since 2010. She holds the following degrees and professional designation.

Financial Details

  • Most Private Insurance Plans Accepted

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Located in the beautiful Southern California beach community of San Juan Capistrano, Luminance Recovery Centers is an upscale, residential treatment facility that blends evidence-based treatment modalities, 12-Step, and holistic methods into a comprehensive plan of care. If necessary, the facility also offers medication-assisted detoxification with 24/7 medical monitoring to assist in stabilization before participating in treatment.


Upon intake, clients undergo a full substance abuse and medical assessment, as well as a psychiatric evaluation. These assessments allow clinicians to form an individualized treatment curriculum. Along with an introduction to and participation in 12-Step, core programming includes a daily schedule of one-on-one therapy sessions, group counseling, and educational classes concerning addiction, coping skills, and relapse prevention.

Luminance Recovery Centers additionally provides specialized treatment and counseling groups for individuals struggling with chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When applicable, the program offers medication management to help alleviate symptoms of specific mental health disorders. Treatment typically lasts between 30 and 90 days and may consist of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), or Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Combining medical science with lifestyle therapies, holistic methods and nutritional counseling play a large role in programming. Clients may elect to participate in creative arts therapy, guided meditation sessions, yoga, equine therapy, exercise, and surf therapy. Once a resident completes treatment, clinicians coordinate a discharge plan to promote relapse prevention.


Led by a clinical and medical director, Luminance Recovery Centers employs a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, certified drug and alcohol counselors, master’s level therapists, and group facilitators.


Situated in the picturesque, laid-back community of Orange County, Luminance Recovery Centers is comprised of five serene, eight-bed residential facilities that offer an upscale, home-like atmosphere. The facilities feature soothing décor, well-appointed communal rooms, outdoor patios, immaculate landscaping, and on-site pools. To promote long-term lifestyle changes, the program incorporates a range of on-site and off-site recreational activities for its residents.

A house chef prepares healthy, home-style meals. A sample menu on the facility’s website lists prime rib, pot pies, baked chicken, and salmon, to name a few.


The vast majority of alumni who posted reviews online praised the staff for their caring nature. All three former clients who reported to Rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave four- or five-star ratings for evaluated metrics including accommodations and amenities, meals and nutrition, and treatment effectiveness.

Former clients who posted on secondary sources expressed similar appeasement, though a few alumni reported negative experiences. Out of four total reviews on Google, Luminance Recovery Centers received 3.75 out of five stars at the time of this writing.[1] An anonymous one-star reviewer wrote: “Ponzi Scheme” at the start of their comment. The same reviewer went on to say, “you get big bills after you are discharged ,for services you never received .”

On Yelp, Luminance received 17 total user reviews to date, most of which were perfect five-star reviews with a few one-star outliers. One-star reviewer Richard wrote: “What they tell you in admissions is all a plot to get you in the door to get your insurance because nothing they told me manifested into reality.”[2] He went on: “the detox they use is a cookie cutter uniform that apparently couldn't be made to fit my medical needs. Was denied when ask to speak to doc;” however, most positive reviews cited long-term recovery, a “supportive environment,” and a caring staff.

Reviews on the facility’s monitored Facebook page total 20 responses that average 4.4 out of five stars. Most alumni had positive things to say, including Chloe, who gave five out of five stars and said: “I came here believing no one cared about me because I didn't care about me. The clinical staff changed this for me.”[3]


Though Rehabs.com has yet to receive feedback from any friends or family members, Laura posted a one-star review on Facebook about her loved one and indicated that a phone consultation “…resulted in a trip several states away only to be sent immediately to a highly disorganized mess called Sovereign… after our heartbreaking experience I felt compelled to comment. The lack of safe reliable assistance for people trying to change their life and get help is a sad shame for the USA.” A staff member responds to all negative reviews on the facility’s Facebook page, citing HIPPA laws and other reasons for why there may have been communication barriers.


Rehabs.com survey data showed that staff appreciate the patient-focused atmosphere and collaboration among staff members. “I have worked at multiple different treatment facilities throughout the past seven years and this facility is different. The people are different. The model is different. You just have to experience it,” said employee K.W., adding: “The team is able to work together and quickly address client needs.”


The current cost of Luminance Recovery Centers is $1,000 per day, $20,000 per month, and $60,000 for 90 days. The facility accepts a range of private insurance providers, including Cigna, Aetna, Humana, United HealthCare, and CoreSource.

Updated January 2017

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