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Maynord's Recovery Center

19325 Cherokee Road, Tuolumne, California, 95379
Nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills on a 22-acre ranch, Maynord's Recovery Center offers substance abuse treatment for adult men and women. The residential rehab takes a holistic approach to recovery, and provides each client with an individualized treatment plan designed to heal the mind, body and spirit. Modalities include addiction education, one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy, stress management and relapse prevention workshops. By the time they’re ready to leave, clients have gained the coping skills necessary for life-long sobriety.

Facility Highlights

  • Continuing Care
  • Reentry Groups
  • Group Counseling


  • Family Program

    Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.
  • Residential Treatment

    Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

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Located in the scenic Sierra foothills about an hour from Yosemite National Park, Maynord’s Recovery Center in Tuolumne, Calif., provides a continuum of care for adults struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Combining 12-Step principles with holistic treatments, the CARF-accredited facility is one of the state’s 540 residential treatment centers.

The facility also offers sober living facilities, specialized programs for Department of Transportation (DOT) workers, and a family therapy program. This center is also one of the only 200 (14 percent) facilities in California to offer detox services on-site.


In addressing the bio-chemical effects of addiction, the rehab recommends adults experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms begin with detox. Depending on a client’s level and type of dependency, this initial treatment phase can last from three days to two weeks.

The residential treatment program incorporates one-on-one counseling, group therapy, stress management training, relapse prevention classes, and educational lectures. Clients also attend 12-step meetings on-site and in the local community.

The facility opens its doors for visitation and family therapy each Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A four-week intensive family therapy program supports clients and their loved ones by deepening family ties and addressing family conflict.

In addition, the center offers a sober living program. Several facilities require a 30-day commitment. In support of each client’s long-term sobriety, Maynord’s also recommends up to two years of continuing care. Alumni events, such as the annual Round Up, allow program graduates and their families to reconnect over a weekend of sober fun.


Maynord’s treatment team consists of state-certified drug and alcohol counselors and an on-site physician who specializes in addiction medicine. As of 2016, 98.3 percent of California substance abuse treatment centers have continuing education requirements for staff. The five alumni and loved ones polled by Rehabs.com to date awarded above-average ratings for the facility’s staff.

Staff's Level of Experience and Training: 3.6/5


Situated on 22 acres of idyllic countryside, the facility has farm-like décor and grounds. A gazebo and white picket fences give Maynord’s rustic but elegant charm. The co-ed residence houses up to 30 clients in shared, fully furnished rooms.

Residents can take advantage of walking trails, a basketball and volleyball court, ping-pong table, and exercise room. Each guest receives one complimentary massage during their stay and can purchase more for a “reasonable fee.” Maynord’s kitchen prepares well-balanced meals and can accommodate vegetarians and other dietary needs. The five individuals polled by Rehabs.com to date offered mixed opinions regarding the facility's accommodations.

Facility's Cleanliness and Upkeep: 3/5


Alumni reviews at the time of this writing were overall positive. Eight former clients polled by Rehabs.com reported life-changing experiences. Several rediscovered their sense of confidence and self-worth while receiving treatment at Maynord's Recovery Center. Alumni unequivocally would recommend the facility. Offering five-star ratings for the facility's level of family participation and its discharge planning, alum G.T. wrote: "For someone truly looking for help. You can find it here."

When surveyed, on a scale from one to five, whether they would recommend treatment at Maynord's Recovery Center, the two alumni polled on this metric gave a four- and a five-star rating. The same respondents gave five-star ratings for the center's family participation, four-star ratings for the center's affordability, and a mix of three- and four-star ratings for its counseling options.

“I'm truley grateful for all the love an care I received while being there, for me it is part of my care of my self daily I will be forever greatful for the chance to be part of this program,” Gina wrote. J.V., another alum polled by Rehabs.com, felt similarly: “This was an experience I will never forget. It was awesome in re-building my self-esteem.”

Praise from alumni was the trend on Google as well, where the facility has an average rating of 4.4 out of five stars from 16 reviewers to date.[1] Several former clients shared stories of becoming and remaining sober thanks to Maynard’s. In a representative review, P.W. wrote: “They gave me my life back.”

Yelp had a slightly lower average rating of 3.5 stars out of five from eight reviewers to date.[2] Satisfied alumni expressed gratitude to the staff, appreciated the use of the 12-steps, and overwhelmingly enjoyed the quality of the food. Negative comments, on the other hand, cited billing issues and poor family integration as reasons for their dissatisfaction.

On the center’s Facebook page, which it has the ability to manage, 34 reviewers all gave the facility perfect five-star ratings.[3] Nearly every reviewer credited Maynard’s with saving their life.


Three loved ones polled by Rehabs.com to date shared mixed feedback. L.V. referred to the family program as “a joke” and felt there was “no preparation for addicts return home.” She gave counseling options, exercise activities, and holistic offerings all just one out of five stars, and indicated that she would not recommend this facility to others.

Yet, another loved one, G.C.R., praised the “hands on treatment,” adding, “everyone participates. Great counselors & many former clients with long term recovery support the new comers,” awarding four- and five-star ratings to most aspects of the facility and strongly agreeing that he would recommend this program. The third loved one gave lukewarm feedback, providing three-star ratings for holistic offerings, admissions & discharge procedures, counseling options, and whether or not treatment was worth the cost. Despite noting that the center “need better staff,” this loved one still agreed that she would recommend Maynard’s.

The “not recommended” review section of Yelp yielded criticism from loved ones to date.[4] One sibling of a client listed problems with affordability and billing, and the parent of a former client critiqued the center’s discharge procedures.


Maynord’s Recovery Center works with both insurance plans and employee assistance programs (EAPs). Monthly fees for sober living range from $550 to $675 per month depending on the facility. The four Rehabs.com survey respondents to date expressed moderately positive opinions regarding the center’s cost.

Affordability: 3.3/5

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