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AIM House, LLC

2000 21st Street, Boulder, Colorado, 80302
We strive to connect participants with their personal hopes and dreams for the future, to help them develop an inner sense of purpose, and to cultivate the awareness that they are ultimately responsible for their own lives.

Facility Highlights

  • Education
  • Community-Minded
  • Extracurricular Activities


  • Academics

    AIM House residents discover an abundance of academic opportunities in Boulder and the surrounding areas. For those pursuing post-high school education, the city is home to the University of Colorado, Front Range Community College, Naropa University, The Cooking School of the Rockies and several other respected trade schools. Young adults requiring remedial education, GED preparation or SAT review before reaching their goal of attending college also have a variety of options. In all cases, the AIM House team provides the support necessary for participants to succeed academically, providing tutoring and structured study sessions for each student according to his/her specific needs.
  • Internship Program

    An alternative path to success for those who are ready for a business environment is our internship program which helps AIM participants acquire the real-world experience they'll need to succeed in their field of interest. Case in point: this website is the work of an AIM resident whose goal is to learn graphic and web design. To help him reach this objective, AIM staff arranged an internship with an elite Denver Agency, where he worked on this and similarly relevant projects. Other AIM participants have successfully interned at a variety of local businesses, radio stations, theaters and hospitals, gaining invaluable experience, skills and contacts along the way.

Facility Settings

  • Average Location/Amenities

Meet the Staff

  • Mae Martin
    Mae Martin Conroy Founder
    Mae is the co-founder of AIM House. Mae graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a bachelor of arts in English and television/film production. Before opening AIM House with her husband Daniel, Mae worked for several years at CEDU treatment center in Running Springs as a teacher and counselor. Mae also held several positions in the field of television production including an internship with the David Letterman Show in New York City. Mae also enjoyed a wonderful opportunity as part of the writing and production staff of the Rosie O’Donnell Show. After opening the AIM House Young Men’s program in 1999, Mae dreamed of someday having the same program for young women. In 2005, she founded the women’s program now located at the beautiful Earl House property. Mae’s favorite part of working with participants is watching them find what they love to do.
  • Kelly Corn
    Kelly Corn Executive Director
    Kelly is the executive director of the AIM House men’s program. Before coming to AIM House and working in marketing and admissions in 2004, Kelly held the position of executive vice president and partner at Sumaato Advertising in Denver. Prior to his time with Sumaato, he was a free-lance photographer for 14 years.AIM House was introduced to Kelly by his long time friend and colleague, Daniel Conroy. Seeing the importance of the AIM House mission, Kelly made arrangements for his agency to provide the first AIM House internship in 2000. Four years later, Kelly left Sumaato to work full-time in marketing for AIM House. His role has expanded over the years to include not only time spent talking with prospective participants about coming to AIM House but also to include a variety of different program operations. Among other things, Kelly provides oversight for all of the men’s program infrastructure, manages all information technology for the program and plays a key role in developing tools for providing ever better resources to and communications with AIM House families.

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Located in downtown Boulder, Colo., AIM House offers gender-specific transitional housing and treatment for young adults 18 and older who have already completed a primary residential treatment program for substance abuse or other concerns that negatively impacted their lives. In Colorado, the facility is among 40.2 percent of facilities to offer specialized programming for young adults.


AIM House was founded in part in response to the lack of guidance and support for young adults, particularly young adults who are transitioning out of substance abuse treatment programs. As such, positive peer support is an integral part of the program.

The average length of stay is six to seven months, making AIM House one of just 41 long-term, non-hospital residential facilities in Colorado. The program is split into five phases: Intentions, Actions, Merge, Manifest, Evolve. In the Intentions phase, clients set their goals, which they begin to work towards in the Actions phase. In Merge, residents begin using the lessons taught to them in the program and are given more freedom and independence. In Manifest, they begin to transition into outside living and in Evolve, they have complete the program and begin living independent lives.

The program offerings include individual, group, and family therapy; life skills coaching; relapse prevention and support; and instruction on health and wellness. To help clients achieve their full potential, the program also offers academic mentoring and access to academic institutions; academic resources help clients to complete their GED, attend college classes, and apply for college, depending on their existing level of attainment.

In addition, the center offers an in-house internship program, on which participants receive coaching and mentoring on their performance. A 12-week Creative Accelerator program provides intensive training for individuals wishing to pursue a creative career, such as the fields of design, music, video, film, or photography.

According to the facility's website, AIM House also offers an outdoor adventure program that includes opportunities to ski, snowboard, and go mountain biking, camping, rock climbing, and river rafting.


According to its website, the treatment team consists largely of master's-level therapists.


Between its various residences, AIM House accommodates up to 50 residents at a time. The houses include a historic home for women called Shannon's House and a tudor-style house named The Castle for men. According to its website, AIM House arranges recreational activities including yoga, meditation, martial arts, African drumming, and Tai Chi classes. Photos on the website indicate shared rooms, common areas, and outdoor grounds.


Of the two reviews submitted to Rehabs.com to date, one was very positive and one negative. "This place saved my life and is a bargain compared to many others," Trey wrote, giving the center five stars for its treatment effectiveness. However, an anonymous reviewer claimed that the center was overpriced and provided minimal treatment, and that staff did not treat residents with respect. "AIM House is a careless, unorganized, and stress-provoking program... Essentially the only thing it is paying for, at $12,000 a month to start, is therapy and room and board," the anonymous reviewer wrote.

At the time of this writing, secondary review sites yielded mixed reviews, with average ratings of 3.5 stars based on 10 reviews on Yelp and four out of five stars based on 24 reviews on Facebook, where the center may manage its own page.[1] [2]

Negative reviewers repeatedly described a lack of individual attention, excessive punishments, and an unhealthy environment. "I went to aim house back in 2014. They had no idea how to handle someone with substance abuse issues and shamed me the entire time)," K.M. wrote in a representative negative review on Yelp.

However, several reviewers noted that treatment had been successful for them. "I'm glad I ended up in Boulder. Most of the staff were genuinely wonderful people who really cared about the well-being of participants," E.R. wrote in another representative review on Yelp, though she also complained of a lack of individualized treatment and punishments for vulnerable clients. In isolated criticisms, one client wrote that the center did not treat LGBTQ clients well, and another that the program did not handle eating disorders well.


The single loved one polled by Rehabs.com to date, H.W., gave mixed feedback, praising the center's ideas and some of its personnel, and adding that their daughter "learned a lot at Aim House," adding that she "went through the program and is living well on her own." However, H.W. echoed an alum opinion by describing the program as overpriced and some staff as disrespectful.


At the time of this writing, five staffers posting on Glassdoor gave AIM House a 3.2 out of five-star average rating.[3] Although two staffers painted a picture of an overall effective organization, two reviewers criticized the company's management, and one echoed an alum posting on Yelp by by writing: Staff are allowed to commit micro-aggressions towards LGBTQ clients and staff without consequence. Certain staff stated that they 'do not believe in transgender identities' and will therefore not acknowledge trans clients or staff; pronouns and names are ignored."


There is currently no information provided on the facility's website regarding its costs.

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